Naruto Shippuden: Millennium Wars

Chapter 7: The Book of the Log

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Unknown Location, Elemental Nations

The original three Digimon Tamers of the Real World came to a stop, hiding behind some trees when they found the village Renamon had spotted was within their field of vision. Rika looked up at the Digimon who remained hidden in the trees.

"Renamon, what do you see?" She whispered loud enough for the fox Digimon to hear her. The blonde kitsune narrowed her blue eyes as she stared intently at the village entrance, scanning the interior and outer areas that were close enough for her to view. She then gave a stiff nod of her head before turning to her Tamer.

"The outer walls are made of stone with thick wooden gates, though the walls were low enough for me to get a good enough view over them. The living establishments are small and the population of people and animals is pretty much average from what I managed to see. All in all, it pretty much looks like a harmless village so I don't see any problems with you three going in there and asking for help."

Rika and Henry nodded before turning to their goggle-wearing leader. "So fearless leader, what's the plan?"

"Your sarcasm is really not needed, Rika." Takato deadpanned.

"Awww you love my sarcasm, Goggle-head."

"No, I love you and your ability to kick ass and not be a bitch. Your sarcasm I can do without."

"Oi, Takato." Henry whispered. "Getting off topic. What do we do?"

"Well Renamon said the village, despite being well fortified, seems to be pretty decent on the inside. I mean, even with thick stone walls and large wooden gates that look like they need elephants to open being laid before us, you gotta give the people in this dimension some credit for their defenses with such primitive tools since people tend to kill each other for money on a regular basis." Takato explained. "I think we could just walk up and ask for entry."

"That plan's gonna get us killed. We haven't even been here for more than a day and yet you want to go with the straight up approach?" Henry asked. "Sometimes we question your leadership qualities, Takato."

"I question them all the time." Terriermon piped in.

"Rudeness Terriermon." Henry deadpanned making the rabbit-dog Digimon stick its tongue out at him.

"Well Takatomon's idea seems nice enough." Guilmon said. "I think you guys should go and do it and then if things look bad, me, Renamon and Terriermon and go and save you guys."

"See, we're cool." Takato assured the group. "Now remember you three have to stay in the trees unless things get bad. If they do, we'll contact through the mental links. By the way, I never mentioned how utterly badass it is to do that. Good thing Naruto pointed that out to us during our early training sessions before he killed Lucemon."

"Indeed." Was the simultaneous reply from everyone else. And with that, Takato, Rika and Henry walked out from behind their hiding places and waltzed up to the front gates. Now that they were standing before it, the gates were much larger than they appeared. Damn change of perspective due to distance!

The three Tamers gulped a bit as the entry way to the village seemed very overwhelming now that they were up close. Takato then felt as if someone was staring at him and he looked on either side of him to see Henry and Rika gesturing to the large gates.

"Well Takato-taichou?" Henry said.

"Come on Goggle-head. We don't have all day." Rika said tapping her boots against the dirt. Takato narrowed his eyes in annoyance at how the two were putting him on the spot, but then again it was his plan to just knock. The brown haired teenager sighed before raising his fist. He knocked his knuckles harshly against the large gates, the sound echoing through the air.

The wind rushed through the air, rustling the branches and causing the leaves to fall to the ground below. The silence that followed after the knocking was positively deafening to the three Tamers and Takato continued to stare at the large gates with a nervous expression on his face. After a few seconds, the brown haired leader chuckled nervously.

"Hehe, well will you look at that. No one's there to answer the gates, looks like we can't get into the village that has a high probability of being a shinobi village where our corpses will remain for the rest of our lives! We better go back to the Real World now! The mission failed, oh well..." Takato froze and sweated in fear as Rika's angry form overshadowed his own, an anime fiery aura surrounding her.

"Goggle-head." Her voice was practically demonic as her eyes took on an evil shine. "Don't be a coward and if you try to run, not even Fanglongmon will save you from my wrath."

Takato quickly dropped down and bowed to the red-orange haired girl. "Y-Y-Yes, Rika-sama. I apologize for my words, Rika-sama. Please forgive me for my insolence, Rika-sama."

"Good boy."

Henry sweatdropped at the scene of the leader of their merry band of misfits bowing to the temperamental red head. It was times like this that the half-Chinese Tamer really questioned his sanity and why these people were his friends.

'Ah that's right, it's because I'm already insane.' Henry sighed. 'Damn, things must have gotten really bad for my life if my own insanity is part of my own normality.' The blue haired boy's ears then twitched as he picked up on a foreign sound.

"Oi, Rika, Takato!" The two turned to the gray eyed boy with confused looks on their faces. "Quiet for a second." Takato and Rika looked to each other and then their eyes widened when they heard the sound of wood dragging on the ground. Takato climbed to his feet and he and his two friends looked to see the massive gates of the village beginning to open. The creaking of the gates' hinges echoed through the air. The three took a few steps back as the gates opened outwards and soon they were spread wide open.

"You knocked?" A voice asked them. Takato, Rika and Henry directed their attention away from the gates and to the rather elderly man that stood before them. The man was quite short, just above five feet tall, and had a very noticeable tan making his skin a light caramel brown. His eyes were closed as he gave them a grandfatherly smile thus denying them the ability to see what his eyes looked like. He also appeared to be bald, but that was still up for debate as the man wore a tall, black hat; a jōe. He wore a white tunic underneath a black robe and a black and dark gray striped hakama. Around his waist was a white belt known as the senninbari, the Thousand Stitch belt. Wooden sandals adorned his feet. Wrapped around his neck was a necklace made of wooden beads, but had a small charm that looked very much like a small log.

'He looks like a Shinto priest.' Henry thought. 'I didn't think the Elemental Nations would be a religious place seeing as how this place runs on an economy whose population is composed of civilians and people who can assassinate you without even blinking.'

"Ummmm yes, we...we are travelers and just recently began our journey to explore other areas of the Elemental Nations. We were wondering if you could allow us entry into your village to get some supplies."

The old man's closed eyes clenched tightly as if he were staring harshly at them. He shifted his head up and down as if he were scanning them, though Takato and Henry noticed when the old man seemed to be putting a bit more time into his observations when he turned to Rika. Seeing this, Rika shifted her body uneasily. Normally she would have punched any guy who would look at her for too long, but that was in the Real World. From the stories Naruto told her about his grandfather figure, the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, old people were not to be underestimated as they had the strength and the experience that far outclassed any shinobi that didn't match them in either. So, currently Rika was at a crossroads as to whether this old geezer was just a lecherous old priest or a powerful, lecherous old priest.

Seeing their friend's uneasiness, Takato and Henry took some steps to the side to block the man's view of the voluptuous Tamer.

