Naruto Shippuden: Millennium Wars

Chapter 2: Son of Whirlpool

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Uzushiogakure no Sato, Elemental Nations

Three Years Ago

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon were exploring the ruins of the once former stronghold of the Uzumaki clan. The broken pieces of infrastructure littered the lands. Dorumon clung to Naruto's back as he rode piggyback while Gatomon rode atop his head. The trio were usually found in such a manner, but then again, there was no one on the deserted lands of the greatest Fuuinjutsu using clan to find them to begin with.

As Naruto walked, carefully stepping over a few slabs of stone, his foot came down and something cracked beneath his feet. Naruto's ears twitched at hearing the sound and he and his Digimon glanced down. The three frowned at what they saw. A pale white arm of bone which was dyed a light brown due to the dust that covered it. Judging from the size of the arm bone he crushed Naruto deduced that the person beneath him was most likely a child, either that or a small adult.

The small threads of crimson hair were still wrapped around the now broken radius bone notifying him that was indeed an Uzumaki.

"Naruto..." Dorumon and Gatomon looked at their solemn tamer with worried looks in their eyes. The orange eyed dragon and blue eyed cat felt their tamer shudder a bit. The blonde shook his, steeling his nerves, before moving onwards.

"Naruto it's been three days since we found out this was Uzushio and for three days you've wandering around this wasteland. You've eaten and slept so we're not worried for your health, but you are beginning to obsess over this excavation thing you've been doing." Dorumon spoke. The orange eyed dragon patted his tamer's shoulder. "We're sorry Naruto, but there's nothing here. Everyone's dead and there's nothing left. Whatever remains of your clan is nothing but bone and rubble."

"I'd normally patronize Doru-kun for his words, but he is right. Naruto, you've got to let go."

Naruto didn't respond. He just kept walking, his sapphire orbs scanning the rubble. A few minutes passed and Naruto, almost like he were a zombie, dragged his feet along the ground. His sneakers from his time in the Digimon Universe were beginning to loosen a bit at the sole, but he ignored it and kept walking. Finally, the blonde shinobi stopped.

Dorumon and Gatomon looked at their tamer with curious looks as the genin ranked shinobi began to glance around the ruins. His ears twitched and his nose wriggled as those two particular sensory organs seemed to be on high alert.

"What is it?" Gatomon asked her tamer.

"There's wind." Naruto stated. His head turned ever so slowly as he followed the path of the air currents to a small pile of rubble. "There's the sound of wind tunneling below us...over there." The two Digimon and their tamer made their over to the pile of rubble. Naruto quickly formed a cross-shaped handsign as he performed his signature jutsu.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu/Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Two identical copies of the fourteen year old blonde materialized on either side of him out of plumes of smoke. The banished Konoha shinobi, his clones and Digimon partners quickly began to work at removing the rubble. The rocks kicked up a bit of dust as they were cast aside, but a few coughing fits was a small price to pay for what came next.

With a final heave, the two clones pushed aside a significantly larger piece of rock, the earth actually shaking lightly when it crashed down. The clones dispelled themselves now that their work was done, but the original and his Digimon were wide eyed when they saw what had been hiding behind the boulder. A cracked stone slab with the image of the Uzumaki spiral emblazoned on its surface. The wind seemed to make a whistling sound as it seeped through the cracks.

Gatomon and Dorumon hopped off of their tamer's body. Dorumon sniffed the ground while Gatomon scratched at the thick stone with her claws. The blue eyed feline rested her head on the ground.

"There's a passageway under here." Gatomon stated as she pressed her ears against the slab. "I can't tell for how long the passageway goes, but it's guaranteed to have you walk for a while."

"Doesn't matter." Naruto said. He then knelt down on the slab and swept away the dust before placing his hand down on the crimson spiral. "I'm home." Naruto traced the outlining of his clan symbol and winced suddenly as he cut his finger on a sharp piece of rock. The drop of blood seemed to fall in slow motion as Naruto raised his bleeding digit.

The drop of life liquid then made contact with the slab, the 'plip' sound appearing to be almost deafening. The earth then began to shake and shudder. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon quickly leaped away and landed a good few metres from the slab, but their shock was enhanced when the Uzumaki spiral began to glow. The black outline shone with a deep azure light which then became a light violet as a crimson light shone from the whirlpool-like image itself.

Out of nowhere, a large circular seal formula appeared, composed entirely of kanji. Four strings of kanji then shot forth from the centre seal formula and stretched outwards until each seal chain was attached to one of the four corners of the slab. The seal formulas then glowed with the same light violet light as the Uzumaki symbol before the kanji chains broke apart, like actual chain links being broken.

The slab then raised itself upwards, like a door of some sort.

The shaking of the earth came to an immediate halt as soon as the door to the underground was completely opened. Dorumon released a low whistle.

"Damn, colour me impressed. Your ancestors really got a flare for dramatic door openings."

"So it would appear." Naruto nodded in agreement with the fur covered dragon. The two Digimon walked beside their tamer and glanced down the newly formed hole in the ground. A cracked stone staircase allowed them to descend into the darkness below without having to drop down from above. The shinobi-tamer and his partners walked down the staircase. Gatomon's eyes seemed to shine in the darkness as her feline night vision capabilities came into play. Though Naruto and Dorumon could also see well in the darkness, Gatomon was the best choice to lead them through the passageway.

The three followed the lengthy passageway for quite some time. Gatomon tapped her claws on the ground and the two males behind her came to a halt.

"What's the matter, Gato-chan?" Dorumon asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"We've reached the end of the hallway." She informed her dragon-like boyfriend. Naruto stared at the wall ahead of him and channeled a bit of chakra into his eyes to help with his vision. It really was dark down here.

The genin ranked shinobi quickly scanned the area in front of him. It was basically a dead-end. The large gray wall was just solid stone, nothing more. Of course, first appearances were never something to consider in the land of shinobi. Naruto placed his hands on the wall and his eyes narrowed as nothing came forth from the wall. No ominous or mystical glowing, no seal array coming out of nowhere, he got nothing.

"What do you think you're supposed to do?" Dorumon asked. "I don't even know what happened that caused the door that led us here to open."

"Neither do I. Maybe it reacted to Naruto's touch, but that doesn't seem to be the case here." Gatomon said. Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and tapped his foot in thought. He then snapped his fingers as he got an idea.

"When in doubt, use chakra." He planted his hands against the wall and pumped a bit of chakra into his palms. His chakra spread out over the wall like a coat of paint and the soft blue colour was cast throughout the passageway. The Uzumaki heir and his Digimon looked at the walls, ceiling and floor in awe as numerous strings of glowing blue kanji raced out from the walls. The kanji stretched possibly all the way to end of the lengthy passageway before they rapidly receded, coming back just as quickly as they had come.

The kanji then swirled to life and began to take shape. Another seal array sprouted out from the darkness and glowed with a soft blue light, enough to allow for all three of them to see it. The seal array was composed of a large square with a circle inside of it. Within the circle was the kanji for 'Blood' and 'Uzumaki'. Four chains of kanji stretched out from the four corners of the square and latched themselves onto the four corners of the wall.

"Blood?" Naruto's eyes widened in realization as he got over his initial confusion. "Oh, right. I pricked my finger on a sharp rock when we were outside. I guess my blood was what triggered the seal array outside and caused it to break. Now I have to do the same here."

"It does make sense." Dorumon added. "I mean, you are an Uzumaki so it only makes sense that Uzumaki DNA is what triggers all this stuff." Taking a chance with his assumption, Naruto bit his thumb so that blood flowed from the wound. His thumb released a small hiss as his bijuu's chakra immediately set itself on healing the wound, but the wet blood remained, coating the formerly wounded area with a thin layer of crimson.

