As a naturally curious person, I have a lot of questions in life. For example, why do good people die and evil people live? Or, why can't I eat forever without worrying about gaining weight?

But the biggest question I have is how in the hell did I end up in a magical land?

My name is Rose. I was a normal seventeen year old girl living with her mother. Well not "normal" exactly but close enough. My parents were divorced and I couldn't stand my father. He was an addict for everything you could possibly think of. Drugs, alcohol, pot, you name it. It was 2013 and I was all ready for my senior year. Was I excited? No. I had no idea what to do when I graduated. Not to sound like every other female teenager, but I wasn't good at anything. Well, except reading.

That was really all I liked to do. It was the end of the summer and my mother and I were at the beach, yet I was holed up inside our hotel room reading. I lived inside the books I read. They consumed me for hours at a time. As much as I loved them, they made me sad. More than anything I wanted to be one of those characters in the books. All I wanted was to have some kind of epic adventure with passion, sword fighting, and, well, FUN. I felt out of place here in this boring society. Nothing about being here felt right.

To sound dramatic, since I was a child I had felt completely empty inside. Sure I had my sarcasm keep my company, a fantastic mother, and a roof over my head. But it never was enough. The things my father put my family through didn't help much either. The doctors declared me to have depression, which in a way was true. Everything I wanted out of life was absolutely impossible.

Or so I thought.

"Rose, honey?" my mom came into the room we were sharing at the hotel. "I had an idea."

"One second," I said, lounging on the bed that was mine. I was nearly finished "The Princess Bride."

Mom came over and sat down on the bed next to me, pulling the book out of my hands. I opened my mouth in protest but she cut me off.

"Why don't we actually go down to the beach like we came to do?"
I blinked. "But that's like . . . outside and stuff." My skin was white as snow. The sun would destroy it immediately.

Apparently, she didn't care about burns because a half an hour later I was in my bathing suit at the beach. I wore a purple bikini that my friend insisted I buy for it made me appear to actually have a nice body.

I had to admit, once I was in the water I felt great. It was calm with small waves. My mom was lying on her beach blanket, attempting to get a tan. I swam for a while, feeling at peace. A few strands of my long auburn hair went in one of my dark brown eyes, getting some major bit of salt into it. I rubbed it fiercely, trying to get rid of the burning.

"Come on," I muttered. Finally, the burning sensation went away. Right in time to look up and see the biggest wave I'd ever seen hurtling towards me.

I barely had time to scream, "Oh, fuck!" before it swallowed me whole.