Naruto Shippuden: Millennium Wars

Chapter 3: The Road of Life

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Hypnos HQ, Shinjuku, Japan

It had two days since the invasion plan by the Parasimon and no Digimon had arrived for them to destroy. Currently, they were lazing around in their living quarters. Yamaki had done everything he could to make the Digimon as comfortable as possible within Hypnos HQ when he supplied them with said quarters.

They had everything they could ever want within it. A kitchen with a fully stocked fridge, with an entire compartment of bread from the Matsuki Bakery reserved solely for Guilmon. A flat screen plasma television for their entertainment by mainly watching the Digimon show that featured the alternate universe of Odaiba and the Eastern Quadrant of the Digital World. The comfiest furniture in Japan that money could buy and to top it off, the entire area was surrounded by one way glass thus allowing the Digimon to watch the metropolis around them, but preventing others from looking at them should nosy news copters decide to swing by the building. After all, Hypnos was recognized as the organization which helped the heroes of Shinjuku get rid of the D-Reaper three years ago.

There was a whole training room large enough to support their various skills. Every piece of training equipment was element proof, bullet proof and also, after studying the Digimon's acts of Bio-Emerging, were completely synthesized out of data thus allowing the equipment to be replaced when destroyed by some of the Digimon's sessions.

However, they didn't feel like training today. They had already eaten. The XRos Wars season of Digimon had quickly come to an end so they were showing re-runs and well not everyone likes re-runs. They were just bored out of their digital minds.

"I hate the school year." Terriermon grumbled.

"I concur." Guardromon spoke.

"Now, now guys, don't be like that." Renamon spoke, ever being the voice of reason. "Our tamers need their education if they ever want to make it out there in the world. They have their careers planned out and so they need to study and get through with their examinations."

"But you're bored too." Guilmon deadpanned. Renamon sweatdropped at the bluntness of her reptilian friend.

"There aren't any Digimon's asses to kick since the Parasimon invasion." MarineAngemon pouted cutely, her eyes glazing over as she began to settle into a mild comatose state due to her boredom. "I miss Kenta-chan."

"Remind me again why we are here in this room?" Leomon spoke as he twirled his blade. "Digimon are a common occurrence here in Shinjuku and the humans know that we are the saviour Digimon that helped our tamers beat the D-Reaper and were allies to Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon when they defeated Lucemon. Shouldn't we be capable of roaming the streets?"

"Yes, that is true, Leomon." Guardromon replied. "But from by memory banks, I recall Yamaki's exact words. We are not capable of roaming the Real World because of three reasons. The first is that we are recognized by the populace as their heroes, but because of that we will be immediately swarmed by the humans who wish to interact with us, especially the paparazzi who are very fixated on the topic of Digimon now that the world knows we are real."

"The second reason is that we will be a very big distraction to our tamers. We are bonded to the humans who see us as their partners and so we will have an instinctual want to go be by their side. In doing so we will be accompanying them to school and wanting to be by their sides, both literally and metaphorically and thus distract them from their studies. Apparently human parents are not to keen when it comes to the thought of their children's educational integrity being compromised."

"And the third reason?" Renamon raised a non-existent eyebrow.

"The third reason..." Guardromon closed his optics and crossed his arms. " that we are not entirely accepted by the human populace."

Guilmon frowned at that. "You'd think after saving their asses numerous times we would be able to earn the entirety of their trust."

"The world knows about us Guilmon. And by us, I mean not just Digimon on a whole, but us in particular. Japan itself sees us as dangerous beings that could go rouge at any time." Guardromon spoke as he continued to call upon Yamaki's words. "Because of our unpredictable state of being we are seen as powerful monsters that can destroy the city, possibly the world if we wanted to. These words do hold pieces of truth to them. We are unpredictable to the world and if the J.S.D.F. a.k.a the Japan Self-Defense Force gets a hold of us they can use us as possible weapons. If successful, Japan will become the world's new military superpower overtaking those of China, Russia and the United States of America who account for most of the world's nuclear strike force. This in turn will lead to political, economical and social strain between Japan and the rest of the world. The United Nations will see Japan as immediate threat and aim to take us out and possibly bring about World War 3 as Japan will fight back using us and their own military forces and resources."

The other Digimon looked down at the ground and sighed in frustration. Humanity really sucked sometimes.

"Guardromon...or well, Yamaki, seeing as how those are his words Guardromon is recalling, is right. Yamaki understands this situation we are in and it is why we are kept here, away from society unless a Digimon situation arises or unless we are able to be seen by our tamers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week." Renamon added.

"Plus it shows that we are non-lethal to an extent and willing to serve and protect the people of Shinjuku." Terriermon added.

"But then what about Impmon, Lopmon and Monodramon?" MarineAngemon said.

"What about them?" Guardromon tilted his robotic head in confusion.

"Why are they allowed to roam freely amongst the humans? True, we're a trained task force designed to take out the Digimon that Bio-Emerge, but for shit's sake, why can they go out when we can't?! I'm gonna develop Cabin Fever or something like it if we aren't allowed to get out!"

"We are allowed out." Leomon said.

"Yeah." Terriermon rolled his eyes. "Like riding the elevator to Yamaki's open ceiling penthouse balcony can make up for the lack of being able to walk around with our tamers and being able to converse with them. No offense to you guys, but sometimes you bore me."

"The feeling is mutual, Terriermon." Everyone replied. Terriermon sweatdropped at the simultaneous response.

"I don't know if I should be concerned by the fact that reply was immediate and simultaneous." The rabbit-dog Digimon muttered more to himself than to the other Digimon. "Anyway, back to the others. Why can Monodramon, Impmon and Lopmon stay with their tamers? I mean Lopmon is understandable. She's just a female, brown coloured version of me but with less combat prowess and is literally seen as a stuffed animal."

"Well Monodramon and Ryo are under governmental protection since Ryo is Alice McCoy's boyfriend. As a result, he lives with Alice McCoy's father, nicknamed Dolphin, after gaining his independence from his father due to Yamaki pulling some strings with the child services branch. Due to being one of the Monster Makers, Dolphin is quite wealthy and so he has a great deal of protection for himself, his daughter and Ryo and Monodramon." Guardromon reported from the data in his memory.

"As for Impmon..." The Machine Digimon continued, "Impmon lives in Odaiba with Ai and Mako. However, despite his boisterous nature, Impmon is very protective of his tamers and he was informed of the consequences of his actions should he be caught."

"Plus, no one knows that Impmon was once Beelzemon and no one would even suspect such a weak little imp to turn out to be a massive, gun toting Demon Lord Digimon." Leomon added.

"Got a point there." Guilmon scratched the side of his face with a claw.

"So Leomon, are you satisfied with this response?" Guardromon asked. The feline Digimon nodded.

"Yes. A bit too detailed for my tastes, but it does suffice."

"And with that cleared up, who's up for some of the new fall season anime?" MarineAngemon exclaimed gleefully. "I already picked a few. Coppelion, Strike the Blood and Yuusha no Narenakatta are supposed to be really good. Golden Time and Inifinite Stratos's second season is supposed to be very funny from what I've seen in the reviews."

"How's you see the reviews?" Everyone asked. The Mega level grinned.

"I asked Tally-chan. She's apparently a very big otaku."

The other Digimon shook their heads and chuckled at the small Mega level's infectious happiness before nodding in agreement.

"I say Coppelion!" Guardromon exclaimed.

"No way! Strike the Blood is way better, sounds like it's got a lot of blood in it!" Terriermon argued.

"You're very sadistic, Terriermon." Renamon stated with a sweatdrop. "But I will say that Strike the Blood and this Yuusha one sound much more intriguing."

"ANIME WARS!" Guilmon exclaimed with a laugh.

Shinjuku High School, Shinjuku, Japan

Takato, Jeri and Henry sat in their classroom staring at the board where numerous amounts of mathematical equations littered the white board.

Jeri was busy trying to keep up with her teacher's fast paced writing, Henry was trying to see past his teacher's head which was blocking most of the upper portion of the board that he was trying to see and Takato...was being a Goggle-head as usual.