"Let's see if this works." Naruto muttered as he swiped his blood covered thumb across the wall. Immediately, he got a reaction. The azure coloured seal then glowed with a crimson light. The kanji for 'Uzumaki' and 'Blood' then vanished. The chain link seals broke apart and seemed to fade away. The square seal surrounding the circle seal broke apart in the middle. It fell away as if it were a cracked eggshell before vanishing from view as well. All that was left was the circle seal. The crimson seal symbol then became filled with the crimson light and a swirl of kanji snaked its way out from the outline of the circle seal so that the Uzumaki symbol was formed once more.

There was a flash of crimson light and blue chakra. Naruto, Gatomon and Dorumon covered their eyes to shield their retinas from the bright lights. Once the lights died down, they uncovered their eyes and saw the wall was still there only it now bore a large kanji on it.

"Enter." Naruto read.

"Guess it's open." Dorumon pointed out.

"Really? I would never have guessed." Gatomon replied sarcastically. Dorumon stuck his tongue out, an act becoming of many of the most mature and wise Digimon. The two Digimon then walked up to the wall and placed their claws against the surface, but then gave off perplexed looks. The rock wall was as solid as steel and it seemed like nothing had happened.

"Well then...guess we can't go in." Dorumon commented.

"Maybe Naruto can do it. This is a safeguarded place so only Uzumaki are permitted to enter the wall."

"Enter the wall? You make it sound like our tamer is intangible." Naruto ignored the bickering between his two partners and took a deep breath in. He then exhaled as he stretched out his hand.

Time seemed to slow down for the tamer as his outstretched limb grew closer and closer to the stone wall. The command to enter suddenly became very intimidating in his mind and he flinched about one inch before touching the wall. Naruto clenched his hand into a fist.

"What if there's nothing there on the other side of this wall?" Naruto asked. "What would I do?"

"There are many things you could do. You could train to become stronger, you could try to find a way off of this island and return to the mainland, you could continue to search your homeland for any remnants of your long dead clan even though I believe that action would be naught." Dorumon looked at his tamer with a calm look in his orange eyes. "If you're scared of what you might see or might not see in the other side of this wall then don't..."

"But I do want to see."

"Then what's stopping you?"

"The fact that I don't know what to expect. Humans have the instinctual action to fear what they don't understand and to fear things that they cannot expect to happen..." Suddenly the image of his mother flashed in his mind. Her red hair and violet-gray eyes coupled with her comforting motherly smile. The son of Kushina chuckled to himself, "...but Kaa-chan might kick my ass for being a whiny baby over be scared about something as trivial as unexpectedness."

Naruto opened out his hand and touched his fingers against the hard surface of the wall. However, rather than rough stone, the blonde felt the rock seem to liquefy. The wall's surface rippled outwards from the point of contact as if someone had dropped a stone into a lake.

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon watched the wall for a few seconds in awe until the rippling fact died down. Naruto reached out and touched the wall again and the wall rippled once more thus confirming that they were not just seeing wall continued to ripple and he pressed his hand further against the rippling surface, his hand vanishing into it as if it were being swallowed.

'I've never backed down before, so why start now?' Naruto grew a smirk of amusement on his face. His ancestors were such badasses if they could do this sort of thing.

And with that, Naruto pressed forward and seemed to melt into the wall.

Naruto opened his eyes as he crossed the boundary that was the rippling wall and emerged on the other side of it. The blonde looked around to find himself within an extremely spacious room. As if by some unknown force, the lanterns that hung on the walls of the mysterious room lit themselves, yellow-orange flames flickering and casting their glows across the entire room. It was not as bright as Naruto would have liked it, but the Uzumaki heir couldn't complain as some light was better than none.

Once his eyes adjusted to the lights being present he looked around the room. On the left side of the room there were numerous amounts of scrolls, books and what looked like bottles of ink and numerous amounts of brushes. On the right side, Naruto spotted different articles of neatly folded clothing atop of many wooden shelves along with a large array of weaponry hung up on the walls above the shelves. The weapons ranged from kunai and shuriken to swords and kusarigama.

At the far end of the room, a massive Uzumaki spiral had been painted onto the wall. Naruto walked around the room and his blue eyes scanned every inch of it, hoping to burn the image of this room into his mind for eternity. He picked up a scroll and a book and read their titles.

"History and Culture...Kenjutsu...Uzumaki Clan Secret Techniques for weapons, taijutsu and ninjutsu..." The jinchuriki could only continue to stare in awe as he glanced through the titles of every scroll and book that he picked up. He then went over to the clothes section and was in awe at how despite the fact they looked very heavy, they were actually not so. They were lightweight and most were form fitting so it didn't restrict movement of any kind.

He also managed to stumble upon a few iron chests. Upon opening them his eyes sparkled with amazement and joy as he saw the large amounts of money stored within them. However, due to the amount of time that had passed, it was most likely that the currency no longer held any sort of value within the Elemental Nations since the Uzumaki Clan was relatively extinct for nearly one hundred years. Him being the only known survivor.

Naruto grinned cheekily as he realized what it was he stumbled upon. The Uzumaki Clan's most secret treasure trove of information, weaponry and finances.

The Vault.

End Flashback

Uzushiogakure no Sato, Elemental Nations

"Achoo!" Naruto sneezed loudly. He sniffed to draw in any stray mucus before opening his eyes. The wondrous sapphire orbs that had captivated one Rika Nonaka many years ago revealed themselves to the world. Scratching his golden head of hair, the shinobi released a yawn as he awoke from his previous slumber.

"Ugh, whoever was talking about me better be Kami damn important because if they aren't I'll kick their ass from here to the Net Ocean in the Digital World." The jinchuriki grumbled.

"Wouldn't you just..." Dorumon paused to yawn rub the sleep from his orange eyes. "...wouldn't you just kick their ass anyway?"

"Doru-kun has a point, Naruto." Gatomon added as she stretched herself like a regular house cat. Naruto shrugged at their responses before rising to his feet.

"True, but I still don't like being woken up through sneezing. It's really uncomfortable." The blonde shinobi commented. He quickly arched his back lightly as Dorumon gripped onto his shoulders with his claws while Gatomon hopped on top of his head.

"Well no use complaining about it now. So anyway, what are we going to do? We've been stuck here on Uzushio for the past three years and we still haven't found a way off." The X-Antibody holder spoke.

"We could always go back to the vault and check for stuff there. I mean basically all you have been doing so far is learning Fuuinjutsu from them and also trying to master your mother's kekkei genkai as well." Gatomon added.

"Well actually guys I've already found the way off in the scroll vault, but I just didn't want to go off the island yet. Uzushio is the home of my ancestors, the home of my own mother. My entire family's culture and techniques were found in that massive vault and so I just wanted to learn what I could from it. Like hell was I going to pass up all that information. For fourteen years I had been living my life with almost no clue about anything regarding myself other than who my parents are." Naruto frowned. "The Vault is all I have left."

A period of silence passed between the trio. Naruto sighed and went to scratch his head, but ended up scratching Gatomon's instead. The feline Digimon purred in delight as Naruto got behind her ears and mewed in disappointment when he stopped.

"Well's been three years so I think it's time we get off this island." Naruto said. Gatomon and Dorumon grinned toothily.

"Great!" They exclaimed.

"Just a little wardrobe change and then we can go." Naruto smirked before running off to the Vault. Dorumon and Gatomon watched their tamer run off with probably the most excited look on his face in his life. The blonde shinobi then vanished in a swirl of wind as he used his newly developed Kaze Shunshin/Wind Body Flicker.

"He's gotten better at it." Dorumon pointed out.