The priest seemed to frown at the two, but nodded in what seemed to be approval. "Well you three do seem to have gone about this traveling quite oddly. Those bags of yours are much too small and fragile looking for you to go out into this world and expect to survive during your travels. Very well, you may come inside the village."

"Thank you very much." Henry said as the three Tamers bowed to their host. They followed after the priest into the village and the massive wooden gates slammed shut behind them. Looking back, the two teenage boys saw two large muscular men pushing the gates back into their closed positions. The sight of those bulging and defined muscles made Takato and Henry look down at their own forms, a feeling of inadequacy forming within them.

Rika was looking around, observing their surroundings. Though the gates were large and the fact that there was a seemingly large wooden wall accompanying said gates, it was shown that the village was actually very small on the inside. There were a large amount of trees that lined the dirt roads they walked on and there were very little houses within the area. The village probably held about a few hundred people at best.

Now coming from an urban metropolis like Shinjuku, one could see why people from the Tamers' perspectives would think a few hundred people was a small number.

The three then looked around and watched as the people of the small settlement took notice of the priest and bowed to him.

"Good afternoon, Fubuki-san!" They all called out to the elderly man. The priest waved back with that grandfatherly smile of his still present on his face.

"A good afternoon to you all, my children."

"Fubuki-san, are you still going to carry out tomorrow's shrine service?" A young man asked.

"Indeed my child." Fubuki nodded in confirmation. "I never fail to miss a day when the ways of the Log must be preached to our citizens. However, I will be performing the service a bit later as we have a few wandering travelers who wish to take temporary refuge in our home."

"Ah." Takato, Henry and Rika began to fidget a bit as the surrounding members of the village directed their eyes at them.

"Will you be introducing them to wonders of the Log, Fubuki-san?" A woman asked.

"Seeing as how they will be staying here for a while, I would hope to do so, but as they are outsiders to our ways they are not obligated to come to our shrine service. The choice is theirs if they wish to learn the wonders of the Log."

"Your wisdom knows no bound, Fubuki-san."

Fubuki chuckled and scratched his cheek in embarrassment. "You give too much credit, my child. Now we shall be on our way. I will sound the bells when it is time for the shrine service."

The villagers nodded their heads and went back to their daily tasks. The three tamers then followed the old priest down the dirt roads once more. Every now and then, the group of four would have to stop since the eldest member of their party would have to greet the villagers that took notice of him. The three teenagers wanted to get to their temporary living quarters as quickly as possible, but they endured the waiting.

Soon, the Tamers arrived at their location. It was a rather large house in comparison to the others they saw. While the ordinary members of the small village had the basic door and two windows display on a house, the Blue's Clues design as Takato affectionately referred to it as he recalled the television show from his early childhood, this house was two stories and was made of a much higher quality wood.

Fubuki entered the house and gestured for the teenagers to follow him inside. Looking around the area, Henry let out a low whistle in amazement. There was a living room area where a small fireplace was built into the wall. Surrounding the fireplace was a couch that could seat three people as well as a simple rocking chair. Above the fireplace was a mantle where an old rusty katana was resting. The living area was joined with the dining area which consisted of just a small, square table and four chairs surrounding it. It was situated near some of the windows to allow some of the natural light to cast its glow on the furniture.

Directly across from the dining area, a kitchen was situated bearing all the simple necessities. Some cupboards, shelves, a stove and a small fridge. Takato spotted the staircase that led to the upper level of the house near to the fireplace. It probably led to the priest's bedroom or bedrooms. The latter was the most likely option given the impressiveness of his living accommodations.

"Wow. For a village in the middle of nowhere, this is a pretty nice place."

"Of course it would be." Fubuki replied. "Everyone here is a nuke-nin after all, so we're bound to have the ability to bring along certain valuables."

Takato, Rika and Henry, who were scattered through the house looking at some of the pictures on the walls, paused and their skin seemed to visibly pale. Their heads shakily and stiffly turned away from whatever it was they were looking at and watched Fubuki.

"Eh?" Fubuki grinned toothily as he saw the surprised looks on his guests' faces.

"Oh yes. All of us here in this tiny village of ours, we're all ex-shinobi. Some of us even have entries in the Bingo Book and have bounties on our heads. Me...I was once a man who failed to complete a mission with my squad in Kusagakure. Now in Kusa, you fail a mission, you'be shamed the village and thus you have committed a crime punishable by death. Being a minor shinobi village, shame is a biggie to them and well...I didn't want to die. I turned to the priesthood when I ran away and now I am one of the founders of this place."

"'re not going to kill us and hang our asses over your fireplace?" Takato asked. The question earned him an odd look from the priest while Rika slapped him upside the head.

"Idiot, don't bring up Spongebob at a time like this." Rika hissed softly.

"Sorry." He whispered back.

"I'll ignore that comment about cutting your asses off, but anyway, as I was saying, yes all of us here are former shinobi or mercenaries, runaways or anything or anyone that has no place to go. I and the other founders of this village took the people in, those who had nothing left to live for and those who needed a place to hide. As a priest, it was my duty to forgive and forget, but I am a priest who changes ones ways of living. If someone once to live an atheistic life within my religious village, then so be it. If some follow a different belief then who am I to question them. I am not the Log and the Log is almighty and all-forgiving. The Log is understanding and merciful. The Log provides protection for all within the world that we shinobi live in."

"Ummm, Fubuki-san..." Henry raised his hand with a sweatdrop forming on the back of his head. " constantly refer to this Log. What is the Log?" Henry immediately regretted his question when he heard the old man chuckle and an evil glint appeared in his eyes.

"I hoped you would ask that question, my boy." Fubuki said. "Throughout the world of the shinobi, there has been a jutsu crafted that has saved many a life. The Kawarimi no Jutsu/Subsitution Technique in which the user substitutes his or herself with an object to save themselves from certain doom, but the most common object is...the Log. The Log is a sacred and holy object to us shinobi for in times of distress, the Log comes to save us!"

"Isn't it kind of...I don't know...odd to worship a piece of chopped wood?" Takato asked. Fubuki's eyes narrowed as he glared at Takato.

"Do not underestimate the power of the almighty Log, you goggle wearing brat! Since the beginning of the shinobi era, the Log has saved shinobi from death! Hell, even Hashirama Senju, the first man to be labelled as the God of Shinobi after the Rikudo Sennin, utilized the awesome power of Mokuton! The Log was set upon the pedestal of glory from Mokuton and the Mokuton was stemmed from the almighty Log! THE LOG IS DIVINE!" Fubuki exclaimed passionately.

"But if the Log is so divine then why do you use it so often?" Rika asked sarcastically.