'Hmmm, I wonder how Kazu and Kenta are faring in their school stuff? Since Kazu's revealed to be a closet genius and Kenta's studying for medicine they are probably cramming and studying like hell.'

Kazu's House, Shinjuku, Japan

"HA! IN YOUR FACE CHUMLEY!" Kazu exclaimed as he once again killed Kenta with a Shoryuken.

"That's not fair! Something's wrong with my controller and I ended up being stuck with Dan Hibiki of all people!" Kenta cried out. "Plus I sneezed!"

"Well don't complain to me, I sneezed too! It's your own damn fault for picking the shitty controller and if you want someone to blame, blame the guy who was talking about us and made us sneeze."

"Fine." Kenta grumbled. "By the way, why aren't we at school again and are instead here at your house playing Street Fighter?"

"Because chumley, my teachers are all at a meeting for the entire with the principal concerning ways to up the curriculum and make life harder for us...again. I needed someone to hang out with. Besides, you're doing pretty well in your classes aren't you?"

"Well, yeah."

"Then you can afford to play hooky." The visor wearing tamer grinned toothily at his glasses wearing friend. Kazu then adjusted his visor and held up Kenta's controller in a taunting fashion.

"Round two?" Kazu waved his controller in Kenta's face. The tamer of MarineAngemon narrowed his eyes at his best friend.

"You're on."

Back at Shinjuku High

Takato twirled his pencil after having given up on trying to keep up with Asagi.

Miss Asagi had remained a teacher and the brown haired teacher was shown to have gotten quite popular amongst the students due to her straightforward method of teaching. Also, after years of teaching the heroes of Shinjuku, she had managed to mellow out quite a bit and had gotten very used to dealing with loud noisy brats before she decided to move up the educational branch and move to the high school sector. She still hadn't been married, but she was only in her late twenties, she could afford to be a bachelorette. Plus it's not like she was looking for anybody...and she really hoped her students got that through their stupidly thick skulls.

The amount of blind dates her female students tried to set her up on...she lost count after, what? The thirty third one? Or was it thirty four? Meh, she didn't care.

"Miss Asagi?" Takato raised his hand.

"Yes, Takato?" Miss Asagi didn't skip a beat as she continued to write down the equations, not even turning around to see it was Takato. She had taught the boy for years so it was only natural she recognize him by voice alone.

"Ummm can you write a bit slower please? You're erasing and writing down new material too quickly for me to take down."


The brown haired tamer blinked owlishly. "Huh? But Miss Asagi..."

"Takato, if I slow down for you alone that shows favouritism towards you. Other students are required to learn you know. Just because you helped save the city and the world by extension, doesn't mean you should get special treatment."

"Actually, Miss Asagi...everyone isn't keeping up with you." Henry stated. Miss Asagi blinked in confusion and halted in her writing before turning around and saw all of the students with their pencils hovering over their books and staring blankly at the board of numbers, letters and symbols. The young teacher sighed as she sat herself down in her chair and tossed her marker lazily up and down in her hands.

"Fine, the notes end here. Take them down and then we can take the other two periods off. I have you all for five periods today and we've already gone through three, I think I can afford to slack off here."

"Yes, yes you can." The class chorused as they quickly scribbled down Miss Asagi's notes. The teacher sweatdropped at her students before shaking her head.

'Kids these days.'

After the note taking was completed, Miss Asagi had quickly erased the board and sat herself back down behind the desk. "So, Takato, Jeri, Henry? Anything interesting happen in the past two days?"

"What's today?" Takato asked.


"Friday, so that means two days ago was Wednesday...what happened on Wednesday?"

"Ummm...hmmm, oh I got a new scarf!" Jeri exclaimed as she waved said new scarf in the air. The bright yellow and green striped object whipped wildly in the air as she waved it around.

"I learned to make brownies." Takato said.

"Chocolate brownies or special brownies?" One student asked as he leaned forward. "Think you can score me some of the special ones?"

"Dude, what the hell?" Takato backed away from the odd student who obviously wanted to get a high. Miss Asagi made note of that one student and made sure to remember that he was a cannabis user.

"And well...I got my black belt recently." Henry stated proudly. "Third degree like a boss."

The other students clapped for the Asian tamer as he pumped his fist into the air. Miss Asagi chuckled at the blue haired boy before waving her hand nonchalantly. "Well that's all fine and dandy, but I mean anything exciting. Did anything fun happen on Wednesday? Particularly in the more central area of Shinjuku?"

Jeri, Takato and Henry looked at each other and then back at Asagi. "You mean the invasion of Parasimon?"

"YES!" All the students watched in shock as the teacher rose from her seat and pointed sharply at the tamers. "What happened, tell me everything!"

"Why?" Jeri asked timidly. "No offense to you Miss Asagi, but you don't really look like someone who is that interested in Digimon, let alone someone who is interested to hear us tell stories about when we fight them."

Miss Asagi huffed indignantly. "Well, I never. Just because I don't put a lot of focus on it in my life, doesn't mean I don't like it. Ever since Takato called me stupid for not knowing what a Digimon was when he was doodling his little reptile three years ago I became very knowledgeable on the subject."

"Nice going Takato." Henry muttered earning him harsh slap on the shoulder. The blue haired tamer merely smirked at his best friend.

"Plus I wanted to be prepared now that they are real and apparently have the ability to destroy the world."

"Well truth be told Miss Asagi, the D-Reaper wasn't exactly a Digimon. Just a large mass of living data." Henry clarified. "But seeing as how you're interested, what's the harm in telling you a story about the Parasimon invasion?"

"See Takato, Jeri?" Asagi gestured to Henry. "The epitome of politeness and being a good little student. Such a dear."

Takato turned away and faced his girlfriend, sticking his finger in his mouth and feigning a gagging sound. The brown haired girl rolled her eyes, but still giggled at her boyfriend's actions.

"Fine. Go ahead kiss ass. Tell her the story of how we kicked major Digimon ass...again." Henry frowned at Takato calling him a kiss ass. It wasn't his fault. He was raised to be polite and always aimed to please. It was in his genes. If anyone was to blame it would be his father. Janyu was always a kiss ass for his mother...though that could have been just for sex. It would also explain why he had THREE siblings. Most people had one or two, no he had three.

Henry immediately shook his head to rid it of those disturbing thoughts before turning to Miss Asagi.

"So, where would you like to hear from? The actual invasion of Parasimon or from when Hypnos called us in to track down the runaway Locomon?"

"From the beginning would suffice, Henry." The other students leaned in as their city's saviours prepared to tell another story in the life and times of kicking Digital ass. Sometimes it helped to be a notable hero in the life of a high school student.

"So there we were, just minding our own business on Wednesday. It was a normal day, nothing big going on prior to the invasion. We then got a call from Hypnos and Yamaki sent us out to investigate a Digimon Bio-Emergence." Takato began.

"Why is it called a Bio-Emergence?" One student asked as he interrupted the story.

"Henry, you're better at this stuff." Takato gestured to the blue haired Asian. Henry cleared his throat as he broke out into lecture mode.

"Well as you all know, Digimon are digital organisms with superb abilities that are created by the accumulation of data in a single point. That accumulation of data is then given shape, form and personality and thus a Digital Monster is created. Due to our worlds being connected, the Digimon are capable of crossing randomly appearing bridges between the Real World and the Digital World." Henry started. "Now when the Digimon crossed over into our world, the data in their bodies begins to change over the course of the transportation. Hypnos HQ was capable of analyzing Digimon that crossed over and realized that when Digimon cross over, the data in their bodies begin to synthetically fuse to create a digital equivalent of synthetic proteins which is what allows them to become real and solid within our world."

"And thus due to the change in the Digimon occurring on a biological level as they emerge, the term we use to say a Digimon appears in the Real World is known as a Biological Emergence, or Bio-Emergence." Jeri finished.

The students and their teacher nodded in understanding. "That's quite a fascinating thing." Asagi commented. "Now then, Takato, if you would be so kind as to continue." The goggle wearing tamer nodded before continuing his tale.