"He certainly has and I gotta say, I'm proud of our little human." Gatomon stood a little closer to Dorumon and leaned her head on his shoulder. Dorumon sniffled and Gatomon raised a perplexed look on her face. Her cerulean orbs stared into his burnt orange ones and the feline Digimon could only sweatdrop as she held back a laugh.

"Doru-kun are you...crying?"


"It looks more like you're crying."

"Shut up!"

"But you're crying. My boyfriend shouldn't cry after having nearly been killed by a Demon Lord." Gatomon frowned as she brought up the topic of Lucemon.

"I'm not crying I said! It's a real medical condition!" Dorumon wiped away the 'sweat' that cotinued to spill from his eyes.

"Oh yeah? What's it called?"

Dorumon froze and his dialogue paused as he thought. "Ummm...Eyesweatitisophobia?" He chuckled nervously before his lip quivered more. "He just grew up so fast!" Dorumon fell to his knees and sobbed to the sky while Gatomon pulled his head into her chest and stroked his head.

"Oh you big baby, Naruto was bound to do that sooner or later. He was always a short midget of a shinobi and even moreso as our tamer. And now he hit a growth spurt, grew out his hair a bit to look more like his father and now has more power than he knows what to do with. The only thing keeping him from being a god-level shinobi is that he can never defeat Kurama and take his chakra."

"How many times has he tried to win so far?" Dorumon asked as he calmed himself down, his sobs reduced to mere sniffles.

"Ummm..." Gatomon looked up to the sky as she muttered numbers to herself. "...well counting his last try which was last week that would put him at his ninety ninth loss I guess. He's really lucky Kurama mellowed our during the year in the Digital World. From what the bijuu were originally described as and how Kurama was before they came to the Digital World and met you, Kurama was really against standing with Naruto and always yelling about wanting his freedom."

The two Digimon laughed as they recalled the moment Naruto first went up against Kurama. The mighty nine tailed fox wiped the floor with the fourteen ear old and ever since Naruto learned of how in order to truly control his bijuu's powers by defeating it, he never gave up on trying. Kurama didn't try to break out every time they fought and Naruto lost, but the Kyuubi no Yoko did take a lot of joy in smacking around the mental apparition of his jinchuriki.

"And I'm back...Dorumon were you crying?" Naruto asked as he appeared out of swirl of wind. Dorumon's eyes narrowed.

"I was sweating from my eyes, okay?! Geez, why does everyone always say that I was crying?"

"Because you were." Gatomon and Naruto deadpanned. Dorumon's head dropped. He could never win.

"So guys...what do you think? I look pretty badass right?" Naruto gave off his trademark foxy grin as he gestured to his newly clothed form. Gatomon and Dorumon's eyes widened as they registered their tamer's new appearance. They had to admit, he did look pretty badass.

The seventeen year old shinobi-tamer wore a wire mesh undershirt beneath the black, round collared shirt. He wore a pair of long, black pants that ended just above his ankles and had on a pair of black shinobi grade sandals. Brown armour-like sleeves were worn on his upper arms that reached his elbow and from that point he had on a set of gray and white bandages wrapped around the forearms. Covering his upper chest, abdomen, forearms and shins was a set of dark gray body armour. Attached to his waist was his weapons pouch and on either hip were two small pouches which stored the D-Arks for his two Digimon. Dorumon's silver-blue D-Ark on his right and Gatomon's golden D-Ark on his left. Over all of this, the blonde wore a deep orange cloak which had black flames decorating the edge of the sleeves and a majority of the hem of the cloak. Strapped to his back by a tough leather belt was a sheathed katana which had a round hand-guard and a red hilt which bore a series of kanji along its length. The final touches were two-fold. The first being the necklace he constantly wore which was given to him by Tsunade. The second was a hitai-ate which rested on black cloth, much longer than his previous blue clothed one he had received from Iruka to the point that two tails of cloth whipped the air behind him. The hitai-ate did not bear the insignia of Konoha, no, it bore the image of a large upside-down triangle which had three smaller, right side-up triangles positioned at each side of the larger one. The image of the Zero Unit, an image of power from the perspective of Digimon.

Gatomon and Dorumon whistled lowly before nodding in approval.

"Lookin' good bro." Dorumon commented.

"You really got the whole shinobi look down, Naruto. Though why the orange cloak?" The blue eyed cat asked.

"Oh, this was just my own personal touch. Plus it reminds me of Tou-chan's cloak, the cloak of the Hokage. However mine is way more badass cause it's orange." Naruto chuckled as he saw his Digimon partners plant their faces in their paws.

"And why the Zero Unit? Out of every single symbol you could choose to put on the plate, why that?" The X-Antibody holder questioned. Naruto walked up to his Digimon and knelt down to their level and placed his hands on their heads.

"I was banished from my home and found one in the realm where you guys came from. I see you guys as more than just my partners and my're my family. I wanted to represent that through the symbol of power of the Digimon, the symbol of where my allegiances lie and that..." He grinned foxily, " with you guys and with Digimon."

Gatomon and Dorumon smiled softly at their tamer. "That's really sweet of you to say, Naruto."

"Damn it bro, you're making my eyes sweat again."

The whisker marked blonde nodded to his partners before raising himself up to his full height. Three years of having no ramen had taken its toll on the boy and after having to learn to survive on a fish, deer and berry based diet, the result was him growing up from five feet, four inches to a whopping six feet tall. The heir of the Kiiroi Senko and Chishio no Habanero then quickly flashed through handsigns before he channeled his chakra. The kanji on the hilt of his sword glowed with a soft blue light.

Gatomon and Dorumon leaped atop his head and shoulder respectively before the air around Naruto began to twist and bend, as if space itself was undergoing a distortion.

"So you finally managed to get it down?" Kurama asked. Naruto grinned mentally at the mighty bijuu.

'Of course. Ever since you told me the story of how Kaa-chan helped Tou-chan in developing the Hiraishin no Jutsu/Flying Thunder God Technique I got really drawn into the study of space-time manipulation techniques. And now three years of development and test runs have finally made my newest technique a reality.'

"You've come a long way, kit. Managing to reverse engineer certain elements of your father's technique is really quite a feat. Your Uzumaki blood really shines here since you were capable of using Fuuinjutsu to pull it off. But don't think this jutsu or any amount of training you've completed after these past three years is going to help you against me. It's going to take more than three years of training in your clan arts to take me down if you want to truly take hold of my chakra. I told you I'm not going to make it easy on you just because you're my favourite jinchuriki."

'I know Kurama, I know. Now then...let's test my little bad boy out.'

"Jikuuton: Kankaku Sanpo/Space-Time Release: Space Walk!" The space in front of the trio continued to twist and bend before stabilizing as a swirling distortion in the space-tie continuum. The opening of the abyss then began to drawn them, absorbing them into its depths. The two Digimon and their tamer felt their bodies stretching as they were pulled forward into the distortion in space. And with that, they vanished from Uzushiogakure no Sato, not even a trace of Naruto's chakra being left behind.

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Unknown Location, Digital World

Deep within the darkness of the void, away from the ever watchful eyes of the Sovereigns and the God of the Digital World, a lone figure hovered within it. Laboured breathing was heard as the lone occupant appeared to be suffering from some sort of lung ailment. The phantom slept within his crystal stasis chamber so as to bide his time and accumulate the much needed strength to carry out his plans.

Suddenly, the phantom's two pairs of deep orange eyes snapped open and the phantom which lay within the crystal awoke as it sensed the incoming presence of another. In a flash of gold, green, red and blue, a Digital Portal sprung up in front of the figure's crystal encased form and a Digimon entered.