"You foolish child." The old shinto priest shook his head in disappointment. "You three children must be educated in the ways of the Log!"

"But didn't you just say you're not one to thrust your beliefs onto another?!" Takato exclaimed.

"How do you think conversions came out about?!" Fubuki countered. "Now follow me to my study where you shall be educated!" The old priest walked behind the three Tamers and pushed them towards the stairs. For an old man, he was surprisingly strong, even if was an ex-shinobi. The three teenagers soon found themselves shoved into a spacious room that was filled to the brim with shelves, a small desk and chair being planted near the window on the opposite end of the room. The shelves were lined with numerous amounts of scrolls and books, some of them looking yellow due to age.

"Sit." The commanding tone in his voice made the three teens obey their elderly host. He then walked over to the bookshelves and gestured to them. "Each piece of reading material here is from a different village. They contain the knowledge of many a village and the Elemental Nations themselves in terms of history, economics and whatnot, three will be reading this."

Fubuki walked over to the largest bookshelf which was filled to the brim with a single type of book. Three black, hard-covered books were withdrawn from the bookcase and then handed gently to them, as if the books were newborns that were fresh from the womb of a mother. Looking at the cover of the books, the three Tamers raised their eyebrows at what they saw.

The kanji were in luminescent gold and had a detailed picture of a log beneath them.

"The Book of the Log?"

"Aye, the Book of the Log." Fubuki nodded his head as he held the necklace around his neck the same way a Christian priest would hold their rosary chains. "The recordings of the shinobi who have wandered through the Elemental Nations since the time of the Kawarimi no Jutsu's inception. Beginning with the man who began to record the works of the Rikudo Sennin, going through the works of the Senju clan and ending at the point where the Log's great divine prowess was spread throughout the world!"

Henry, Rika and Takato looked at the obviously insane, religious man. They stared blankly at him as the sun's rays shone through the nearby window and cast its golden glow onto the priest, giving him an almost holy appearance.

"Alrighty then." Takato replied before standing up to his full height. "Well, before we begin our journey into the amazing religion that is Log-ism, may we browse through your other scrolls and books. We plan on journeying a long time and so we need some information on the history of the Elemental Nations as well as basic information on said nations and anything else that small scale shinobi like us should know about this place."

"Hmph. The Log comes before all, you despicable brat!" Fubuki exclaimed. "However, you are all young. In time, you will come to see the glory that is the Log so I will allow you a moment to reflect on your blasphemous actions of denying the Log...but yes, you may browse and look for whatever it is you wish. But soon...soon you will see the almighty Log's amazing powers. Mwahahahahahaha!" Fubuki began laughing evilly as he closed the door to the study slowly, his ever closed eyes never leaving them until the door was shut.

"What have we just gotten ourselves into?" Rika asked.

"I don't know, but it's best we just work as fast as we can. Look through the bookcases and see if you can find the stuff that Takato talked about earlier. History texts, basic info on the ranking system of shinobi and other stuff along those lines. Hopefully we can get through it all before that hippie of a priest gets his ass back in here. Ex-shinobi village or not, we're getting out of here when we're done!" Henry exclaimed.

"Seconded." Takato said.

And with that, the three raced around the study and began pulling random scrolls and old books from the shelves.

Void of Recluse, Nothern Quadrant, Digital World

VenomMyotismon knelt before his Master. The twin pairs of orange eyes focused on the commander of the crystal encased Digimon's forces as if he were being judged for a crime.


"My Master, I have returned with new from our forces within both the Elemental Nations and the Real World."

"Excellent. Now report." The Master replied. VenomMyotismon nodded his head and his gigantic form raised its head, directing his golden yellow eyes at his orange eyed Master.

"Master, I have reason to believe that the Sovereigns and Fanglongmon have begun to take notice of our actions. Ebonwumon has begun to take a bit more notice in this Northern Quadrant's workings, Baihumon has begun looking in the Dark Area in the Western Quadrantand Azulongmon has sent Whamon scouts out to help him navigate the Net Ocean surrounding File Island in the Eastern Quadrant."

"Let them look. The Void of Recluse is practically another world despite it being located in Ebonwumon's domain, we will have plenty of time before the Sovereigns and Fanglongmon discover our location. Next."

"The Datamon forces have managed to break into the Shinjuku information network as you wished. We have hacked into Hypnos, the organization that was responsible for the creation of the Chaos, the D-Reaper as the humans called it, and the ones who were capable of creating the artificial gateway into the Digital World three years ago. We have browsed through their data and discovered that their video cameras recorded a meeting that occurred between the Tamers earlier that day."

"Get to the point, Commander." The Master growled out. VenomMyotismon nodded his head.

"Yes, well, it appears that the Tamers have discovered that their leader is alive and have decided to journey to the Elemental Nations to look for him. They have crafted a Blue Card for the Demon Lord slayer to use should they find him. If they do, his Digimon partners will receive the ability to digivolve once more. They have left to the Digital World and from our forces in the Elemental Nations, the Woodmon and Cherrymon factions, they have found the Tamers have entered a small village close to where they had arrived."

"Interesting. Did all of the Tamers go to the Elemental Nations?"

"No, Master. Only the three chakra users; Takato Matsuki, Rika Nonaka and Henry Wong have gone to the Elemental Nations with their Digimon partners. Because of that specific detail of them being chakra users, they would be the best choices to send to the world of the shinobi."

The Master chuckled in amusement, his phantasmal claws drumming against the crystal that encased his two headed form. "So, that means the Real World's most powerful members are currently lost to them. They are defenseless then?"

"In a manner of speaking, but there are also their reserve members. Those two odd looking boys and the brown haired girl. Also they have left that Ryo Akiyama boy in charge of the city and the remainder of the Tamers when it comes to combating Digimon threats when they bio-emerge."

The Master's eyes glowed with restrained rage. "Ryo Akiyama?! The one who ruined my chance to kill the Digidestined of the Eastern Quadrant all those years ago, how dare he still draw breath! Wait until the nightfall of the Real World comes about so that we may strike, send out the Devidramon squadron and have them find Akiyama! I want that boy dead! Take out the other Tamers if you must, but have them focus all of their efforts on taking out Akiyama and his annoying Monodramon!"

"As you wish, Master. And what shall we do about the Tamers in the Elemental Nations?"

"Contact the Woodmon and Cherrymon factions. Raze the village to the that you've brought up the topic of the Elemental Nations, tell me Commander...what is the status of our little amnesiac spy?" The Master asked. VenomMyotismon chuckled darkly.

"He has already made contact with the one who was once close to the Demon Lord slayer."

"And he remembers nothing about his meeting with Uzumaki?"

