Here's the next chapter, it would have been up sooner but to be truthfully honest with you all, A few things have made me have doubts about my story writing and wondering if I want to continue with it. I will obviously finish this story but not sure what I'm going to do in terms of writing after. anyway, I hope you all enjoy this chapter :)

"Maybe a monster came and stole are 'jamas"

"Josh, why would a monster want to eat our pyjamas?"

"Cos he was hungry"

"Maybe. I don't think this is the hotel that Daddy said we were staying at"

"Why not?"

"Cos I don't think a hotel would have a photo of Grandpa on the wall"

"I'll wake Mummy up and ask her if it's a hotel"


Lindsay smiled at the little exchange between her children, keeping her eyes close she waited for Joshua to come and wake her up.

"Mummy" Joshua whispered loudly before prodding her nose with his finger "It's wake up time"

Lindsay slowly opened her eyes and smiled at her son "Morning"

"You're awake!" Joshua exclaimed. "Tell Lucy we are in a hotel"

"I told you we're not Josh, cos a hotel wouldn't have photos of Grandpa up"

"They might" Joshua replied.

Lindsay laughed as she sat up in bed "Lucy's right Josh, we're not in a hotel"

"Oh... where are we then?"

"We're staying at Grandpa's house for the week"

Lucy's mouth fell open "We are? Is Grandpa here?"

"Of course Grandpa's here, it's his house" Lindsay laughed.

"Can I go see him? Please?" the five-year old begged excitedly.

"No, not right now as it's..." Lindsay looked over at the alarm clock that sat on the night stand "twenty to six, wow you two got up early today"

"Mummy" Joshua said as he attempted to climb on to the bed "Where's are 'jamas?"

Lindsay lifted him up and sat him on her lap "You and Lucy fell asleep on the plane last night, so instead of waking you up and changing you into your pyjamas we decided to just let you sleep in your vest and pants"

"Oh kay" Joshua replied before shuffling over to sit in the middle of the bed "whys Daddy not awake yet?"

"Because Daddy's very tired. Why don't we go and run the two of you a bath while Daddy sleeps." Lindsay suggested as she climbed out of bed.

"Okay" Lucy replied.

"Can we wake Daddy up after the bath?" Joshua asked as Lindsay lifted him from the bed and held him against her hip.

"We'll see" she told him as she led her two children to the bathroom.

A couple of hours later both children had been bathed and dressed, Lucy in a yellow summer dress while Joshua was in a pair of denim shorts and a spider man top. They had both played in their room while Lindsay got herself ready and now the three of them were at the breakfast table, the children were eating their cereal while Lindsay was putting Lucy's hair into two French braids.

"Can we play some more after breakfast?" Joshua asked before taking a sip of his orange juice.

"You can for a little bit but I think Grandpa might have a surprise for the two of you a bit later" Lindsay replied as she tied the bobble into the bottom of one of Lucy's braids.

Joshua's eyes went wide and the mention of a surprise "A nice one?"

"The best one" Lindsay told him as she started on the second braid.

The door to the kitchen opened and a very sleepy looking Danny made his way in rubbing his eyes. "Morning" he yawned.

"Daddy!" Joshua squealed excitedly. Slipping out of his chair he ran over to his Father and wrapped his little arms around his waist.

"Hey Buddy" Danny smiled as he lifted Joshua up "Have you finished your breakfast"

"No" Joshua replied shaking his head.

"Well, you shouldn't be getting down from the table then, should you? You know the rules and just because we're on holiday, doesn't mean they've changed, okay?" Danny told him as he carried him over and placed him back on his chair. "Now, I'm going to get dressed, I want that bowl empty when I get back"

"Kay Daddy" Joshua picked up his spoon and began to eat his cereals.

Danny kissed the top of his son's head "Good boy" he then made his way over to Lindsay "Sleep well?"

"Yeah" she smiled as she tied the final bobble in Lucy's hair. "I forgot how comfy that bed was"

"It was really comfy" he agreed before giving her a kiss.

"Do I look pretty, Daddy?" Lucy asked interrupting the couple from where she sat at the table.

"You look very pretty, Lucy-girl" Danny told her.

"So do you" She grinned at him before scooping up another spoonful of cereal.

Danny laughed and kissed the top of her head "You are funny. Right, I'm just going to get dressed, I'll be back soon"

Danny left the room and bumped in to Robert as he was coming down the stairs. "am I the last one up?"

Danny nodded "Yeah, but it's hard to be the first, when you're in a house with Joshua and Lucy so I wouldn't worry about it"

"Are they all in the kitchen?"

"Yeah, they're just having breakfast" Danny explained "I'll be down in a minute, just want to get dressed"

"Okay, see you in bit" Robert smiled before heading off to the kitchen to find his grandchildren.

"Grandpa!" Lucy squealed as he entered. She quickly scooped up the last few spoonfuls of cereals from her bowl before running over and giving Robert a cuddle.

Joshua, who'd last seen his Grandpa when he was six months old and had only spoken to him over the phone or on Skype stayed on his chair and observed the interaction between his sister and their grandfather.