"So then, when we were called in to meet up with our Digimon at the train station here in Shinjuku, train station ten. After a heartfelt reunion with our digital buddies we saw the mist that accompanies the Digimon when it bio-emerges coming out of the tunnel at the station. It was revealed to be an Ultimate level Digimon known as Locomon, a train-like Digimon. We followed after it and Kazu, Jeri and I aimed to slow it down forcefully, Henry being on the sidelines as backup in case anything went wrong, and Rika and Kenta went in to use the manual override on the Locomon."

"Did it work?"

"Well given the fact that Locomon was being possessed by a Mega level Virus Digimon known as Parasimon, it would obviously fail." Takato replied. "Parasimon then forced Locomon to digivolve by probably injecting it with some kind of digital virus that forcibly results in digivolution. Locomon became GranLocomon, its Mega form. We then chased it all the way to the shopping district of Shinjuku, stopped it from falling to the ground and killing a few people before we killed GranLocomon."

"Killed?" The students gulped audibly.

"Maybe killed is too strong a word." Henry said. Jeri nodded to her boyfriend.

"Digimon don't get killed, they get deleted. When Digimon are destroyed they are removed from existence in the same way you would remove a file from a computer. Deletion is the term, not killing." Jeri turned and glared at Takato, his wording obviously not agreeing with her. Takato sweatdropped.

"Sorry, you're right. Bad choice of words." He laughed nervously. "Anyway, after we deleted GranLocomon, turns out the Parasimon controlling it was just using GranLocomon as a way to circle back to the point of origin of the Digital Portal that let them both into the Real World. So after that, Parasimon summoned forth the invasion force. We kicked major ass, Bio-Merged with our partners and kicked even more ass and then saved the city from certain destruction...again."

Takato rose from his seat and bowed dramatically. "Thank you, thank you, please hold your applause."

"So much for humility among heroes." Jeri muttered as she looked up at her boyfriend.

"Well he is our leader. He's entitled to the lack of humility as times, especially during school hours." Henry smirked at his best friend as the classroom played along with Takato's act and clapped for the teenage tamer.

"Ummm, Takato?"


"Did you guys ever figure out why the Parasimon invaded the city?" Takato and his fellow tamers looked at each other and then back at the young female student who asked the question.

"No, why do you ask?"

"Well even if the main idea was just to take over Shinjuku or destroy it, well I mean the D-Reaper aimed to wipe out humanity and Lucemon tried to take over both the Real and Digital Worlds from what you told us. The Parasimon just seemed like...well, this is just what I know from playing a lot of video games, but usually you don't send in that large an invasion force without someone pulling some strings."

Takato, Henry and Jeri gained serious looks at they glanced at the student. She shifted nervously in her seat as she found herself the centre of attention. The silence in the classroom was very unnerving to everyone as they watched their heroes.

"You have a point there, actually." Takato finally spoke. The bell then rang to signify the end of class and the end of the school day. "Looks like we have some digging to do. Henry, you may want to consult your dad on some stuff. Jeri-chan, mind walking home with me?"

The two tamers nodded to their superior and they left the classroom with the rest of the students and Miss Asagi.

Tokiwadai High School, Shinjuku, Japan

Rika sat at her desk and sighed in annoyance. The school Tokiwadai was indeed all female, but being an Ojou-sama to said girls really made the fiery haired girl's life a bit more hectic than she would like. Currently she was surrounded by her many fangirls. Bad enough she had fanboys, but now she had been hounded by members of the SAME sex.

She was all for gay rights. Lesbianism was no problem, but just don't direct it at her.

"Look, Rika-sama!" One girl shoved the tablet she held in her hand in the tamer's face. Rika looked down at the iPad and blinked as she saw photos, most likely taken from the helicopters for news stations, of her and her friends fighting with their Digimon against the Parasimon forces.

"Ummm Chifuyu, you do realize that that article was from yesterday, don't you?" Rika asked with a sweatdrop.

"Yes, but look at your photo!" Another girl pointed at the image on the touch screen and enlarged it by spread apart her thumb and index fingers.

"What about it?"

"You look so amazing, Rika-sama!"

"And graceful!"

"And beautiful!"

"Will you all just stop with the 'Rika-sama'!" Rika spoke through gritted teeth. "I'm a regular girl who just happened to have saved the world with Digimon. I'm not royalty and I'm sure as hell not in any high position in society to be granted the -sama suffix."

"But even if you hadn't, Rika-sama, you are the daughter of a supermodel. Rumiko-san must be so proud to have such an amazing and talented daughter like you."

Rika's eyes narrowed as she quickly closed the page on the iPad and handed it back to Chifuyu and her other classmates. "Stop. You all are annoying, now get out of my face."

The girls gulped when they saw the fierce look in Rika's eyes and they nodded before removing themselves from around their idol's desk. Heroine she may be, but sometimes she couldn't help but wonder why she joined this school in the first place. She then looked down as she pulled her blue D-Ark from out of her skirt pocket. The screen flashed yellow as it activated and showed her the date and time.

"Hmm...twelfth of October. Guess it's that time huh?"

As she said that, the bell rang to alert the students that school was officially over. After Rika headed off to her room and set her school things down in her room, she quickly changed out of her school's uniform. She shed the brown vest with white undershirt, dark gray skirt, white knee socks and black shoes and was left clad in only her black bra and panties.

As she walked across the room to change into a different set of clothes she heard the door open and close behind her. Despite her training in the art of being a kunoichi, Rika was always caught off-guard as she felt the slim arms of a certain bi-sexual room mate of hers. The tamer released a yelp of surprise as she was suddenly groped from behind.

"Mah Mah, Rika-chan, all alone in the room in your underwear? You're very daring today aren't you?" Rika quickly slipped free of her room mate's grip and turned around with a frown, crossing her arms beneath her chest.

"Kaoru, how many times have I told you not to do that!" She exclaimed. The black haired girl grinned widely, a flare of mischief in her bright green eyes. She then walked up and pressed her equally sized bosom against Rika's.

"Awww, but Rika-chan you're too easy to scare. Plus, I'm actually helping you for when you finally choose to settle down with a man."

"And how exactly does molesting me do that?"

"They say if you massage a girl's breasts they get bigger. You're what, a C-Cup? You'll be a D by the time I'm done." Kaoru made grabby motions with her hands. "Plus, even though I'm Bi, it'll help ease some of the homosexual tendencies I have every now and then." Kaoru quickly leaped into the air and dove towards her violet-gray eyed room mate, but Rika quickly held out her hands and gripped Kaoru by her wrists and held her up. The black haired Tokiwadai student was left hanging in the air a few inches away from her bra covered targets.

"You really need help, you know that Kaoru?"

"Only from you, Rika-chan." Rika rolled her eyes at her room mate before setting her down. Karou then watched as Rika walked towards their shared closet and retrieved a set of black clothes. A black long sleeved t-shirt with her trademark heart symbol on the chest, only the heart was a contrasting white. She then slipped on a black skirt and a pair of black high heels.

Karou blinked her emerald eyes in confusion as she watched her friend fashion her long flowing hair into her previous trademark, the small spiky ponytail.

"Rika-chan, why are you wearing all black? You look like you're going to a funeral." Rika turned and her room mate's eyes widened when she saw the blank, cold look on her face.

"Mind your own business, Tsuchimikado." Kaory gulped as she was addressed by her last name rather than her first. She shrunk away from the fiery haired girl as she walked past her. Rika then grabbed her violet umbrella and twirled it around in her hands.

"I'm stepping out. If the teachers come around and I'm not back, tell them I have Digimon business."

"Sure thing, Rika-chan. You can count on me." Karou said with a mock salute, but the fear of her friend was still in her eyes. Rika sighed as she took note of it.

"Look, I didn't mean to snap at you like that,'s not a good day to make a joke about death." Rika said with a sad smile on her face. "Hold down the fort. I'm counting on you, Kaoru."

Karou frowned as Rika left through the door and shut it behind her. The green eyed girl sighed as she continued to stare at the door and turned around to look at the side table near Rika's bed. She got up from her own resting place and plopped herself down on the bed of her room mate before staring at the picture frame near her bed. The picture was that of a small Rika, possibly five years old if Kaoru were to venture a guess. She was smiling broadly and being held by her much younger, but still gorgeous, mother. However, Kaoru noticed a smaller image of a young man wedged into the corner of the picture frame. It was about twice the size of a Gameboy Colour game cartridge.

