The man came in with handcuffs wrapped around his wrists to a plain white room with plain white doors, a plain white table, and a women dressed in plain white clothes. It was bright, and it took the man a couple of seconds to ajust his eyes, but in time, he could see everything in plain sight. He sat down at a chair across the table, and the lady threw a pair of keys across the table. Colin quickly grabbed them, and in quite under a half of a minute, he was out. "Mr. Haze, Mr. Haze," the woman said. "What have you done" She said with a half smile, mentally noting to Haze that she had made a joke, almost. "Actually, a lot of things. Why do you think I am still alive?" said Colin. The woman leaned into the table. "Look, Haze, we were just wondering why the world is wondering questions about the events that happened recently that we cannot answer. And every research piece on this whole entire crisis leads to you, Colin. Now start talking." The woman said in a firm tone. Colin laughed. "So, Ms. Handolf." The woman looked with curiosity because only twenty people in the world knew her first name, if not last, and he was obviously not one of them. "…How about you start talking, and explain to me why random people just looking like the people that killed my father, trying to kill me? Isn't that strange? What kind of stuff are you after, then bring in innocent people into the mess." said Colin. "You are not innocent, Haze! Why do you think we brought you here!" The woman said with a firm voice, not sounding like the woman she was two minutes ago. "So, you want answers? Ok, you got them Somewhere in this freaking building, Joan! But if you want to hear what happened to the boy who lost his father twenty three years ago to some assassin, then you better listen pretty closely because that is all there is to my story!" Said Colin, sounding even more firm, then he relaxed in his seat. The woman grabbed her notepad and tape recorder and pen. "It all started years ago…"