A/N: It can be read as a sequel to my other story, "This emptiness in him". I posted this on tumblr just few hours after writing "This…", because I made mokona-pyuh cry. Oops?

Like it used to be

It was like Kagami said. Aomine got his chance and could use it or refuse to change. Fortunately for everyone, the Touou's ace chose the first option; Kuroko was more than happy because of it. Looking at Daiki's play when he has 1-on-1 match - with Kise or Kagami, it doesn't matter - at his smile, makes Tetsuya want to smile too. Aomine's laughter isn't cruel any more; it's nice, rich and smooth, like a silk.

"Oi, Kuroko, why are you smiling?" Kagami comes to him, holding ball under his arm. Behind him Tetsuya sees Aomine - Aomine with a smile on his face and bright, shining with happiness eyes and he feels like butterflies just started flying in his stomach. Daiki's gaze becomes more kind than happy when he looks at Kuroko and the boy wants to laugh and cry with joy. He has his former light back.

"No reason."