The man had dark brown hair and the same violet-gray eyes like Rika's, but was a shade darker. He had tanned skin and appeared to be very muscular judging by how fit he appeared. However, what stood out was the fact that the man was dressed in the uniform of the J.S.D.F. He was in a salute, but it seemed the young man decided to ignore protocol and actually smile for his picture.

Karou plucked the picture out of the picture frame and studied it with a frown. She flipped the picture over and her frown deepened. Written on the white back of the photo were two words with a single date beneath the words.

Don't Forget- 12 Oct. 2002

Karou placed the picture back where she found it before sighing as she planted herself in Rika's pillow.

"Damn, I really messed up."

(Insert Music: Code Geass- All Hail Brittania)

Void of Reclusion, Northern Quadrant, Digital World

VenomMyotismon bowed before his Master once again as he entered the Void of Reclusion, the Recycle Bin of the Digital World.

"Master, BlackWarGreymon has perished in battle against the Demon Lord Slayer and his partners."

"As I expected him to." The crystal encased Digimon replied. "The weak will always fall beneath the heel of the mighty. BlackWarGreymon was merely cannon fodder to test the bridges between the Elemental Nations and the Digital World and also to be a test subject as to how strong the shinobi has become over the past three years."

"Your brilliance is astounding, Master."

The orange eyed Digimon gazed at his kneeling subordinate and chuckled. "Your need to constantly compliment me in hopes to prevent yourself from deleted should you anger me by speaking out against my plots is very wise, VenomMyotismon. However, I grant you the ability to speak your thoughts. Tell me, do you not approve of the method I used to test the portals? Do you dislike my deleting your subordinates when they fail to commit to the task at hand?"

VenomMyotismon remained silent, his eyes still closed as he knelt before the Master. After a moment of considering his words, the Mega level Digimon spoke.

"Yes, my Master. I do not approve." VenomMyotismon said. "My subordinates are quite difficult to come by as there are very few who will follow me and, by extension, you. BlackWarGreymon is one of the few whose loyalty is unquestionable and so I find getting rid of subordinates with that degree of loyalty is quite a foolish move. You do wish to invade and take over the Elemental Nations, the Digital World and the Real World do you not?"

"That is my motive, yes. So tell me, my Commander...what do you propose seeing as how your foresight is seemingly greater than mine." A challenging tone was laced in with the Master's words. VenomMyotismon gulped as he felt the killing intent from his superior and shook his head. "You dare challenge my opinions, you insignificant Wormmon?! The Digi-Gates to the Eastern Quadrant have been effectively sealed off from the rest of the Digital World and so you cannot return to it to exact any sort of revenge on the twelve chosen ones who ended your life not once, but twice!"

The Void of Reclusion appeared to shake and VenomMyotismon suddenly felt as if the force of gravity had increased and he was being pressured by the great energy coming from his Master. "I gave you purpose when you lost your original one! I restored your pitiful self when you could have remained as mere data in this void and you DARE to question my authority!"

VenomMyotismon shook his head rapidly. "My Master, I did not mean it as a challenge to your authority. I merely meant that if you are aware of your missions being capable of deleting our physical resources, we will end up with nothing in the end. I deeply and humbly apologize for speaking out of turn. Please forgive your servant."

The Master nodded in satisfaction. "You are forgiven...but do not question me again. I can break you and rebuild you as many times as it is deemed necessary." A dark chuckle escaped from the mouth of the orange eyed Digimon.

"Commander, you forget...I am a god of this world. Fanglongmon may be the 'True' god, but I have abilities that are capable of matching and then exceeding his own. There is nothing I cannot do." The two pairs of orange eyes within the crystal then shone and suddenly data swirled to life with the Void of Reclusion. The data continued to spiral, accumulating at a single point before it shone with a gold and black light. When the flash of light died down, there lay the levitating form of a sleeping black lizard.

"I control the dimensions of time and space within this very void. My powers are limited only to the Void of Reclusion, but once I have regained my full powers I will have the worlds kneel before my might." VenomMyotismon stared with wide eyes at the BlackAgumon before him.

"Is that..."

"Yes, this is the Rookie form of your already deleted subordinate. Like I said, I am a god in this world. Life and Death mean nothing to me as time and space, the two elements that govern the universe, are at my disposal. BlackWarGreymon can die as many times as I deem it necessary and each time, I can bring him back."

"So...he still has a purpose to you?"

"Indeed, my Commander." The Master called upon the portal to the Elemental Nations once more and in a burst of data flakes, time and space were thrown into disarray before stabilizing and showing the image of a forested area. "There is a young shinobi in the Elemental Nations who actually had a very deep bond with the Demon Lord Slayer. I will send in my little scout here, to observe the boy and keep Resurrecting your subordinate with no memory of his past entirely will allow BlackAgumon to easily carry out his task of unknowingly being my pawn."

"But Master, wouldn't you end up forming a new breed of tamers should you allow Digimon to enter the Elemental Nations? They will surely be an obstruction to your plans." VenomMyotismon said.

"Commander...the power I originally possessed before being stopped by that insolent human and his Digimon, it was incapable of having an equal besides that of Fanglongmon. What harm would a few shinobi tamers do once I regain it?" The Master chuckled darkly and his orange eyes gained an unnatural, ominous glow to them.

"I believe that answer is very simple, Master." VenomMyotismon replied.

"Indeed it is. Now then, I will send forth BlackAgumon to the Elemental Nations. This will be the catalyst that will bring about the age of Digimon in the Elemental Nations...the Millennium Age will soon become a reality."

The Void, Digital World

Fanglongmon laid down within his empty domain. There was nothing within the Void other than himself, the few Digi-Gnomes that circled around his massive golden-bronze head and the single portal that allowed him to view the connecting dimension that was the Elemental Nations. The four orange eyes of the Dragon of the Centre glowed as he growled in thought.

"The boy has indeed grown strong alongside his partners. did that BlackWarGreymon reach into his world?" Fanglongmon muttered to himself. The ancestors of the Digimon also bore confused expressions on their faces. "The only way for Digimon to be capable of crossing over into the Elemental Nations rather than the Real World is if there were to be Digital Portals opening up there. The only possible explanation is that Naruto's leaving the Real World to be sent back to the Elemental Nations resulted in him creating his own gateway, going through the Digital World as if it were a connecting bridge and then arriving in his own world. If that is the case then that would mean that his world is now synchronized with the Digital World and the Real World."

The Digi-Gnomes nodded in agreement with the God of the Digital World. The Digi-Gnomes then glowed brighter than before and another viewing portal appeared in front of the mighty Digimon. Fanglongmon watched the viewing window and saw the image of the tamers in the Real World in Shinjuku.

"No, they can't. They have their own lives to live." Fanglongmon replied quickly. "Besides, they will be venturing to the land where children are trained to kill. Unless they have someone they can trust in that world, unless they can find a way to get to Naruto quickly, there is no way they will be able to survive on the other side. The Elemental Nations will surely kill them."

The Digi-Gnomes waved their limbs in front of the portal and Fanglongmon was met with images of the three original tamers. Takato, Henry and Rika alongside their Digimon partners. Takato was shown to be spewing water, Rika doing the same with fire and Henry was summoning an earth wall.

"Send only those three?"

The Digi-Gnomes nodded and smiled at the Dragon of the Centre. The portal once again shifted to show the images of Takato, Henry and Rika, only they were being shown in real time. Fanglongmon frowned as he saw the content looks on their faces. Henry playing with Suzy, Takato and Jeri were at the Matsuki Bakery chatting and Rika was with her mother and grandmother eating dinner.

"They are the only ones who can aid in preventing the Digimon threat. Shinobi are powerful beings, but there are some Digimon that will break through and they will lay waste to the lands. These three are the only ones who can survive in the shinobi world as they are trained in the ninja arts. I understand what you are asking of me, ancestors...but are you sure we don't have any other options. Another method to investigate the presence of the Digital Portals appearing in Naruto's world?" Fanglongmon asked. "I am god of this world, I feel everything that occurs within in. I have not felt any disturbances and so I do not think it is necessary to go to such lengths to merely wonder why there are Digital Portals in the Elemental Nations."