"Nothing whatsoever, Master. And I will assume that as you sent BlackAgumon to the boy that you manipulated his data to produce a synthetic Blue Card much like Lucemon's for the Demon Lord slayer?"

"Your assumption is well placed, Commander. Indeed, can't have little Agumon wander the world and be my eyes and ears in Konoha without allowing him to have a little fun by learning to digivolve." The Master's pairs of orange eyes then narrowed. "Do any of our factions know the whereabouts of Uzumaki currently?"

"No, Master. Ever since he defeated BlackWarGreymon I have been having the Airdramon search any areas that lack a dense population or are worthy of being a hiding place. Unfortunately, we are still searching for Uzumaki."

"Understood. Keep the Airdramon searching and concerning the Real World...keep the Datamon squad active. Have them reroute their efforts to try and break into the Japanese Self-Defense Force's mainframes as well as Hypnos's. We need the information found within those systems so have them plant worm programmes within the J.S.D.F's systems as I will need Japan's military might to help take the Real World when we send our armies to take it."

"Your brilliance knows no bounds, my Master." VenomMyotismon complimented the crystal encased Digimon. The Master chuckled darkly, his two pairs of orange eyes shining in the darkness of the Void of Recluse.

"I will not make the same mistakes that fool, Lucemon, did. He had thrust his hopes and dreams atop the shoulders of the one who brought about his demise and one being alone is not needed to bring about the domination of entire dimensions. This is no ordinary battle, Commander. This. is. War!"

Hokage's Office, Konohagakure no Sato, Elemental Nations

Tsunade Senju was currently at her desk dealing with the paperwork regarding her village. She rested her ink brush down, an act she did gently since she needed said writing utensil, and planted her face into her hands with a sigh of annoyance and anger.

"Damn it!" She cried out, throwing a few papers into the air. Suddenly her window opened and the papers in the air were caught and rested before her in a neat pile. "Not now, Jiraya."

"'re stressed."

"Stressed is an understatement." Tsunade growled out as she rose from her chair. "Taki, Haru, Suna and a few other smaller nations have been doing trade with us only just above the bare minimum to keep us alive! My relationships with the other villages are being strained because of this! The Capital's finances are also on the decline, my ANBU are wasting their time because they don't know where to look when they try to find the jinchuriki that the people of my village, banished and because some of them are stuck on babysitting duty for a damned Uchiha brat that should have been executed the moment he set foot into the damned villaged when Naruto brought him fucking back! Not to mention because Danzo revealed EVERYTHING about Naruto, we're being forced to double, possibly triple our efforts to find him even though he knows everything that's happening right now is all his Kami damned fault! YOU TELL ME HOW STRESSED I LOOK!"

Tsunade's panting echoed throughout the office. She fell back into her chair and wiped her eyes as she felt moisture building up within them. "Sorry, I'm just...I've been busy and I need a drink and..."

She was cut off when Jiraya walked around her desk and pulled her from her chair to wrap his arms around her. The blonde Hokage didn't make any sort of resistance as she was being hugged, her teammate's presence acting as a calming agent. "I know, Hime...I know. We know the boy is tenacious as fuck and he won't be found anytime soon. He's evaded the Big Five and everyone else for the past four years since his banishment so I can assure you that if anything had happened to him, my spies would be the first to know. Naruto is my biggest priority, Akatsuki being the second."

"I miss him, Jiraya. I miss the little shit who would spout dreams of being Hokage and would call me Baa-chan." She spoke softly as Jiraya rubbed her back soothingly.

"We all do. And by we, I mean everyone who isn't a big stupid fucktard." Tsunade laughed at Jiraya's words. "By the way, did I ever mention that I love you for absolutely getting rid of the civilian council?"

"On multiple occasions. We're a shinobi village for Kami's sake, civilians shouldn't have a say in what we do. Sarutobi-sensei only brought them in because he wanted to provide some order by making a pseudo-democracy. Now look how it came to bite us in the ass." Tsunade muttered. She then removed herself from Jiraya's hug and gave a small smile before kissing him on the cheek. "Thanks for the hug by the way."

"Anytime. Managed to cop a feel and not get punched in the crotch, I think that counts as a plus that you're starting to like me."

"You know how I feel about you, dumbass. But I'll still get you back for grabbing my ass just now."

"Love you too, Hime."

The two Sannin gave each other wide smiles before taking their respective positions in an office chair and in front of the office desk respectively. Serious looks then crossed their faces as Tsunade leaned forward to look at the Toad Sennin.

"Now then, what do you have for me?" The Slug Sennin asked.

"Akatsuki had begun moving again. The Yonbi and Gobi jinchuriki were caught and I've been hearing talks that they are aiming to go for the Sanbi next since it doesn't have a jinchuriki. However, in terms of what jinchuriki will be caught next, the Ichibi and Nanabi are the most likely candidates since the Rokubi jinchuriki has been MIA from Kirigakure for over seven years and the Nibi and Hachibi jinchuriki have full control of their Bijuu making them highly dangerous for even them to try and kidnap within Kumogakure's walls."

"And Naruto has been MIA for four years so he hasn't been caught either." She mused. "What else?"

"I assume you've heard the talks of demons popping up and about the Elemental Nations."

"I have." Tsunade nodded in confirmation. "Some say giant animals, some say mutant plants, others say there are mechanized war machines. Their powers are quite destructive in some cases and in others they are about as harmful as a civilian. However, they are able to be defeated and are not any sort of immortal beasts."

"Indeed." Jiraya replied. "I've killed a few of these demons myself, but it appears that they are starting to become more...organized."

Tsunade's brown eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

"These demons, they are not attacking or moving about randomly like they used to three years ago. Recently, they've been popping up in small factions and making camps. They are mobilizing forces and not attacking anything, but it appears there is something extremely powerful guiding them. They are gathering information and they are sending it back to that leader."

"Are they going to attack Konoha?"

"My spies haven't figured that out yet, but they are preparing for something. When they are prepared, it's obvious it's going to be big, but until I have more information I can't say."

"I see. Good job, Jiraya. Keep up the good work."

"Do I get sex in return?" The toad summoner waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"You haven't gotten me into a bed with you for forty-three years, Jiraya. What makes you think you'll succeed now?" She asked with an amused smirk.

"Can't blame me for still trying."

"Get out."

Jiraya walked around the desk, quickly pecking her on the cheek before she could react and leaped out of the window he entered through. He spun around as he leaped off the balcony, offered her a mock salute and then vanished in a swirl of wind and leaves. Tsunade rolled her eyes, touching her cheek with a smile on her face.

"Dumbass pervert."

"Awww, you know you love the man, Tsunade-sama." Tsunade looked away from the window as she heard another familiar voice. A mop of gravity defying silver hair and cascading purple hair met her eyes before the owners of those hair colours raised their heads as they finished bowing to their leader.

