A long time ago in a spaceship there was this little boy with curly dark hair and bright beautiful eyes. He was excited for new adventures; he was excited to make friends and to play and jump around.

The little boy loved to play hide and seek with his new friends. He always found good places to hide: in closets, under beds, between things… This time it was under a table.

There he saw a little girl with pretty long hair who was crying. He looked at her sadly and confused because he was having so much fun while the little girl cried.

"Why are you crying?" He asked her.

She looked at him afraid, like she didn't know if he was trustworthy. "I miss my mommy." She confided in him.

The little boy smiled softly. "Your mommy wouldn't want you sad. Do you wanna play with us?"

He offered his hand to her happily, but she looked at it not sure of what to do.

"It will be fun." He flashed her a smile.

The little girl relaxed and tears stopped streaming down her face. She smiled tentatively and brought her hand to his slowly, fearing that he would take his offer back. He gripped her with strength and pulled her towards him grinning.

"Come on, let's tell the others." He said. "What number are you?"


"Great! I'm Eight." He laughed happily.


He had never believed in love. "Love" had taken Reynolds away from him. Falling in love was not for him or any of the Lorics still alive. It was too risky, too dangerous.

But then he met her. He liked her. He liked her a lot. She was nice and cute and so different. It was like fresh air for his lungs. He had never been so interested in knowing more about someone. She was special; he could see it. He loved spending time with her, making her laugh, talking to her… Everything was great as long as she was by his side.

Eight didn't believe in love. But when Marina kissed him, he wanted to change his mind just for her.


"Turn that thing off!"

"Sorry." Eight smiled sheepishly.

"Where the fuck were you?"

"Damn, Nine, you aren't my babysitter."

"Ugh, you had another date with Marina?" Eight's face flushed and he was thankful Nine couldn't see him in the darkness. "Of course you did."

"We went out for a walk."

"I'm sick of your walking arounds. There are Mogs tracking us down to kill every single one of us while you suck her face off."

"I don't suck her face!"

"Yeah, sure. I bet you have sex hair and swollen lips, you tiger."

"What…?" Eight went to the mirror to check.

"Hey! The light! Some people were sleeping!"


"Just get into your damn bed."


He looked at her. He couldn't breathe. The sword was deep in him and he knew it was too late. Her wide eyes looked at him and he wished that the blow had been a little bit lower so she would have time to cure him again because he didn't want this to be the last time he looked at her.

He tried to say something. There was so much that he still hadn't told her. Things he would never be able to tell her. But no sound came from his mouth.

His outstretched arms tried to reach her one last time but she was so far away. He would never take her hand in his, have her lean against him or hug her ever again. No more walks in the park, no more greasy pizza.

Ever again.

That seemed like an awful lot of time.

Darkness was filling his sight when he realized that he didn't regret taking the blow; he only regretted not being able to fulfill his promise.


A week went by. It was one of the strangest and most difficult weeks of her life. Her heart ached so much that any emotion hurt. All she could feel was anger and sorrow. Then she was told how Ella was kidnapped and it was like someone took her shredded heart, threw it on the ground and stepped on it.

But she couldn't fight for them if she cried or didn't keep her anger in check, so she tried to focus on the good things, even if there were few. She tried to smile when tears threatened to fall because she imagined neither Ella or Eight wouldn't want her to be sad. He had always smiled and laughed and his grin had always been contagious. But now that it was gone, nothing lighted up her day. The constant reminder of the scar saddened her more but it also didn't let her forget about the war they needed to win.

There was only a thought that comforted her: the Mogadorians would lose. She was done being a curse. No one else would die on her watch.


The handcuffs were hurting him and the rope was too tight holding him to that chair. They had given him something that took his Legacies away a few hours ago.

He didn't remember much, barely anything at all, but in his head there was a word repeating itself over and over again: Marina.

It was enough to give him strength to flee.


If something like heaven existed, Marina didn't know. She had been in a catholic convent for many years but she had never believed this human religion. She could understand why they believed, though. It was comforting to know that the people you lost were somewhere happy; that they weren't really lost forever, and that they would be waiting when your journey of life was over.

She wanted to believe in it so badly; to think that Eight was watching them from above with a playful smile gracing his face. But it didn't seem to be possible.

Still, some nights she liked to close her eyes and trick herself into believing.

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