The Digimon was massive in all sense of the word. It was a towering beast Its whole upper body was covered in tough red skin and its lower body was covered in coarse black fur. The fur which covered the waist and groin areas were decorated with crimson coloured markings akin to that of a bat and below it were two pairs of diagonal markings which were similar to eyes, while the fur that covered its legs had purple marking covering the thigh and and lower leg areas. What appeared to be three claws of somesort protruded from the Digimon's kneecaps. Its feet were a light shade of purple with deep purple talons. Its arms were extremely long, extending past its knees, and had a series of black leather belts wrapped out its elbow area. The back of its hands were covered with black armour with the image of a golden bat. Two pairs of large bat-like wings with torn, black membranes sprouted from its back, the upper wings being larger than the lower ones. A gray tail protruded from its rear. Its face however, was truly frightening. Pale blue-gray skin made a very distinct contrast to the rest of its red and black body. Long golden hair reached just below the Digimon's jawline and a pair of red horns with black stripes, each bearing two spikes, protruded from the sides of its head. A red mask was worn over its eyes and had two holes to allow the golden orbs to look through the mask.

"My Master." The massive Digimon bent down on one knee.

"What do you have to report, Commander VenomMyotismon?" The crystal encased Digimon asked.

"Master, the invasion of the Real World proved to be a failure as you predicted. But how were you able to predict that? Wouldn't you want to have victory in the invasion of the Parasimon?" Asked VenomMyotismon.

"Merely to test my capabilities. As you know, my body and DigiCore are very weak and so in order to see the extent of my powers I wished to test my spatial distortion abilities. If the invasion had succeeded or not, it would have been none of my concern. As for how I would be able to predict the failure of the invasion, it is obvious that the Parasimon are the weakest of any Mega level Digimon. They are individually weak and find strength in numbers. The Tamers and their partners would easily wipe them out, after all...they were the ones who helped bring about the end of Lucemon." The Master explained. "Seeing as how they were under your command, you must have gained witness to the event? How were our adversaries faring against the insects?"

VenomMyotismon nodded, "The Tamers and their Digimon have grown significantly stronger since the fall of the Sin of Pride and leader of the Demon Lords, Lucemon. The Parasimon invasion force was easily overpowered by them and when they digivolved into their Mega forms, it was basically a one-sided battle, my Master. The invasion force was wiped out entirely by the Royal Knight Digimon, Gallantmon."

"I see. Well it is to be expected. Three of them did undergo training with that shinobi boy."

"What is to be our next course of action? Do we use another invasion force?"

"No, Commander." The Master replied. "The act of invasion on such a dimension as the Elemental Nations is a fool's endeavor. The shinobi are well equipped for battle and the boy was capable of standing up against Lucemon's Chaos Mode when he and his X-Antibody Digimon fought him in the Southern Quadrant three years ago, in Real World time of course."

"Then who should we send out?"

"Only one Digimon. A Mega level. I need a suitable test subject to examine just how powerful the boy and his partners have become over the past few years before I begin to continuously send out troops. Due to the boy's appearance within the Digital World before, a link had been established between the Digital World and the Elemental Nations. With the bridge being constructed, I can now test the boy's strength along with the ability to see how well Digimon fare in the land of shinobi and my own ability to send Digimon through to the other side."

"A brilliant plan, Master. Who would you recommend be sent out to the battlefront and confront the Demon Lord slayer?" VenomMyotismon asked. "I can easily choose one myself, but these are your plans and I am here to serve you."

The Master closed his orange eyes in thought before a ghost of a smile appeared on his face. "Ah yes, I have the perfect candidate. Send out..."

Forests, Hi no Kuni, Elemental Nations

The leaves rustled gently in the breeze, a few of them freeing themselves from the branches and drifted lazily along the air currents. A few rabbits and deer were scattered throughout the landscape. Suddenly, the animals' sixth sense for danger or to expect unexpected phenomena occurred. Their eyes widened, their ears twitched and they scampered off into the brush.

As this happened, the space where the animals had once been eating began to twist and turn. The spatial distortion became a wild circulation before three figures emerged from the void.

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon teetered from side to side as they landed on the ground after emerging from the void.

"Woah, that's dizzying." Dorumon commented. Gatomon didn't respond and merely fell on her knees and began to retch. Naruto shook his head from side to side before slapping the sides of his face.

"Guess Kankaku Sanpo/Space Walk needs some work. Either that or traveling through the void needs some getting used to, I mean, we were moving pretty quickly though it." The Namikaze heir said.

"Just do that on your own. Gato-chan and I really don't think traveling through a dimensional wormhole is healthy for our DigiCores." The X-Antibody holder stumbled over to his girlfriend and patted her back. The feline Digimon nodded in thanks as she finished retching. Gatomon rose to her feet and then looked around the forested area.

"So, any idea where we are?" Gatomon asked.

"Well I didn't really give a specification other than returning to Hi no Kuni, the Land of Fire. Since I know these forests pretty well from going on missions during my time as a Konoha shinobi I'd think that we are somewhere in the middle of everything."

"Judging from the layout of the area, I'd say you did end up in Hi no Kuni. However, you're more to the north rather than being in the centre of it all." Kurama explained.

'Then I guess we'll be heading north until we find an area with a town. South is where Konoha is and no doubt I'm avoiding that place like the plague.' Naruto thought. "Alright guys, we're heading north."

"Yes, Naruto-taichou!" Gatomon and Dorumon dutifully saluted their tamer. Naruto rolled his eyes, but smirked in amusement before allowing Gatomon to ride atop his head and Dorumon to sit atop his shoulder seeing as how his usual piggyback spot was taken by Naruto's katana. Sometimes weaponry had all the luck.

"Why north though?" Gatomon asked.

"One would be that if we go south, we end up in Konoha." Dorumon and Gatomon winced as the name of their tamer's homeland came up, but nodded in understanding. "The second reason is that if we head to the east we'll end up at the coastline again and if we were to take a boat, we'd end up in Mizu no Kuni, the Land of Water. I personally don't want to be going anywhere outside of a forested area right now. If we go west, we end up heading towards Iwagakure no Sato's territory in Tsuchi no Kuni, the Land of Earth. They practically hate my Tou-chan's guts after he slaughtered them in the Third Great Ninja World War and I'm quite positive they will either try to kill me just for looking like Tou-chan or they will be able to piece together that I am in fact the son of Minato Namikaze and then try to kill me."

"Wow. Iwa holds a grudge huh?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. All shinobi are capable of keeping a hold on grudges that last for generations. Hence why I now hold a bit of a grudge against Kumogakure and Kirigakure for creating the joint army that wiped out my entire clan because of their fear of how my family's Fuuinjutsu abilities could wipe them all out." Naruto said with growl. "Not enough of a grudge to go all, 'I want to kill all Kumo and Kiri shinobi on sight', but more like a 'I can't believe you'd just create a joint army for the sake of taking out one clan.'"

"Man, shinobi life is tough. I think it would have been easier if we just got sent back to the Digital World instead of coming here to the Elemental Nations. Hell, even the Real World is more safe than this place and the Real World has weapons like guns and nuclear warheads." The X-Antibody Digimon commented. " long are we going to head north for?"

"We'll just head in that direction until we find civilization." Naruto then planted his right fist in his left palm as a look of realization came onto his face. "Ah, speaking of which, I just remembered, I need to lay down some ground rules."

"What are the rules, Tou-chan?" Dorumon asked with mock cuteness. Naruto's eyes narrowed at the orange eyed Digimon before he continued to speak.

"Now then, first off, the people of my dimension are very cultural and so they believe strongly in the existence of Kami-sama and the other holy gods and goddesses which are basically like the gods and goddesses of the Real World's ancient Japan. Because of this, whenever we reach a populated area or we come across people who aren't looking to fight and are just passing by, I need you two to hide since they will see you as being some sort of demon. I could pass you off as personal summons, but I don't want to risk it."

