(warning: it's m-rated!)

None of them knew how it was supposed to be. They had heard stuff, sure, but both were inexperienced. But everyone is inexperienced when they first do it.

They had thought that one day it would happen, but they would plan it and make it special. Except it wasn't. It was special but not planned. This wasn't what they expected when they kissed that night. He leaned to kiss her but instead of being an innocent good night kiss, he felt passion and longing and he didn't want to stop. She kissed him back with equal force, savoring his lips, her back against the door. All her frustration and worry about Ella being washed away by him and his calloused. She managed to open the door without breaking the kiss. They were making out in the hallway and anyone could walk in (and if they did, they would never hear the end of it). The room was empty and dark. It was Six turn to stay with Ella, so she was sleeping in her room that night.

They went inside in an embrace and Marina pushed Eight this time against the door to shut it. He held her by waist but his hands liked to go up and down her figure following the curves of her body. They stopped by her waist again but under the fabric. Suddenly, he turned them around earning a gasp from her. The kiss was broken but not the mood. His lips brushed her skin until they stopped at her neck, where they sucked and nipped making her moan.
Marina's hands gripped his shirt. It had to go.

Eight quickly understood and he took it off but wanting to tease her, he slowly removed it. She sighed and pushed it off so she could kiss him again. The shirt fell on the floor and soon there was a trail of clothing to the bed.

Never leaving her mouth, he set her down gently. He tried not to crush her under his weight. Right now she seemed so fragile and beautiful, but Marina was as Loric as him. She forced him on his back, so she was straddling him (which turned him on even more). Putting her forehead against his, he smiled happily as they heard each other's heavy breathing.

"What are we doing?" Marina asked with a little smile of her own.

He kissed her sweetly. "Nothing, if you don't want to." His eyes were full of love and lust. He was ready for this. He had been for quite some time.

Marina couldn't bring herself to refuse him, not when he was staring at her like that and being so sweet, so caring. She realized that this was as perfect as any other moment, because they were together.

She kissed him hard but he needed her full approval.

"Are you sure about this?"

Marina looked intensely at him. Her heart was beating hard and quick but she could feel his doing the same. She quietly laughed because both of them were as nervous as eager to love each other.

"Yes." She muttered before kissing him again.

Eight smiled into the kiss. His lips hungrily devoured hers as he felt his underwear awfully tightened. Marina could feel his erection too since she was positioned right over him and she felt hot. Hotter than before. Meanwhile, his hands ran down her bare back until they cupped her butt and brought her closer leaving no gaps between them. Their tongues played together as her own hands explored his body as well. They touched his chest and abs and the simple contact of their skins made him sigh with pleasure.

"I love you." It was almost a whisper, but she could swear she heard it as he breathed hard into her ear.

He penetrated her carefully (and a little clumsily), her nails digging into his back trying to suppress a moan and he was scared that he was hurting her. But anything he wanted to say was shushed by her lips.

None of them knew how it was supposed to be done. The first time isn't perfect, but when a while later Marina was peacefully laying on Eight's sweaty arms, he knew that it couldn't have been better than this.

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