The Digi-Gnomes glared at their godly descendant and suddenly the image of Lucemon appeared before the Digi-Core holder.

"Lucemon was a different case." Fanglongmon growled out. "Do not use the dead to solidify your argument...but I know you all have a point." The Digi-Gnomes frowned and they patted the large dragon on his snout. The ancient ancestors of the Digimon nodded to the bronze dragon and then floated away from him. The Dragon of the Centre sighed audibly. His ancestors were always correct when they brought news concerning dangers that could affect the Digital World.

He couldn't contact Naruto, Dorumon or Gatomon. Space-Time dimensional rifts were not his forte and he could only create viewing mirrors, to watch what was going on. was time he bring the gang back together. The Tamers needed their leader if they were to fight this battle. But the question was...

"Who is the enemy?"

Wong Residence, Shinjuku, Japan

Henry grinned as he bounced his now nine year old sister up and down.

"Higher Henry, higher!" The little girl giggled as she was tossed into the air.

"Suzy, any higher and Henry might hit your head on the ceiling." Lopmon frowned as she watched the sixteen year old toss his younger sibling up and down continuously.

"Aww come on Lopmon, Suzy's a big girl." Henry said as he caught Suzy in his arms after his recent toss. Suzy hugged her big brother tightly. The blue haired boy looked down at Suzy and smiled at her. After all these years, he still couldn't believe the little girl in his arms had actually grown so much. Being nine years old now, Suzy had undergone a noticeable growth spurt. With her age, she finally had been able to pronounce her 'r' sounds correctly and she no longer said things like "Henwy" and "Tewwiermon."

He honestly thought that was one of the things he missed most about her now that she was grown up. Hearing her mis-pronounce things had always been a form of entertainment for him and it was what reminded him of how she was his little sister. Too bad that little sister was growing up much to quickly to his liking. She still wore the same type of clothing she wore as a six year old, but they were now in a larger size so as to accommodate her growing form. Her pink and white coloured D-Ark dangled around her neck by a thick black cord so it couldn't be taken easily.

The blue haired boy then raised an eyebrow as he noticed something. Suzy's maroon coloured hair was no longer tied up in her signature twin tails, but it was now tied up in a single ponytail.

"Why'd you tie your hair up like that?" Henry asked as he took notice of it. Flicking the ponytail, Suzy grinned at her brother.

"Because Rika Onee-chan wore her hair like this. Onee-chan's really strong too so I can be strong too when I grow up when I be like her." Suzy replied with a wide grin. Henry laughed. He could practically see the embarrassment on Rika's face if she had heard that. "But don't worry, I'm gonna grow up and be responsible and stuff like you, Onii-chan. Onii-chan is cool and strong too, so I'm gonna be like you more than Rika Onee-chan."

Henry smiled as he sat himself down on the couch, his younger sister snuggling into his chest.

"So you're be more like Onii-chan huh? You don't mean Takato do you?" Henry asked with amusement in his voice. Suzy stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry.

"Eeew, that's gross! Takato Onii-chan is really funny and cool, but he's really weird. Not like you, Onii-chan!" Suzy once again wrapped her brother in a hug.

"Thanks Suzy." Henry replied. He then glanced up and directed his gaze at the smirking Lopmon as she sat next to them. "What's the matter, Lopmon? Think that just because you're a deva you can't get hugs?" The chocolate coloured rabbit-dog could only blink in surprise before she was pulled into the hug-fest by her tamer.

"Suzy, that hurts. My ears are getting tangled up."

"Love you too, Lopmon."

"You know...I think Terriermon's sarcasm is getting to you." Henry and Lopmon deadpanned. The nine year old only giggled in response. The three then proceeded to watch some television, but were quickly interrupted when the door opened to reveal their parents. Janyu and Mayumi walked in, most likely chatting about how their dinner date had gone judging by how Mayumi was complaining about a waiter.

"Otou-chan, Okaa-chan!" Suzy leaped from her spot on Henry's lap and tossed Lopmon into the air. Henry quickly reacted and caught the airborne Digimon. The two then looked to see the nine year old tamer hugging her parents.

"Nice to see you too, sweetie." The two kissed Suzy atop her head before rising back to their full heights.

"Hey Henry." Janyu gave a small wave to his son.

"Hey Otou-san. Okaa-chan, you're getting a little gray on the side of your head there." Mayumi's eyes widened at her son's words and immediately rushed off to the bathroom to look in the mirror. Janyu gave his son a glare, but the smile on his face betrayed his feeling of wanting to hide his amusement.

"Son, you know your mother doesn't like being reminded she's getting older."

"I know, but I always wanted to try it out. Takato always does it with his mother and now I see why he does it. Her reaction is hilarious, I never thought Okaa-chan could run that fast between two places."

"You'd be surprised what people can do with the right motivation, Henry." Janyu replied. "So Lopmon, how's it been holding down the fort when we're not home. How have you been holding up?"

"Everything is fine, Janyu-san. Thank you for asking." The Rookie Digimon replied. Janyu then rested his briefcase on the ground and Henry quickly ducked behind the couch when he saw his mother returning with a scowl on her face.

"I saw you dive behind the couch Henry, you can't hide from me. I'm going to make dinner now, no one bother me." Mayumi growled out before stomping to the stove of the large apartment's kitchen area. Suzy followed after her, obviously having not paid attention to the brown haired woman's words.

"And now you know why I don't piss off your mother." The Chinese man said. His Half-Japanese son nodded.

"Yeah. She's mean." The two laughed at the mother of the household's expense. They then sat down at watched some T.V. as Suzy and Lopmon sat in the kitchen. In a few minutes, Mayumi called the present family members over to the table to eat dinner. They then sat down and dug into their food. Lopmon feasted on a piece of bread and Henry sweatdropped as he remembered how the Digimon got into the bread craze.

'Damn Guilmon and his persuasive words. Naruto really shouldn't have taught Guilmon how to read.' Henry thought. "So..." Henry decided to start a conversation and divert his thoughts away from the Digital Hazard Digimon. "...have you guys heard from Rinchei and Jaarin?" His older brother and sister were in their twenties so they were already off to university. Rinchei had gotten into an art institute in Odaiba while Jaarin had gotten into a prestigious cooking school in Tokyo.

"Yes actually. Rinchei says he's doing quite well in Odaiba, but he's unsure about what he wants to do." Mayumi replied.

"I thought he was dead set on being a free-lance artist like what they do in New York City in America where they do their art on the streets?" Henry raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, but he finally realized how unstable that was and wonders if we would approve of him becoming a manga artist." Janyu said as he took a bit of rice and chicken.

"Isn't that kind of equally unstable?" Henry sweatdropped. "Yeah sure, we're Japan, the creators of manga and anime, but it's because of that that the industry is so competitive. Rinchei is going to run himself ragged unless he manages to create a series that's popular." Janyu and Mayumi nodded in agreement. "So what about Jaarin? What about her?"

"Her cooking classes are doing extremely well and unlike your brother, she is actually going into a stable occupation. She recently got an offer to work at a popular sushi restaurant. They said they'd hold her offer a week after her graduation to give her time to think about it after she finishes." Janyu explained.

"Isn't it exciting how this family is going to be a jack-of-all trades?" Mayumi clapped her hands in joy. "My eldest an artist, my eldest daughter is a chef, my little Henry is gonna be a computer engineer like his father and Suzy...well Suzy has all the time in the world to think of what she wants to do." The young tamer suddenly found herself being wrapped in her mother's embrace. She blinked in confusion before shrugging and continuing to eat.

"So, Henry?"


"I got your text, what is it that you wanted to ask me about the Digimon?" Janyu asked. Ever since the D-Reaper and Lucemon incidents three years ago, the Japanese Government had legally reformed the Monster Makers and brought them together to work on coming up with any defensive programs to combat Digimon should they arrive on a scale akin to that of when the Devas and the two aforementioned super powered data constructs. The pay was obviously good, but the other plus was that the Monster Makers were now able to delve deeper into discovering things about the Digimon themselves.