"So would you like us to stay outside of the town or village and just wait for you or do you want us to stick to the rooftops and sneak around alongside you up there?" Gatomon asked.

"Depending on the situation, I will tell you what you guys will do."


The tamer and his Digimon walked in silence for a few hours. Gatomon swatted at a few passing butterflies while Dorumon and Naruto kept their eyes peeled for any sort of danger that could pop up. Eventually, they had to stop when their stomachs growled and spent another hour hunting for food. Gatomon had done the lion's share of the hunting due to her body being more suited for the task. Once they set up a fire, gutted and cooked their rabbits, they clapped their hands, paws in the case of the Digimon, and grinned.

"Itadakimasu!" They then began to feast on some the cooked rabbits. They practically inhaled their meals and sighed in content as they began to strip away the meat from the bone.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The three happy campers suddenly dropped the bones in their hands and stood up.

"A scream?" Gatomon questioned.

"A girl too." Dorumon's ears twitched before sniffing the air. "North east."

"Let's go." The two Digimon and Naruto raced off in the direction of the scream. Dorumon held point with Naruto and Gatomon trailing behind him on either side in a V-formation. Soon, the three came to a stop as Dorumon immediately went behind a tree. Gatomon stuck beside her mate while Naruto went behind his own tree. The three glanced from behind their bark covered shields before their eyes widened at what they saw.

A young girl, around Naruto's age if not a year younger, was huddled up against a tree. She had short brown hair that was tied up into a bun with a pair of decorative chopsticks holding the bun in place. Her coal coloured eyes were filled with fright. She was dressed in a red undershirt and a very expensive looking silk kimono that was crimson and lined with gold. On her left breast area, a golden flame symbol was stitched into the silk of the kimono. She wore a pair of white socks and brown wooden sandals.

The girl huddled up against a tree, trying to push herself even further against the trunk as if she wanted to melt into its surface. And for good reason too. Surrounding the girl were at least ten men, all dead and staining the green grass red. The swords they had on their persons were shown to be broken and shattered at the blade and their armour crushed. Two of the men, presumably the girl's guards or a group of thieves, Naruto couldn't tell, were missing their heads while three were disemboweled. Another was bifurcated. The rest were just bleeding out as the red liquid of life flowed from three large slits in their bodies A decent sized puddle of vomit lay in front of the girl showing she had already went through the step one of witnessing a dead body.

The killer stood before the girl. A large humanoid creature that was entirely covered in black skin, the powerful muscles rippling beneath it. Covering its body was a set of black and chrome coloured armour. The chrome armour covered its torso, abdominal, groin and lower leg areas. The leg armour also had a great deal of gold colouring its middle sections. The black armour was worn on its arms, outlined the groin armour and was worn on its back as well. The armour on its arms were shown to be like an attachment of some sort as Naruto spotted the wrist of the ebony creature being wrapped by a chrome brace. From its shoulder armour, a single spike with a gold stripe. The black armour on its back was in the shape of a shield, split partially down the middle and positioned at a diagonal angle to give the appearance of wings. Golden coils attached the shoulder armour to the chest armour and along the length of the creature's torso, thee pairs of golden coils crossed over each other. The golden coils also wrapped around the creature's calves and ankles to hold the leg armour in place. The chrome and black helmet it wore on its head completely covered said skull and showed the creature actually had a single horn protruding from its nose and a pair of horns. Golden hair rustled in the wind and golden eyes shone within the eye sockets of the creature as it stared at the girl.

"Tell me, where is the boy?!" The creature asked.

"Is that a..." Dorumon couldn't even finish his sentence.

"No way, but how? It's been three years and not even one had shown up." Naruto gritted his teeth. He peeled back his cloak and pulled out Dorumon's silvery blue D-Ark and scanned the Digimon in front of him. The holographic image of the Digimon appeared in front of him and he nodded his head.

"BlackWarGreymon, a Mega level Digimon and a Virus Digimon. He has his own peculiar sense of justice and dislikes foul-play, talk about ironic for a Virus type. The shield on his back is not the Brave Shield, but is similar to it, and does not bear the Crest of Courage. His attacks are Terra Destroyer, Dramon Kille and Black Tornado." Naruto read. He quickly returned the D-Ark to its pouch before looking back at Dorumon and Gatomon.

'Climb up the trees and shake the branches to distract it. I'll move in and get the girl out of there before we go back in and fight BlackWarGreymon.'

'Gotcha.' Both Digimon nodded stiffly before climbing the tree they were hiding behind, not a sound was heard as they did so. When the two Digimon rested themselves on the branches they quickly began to shake the branches. Some of the thinner ones cracked before snapping off and dropping to the ground below. Leaves rustled and bark was scratched at.

BlackWarGreymon's golden eyes switched from the girl he was currently questioning to the trees. The shaking then stopped and BlackWarGreymon turned back to his captive only to stare in shock as he found the girl had disappeared from her spot. The Mega level Digimon glanced every which way before stopping as he turned to his left and found Naruto resting the kimono wearing girl down by another tree.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked. The girl gulped audibly, the fear still present in her eyes, though it was mixed with a bit of awe as the blonde rested her down.

"Ummm uh y-y-yeah." The girl nodded, but then her eyes rolled up into her head as the situation finally settled into her brain and she fainted.

"Human!" The golden eyed Digimon roared before holding out his arms and pointing his Dramon Killers at the blonde. "Give me back that other human! I need the location of the Demon Lord slayer!"

"The Demon Lord slayer?"

"Yes. My Master has sent me from the Digital World to search for the boy who fights alongside his Digimon. The boy who slayed the Sin of Pride and most powerful of the Demon Lords, Lucemon." The black armoured Digimon explained.

"Ah, I see. Well then, I know where he is." BlackWarGreymon's eyes widened at the blonde's proclamation.

"You do?" Naruto grinned toothily and nodded.

"Yup." Naruto then vanished from view and BlackWarGreymon's eyes widened as he felt movement to his right. Raising his right arm, he blocked the sword strike aimed for his neck. The Digimon's eyes were wide as he stared into the sapphire orbs of the shinobi.

(Insert Music: Naruto Shippuden- Shippuden)

"I'm right here." Naruto quickly vanished from view once more and then reappeared to the Mega's back. BlackWarGreymon glanced backwards and saw Naruto crouched low to the ground before swinging his blade in an upward arc, aiming to slice into his back.

Closing the shield on his back shut, the viral form of the Brave Shield released a loud clang as it blocked the strike. BlackWarGreymon spun around and lashed out with a kick. Naruto raised his blade and was sent skidding backwards from the force of the strike. BlackWarGreymon then leaped at his adversary and reared back his Dramon Killers and brought them down on Naruto. Naruto quickly held up his own blade and sparks flew as the massive claws of the Virus type clashed against the hardened steel.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he held back the Chrome Digizoid weapons and BlackWarGreymon's eyes narrowed as he pushed down on Naruto's defense.

"How are you holding back my claws? These weapons are forged from the strongest metal in the Digital World!" BlackWarGreymon growled.

"It's a hard metal yes, but my blade's made of chakra reinforced steel. It'll take more than a little heavy metal to take it and me down." Naruto channeled chakra into his arms to give him a bit more strength and pushed up against the Dramon Killers. BlackWarGreymon's arms were sent up into the air and Naruto spun with the momentum of his push before lashing out with a straight kick to the chest. BlackWarGreymon skidded backwards before digging his claws into the ground to halt his movement.

BlackWarGreymon growled beneath his helmet before rising to his feet. However, as he took a step forward, he was sent stumbling as numerous metal spheroids impacted with his back.