"Are you going to say hi, Josh?" Lindsay asked.

"I've not ate all my cereal yet" Joshua replied.

"Well eat it up and then you can say hello"

"Or I could just come to you" Robert smiled as he sat on Lucy's chair and lifted his granddaughter on to his lap. "I can't belive how big you two have got"

"I'm getting big and strong like Daddy" Joshua said shyly.

"You are, and you are starting to look more like your Daddy too"

"Do I look like Daddy?" Lucy asked.

"You look a lot like your Mummy, Luce but you've got your Dad's eyes, don't you?"

Lucy nodded with a grin. "I like my blue eyes, Uncle Flack has blue eyes too"

"He does?"

"Yeah but their not as blue as Daddy's!"

"Do you got a 'prise for us?" Joshua asked his Grandpa.

"I don't know, do I?" Robert asked looking up at Lindsay.

"I thought you might like to take them to meet your friends in the field"

Robert thought for a minute trying to work out who his 'friends' were before it finally clicked "Oh yes, I'd love to take them down there"

Lucy looked up at her Mother "Take us where?"

"You'll see" Lindsay smiled.

Half an hour later the four Messers and Robert made their way to the small horse field that sat just behind Robert's back yard.

"Where we going?" Lucy asked as she skipped along side her parents.

"It's just down here" Robert said pointing to the field in front of them.

"But I don't see nothing 'cept grass" Lucy sighed.

"I see, I see!" Joshua exclaimed from where he sat on Danny's shoulders.

"What? What do you see?" Lucy asked.

Joshua pointed towards the field. "Horsies, Lucy, lots and lots of them!"

"I love horses!" Lucy said excitedly before beginning to run towards the field.

"Has she ever even seen a horse?" Robert asked.

"Well she saw them here when she was two and then Mac and Christine took them both to a small farm a few months back where she got to ride a horse" Lindsay explained.

"She wanted her own one for weeks after that, had a name for it and everything" Danny added.

"That reminds me of someone else I know" Robert smiled as he looked at Lindsay.

"Hey, I wasn't that bad"

"Oh you were, you even drew a map of the garden and showed me where I was meant to build the stable"

Lindsay laughed "Okay, okay, maybe I was as bad"

They soon arrived at the horse field where Lucy was already stood on the fence stroking the nose of a brown horse. "He's so lovely, can we keep him?"

"No" Danny replied quickly "I'm sure he already has an owner who loves him very much"

"Oh" Lucy pouted "Can I least ride him?"

"Not today, Lucy but I will speak to the owner and see if you can have a ride before you go home, does that sound okay?" Robert suggested.

Lucy nodded "That sounds great, Grandpa!"

"I thought it would"

"Daddy, Daddy" Lucy said excitedly as she grabbed the bottom of her Father's t-shirt "Let's go see the white horse down there"

"Okay, come on then" letting go of one of Joshua's legs, he took hold of Lucy's hand and together the three of them made their way to the white horse.

"He's a good Father, isn't he?" Robert asked Lindsay as she leant against the fence and stroked the brown horse's mane.

"The best" she smiled "the children idolize him, just as he does them"

"I'm glad things worked out for the two of you"

"So am I, not sure I could have raised Lucy on my own, I mean I would have done, if that's how things had worked out but I can imagine it would have been hard"

Robert nodded "You'd of managed, Linds. You're just like your Mother in that respect"

Lindsay gave him a small smile before turning back to stroke the horse.

"I hope on your visit up here that'll you'll take some time to visit your Mum"


"Lindsay, look I know it's hard but you're going to visit the girls, so why can't you visit your Mother at the same time"

Lindsay sighed "I saw the girls die, Dad. I saw the life drain from them, so in my head they're dead and they're never coming back but the last time I saw Mum, she was happily singing in the kitchen as she made one of her famous Victoria sponges... I guess I'm just scared that if I visit her grave it'll make that vision disappear"

"Why would it?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm just being silly"

"I can come with you if you like? Or you can take Danny?"

Lindsay nodded "I'll go, Dad. I just... not today"

"Okay, not today but as long as you do go to visit her"

The two stood in a comfortable silence for a few minutes before Lindsay finally spoke "I miss her"

"So do I, sweetheart"

"It makes me sad, Dad that she never got to meet Joshua and she never got to see Lucy grow into the beautiful little girl that she is"

"I'm sure she's watching over them, Lindsay"

"I'd like to think so"

"When you go down you can tell her all about them, even take them with you if you want to"

Lindsay shook her head "I don't want them two to have to visit a graveyard on their holiday. They both have some sort of understanding about death, obviously because of the job me and Danny do but I don't really want to thrust it upon them this week"

"No and I completely understand that" Robert told her.

"Mummy, come see this horsie!" Joshua called from where he now stood on the fence with Lucy.

"I'm coming, Josh" Lindsay called back. "Coming Dad?"

"Of course"

Lindsay smiled and linked her arm through her Father's and together the two of them went to join the rest of the family.