Using the same ARK technology used to help bring the Tamers back from the Digital World during their first trip three years ago, they were able to monitor the Digital World and observe the Digital Monsters themselves. It truly was an amazing thing.

"Well, know how there was that Parasimon invasion two days ago?"

"Know of it? Son, I couldn't stop bragging to my other friends at work about how you and Terriermon turned into MegaGargomon and saved the city with your friends! Did I ever tell you I am proud of how far you've come?" Janyu smiled at the younger male.

"You have and it never gets old." The half-Chinese tamer said. "Anyway, concerning the Parasimon invasion, at school today, someone in our class brought up a good point that I think needs some investigating."

"Like what?" A serious expression coming on the old computer engineer's face.

"Well, she said that the invasion force probably wouldn't have arrived in such a strong amount if there wasn't any leader to rally behind. Digimon have appeared now and again during the past three years ever since our partner Digimon came back to us, but the Parasimon was the first time they ever came in such a large amount. I know you, Shibumi and the other Monster Makers have been monitoring activity in the Digital World so..."

"You want to know if we saw anything." Janyu finished his son's sentence. The gray eyed boy nodded his head and Janyu adjusted his glasses as he tapped his foot in thought. "Well, truth be told Henry, the Monster Makers and I, we've been kind of restricted to the Southern Quadrant of the Digital World. Remember what you told us about them, how the quadrants correspond to a specific parallel Earth?"

"Yeah. I can see how that's a problem, but thanks for at least wishing you could offer me info." Henry said to his father.

"Anyway, Henry, speaking about Digimon, when is Terriermon coming down for a visit?" Mayumi asked.

"That would be right now."

Everyone snapped their heads in the direction of the door and looked to see Terriermon standing in the open doorway.

"Terriermon?! But how..."

"How did I get here so fast? How did I make such an awesome entrance?" Terriermon asked back with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"Actually..." Henry replied. "I was going to ask how you even opened the door. You can't even reach the door handle."

Everyone sweatdropped at the sixteen year old tamer's words. "Well, ignoring that insult to my height, Henry, you've got to come with me now. It's urgent."

"How urgent?" Henry raised an eyebrow. Terriermon didn't reply and merely pointed skyward. The Wong family members and Lopmon followed the brown digit's direction and their eyes all widened as they saw a golden light before it solidified and became a Digi-Gnome.

"A Digi-Gnome?!" Janyu and Henry exclaimed.

"Fairy!" Suzy grinned and waved to the ancestor of Digimon. The glowing Digital creature waved back to the nine year old before turning to Henry and nodded its head and flew out the door. Henry rushed after it before pausing. Terriermon hopped atop his tamer's shoulder as Henry wrapped his scarf around his neck and put on his green jacket.

"Ummm...I'll be umm..."

"If a Digi-Gnome is there then it must be important. Go." Janyu told his son with a stern look on his face. Henry nodded and gave an apologetic look to his mother and younger sister. Mayumi simply smiled while Suzy waved her brother goodbye. Henry rushed out the door and closed it behind him. As he did so, the Digi-Gnome shone with a golden light before sucking in both tamer and Digimon through a Digital Portal.

Matsuki Bakery, Shinjuku, Japan

"No Jeri-chan, you have to stroke it harder." Takato urged his girlfriend. Jeri panted in exertion, her arms moving rapidly as she continued the action.

"But Takato-kun, my arms are getting tired."

"Don't whine about this now, you're the one who asked to do this."

"B-But Takato-kun..." Jeri released a groan of annoyance as the white substance flew through the air. Some of it landed in her hair and on her face.

"Jeri-chan, you're wasting the dough. I don't even know how you got such thick dough to break apart." Takato said as he took up a handkerchief and wiped away the dough from her face and picked out whatever pieces were in her hair.

"Well maybe if you actually taught me how to make bread properly as well as you can fight Digimon we wouldn't be having this problem."

"Hey...well that's kind of true." Takato scratched his cheek in embarrassment. "Well let's just take it nice and slow then. I'll show you how to make the dough properly and then we can go from there, okay?"

"Back to basics. I like it." Jeri kissed her boyfriend on the cheek earning a grin from the reddish brown eyed boy. Takato grinned cheekily before he began to mix the flour, water and yeast. As he continued to show Jeri what was done to make the bread dough that made his family's bakery extremely famous, ignoring the fact that it became even more popular since their son was a hero of Shinjuku, the boy paused when he saw his girlfriend reaching into a bag of flour and just stared at the handful of white powder.

"Jeri-chan, something wrong?" His eyes gained an even more confused look as he saw the mischievous grin on her face. Jeri moved her hands and Takato reacted quickly, ducking beneath the flour that was thrown at him. "Oi, oi! What are you doing?!" He continuously began to dodge the barrage of powdery projectiles before slipping on a small puddle of water that lay behind him. He managed to catch himself but ended up being left wide open and thus the handful of flour impacted with his face.

The leader of the Tamers released a small cough as he snorted out the flour from his nose. Jeri stood with her hands on her hips and a triumphant grin on her face.

"I've always wanted to do that to you every time you brought me over." The young boy glared at his girlfriend and an evil light shone in his reddish brown eyes. Jeri gulped audibly and took a few steps back as Takato stalked towards her with a predatory grin. "Ummm...Takato-kun, what are you..."

"Jeri-chan..." The girl shuddered as she caught the dark tone in his voice. " do realize this means war?" Jeri's eyes widened as she was suddenly hit in the face with a ball of dough. The stretchy mixture of flour, water and yeast dribbled down her face and she narrowed her eyes.

"You want war, big boy?" Jeri cracked her neck and knuckles. "Let's go."

The pair then began to hurl ingredients at one another. Eggs, flour, sugar, chocolate, pre-made bread dough. Takato even went so far as to take in a mouthful of water from the tap and spit it at her.

"EWWW GROSS!" Jeri shrieked. "Takato, we need to stop! This is madness!"

"Madness?! This isn't madness!" Takato stood over his shorter companion with an egg in his hand. "THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAA!" He cracked the egg and spilled its contents over the already food covered girl and with a laugh, he declared his victory. "I always wanted to do a King Leonaidus, 'This is Sparta!' line. Thank you for the opportunity, Jeri-chan. Now accept that you have lost the battle, my dear."

Jeri pouted and licked away the yolk that fell down her face.

"You may have won the battle, Takato-kun..." Jeri walked towards her boyfriend. "...but the war is not oveeeeeer!" The brown haired teenager stumbled forward as she slipped on some egg yolk. Takato quickly caught her, but he too slipped on a mixture of egg, flour and chocolate. This led to the two falling on the ground with Jeri's face planted against his chest. The two groaned in pain before observing their positions on the ground.

"You're filthy, you know that?" Takato pointed out. Jeri scooted up so that her face hovered over Takato's.

"Shut up." She then leaned down and kissed her boyfriend full on the lips. They held the kiss for a few seconds before...


The two pulled apart. Takato leaned his backwards and Jeri's head snapped upwards. Both pairs of eyes were wide as they saw both of Takato's parents, Leomon and Guilmon staring down at them. Guilmon and Leomon both had amused looks on their faces while Takato's parents looked absolutely livid.

"Takato...we know you brought your girlfriend over to teach her how to make bread, but now you turned our kitchen into a god damn war zone!" Takato's father, Takehiro, yelled. "Do you know how long it will take to wash out the egg yolk and the chocolate?! DO YOU?!"

"And Jeri-chan, I know you two are at that age where you have the hormones and stuff..." Yoshine began to speak.

"Okaa-chaaaan!" Takato groaned at his mother's choice of dialogue.

"No Takato, you seriously need to know when to do these things. You two are still in high school. It may have been just an innocent make out session at first, but things escalate quickly. Like this one time, your father and I were..."

"No need to tell them anything about our earlier days, dear." Takehiro planted his hand over Yoshine's mouth before looking down at his wife. " need whatsoever."

Takato and Jeri quickly removed themselves from their positions on the ground and stood up, wiping their apron covered bodies of what they could.

