A Dirty Harry fanfiction


Lyle Francis Padilla

(aka MadTom)

After The Dead Pool, Harry has married and settled down, retired from the SFPD and taken a job as chief of police in a small, quiet town in California's wine country. Then as he and his wife Samantha start counting down the months until he retires for good, word comes that their only daughter Julianna has been shot on the job- as a SWAT sniper in Toronto, Ontario.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make!" the Deputy Chief called out to the police officers assembled in the briefing room of the small suburban police department, then waited for them to settle and silence. "Chief Callahan is on emergency family leave until further notice. Most of you have heard about the sniper incident in Toronto yesterday, one police officer dead, another officer and a security guard wounded. The wounded officer is Chief Callahan's daughter Julianna, who is in serious but stable condition. Chief and Mrs. Callahan are on their way to Toronto. Please keep the family in your prayers. Thank you."

The briefing room broke into loud murmurs.

"Poor Chief!"

"The Old Man finally shakes his reputation, retires from the City, then remarries and has... what? Four, five kids?"

"Five. Three of them on the job."

"Yeah. Isn't the daughter in Toronto the one who's on their SWAT team?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"And he comes out of retirement to come here so he can put his kids through college, then his youngest is about to graduate so he can really retire for good. Then his only daughter gets hurt on the job!"

"Anyone hear what happened to the shooter?"

"Dead at the scene. I presume the rest of their SWAT team got him."

"He gets off lucky, then. Can you imagine the Old Man getting to Toronto and deciding to go after the shooter?" That line triggered a roar of laughter from everyone.

"Nah! That was ages ago. Cut the Old Man some slack!"

Author's Note:

That was just a teaser. This is actually a crossover, and although I do my share of crossovers, I don't like categorizing them as such lest I spoil the story. Trust me, you don't have to be a fan of the other universe with which this story crosses over to enjoy this as a Dirty Harry fanfic. And since ff dot net does not allow duplicate story postings, this is just a marker page with teaser to alert you to the story. The whole story can be found under the title Dirty Family Secrets on my Author's Profile Page. Enjoy!