"Inu, are you?" She smirked at two of her finest ANBU members. The masks of a dog and cat stared back at her as they rose to their feet from their kneeling positions.

"Just fine, Tsunade-sama." Inu replied with a lazy tone.

"I trust your time back as a captain of the ANBU has been good for you?"

"It distracts me, so yes, it has."

"And Neko, you're keeping him in line and making sure his antics from when he was a jounin haven't caught up with him again?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama. Kaka...I mean, Inu-senpai...has been under careful watch just like you instructed." Neko replied with a stuff nod.

"Neko-chan is so mean to me." Inu whined. "She won't let me read Jiraya-sama's glorious works in public like when I was a jounin. I think I should be demoted again."

"Inu-senpai, don't call me that and that book is an insult to the literature."

"Then don't call me Inu-senpai and I'll stop calling you Neko-chan. I don't care if it's out of respect, I like my name very much and it rarely does any good since practically everybody knows who I am. A dog mask isn't really going to change much since the Sharingan makes me instantly recognizable. You'd have to be pretty frickin' retarded to not realize who I am once you see the lone Sharingan."

"He's got you there, Neko." The cat masked ANBU frowned at her two superiors, but let her mask hide her annoyance."Now then, time for your report. How goes our little traitor?"

"He's been fine. Hasn't done anything stupid and the Curse Seal on his person hasn't reacted at all. Jiraya-sama's seals are doing an effective job as we expected them to."

"Though Hokage-sama, I must require proof from your mouth." Neko spoke. "Is it true that Sasuke Uchiha is receiving the ability to return to our active shinobi list on account of his good behaviour?"

"Don't remind me of that...please. The little shit should have been executed, but his survival was ensured before the act to dispel the civilian council had been allowed and our laws were re-written to suit their much needed removal." Tsunade's eyes narrowed at her two ANBU. "How did you hear of this though? No one outside of that office has informed the populace of his return to the active list."

"Your apprentice." They replied simultaneously. Tsunade sighed. Well shit, that was expected. She thought that punch she gave the pink haired girl four years ago would have been enough to knock the fangirl out of her, but it proved to be ineffective. The girl truly fell in love with Sasuke Uchiha. Her medical prowess was remarkable however, and that was the only reason she had kept the young Haruno as her apprentice for so long.

"I see. Well, you can take your breaks and resume your observation of the Uchiha until your shifts are over."

"Actually, Tsunade-sama...there is something else you should know regarding Sasuke Uchiha's status."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow as she noticed the unease in her subordinates' forms. "...Speak."


Konohagakure no Sato, Elemental Nations

A few hours ago

Four years had gone by like it was nothing to many of the villagers of the most powerful shinobi village. Currently, a pair of ANBU were performing their duty to keep an eye on a certain individual within the village.

"Kaka...I mean, Inu-senpai..." The purple haired ANBU corrected herself before continuing, "...are you sure you want to be doing this?"

"Yugao, it's just the two of us. You don't have to refer to me by my ANBU name unless we're outside the village or we're in a squad of three or more, I taught you this when you first joined. Unless you want to me to call you Neko-chan again." Kakashi chuckled as he saw his cat masked companion twitch a bit at the nickname. The dog mask wearing ANBU captain then sighed as he thought about his kouhai's question. "And concerning your question, I am very sure about this. I was their sensei, I failed them and it's my responsibility to make sure they don't anything stupid again. Naruto was banished because I took too much focus on trying to keep Sasuke loyal to Konoha and failed in doing so."

" know as well as I do that's not your fault." Yugao placed a hand on the silver haired man's shoulder. "The Uchiha made his choice and he paid the price...sadly, Minato-sama's son was dealt the worse hand. I still can't believe Danzo arranged for that traitor to be freed after only three years and labeled Naruto-kun a missing-nin, an A-Rank missing-nin nonetheless."

"That war hawk has been aiming to make Naruto a weapon since the boy could crawl. It was only thanks to Sandaime-sama that he escaped that and with him banished and having gone missing since then, Danzo had to go and label him. And to make matters worse for him, Naruto's entire history is public knowledge to the Elemental Nations. Plus, with Sasuke free, I bet Danzo's going to try to rope him into his ROOT faction."

"We won't let that happen, Kakashi-senpai. After what happened in the beginning regarding Tenzo's situation, we will do everything we can to keep the Uchiha above ground."

"Thanks, Yugao." The ANBU captain muttered. The two ANBU then directed their attention to their mission objective. Yugao couldn't help but chuckle to herself as she recalled her time being his prison guard. Three years was quick to her, but to the raven haired avenger, it had been agonizingly slow. Something Yugao relished in knowing.

Ever since he had returned to Konoha by the blonde jinchuriki he once called his rival and best friend, things had been horrible for the boy. Tsunade had locked off his chakra and inhibited his ability to train due to being locked up in one of the deepest and darkest cells within the imprisonment area. Under constant watch by ANBU, he had been interrogated by Anko Mitarashi and Ibiki Morino for his treason against the village and the Hokage.

The council members fought for leniency, arguing with things such as the Curse Seal Orochimaru placed on the last Uchiha had warped his mind, that the Kyuubi boy had somehow done something to make Sasuke betray the village, some even went so far as to say it was because the last Uchiha was not given enough that he left. What would there be to give to a boy who had everything handed to him on a platinum platter. Women lusted after him, men envied him, younger shinobi aspired to be him and not to mention he had a vast fortune and a whole clan complex to call his own.

Tsunade was a fair and just Hokage. Attempting to leave the village with the goal of going to Orochimaru to seek out power was not forgivable by any means necessary in her book. The ends did not justify the means and no way in hell did he receive leniency. Until two years had passed. For two years, he had been blindfolded, his chakra lost to him, fed only a bit less than the bare minimum, and not to mention he had been tortured when he had chosen to be stubborn towards Anko and Ibiki during his interrogation sessions.

They weren't the heads of the Torture and Interrogation Department for nothing after all.

Now when the two years had run its course, Sasuke was granted freedom. Though he was still restricted to the village walls, he was still free of his cell. Danzo Shimura, the old war hawk and one of the three advisors to the Hokage, had gotten him out through means that the ANBU member that came for him refused to tell him.

The young Uchiha walked through the streets of the home he had been forcibly returned to. Many of the villagers waved and smiled at him, but whenever he crossed a shinobi, the boy received only the harshest of glares. The whispers of disapproval filtered through the air. Though there were many that sided with the Uchiha, those that had sided with Naruto and their Hokage's verdict were appropriately harsh towards him.