"Metal Shoot!" Dorumon fired off another round of steel orbs and the Mega Digimon merely swatted them away. However, the golden eyed Digimon's eyes widened as a blur of white crossed his path. He quickly ducked beneath the blur and batted it away with his claws. Gatomon flipped in midair as she was struck before planting her paws against the side of a tree and shot forward with enough force to break the bark.

"Lightning Claw!" Her claws shone with white light before crashing them against BlackWarGreymon's armour. Sparks flew as Gatomon unleashed a barrage of slashes against the armoured Digimon only to meet ground zero as the Mega level Digimon crashed his right Dramon Killer down on her skull. Gatomon fell to the ground and quickly rolled with her fall, and it was good thing too, as BlackWarGreymon dug his left set of claws into the ground.

Gatomon quickly got to her feet before leaping into the air where Dorumon was already waiting for her. The X-Antibody holder grabbed his girlfriend by the tail and spun her around. Gatomon winced a bit as the muscles in her tail were stretched out before she was thrown through the air. She flipped through the air as her legs shone with white light.

"Neko Kick!" Gatomon lashed out with a straight kick, but BlackWarGreymon twisted his body to the side and avoided the kick before catching Gatomon at the throat with his bicep. Gatomon's eyes widened as she felt her breathing get cut off for that second. With a roar, BlackWarGreymon pushed his arm forward as the lariat sent Gatomon flying through the air and crashing into a tree.

The Virus Digimon's eyes narrowed as Dorumon fired off six metal orbs from his jaws. BlackWarGreymon lashed out with his Dramon Killers and sent them all right back at their user and Dorumon was forced to duck. The orange eyed dragon suddenly found the the light of the sun being obscured before glancing up at BlackWarGreymon's massive form. Reacting quickly, Dorumon rolled to the side as BlackWarGreymon brought down one of his Dramon Killers and the purple furred dragon leaped up at his adversary.

"Hyper Dash Metal!" Dorumon left behind a streak of silver as he sped towards the Mega Digimon and his skull impacted with the Virus type's chin sending his head rearing back from the blow. BlackWarGreymon snarled before spinning and catching Dorumon on the side of his head with a vicious roundhouse kick before spinning rapidly.

"Black Tornado!" BlackWarGreymon's body became a massive black tornado that sucked in Dorumon. The Rookie level spun around and around within the tornado.

"Ugh, I think I'm gonna hurl data." Dorumon spoke as he was rotatetd at dizzying speeds. The Black Tornado attack then spat Dorumon out through the air before BlackWarGreymon flew after him and reared his Dramon Killers back.

"Dragon Killer!" BlackWarGreymon brought down the claws of his arm weapons and Dorumon's eyes widened as he felt the sharp claws tear through his form. BlackWarGreymon smirked beneath his helmet only for his golden eyes to widen as Dorumon's form disappeared in a plume of smoke and revealed it to be a transformed log.

"What the..."

"Oh, so close..." BlackWarGreymon glanced behind him and his widened as he saw Naruto with his arm drawn back. "...but yet so far." The Uzumaki heir spun around rapidly and a flash of silver and blue -his sword encased with chakra- sliced through the air.

"Uzumaki-ryu: Sākuruken/ Uzumaki Style: Circle Sword!" Naruto had spun around so quickly he left behind a silver and blue ring as he crashed his blade against the Brave Shield knock-off on BlackWarGreymon's back. The Mega Digimon sped towards the ground, but managed to hover in the air before hitting the ground. However, he was met with a blow to the chin as a Kagebunshin was already waiting for his previously descending form.

The clone of the blonde slapped his hands on BlackWarGreymon's chest and the golden eyed Mega watched with wide eyes as a quickly burning explosive tag began to decrease in size. The explosion killed the clone due to its close proximity, but it did the necessary damage as there was a large piece of BlackWarGreymon's chest armour missing. Another clone then appeared and jumped on BlackWarGreymon's back and tried to put him in a choke hold, but the black armour wearing Digimon spun around rapidly.

"Black Tornado!" BlackWarGreymon continued to spin until the clone was thrust through the air. BlackWarGreymon the sped after the clone and stabbed it through the chest with his Dramon Killers. Three small pebbles then burst into smoke to reveal they were disguised Kagebunshins as well. One with its sword drawn, one with a kunai and the other with a fist reared back. BlackWarGreymon's eyes narrowed before vanishing in a blur of speed. The clones didn't expect the Digimon to have such a high level of speed, even if it was a Mega level.

One clone was decapitated, a second stabbed through the chest while the third was gripped tightly by its cloak collar and slammed into the ground before being stabbed through the stomach. Each clone vanished in a plume of smoke.

However, as the third clone had puffed out of existence, but BlackWarGreymon's eyes widened when he saw a small white orb where the Kagebunshin had once been. The small orb was made of white paper and had the kanji for 'Light' on it. The orb cracked a small bit and the golden eyed Mega could watch as the small object then exploded into a flash of white light and a deafening bang. The shinobi version of the Flash-Bang Grenade.

BlackWarGreymon gripped his head and shut his eyes tightly as his ears were ringing and his vision was compromised.

"Now, attack!" Naruto ordered.

"Neko Kick!" The Champion level Digimon slammed her glowing white foot against the helmet of the armoured Digimon before dropping down and Dorumon was revealed to have been speeding through the air.

"Dash Metal!" Dorumon fired off an iron sphere from his maw which met BlackWarGreymon's face before a silver streak marked Dorumon's movement as he slammed harshly against the bare area of BlackWarGreymon's body. The Mega level Digimon released a cough and a grunt of pain from the force of the blow.

"Lightning Claw!" Gatomon then slashed at BlackWarGreymon with her claws, scratching the armour with a flurry of diagonal strikes before clapping the sides of his helemet. "Neko Kick!" With the Digimon discombobulated, Gatomon spun and crashed a roundhouse kick to the side of his skull.

"Metal Shoot!" BlackWarGreymon stumbled to the side only to be sent skidding backwards as a barrage of metal spheres impacted with his body. Dorumon the sped forth and rammed into BlackWarGreymon's body and sent the Mega Digimon off the ground and flying through the air. BlackWarGreymon smashed through a tree and sent it to the ground before coming to stop as he smashed into another tree. The cracked tree toppled as well and BlackWarGreymon panted as he regained his footing. However, the fun was not over as five copies Naruto then appeared out of the ground, a small hole forming as a powerful series of uppercuts tore away the earth and slammed against BlackWarGreymon's chin and sent him skyward.

"U-ZU-MA-KI..." The original Naruto had been sitting atop a tree branch waiting for his moment to strike as his clones attacked the Digimon. Naruto leaped into the air above BlackWarGreymon and performed a series of front flips before crashing his heel against the Digimon's skull. "NARUTO RENDAN!"

BlackWarGreymon was sent into a spiraling descent and Naruto fell after the Chrome Digizoid clad creature. BlackWarGreymon managed to right himself in midair and hovered there only to suddenly find Naruto latched onto his back. Naruto then drew a kunai and spun it expertly on his finger before holding it in a reverse grip. BlackWarGreymon howled in pain as the kunai dug itself into the bare left pectoral, the area where the armour from one of Naruto's previous explosive notes had done its damage. The Mega Digimon quickly knocked Naruto off and wrenched the kunai out of his chest, red data flakes pouring from the wound, before slicing it apart. The explosive tag on its handle didn't even have time to finish burning out.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu/ Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto formed his signature technique before the clone gripped him by the sleeve of his orange and black cloak. The bunshin spun around and heaved Naruto at the Digital Monster. The blonde drew his sword once more and then slashed the air in front of his data made opponent with his sword.

"Uzumaki-ryu: Kazegiri/ Uzumaki Style: Wind Cutter!" Two slashes of pressurized air in the shape of an X flew through the air and BlackWarGreymon quickly raised his arms and the Dramon Killer now sported an X-shaped scar on their surface.