"So Guilmon, what are you here for? Usually Yamaki wouldn't let you out of the building." The goggle wearing tamer spoke. The Digital Hazard Digimon's golden eyes gained a serious look in them.

"Takatomon, Fanglongmon-sama requests an audience with us tamers." Guilmon said. Takato and Jeri's eyes widened when they saw a golden glow appear above the raptor-like Digimon's head before it became a Digi-Gnome. The Digi-Gnome observed the dirtied kitchen scene and immediately put two and two together upon seeing the dirtied forms of Takato and Jeri. The glowing organism waved its arm and suddenly the entire kitchen appeared to undergo a rewind session as every single object flew backwards. Egg yolks flew back into their shells, chocolate balls became whole once more and pastries were reassembled.

In under five minutes, the whole kitchen was clean and Takato and Jeri were clean once more.

"Woah." Everyone gaped at the Digi-Gnome who merely gave a nod of satisfaction. The Digi-Gnome then motion for Takato and Jeri to follow it as it suddenly opened a Digital Portal in the kitchen.

"Ummm, Otou-chan, Okaa-chan, I'll be ummm...going now."

"Make sure to come back soon, okay Takato? We'll have dinner prepared." Yoshine said.

"Really Yoshi-chan?" Takehiro deadpanned. Takato ignored his parents while Jeri gave them a wave goodbye. They removed their cooking aprons and bandannas before venturing through the Digital Portal with their Digimon partners. The portal then closed behind them. Yoshine and Takehiro stared at the area where the Digital portal lay only for their eyes to widen when they saw the portal open back up.

A crimson scaled forelimb stretched out. The trio of white claws stabbed themselves into three pieces of hot cross buns and dragged them into the digital abyss before the portal officially closed. Takehiro and Yoshine looked at each other and sighed, amused looks present on their faces. Guilmon would be Guilmon.

Shinjuku Cemetery, Shinjuku, Japan

The teenage tamer sighed as she shoved her hands into the pockets of the her skirt. She ignored the wolf calls she got from the males that walked past her and those that tried to cop a feel upon seeing her distracted state of mind ended up being met with the ground face first.

The dark gray clouds of the oncoming winter season covered the sun as if to reflect the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the fiery haired girl's form. She weaved her way through the crowd of people who walked through Shinjuku's streets. She stopped as she stood before the black, iron bar gate. The metal of the entrance creaked noisily as she opened it.

She carefully closed it back before walking through the Shinjuku cemetery. Graves of family members, friends and even pets filled the large expanse of land. Grave stones littered the area and Rika closed her eyes in reverence to the many who lay dead beneath the ground she walked upon. Rika walked through two stone crosses and then paused as she stood before a small grave. The stone was made of obsidian and had a trail of kanji running down its length.

Rika read the words on the grave and smiled. She knelt down and she traced them with her index finger.

Ichika Nonaka, 1986-2002. Brave Soldier- Great Friend- Amazing Husband- Loving Father.

"I know it's been so long since I've seen you and I'm sorry for that...Tou-chan." Rika told the gravestone. She received no reply. "Well, I don't know if you've been reading the newspapers or not, but three years ago my friends and I saved the city and the world. I actually got a boyfriend, but he's kind of...busy. But don't worry, I'm sure he's fine and if you are against him I'm sure he would prove you wrong."

Rika paused as she frowned.

"Don't give me that look, Tou-chan. You would love him. Naruto-kun is strong, he's smart and he's just like you where he has a kind heart and is willing to do everything he can to make his friends and family happy. Plus, I did love him so that's sure to count for something right?" Rika laughed lightly. "Well, now then ummm where should I start in what's going on with me these days? Oh, well I got into that prestigious girls school, Tokiwadai High School. Can you believe they'd actually create and name a school after a light novel series? Though you'd never see the day where that happened huh?" Anyway, I'm thinking of studying business after I graduate, what do you think?"

A soft wind blew in response and scattered some leaves. One of the brown pieces of foliage slapped her in the face.

"Yeah, I know I'll do fine. No need to slap a leaf on my face, Tou-chan." Rika pouted before giggling. "But people always have doubts when it comes to their abilities right?" Another leaf slapped her in the face causing the girl to sweatdrop. She peeled the reddish brown leaf from her cheek and tossed it away before rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. She tugged at her black skirt with one hand and twirled her violet umbrella in the other as she thought about what else to tell the spirit of her deceased father.

In the end, the lack of words ended up in her humming to herself. Rika's eyes widened as she realized what it was she was humming and she directed a soft and loving gaze at her father's resting place.

"Do you remember this song, Tou-chan?" She asked. "When we went to the park you always used to sing it together with me as I sat on the swings. You used to push me and we were happy during those times." Another breeze blew through the cemetery, but this one was a bit more forceful. Rika sputtered as her ponytail whipped around her face and she ended up eating her own hair. She narrowed her eyes at the grave.

"You know, sometimes I wonder if you find enjoyment in seeing me being abused by nature." She joked with the obsidian rock. "But I know what you're asking." The fiery haired girl sighed as she ran a hand through her crimson and orange coloured locks. "Fine, but I'm only singing it this one time. No more...only for you."

Nature seemed to quiet itself. The wind stopped blowing, the birds stopped tweeting and there was nothing but silence. Rika steeled her nerves and she took a deep breath.

(Insert Music: Digimon Runaway Locomon- Promise (Rika's Song))

Promise that we'll stay for the sunset,
And when the moon shines through the darkness,
We can find the path that leads us home,
And on the way you'll...
...sing me a song.

Promise that you always will be there,
Hold my hand if ever I'm real scared,
Help me stand up tall if I fall down,

Make me laugh away all my bluest days!

How could you promise you always would be there?

Why'd you have to go away somewhere?

Every morning into every night,

Do you watch over me like the sun in the sky?

Am I all alone, or standing in your light?

I wish that I could...
...sing you a song...

You promised me we'd stay for the sunset...

Rika stopped her singing and grinned widely at her father's grave. "What did you think?"

"That was...very beautiful, Rika-chan."

The young tamer's violet-gray eyes widened as she spun around. Standing before her was Rumiko Nonaka. The woman was as attractive as ever, her youthful physical appearance hiding the fact that she was nearing forty years old. She smiled at her daughter, her luxurious brown locks bouncing as she faced her daughter. Like her daughter, she was dressed in all black. However, her clothing consisted of a normal black dress with a small black with a transparent, black veil.

"What are you doing here...Kaa-chan?" Rika asked.

"Well today's an important day. I thought it was time I started coming back here after so long." Rumiko replied. "But you, you never...I mean you usually don't...come here." The supermodel's voice was soft as she turned away from the Digimon tamer. The words weren't exactly ones that could be interpreted easily.

"Well...I thought it was time I atoned for my sins of not coming as well." Rika said as she directed her gaze to the obsidian gravestone once more.

Rika traced the carving of the kanji on the stone of her father's grave. Rumiko and Rika knelt down before the grave and prayed to Kami-sama to continue to watch over the spirit of the long dead solider. They lit the incense sticks and watched as the smoke wafted around the stone, following the direction the winds blew in.

"You know...what you said is kind of not fair. You never showed up after the funeral."

"Okaa-chan said she used to take you, but when you turned ten you stopped wanting to go because you said you felt that you would end up feeling indifferent towards Ichika-kun's death if you continuously kept coming here." Rumiko replied. "And I guess you are right about that last part. I buried myself in my work, in my modeling, to try and drown out the feelings of loss when Ichika-kun died."

"From what I remember, this is when Tou-chan would tell you to calm down and take a breather."

"Well your father was always a laid back man, even for a soldier." Rumiko laughed lightly before patting the ebony gravestone.

"So how was Venezuela?" Rika asked. Rumiko rolled her eyes at her daughter's question.

"Horrible. All those Venezuelan models are so young and have such amazing figures, I never felt so old before in my life. Not even when I went to Paris or Milan did I feel such inadequacy."

"I didn't even know you knew the word inadequacy." Rika laughed. The joke earned her a flick on her forehead as she looked at her pouting mother.