Kakashi and Yugao watched as the teenage boy continued to walk through the streets with his eternal brooding expression. Though the change from his prison clothes and chains were better on the eyes in Kakashi's opinion (Sasuke was still Obito's legacy in his eyes). The seventeen year old Uchiha was now dressed in a white, high-collared, short sleeved shirt with a zipper running straight down the middle. The Uchiha fan was displayed proudly on the back of the shirt as it was tucked into a pair of black pants. Sasuke also wore a pair of blue wrist warmers and he wore a pair of black sandals.

"Chakra suppression seals and Hyuuga curse seal is still in effect, right?" Kakashi asked.

"Until Hokage-sama says it's okay, the Uchiha will have those seals hidden on his body for as long as they are needed." Yugao replied. Inu nodded to Neko as they stealthily followed their objective.

They paused when Sasuke was stopped by Sakura. The young Haruno had filled out a bit, gaining B-Cup breasts and a bit broader hips. She wore a pair of tight, black shorts underneath a black skirt; a red, sleeveless shirt with a white circle decorating the back of it; black shinobi sandals which had a small heel to give it an element of femininity and had her weapons pouch strapped firmly to her right hip. Her hitai-ate was stitched to a red cloth that was tied in her hair like a regular girly headband.

"Sasuke-kun!" The green eyed girl smiled at the Uchiha. "I just got some good news, Sasuke-kun."

"What?" The boy asked, his monotonous tone of voice still present even after three years. But I guess being holed up in a prison cell for a bit over three years at the age of thirteen could do that to you.

"On account of your good behaviour from your year of freedom, the Shinobi Council had allowed to finally come back to active duty as a shinobi of Konoha!" Kakashi, Yugao and Sasuke all had wide eyes at this.

'What?!' The two ANBU thought as they looked at each other.

"Sakura, I don't have time for you trying to be an optimist. It's annoying, so get out of my way." Sasuke spoke coldly. Sakura shook her head and reached into her weapons pouch and pulled out a small scroll.

"I'm not lying, Sasuke-kun." She handed him the scroll. The raven haired boy opened the scroll and scanned its contents, his obsidian eyes widening when he was finished before they narrowed.

"Danzo got me back on active duty..." He summarized. "...but in exchange, I must be placed on only missions involving the Akatsuki and/or jinchuriki because of how my Sharingan can manipulate the Bijuu. This isn't freedom, this is because they want me to try and find the dobe so they can get back the Kyuubi and from Tsunade's point of view, these missions are suicide for someone with only one year of training after being locked up for three."

"But Sasuke-kun, you may be able to find your..."

"Don't. Finish. That. Sentence." Sasuke growled out, his chakra flaring so he intimidate her with the Sharingan. However, he ended up releasing a grunt of pain as the chakra suppression seals, personally placed upon his form by Jiraya, acted up and prevented his Sharingan from forming. He then just settled for glaring at her, his black eyes staring into her emerald ones. Itachi being there or not, Sasuke knew he was in no condition to currently go chasing after his older brother.

"Sorry. Anyway, this might earn you some good points with Tsunade-shishou if you succeed in the missions." Sakura smiled. "Anyway, I was wondering if maybe you want to grab a bite to eat now that I've found you. I'm sure you're starving."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. He was starved for quite a while within his prison cell, certain expressions no longer amused him since he literally experienced them (though he did deserve said experiences). "Not now."

"So later then?" Sakura asked as he walked past her. Sasuke didn't reply, merely shoving his hands into his pockets and heading off for his intended destination, Kakashi and Yugao following after him from the shadows.

Uchiha District, Konohagakure no Sato, Elemental Nations

Sasuke walked through the deserted streets of his clan's home. Silent as the grave, even the winds refused to utter a sound as they blew through the large complex. The young Uchiha didn't look in any other direction except forward because if he did, the memories of seeing the bloody corpses of his friends and family would be much more vivid.

The lone Uchiha trekked through the streets, heading only forward until he reached his destination. A large memorial temple that had been built by the Sandaime Hokage in order to honour those who didn't deserve to die at the hand of his older brother.

"If it weren't for Itachi there wouldn't have been any need for the shrine in the first place." He muttered as he walked up to the door of the temple. He opened it and walked in, taking off his sandals, before bowing to the relatively large statue of the Uchiha fan that was to represent everyone who had died that day. The young boy then lit the incense sticks and offered his prayers to the spirits of his fallen relatives.

"You can come out now." He said loudly as he finished his prayers. Kakashi and Yugao flinched as they were hiding in a tree while watching the silver haired ANBU's former student. Did he find them? How could he? With his abilities hindered he shouldn't have been able to find them at all. However, their answer was given to them rather quickly when from out behind the statue, a small black figure emerged. Large green eyes blinked at him before a toothy grin formed on its large, reptilian face.

Kakashi and Yugao had their eyes wide when they saw the black skinned creature. It looked just the other ones they found during their missions outside the village, only the ones they found were orange and had blue eyes. Was it some kind of sub-species or was it an entirely new demon?

"What do you have for me, Sasuke?" BlackAgumon asked. Sasuke reached into his pockets and pulled out a few small boxes of pocky.

"Ooooo, chocolate flavoured!" The Rookie Digimon's eyes brightened at seeing the boxes of chocolate covered candy sticks. As he watched the small reptile eat, Sasuke decided to speak.

"So, remind me did you get here?" Sasuke asked.

"Like I told you, I'm a Digimon, a Digital Monster. I'm a creature comprised of data that lives within a parallel world known as the Digital World and there happen to be ripples between the borders of our dimensions every now and then. I managed to catch one of those ripples and appeared here in your village district. At least...that's what I think happened. I'm not really sure if that's exactly what happened."

"I still don't believe you after you appeared here yesterday." Sasuke stated. "Now why won't you get out?"

"I'm not a demon." BlackAgumon nodded in confirmation. "Just your regular biologically synthesized data beast from a parallel world. From what you told of your world though, I'm confused as to how you think this is a sketchy explanation. You shinobi can summon giant animals to fight for you and control the elements. If that isn't biology and physics rule breaking then I don't know what is."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted.

"As for why I won't leave, I told're my Tamer. We're partners bound to each other. The D-Ark and Blue Card that appeared with me serves as proof that you are my chosen." BlackAgumon said. The Rookie Digimon twitched his claws and a black D-Ark and a Blue Card materialized out of nowhere. "Now stop being stubborn and take them. I need you to become stronger, so I can digivolve."

When Sasuke didn't take them, BlackAgumon merely sighed and absorbed the data that made up the two objects, back into his body.

"Fine, be a prick. But when you encounter Digimon, shinobi or not, you're going to need me to help you against them. I know what we're capable of and what I know can save your life should you do so."