'Chrome Digizoid really is dense if it can take on wind based chakra.' Naruto thought as he landed on the ground, sheathing his blade as he did so. BlackWarGreymon had skidded back from the force of Naruto's attack and quickly flipped in the air, shaking his head as his blurred vision and the ringing in his ears began to die down. BlackWarGreymon growled with rage before bringing his Dramon Killer covered hands together. He parted them slightly as a small orb of dark matter formed between his claws. The orb grew larger and larger until a massive black and red orb of energy the size of a Tyrannomon was held in the Mega level's hands.

"That's it! Enough of this useless squabble! The Master wishes to see you dead, Demon Lord slayer and I will carry out my mission!" BlackWarGreymon reared his arms back and swung them forward with all his might.

"Terra Destroyer!" The massive energy sphere flew through the air towards the ground. The trees bent back from the pulses of energy and the wind generated by the massive spheroid.

Naruto quickly reached to his weapons pouch and pulled out a small scroll and unfurled it. The scroll rolled outwards on the ground before a small brush already dyed black with ink appeared. In a flurry of movement, Naruto's brush flew across the scroll paper and a in a matter of five seconds, a fully drawn out seal array was on the scroll.

The seal array was a massive amount of kanji made into the shape of a circle with four arrows branching out from the circle and extended inwards, pointing at the centre of the empty space the sealing kanji surrounded.

Naruto placed the brush in his mouth and went through handsigns.

Rat. Bird. Tiger. He then kept his right hand in the form of tiger sign while placing his left index and middle fingers down in the centre of the seal array.

"Fuuinjutsu: Fūshinkū Hōin/ Sealing Technique: Vaccuum Sealing Method." Naruto muttered and suddenly a massive vaccuum laced with chakra swirled out from the scroll's sealing array. BlackWarGreymon could only watch in awe and shock as his most powerful attack was suddenly sucked into the vaccuum and lost to the sealing array. When the massive energy spheroid vanished into the seal, the kanji rearranged themselves so that the arrows disappeared and then the massive red-purple kanji for 'Seal' appeared within the balnk circle. The glow died down and Naruto wiped away a small bit of sweat from his brow as looked down in pride at his scroll.

'Well...that was cutting it a bit close.' Naruto thought. 'Took me five seconds to draw up this thing. I remember Ero-Sennin made this after our little run in with Itachi and Kisame and he had gotten it down to three. I really need to step up my game.'

The blonde then glanced upwards at BlackWarGreymon's shellshocked form.

"H-He stopped my most powerful attack...but how?" BlackWarGreymon watched Naruto with wide eyes. He blinked to make sure he wasn't seeing things, but when his eyes had opened, Naruto was gone and a distorted swirl was all that was left of him. A swirl of distorted space appeared behind the black armoured Digimon and BlackWarGreymon's eyes widened further when he suddenly felt something attached to his Brave Shield and then there was the feeling of something sharp pressed against his armour covered throat. The low hum of Naruto's wind chakra scratched at the armour and BlackWarGreymon didn't need to ask to know that at this range, the blonde could pierce through his armour and take out his throat.

"While I am flattered that your Master sent a Mega level Digimon to deal with me, I'm not one for pleasentries when it comes to people or Digimon that want to kill me. Answer my questions or your throat is gone and you'll be nothing but data flakes."

BlackWarGreymon's eyes narrowed. "Then do it. I'm not afraid to die, I've been nothing but a solider in the eys of the Master and I plan to die like a solider."

Naruto sighed as he flexed his fingers on his sword handle and gripped it that much tighter. "Very give me no choice." 'Kurama.'

"One hypnotic kitsune gaze, coming up."

Naruto quickly sheathed his blade and then gripped BlackWarGreymon's armoured head tightly, shifting it so that the Digimon's golden eyes met his own sapphire orbs. Said sapphire orbs however, began to take on a shade of violet as crimson bled into it. The crimson completely overtook the colour of his eyes and his pupils became vertical slits. BlackWarGreymon's eyes seemed to shake within their sockets as he met hypnotic gaze of the crimson eyes of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

The blonde jinchuriki continued to stare into the Digimon's eyes and then nodded in satisfaction as the pupils of the Virus type Digimon's eyes dilated, the sign that the hypnotism was complete.

"Alright, first question. How did you get here? I was not aware of the Digital World holding a link to my dimension in the Elemental Nations, only to the Real World." Naruto spoke.

BlackWarGreymon replied in an almost robotic tone, "The Master said that when Lucemon sent you to the Digital World and you returned after his defeat with your partners, it created a bridge between your world and the Digital World."

"I see. Next question and this one is rather obvious...who is your Master?"

"I don't know. I've never seen him nor have I heard his voice. My commander is a VenomMyotismon and is the only one known to have met the Master."

"Do you know where in the Digital World your Master resides?" His eyes narrowed as BlackWarGreymon nodded his head in confirmantion.

"Yes. He is said to be within the darkness of the Digital World within the Northern Quadrant from what the Commander has told me. The Digital World's recycle bin, the Void of Reclusion, where every single Digimon that is deleted goes."

"What is the Void of Reclusion?"

"The Void of Recluse is nothing. Deleted data is consumed and nothing can thrive. It is the hell for the Digimon."

"But then how can your Master survive in there? Or your Commander?"

"I do not know."

Naruto nodded before adjusting his grip on BlackWarGreymon's head, wrapping his left arm around his neck, clinching it tightly, and then gripping the top of his head with his right arm. "Thank you. You are indeed a loyal Digimon to your Master if you had to make me use this gaze to get you to talk. May you have a nice time in the Void of Reclusion." With that, Naruto forcefully pulled on BlackWarGreymon's skull and a loud snap echoed through the air.

Naruto sighed as he leaped off the Virus Digimon's form, said Digimon disappearing as red data flakes. When Naruto touched down on the ground he walked up to Dorumon and Gatomon who were watching the girl who had fainted earlier.

"She's only unconscious. She seemed to have been unconscious for this whole thing too, such a heavy sleeper." Gatomon commented.

"So what do we do?" Dorumon asked.

"I'm going to wake her up and maybe help her find her way home. Judging from her garb she appears to be from a wealthy family given how BlackWarGreymon killed what seemed to be her guard squad. You two will do as I said and stick to the trees, follow discretely and without a sound like I taught you." He glanced at Dorumon specifically.

"Hey, why'd you look at me for?" Naruto ignored his first Digimon partner before bending down to the brown haired girl. Gatomon and Dorumon quickly leaped into the trees, a few leaves drifting through the air showed they had landed on the branches. Naruto then gently shook the kimono wearing girl.

"Oi, Hime-san!" Naruto called out loud enough to wake her, but not loud enough to deafen. The girl continued to be shaken until her eye muscles tightened showing that she was now stirring. The brown haired girl opened her eyes and blinked tiredly.

"Ugh, what happened?" She asked as she raised herself up into a sitting position.

"You fainted in fear after being attacked by that Digi...weird creature." Naruto quickly corrected himself. The Elemental Nations didn't have to know anything about creatures composed of solidified ones and zeroes yet. And hopefully they never will.

"How did you..."

"You screamed pretty loudly before." The girl blushed in embarrassment from the joking manner at which Naruto described her fearful cry.

"Idiot." She muttered. Her black eyes then looked at Naruto. " saved me?"

"Yeah, though I can't say the same for those other guys." Naruto glanced behind him and the brown haired girl grimaced, holding her hands to her mouth as she held back the urge to vomit upon seeing the men's bodies. "Did you know them?"

"They were my guards."

'So I was right.' Naruto thought. "Well seeing as how you're alone here I'm going to help get you back to your home. Where do you live?" The girl pointed straight north and Naruto nodded before walking forward a few steps. He glanced back with a confused expression on his face as he saw the girl standing there, still staring at the bodies of the dead men who had once been her guards.

