Sooo this little ficlet is pretty much plotless. I just watched The God Complex and I wondered exactly how and when Rory told the Doctor about the car... and this little piece came out of my mind. Hope you guys like it!

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"So, wait. You're telling me this old rat trap was yours? I mean you actually drove that thing?"

"Oi! Don't diss the ride! She was cool, my Bessie was! In fact, she was rather posh-"

Rory and Amy snorted in perfect sync. "Bessie?"

The Doctor frowned and fingered his bowtie defensively. "What?"

Amy managed to put on a completely unconvincing straight face while Rory still sniggered. "No, no, I totally understand. So what was she like, your Bessie? Did she go 'chitty, chitty, bang, bang!' every time she saw you?"

Rory was beset upon by an extra loud batch of giggles and Amy joined in, her straight face cracking.

The Doctor's frown deepened. "What, was that supposed to be an insult? It was a wonderful movie, that thing, and the car was just adorable. It's everybody's favourite car. Go on, admit it!"

Rory somehow recovered enough breath to talk again. "No, Doctor, that would be everybody's favourite car-" he pointed at the picture of a sleek, red, open-bodied sports car –"or at least it's my favourite car. Bessie would be the favourite car of only people like Caractacus Potts –people like you, Doctor!"

The Doctor grinned smugly. "A smart, suave inventor with superior singing and dancing skills? Yes, I see what you mean."

Amy's eyes widened as she mouthed 'superior dancing' incredulously while Rory snorted, "No, I mean a bowtie-wearing, socially-inept, forgetful inventor who invents things that barely work."

"Oi! I am nothing like that! And bowties are cool!" –the Doctor added petulantly, his face flushed.

Amy giggled. "Well, there's old Grandpa Potts. You know, with all the wanderlust and the storytelling and the make-believe worlds in his little shed…" She paused, then smirked mischievously. "So, yeah, another madman in a box –just like you, Doctor!" The Ponds burst into laughter again while the Doctor grew more and more red-faced.

"Alright –you know what, that's it! See if I'll let you posh lot look into my personal library again." The Doctor snatched the large illustrated book from a still-chortling Rory's hands and stalked off into the Tardis interior, grumbling indistinctly.

Okay, references: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is my second favourite musical of all time. Basically, it's the story of a magical 1910's racecar that goes çhitty chitty bang bang' as you drive it, and... really, I can do no justice to it. I've heard the stage version is brilliant, too, but since I live in a country where the stage version never has played, I content myself with the movie. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, you must, it's got oodless of Dick Van Dyke goodness and loads of songs to sing along to.

'Posh' by the way, is the name of one of the songs from the movie, a hilarious one by old Grandpa Potts.

For those of you who've only watched New Who (like me) and don't know what happened in Classic Who, Bessie was the name of the vintage car (see the story image) that the Third Doctor drove when he was exiled to Earth and was forbidden to use the Tardis. For the whole story regarding that, I suggest Wikipedia.

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