"Hn." Sasuke got up and walked out of the shrine leaving the green eyed Digimon behind. BlackAgumon growled at the Uchiha's retreating form before sitting back down as the doors of the temple closed shut, munching on his beloved pocky sticks.

Kakashi and Yugao looked to each other and then nodded. They had to report this to Tsunade.

End Flashback

"So these demons..."

"Digimon, Hokage-sama. As we told you in our notification, the demons refer to themselves as Digimon, a term that is a shortening for the full term Digital Monster." Yugao corrected. Tsunade paused and nodded her head.

"These...Digimon...they are in the village? Is it just the one with the Uchiha?"

"I had some Kagebunshins search the village and a bit beyond the borders." Kakashi informed the busty blonde. "A few have returned and they haven't seen any other members of these Digimon beings. So, yes...the Digimon with Sasuke is the only one present inside the village walls."

"As unbelievable as the situation sounds though, what that Digimon explained about a parallel world and crossing through rifts does not sound that ludicrous since our summoning clans reside in worlds of their own as well. However, now that we know this, I'm going to have to ask you two to keep being Sasuke's observers. I don't want this information leaking out to any other shinobi members who would want to use this to glorify their precious Uchiha." Tsunade spat. "I will inform Jiraya of this however, so go take your breaks and then return to observing Sasuke until it is time for him to return to active duty."

"Understood, Hokage-sama." Kakashi and Yugao adjusted their masks. Inu and Neko then vanished as blurs of motion leaving Tsunade alone in her office with much to think about.

Log Village, Elemental Nations

The Next Day

Takato, Rika and Henry had been resting in their sleeping bags within the study, having holed up in the area when Fubuki allowed them free reign to use his well of books and scrolls to their liking. For the entirety of the day of yesterday, they had read every single scroll and book that could provide them with the necessary information they would need to navigate and survive in this new dimension until they found Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon. In which case they could then navigate and survive to a much higher degree.

After showering and dressing themselves in the clothes Fanglongmon provided them (clothes composed of data by a digital deity were apparently self-cleaning and self-regenerating. The latter they had quickly learned when Rika nearly tore off her left sleeve when it hooked on a stray nail on the floor), the trio had been seated before the Log Shrine with the other members of the Log Village.

Takato yawned. "Ouch." He grunted out as Rika elbowed him in the ribs. "The hell was that for?" He whispered as he sat in the middle of the congregation with his friends.

"Cover your mouth when you yawn, Goggle-head."

"It's pretty rude to not cover mouth when you yawn, Takato." Henry added his two cents.

The three Tamers were then shushed by the people around them. Immediately quieting themselves, the three looked to see Fubuki taking his position at the head of the congregation. The shinto priest of the Log smiled at the people before raising his hands skyward.

"May the praises be heard to our holy trinity; to the Log, the Sapling and the Holy Tree!"

"Hai!" Was the reply from the villagers. Takato, Rika and Henry were in shock at just how utterly obedient these people were to their religion. Fubuki and the villagers then began to sing hymns. One of which sounded strangely similar to the song 'And the Green Grass Grows all Around' from the Barney show from their childhood. It was very odd indeed when instead of burning incense sticks and putting forth offerings of food and drink like they would back at the temples in Japan, the followers of the Log had gone about the act of planting five already prepared tree saplings after burning an entire log.

"Om Biri Biri Sha Sowaka! Om Biri Biri So Shosawa Sowaka!"

"What the hell are they saying?" Takato whispered, trying to contain his laughter.

"I don't know, but these words are hilarious." Henry whispered back. Rika's snickers and snorts were being very much restrained and her body shook to try and keep it contained.

This was going to be painful for them to endure. However, in the end, they managed to persevere and survive the incantations to the tree saplings they planted.

"And now, my we have newcomers to our wonderful village of the Log." Fubuki directed his eyes at the three Digimon Tamers. "Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong and Rika Nonaka are new to the glory of the Log and do not yet understand its amazing powers. So to help them recognize the glory of the Log, we shall have a few scripture readings from the Book of the Log."

"May I read the scriptures today, Fubuki-san?" A young child waved his hand eagerly in the front row of the congregation.

"Of course, Tenrou-chan." Tenrou's forest green eyes sparkled with joy as Fubuki patted his head of red hair. He leaped up to Fubuki's side and was handed the Book of the Log. "The bookmarks are there for you to read, Tenrou-chan. Speak loudly and clearly."

"Yes, Fubuki-san." Tenrou nodded his head.

"A reading from the Song of the Willow, verses one to four." Tenrou cleared his throat. "...'And the willow sayeth unto the ninja: wherefore dost I weep? Tis tears of joy, as thy kin and mine together fell thine foes, who would bring the axe and torch to the wood. The log ist thine ally, and mine kin. Calling upon the log is to call upon me. To aid thee in battle, I weep my tear of joy.

And the ninja spoke: Yea, thee and thine kin shall forever be blessed among me and mine kin. For thine bravery will never be forgotten.'"

Tenrou then flipped through the Book of the Log to the second reading. "A reading from the Honour of the Forest Canticle I, verses seventy-eight to eighty-four."

"...'And as the smoke cleared, his foe stared in awe at the Log. Blackened and charred, the Log crumbled. The ninja, filled with righteous wrath, fell upon his foe and slew him. He made his way to the Log, and wept. His companion, the Log that had accompanied him through so many battles, was no more. He spoke thus to his fallen companion: Though now you have fallen in battle, you rest where the Logs forever grow. The forest of life called for you, and you answered its call, as you did mine. I thank you my friend.'"

"Om Biri Biri Sha Sowaka!" The village people proclaimed.

"Thank you, Tenrou-chan."

"You're welcome, Fubuki-san." Tenrou bowed to the close-eyed shinto priest who took the Book of the Log from the child's hands before uttering a few phrases of what Takato, Rika and Henry thought to be gibberish.

"And now it is time for the third and final reading of the day." Fubuki announced. "Prepare, Takato, Rika and Henry...for this final message will strike you to the very core as you learn the ways of the Log!"

Fubuki flipped through the pages of the holy scriptures of the mighty Log before finding the entry he desired.

"A reading from the Honour of the Forest Canticle II, verses fifty-nine to seventy!" Fubuki declared loudly. "...'The log took his place and fell, forever into the abyss. The people, hearing of this, rallied against him, in such numbers he swore to never endanger another Log again. For many years, he fought without the Log, growing more and more weary with each passing day. Finally, he came across a foe that was too strong for him. As his life was about to end, he felt a familiar pull, and found himself out of harms way, seeing a Log in his place. His stunned foe was felled in his stupor, and he approached the Log, he knew it, for it was the same that fell so long ago. He asked of the Log: Why did you endanger yourself for me again? Have you not done enough for me? And the log spoke: It is my duty, and our bond. We exist to save the ninja, and they exist to save the trees. We both play a part, for which I am content.'"