"I can burn them if you'd like." Naruto offered. "I'm a shinobi so I know a few Katon jutsu if you want to cremate them. I also have a few Doton ones if you wish to bury them."

The girl wiped away the tears from her eyes and nodded her head. "Bury them." Naruto nodded. He made his signature cross-shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu/ Shadow Clone Jutsu." A few clones materialized out of a few plumes of smoke and quickly gathered the girl's guard squad members and laid them out in a row.

"Doton: Kyū no Tsuchi/ Earth Style: Stone Coffin." The earth rose up around the dead men and then encased them in coffins of mud and stone. Naruto then pressed his hands down on the ground and the stone coffins rapidly sunk back into the earth leaving cleanly carved out rectangles in the ground. Naruto glanced to the girl and she nodded to him in thanks.

"So where do you live?"

"North, in the capital."

"The capital? But that's where all the rich...oh right." Naruto stopped talking as he remembered that girl before him was wearing an expensive looking silk kimono and even had her own personal guard squad. The girl and Naruto then walked off, heading north for the capital. As they walked, the girl glanced up at her rescuer.

"So...may I know the name of my rescuer?" The girl asked.

"Hmmm, I could tell you...but then I'd have to kill you." The girl's eyes widened in shock as she saw Naruto's eyes gain a cold look. However, the cold look quickly vanished and was replaced with a light of mischief and warmth. "Nah, I'm just messing with you. Name's Naruto."

"Idiot, that's not funny!" The girl growled at the blonde shinobi.

"Sorry, sorry, bad joke. So what's yours?"


"Your name?"

"Oh, I'm Miu." Naruto nodded to the girl and beamed at her, flashing his trademark foxy grin.

"Well then Miu-hime, mind telling me what a pretty little thing such as yourself was doing in the middle of the forest outside of the capital?" Naruto asked. Miu frowned, a blush forming on her face as she registered that he had just called her pretty. She then forced down the blush before replying.

"Well I'll have you know that I am a budding diplomat. I was heading to Takigakure for a diplomacy meeting with their leader."

"You went to go meet Shibuki?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. Miu nodded, her own eyebrow raising in confusion.

" do you know him?"

"Well...let's just say he and I used to work together." Naruto replied as he recalled his mission to the Taki which was an escort mission gone wrong.

"Ah, I see. Naruto-san?"


"You're a shinobi, but I've never seen a symbol like that. What village are you from?" Miu asked. Naruto nodded to the brown haired girl.

"I am a shinobi, but I hail from no village. My home was wiped out and I am its only known survivor."

"That's terrible. How could they commit genocide like that?"

"It was a long time ago, Miiu-hime. Don't bother yourself with things from the past. Besides my village and clan died out long before I was born, I only know stories from what happened. However, the symbol on my hitai-ate is not a symbol of my home nor is it from any village. I have been an independent shinobi for the past four years and former my sensei doesn't exactly stick around in one place a lot. He taught a great deal to me, but I had to go back to my former home to complete my training in my clan's arts."

It wasn't exactly a lie. Kakashi had only taught him how to climb trees and Jiraya was the one who taught him everything he knew before his banishment. He learned water walking, summoning, Rasengan and also polished up his taijutsu with Jiraya and also learned what it was like to have someone akin to father with a tough-love attitude. In terms of quanitity it didn't sound like much, but in terms of quality, Naruto learned volumes more than what he 'learned' from his jounin sensei. Now the last part...that was entirely a lie.

"I see." Miu glance down at the ground.

"Miu-hime, I've been wondering something though. If you're a budding diplomat and you were heading for Taki, why are you a bit further south. Taki is north of Hi no Kuni and not to mention if you want somewhere as far as there, you'd probably need shinobi level stamina or a horse-carriage or something."

"I did have a carriage, Naruto-san. That creature that attacked us destroyed it. Some of my other guard squad members died protecting it and I had managed to get out of it with the other members and saw how that turned out." Miu frowned. "It's insulting though, having me walk all the way back to the capital."

"Oh don't be such a crybaby, Miu-hime. Think of it as exercise, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

"My legs are going to get killed if this keeps up though. How long have we been walking?" Naruto glanced up at the sky and observed the sun's position as he covered his eyes to protect it from the harsh rays.

"Ummm, I'd say about an hour, maybe two." The shinobi-tamer replied. Miu sighed in exasperation, however her eyes widened and she flailed about as she nearly tripped on something in front of her. When she caught her, her coal black eyes blinked in confusion when she saw Naruto was the cause of her tripping. However, he was bent down on one knee and was glancing back at her. "Do you think you could continue walking until we reach to the capital?"

Miu honestly shook her head from side to side. "No."

"Then I'll carry you. Climb on." Miu blushed like a certain Hyuga.

"What?! But that's so embarrassing and not to mention you're all sweaty. I am a fine lady you know." Miu stuck her nose high into the air, but then glanced back down, sweatdropping as she saw Naruto giving her a blank look.

"So you gonna climb on or not?" Naruto asked once more. Miu bit her lip as she weighed her options. On one hand she could be carried to her location without having to exert any effort on her part. On the other, she had to be carried like a little child and have her pride as a strong, independent woman be taken down a peg or two.

The brown haired girl dropped her head before sighing in defeat.

"Fine...but I'm not doing this just because you asked me to." The brown haired girl wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and the strong seventeen year old rose to his feet, placing his beneath the sixteen year old girl's knees to keep her stable.

"Alright, now that I can move by myself we can move a bit faster." Naruto then broke out into a run before hopping into the trees above. Miu latched on that much tighter and Naruto chuckled as the seemingly strong willed Miu appeared scared. However, his amused look was replaced with shock as Miu's arms began to constrict around his throat.

"Agh, kuso." Naruto glanced back, his face turning slightly blue. "Miu-hime...choking...not breathing." The capital resident didn't hear Naruto's rasping voice and only squeezed that much harder as she nearly got 'attacked' by a bird that was flying overhead.

Oh this was going to be a fun trip to the capital.

Capital, Hi no Kuni, Elemental Nations

Naruto and Miu were now walking through the streets of the capital. Naruto glanced upward at the rooftops and caught glimpses of the shadows of his Digimon partners. The Rookie and Champion Digimon did a great job at remaining stealthy and Naruto was extremely proud at far they had come in the past three years since they arrived in the Elemental Nations.

"So Miu-hime, which one of these fancy places is your house?"

"That one." Miu pointed at a massive building which looked similar to a mansion estate from the Edo period of the Real World's Japan. Its roof was made of red tiles and the walls were painted a brilliant gold and yellow. Paintings of golden dragons decorated the walls and statues of the magnificent reptiles were placed at the corner of each roofs and two massive ones seemed to act as guards to the entrance of the estate.

"" Naruto gaped in awe at the massive piece of infrastructure. However as Miu ran past the gates, Naruto had not even taken three steps into the estate. Just as he stepped beyond the entrance of the estate with Miu, his state of awe from looking at the massive building was replaced with a mixture of fear and shock. The blonde shinobi froze as a circle of sharp pointy objects held by large men garbed in gold and red armour surrounded him.


What? Wait what? I didn't do anything!" Naruto raised his hands in a feeble manner of defense.

"Criminals always lie, especially ones who are shinobi." The guard in front of his spoke, glancing at Naruto's hitai-ate. "Young man, you are under arrest for the attempted kidnapping and/or murder of the Daimyo's granddaughter, Miu Hitokage!"

Naruto blinked in confusion as he stared at the tips of the spears before glancing at Miu. His mind couldn't process what just happened and so he replied with the only intelligent response his brain could come with at this time.


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