"OI! That's so mean to insult your Okaa-chan like that." The brown haired model huffed. "I'm not stupid. I may be ditzy at times, but just because I am doesn't mean I am an idiot. Unlike most models I actually finished high school you know."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Rika chuckled.

(Insert Music: Naruto- Grief and Sorrow)

She then glanced at the grave and sighed once more, adjusting her kneeling position to be a bit more comfortable. "I miss him." Rumiko frowned and scooted closer to her daughter before draping her arm around her. The Japanese model pulled her fiery haired daughter closer to her in a one armed hug.

"I do too, sweetie...I do too."

After a moment of silence between the two women and one grave, Rumiko released her daughter before digging around in her purse. Rika gained a confused look on her face as she saw Rumiko pull out a small silver pocket watch. The face of of the pocket watch's lid had the image of an argent dragon which rested within a hexagram and was surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves. With a click, Rumiko pressed the trigger which opened the pocket watch.

"What's that?"

Rumiko smiled as she placed it against the grave. "Well back in the early nineties, I was actually an avid manga fan." Rika's eyes widened noticeably.

"You? Rumiko Nonaka, my Okaa-chan, fashion supermodel otaku?"

"I wasn't an otaku, Rika-chan!" Rumiko huffed. "I just happened to like certain manga, Full Metal Alchemist was my favourite."


"When Ichika-kun first talked to me, or rather, when he first talked me about the prospect of dating me, he took me out for a night on the town when I accepted and well, I managed to spot a small store which was selling some merchandise. I spotted the pocket watch and he bought it for me." Rumiko smiled at the memory as she watched the second hand on the pocket watch tick away.

"I remember Tou-chan actually had one of those."

"Yeah." Rumiko nodded in confirmation. "He bought a matching pocket watch because he thought it would give him luck when he would be called out for duty. Seemed that luck was only temporary." She twirled the State Alchemist pocket watch in her hands and then gripped it tightly. "Your father was always so generous, he spoiled me completely."

"I can tell, especially since he did most of the cooking from when I was younger. You can't even cook without burning something."

"Do you always have to be so mean, Rika-chan?"

"It's the truth."

Both females laughed at each other before Rumiko closed the Full Metal Alchemist pocket watch and rested it against the obsidian grave stone. The symbol of State Alchemists shone despite the lack of light. A soft breeze blew through the air, ruffling both girls' hair.

'Thank you Ichika-kun...for everything you've done.' Rumiko thought before climbing to her feet. Rika followed her mother's example and rose to her feet as well.

"Well Rika-chan, I'm glad to see you came out to see your father after all this time. I'm sure he appreciates it, isn't that right, Ichika-kun?" Rumiko patted the gravestone. Rika did the same.

"I know." She smiled down at the obsidian gravestone. "Goodbye, Tou-chan. I'll do my best to visit you more often...I love you." She whispered. "So what dod you think Obaa-chan is making for dinner?"

"Hmph, food on your mind already?" Rumiko spoke with amusement laced in her tone. "You really are your father's child."

The two then walked out of the cemetery and headed back to their house. However, the two females were interrupted in their trek back home when Renamon blurred into existence in front of them. Calumon rested atop the blonde fox's head.

"Rikaaaa!" The creampuff Digimon leaped off of the bipedal canine Digimon's head and attached himself to Rika's face. "Eskimo kisses!" The former Light of Digivolution rubbed his face against Rika's nose and the violet-gray eyed girl could only blink as her mind finally processed what just happened.

"Hey...Calumon." Rika pulled the former Catalyst off of her face. Calumon's ears shrank down as he was held in Rika's arms.

"Go forth Rika! The swirling toilet water portal awaits!" Calumon exclaimed as he pointed behind Renamon. Rumiko, Renamon and Rika sweatdropped at Calumon's words, but they did hold true as a Digi-Gnome appeared in a flash of golden light and in a burst of data, a swirling yellow portal of data lined with red, green and blue data flakes, appeared.

"Rika, Fanglongmon-sama wishes to speak with us. He sent the Digi-Gnomes to tell us to bring you to him in his domain in the Digital World." Renamon explained. Rika nodded her head as she noticed the serious look in her partner's ice blue eyes. She turned to her mother, but before she could even open her mouth, the older woman bent down and kissed her on the forehead.

"Stay safe. I will tell Okaa-san that you went to the Digital World with Renamon and to keep the lights on and a plate hot for you until you get back."

Rika smiled at her mother and gave her a hug, completely forgetting Calumon was with her. The lucky bastard of a Digimon ended up being squeezed between two pairs of sizable breasts. After the two separated and Calumon could once again breathe, Rika walked towards the portal with Renamon. Calumon enlarged his ears to glide across the air. The green eyed Digimon settled himself down atop Rika's head, shrinking his ears as he did so.

"Bye bye Missus Rika's mom!" Calumon waved cheerfully. Rumiko giggled at the little Digimon's antics and waved back before the portal closed behind the two Digimon and one tamer.

(Insert Music: Fairy Tail- Akuma Deliora)

The Void, Digital World

Five Digital portals opened up within the void of nothingness and revealed the tamers and their Digimon partners being brought forward. Takato, Henry, Rika, Kazu, Kenta, Jeri and Ryo all stood with their partners in the Void. The tamers all blinked in confusion as they looked amongst themselves.

"So, do you guys know why we were brought here?" Ryo asked.

"Well all the Digimon said that Fanglongmon wanted an audience with us." Takato said. "I haven't even met Fanglongmon so..."

"I'm right in front of you, Takato Matsuki." Everyone's eyes widened as the deep voice of the Dragon of the Centre reverberated through the Void. The tamers' eyes widened in surprise and looked every which way for the source of the detached voice with their Digimon doing the same. Calumon chuckled before flying off of Rika's head and then in literally the blink of an eye, Fanglongmon appeared in front of the tamers. Calumon nestled himself down atop the golden-bronze dragon's snout.


Everyone sweatdropped, including the Digi-Gnomes, at the carefree act of the former Catalyst.

"Hello, Calumon. I trust things are well now that you are no longer burdened with being the Light of Digivolution."

"Yup! I got to wander around in the Real World again, though it's too bad Impmon's not in Shinjuku. Things are a bit boring, but at least I have the silly humans to watch for entertainment. There was this one guy who got peed on by a dog." The sweatdrops on everyone's heads grew larger. Calumon was too carefree for his own good.

"Fanglongmon-sama, pardon the interruption between you and Calumon, but...what is the purpose of calling us here?" Renamon asked. The Dragon of the Centre's four large eyes and the Digi-Cores around his body shone with a bright orange light. The God of the Digital World took a deep breath as he looked down at the much smaller organisms before him.

"Renamon, we have done as you had asked prior to your leaving the Digital World to meet up with your partner. We have done everything in our power over the past three years to search through the dimensional gateways into the linking dimensions. Your wish is now a reality and so it is with great pride that I say...we found him."

"YOU DID?!" The Rookie Digimon's blue eyes widened.

"Renamon...what's he talking about?" Rika asked. Everyone turned to the kitsune with equally confused expressions.

"Remember when we told you the story of how we came back to the Real World? About how Fanglongmon and the Sovereigns granted us wishes as thanks for saving both the Real and the Digital Worlds?"

"Yeah." The tamers and the other Digimon nodded in confirmation.

"Well, before I crossed over, everyone had already gone before me, so I decided to ask them of one last wish." Renamon took a deep breath and sighed. "You see, I came to the conclusion that with Lucemon gone, Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon had been most likely removed from our world because Lucemon was the one who brought Naruto here to the Real and Digital Worlds. With the source gone, I assumed that the three of them weren't dead and that they were simply not here anymore. The wish I made was for them to do whatever it took to just search for Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon and see if they were alive."


Everyone's eyes were wide before they all turned to Fanglongmon.

"Renamon speaks the truth. It had taken three human years, but it proved to be a successful venture. Tamers and Digimon...your leader lives. I have found your commander and his partners. Dorumon and Gatomon are with him and very much alive as well."

"So you mean you..." Rika's eyes lined with tears, the disbelief clear in her cracking voice.

"Aye, my dear Rika Nonaka." Fanglongmon smiled warmly. "I have found Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

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