"OM BIRI BIRI SHA SOWAKA!" The congregation held their Books of the Log high into the air. Takato, Rika and Henry stared at Fubuki in amazement. Takato wiped the tears that formed at the edge of his eyes.

"I...have never been more inclined to follow a piece of wood than I ever my entire life." The goggle wearing Tamer said.

"Teach us your ways, Fubuki-san." Henry bowed to the elderly man as if he were the Log itself, not its messenger.

"Well, everybody's doin' it. Might as well." Rika shrugged.

Fubuki nodded his head in approval before holding the Book of the Log high. "Now listen to me my child as I tell you the tales of the almighty Log."

Forests, Outside Log Village, Elemental Nations

"I spy something blue...and big...and starts with 'S'..."

"The sky." Renamon and Terriermon deadpanned as they rested atop their branches with Guilmon whose golden eyes were filled with childish amazement.

"That's so cool. How'd you guess that? Did you read my mind?"

"Not much to read in there, G-man." Terriermon commented. "Not to mention you've been using the sky...FOR THE PAST FIFTEEN TIMES WE'VE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME!"

"Well excuse me if you don't me to use trees and bush like you guys." Guilmon stuck his tongue out.

"That's all there is!" Terriermon exclaimed. "And I'm so bored. I wish something exciting would happened to Henry and the others soon."

As the rabbit-dog Rookie said that, the three Digimon's ears twitched as they heard what sounded like stomping.

"Marching." Renamon said.

"Synchronized marching." Guilmon added. Terriermon raised his large ears.

"Judging from the volume, I'd say whatever group is making that noise is about sixty members strong. And it's heading straight this way."

"Let's check it out." Renamon said. "Stay hidden and move stealthily."

"Gotcha." Guilmon and Terriermon mock saluted the fox Digimon before following her through the trees. In a matter of minutes, they managed to find the exact source of the marching. They landed atop one of the higher branches and their eyes widened from their perches as they gazed down at the marching sound's source.

"Oh...well that's not good." Terriermon said.

"Not good at all." Renamon said.

"Should we attack?" Guilmon asked. He prepared to jump and strike like the raptor he was, but stopped when Renamon's white paws appeared in front of him, signaling him to wait.

"We should contact Rika and the others. They need to know what's going on and we can't make this kind of decision without them. Digimon are supposed to be scarce and seeing this large of a force heading towards them means that something serious just happened." Renamon explained. Guilmon and Terriermon nodded in agreement before reaching out with their mental links.

Log Village, Elemental Nations

"As the log takes your place, you become the Log! The log becomes you! For a moment, you are an extension of the Log's blessing unto ninja!" Fubuki declared. "That is our creed! Follow it and the Log will forever hold you in its almighty favour!"

"I WILL BELIEVE!" Takato declared. However, as the brown haired teenager was about to say more, he, along with the other two Tamers, felt familiar pulls in their minds. 'What is it, Guilmon?'

'Ummm Takatomon, I think you should know that there are a couple of Digimon headed your way.'

'A couple? Like three or four?' Takato asked. 'You guys could take 'em no problem. By the way where are these Digimon at?'

'They are right...'


Everyone in the village turned to see the gates of the village had been smashed down and caused a significantly large dust cloud to form. The sound of marching then met their ears and Fubuki made his way to the head of the throng of people, his closed eyes tightening as he glared at the dust cloud.

"Who dares to disturb the holy sanctuary of the Log?!"

Everyone's eyes then widened when they saw a large group of demonic looking creatures stomp out of the depths of the dust cloud. The three Tamers leaped atop the branches of the nearby trees and got a bird's eye view. They whipped out their D-Arks and scanned the Digimon.

The first holographic image to show itself was a Digimon that looked like a dead tree. Its body coloured in a mixture of bronze-yellow and brown and looked very much like a tree trunk, but the top area looked like it had been thoroughly broken off leaving its head jagged in appearance. It was hollow inside the Digimon. It had two pairs of arms, the first pair being larger and located higher above the second pair of arms. The first pair of arms were similar in appearance to how its body was, large and broken once it reached the end. Three spikes jutted out from what would be the tree-like Digimon's shoulder area and there was a small stump-like protrusion located on each forearm. The second pair of arms protruded from its body, just below its jaws, and had actual hands. Each hand had five fingers that were pointed to give it the image of claws. Four roots grew out from the bottom of its body to act like legs. The final characteristics were its startling blue eyes and its mouth appeared as if its teeth were carved out, giving them a sharp and jagged appearance.

"Woodmon, a Champion level Digimon. Because their bodies are made of wood, they can easily catch fire and thus greatly fear fiery Digimon, although this is a downside, the bark acts like armour to most other attacks. With a ferocious personality, Woodmon are known to disguise themselves as trees to absorb the energy from other unsuspecting Digimon. Its attacks are Branch Drill and Wood Smash." Rika read.

then scanned the minority of the Digimon that entered the Log Village, numbering at only five. The holographic image of Woodmon was replaced by this Digimon's appearance, this one being much more tree-like. This Digimon was massive, about as tall as WarGrowlmon. Its bark was coloured a dark brown mixed with ash gray. Lush, green leaves grew from its branches and were knitted close together to give the Digimon the appearance that it had a leafy afro. Cherries grew in the afro and there were also a set of vines that descended from the branches. It also had a mustache of leaves growing on its face. Three pairs of arms protruded from its body, all of them having hands. The top pair of hands were the most human looking, the middle pair was the largest and the lowest pair was larger than the top pair but smaller than the middle pair. The middle and lower hands had sharp gnarly claws and in the lowest left hand, a wooden, T-shaped cane was gripped. Eight gnarly roots stretched forth from the base of the tree Digimon's trunk-like body to use as legs. Its mouth was in a scowl to show its teeth (odd things for a tree to have) and its eyes shone a frightening shade of golden yellow.

"Now next we have Cherrymon. He's an Ultimate level Digimon. Called the "Lord of the Deep Forest", it is a terrifying Digimon who tempts Digimon who have gone astray in the dark deep forest to go further and deeper into the woods, so that they will never break out of that forest. The fog it generates from its body displays illusions, tempting the opponent into the forest depths, where it uses its branches like tentacles and ivy to capture the opponent for its own nutrition." Henry said. "Its attacks are Cherry Blast, Illusion Mist and Vine Attack."

'Takatomon...they kinda just busted down the gate to the village.'

'Ya don't say?' Takato deadpanned.

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