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Nothing's Black and White

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: She Who Seeks Justice

Corallo Island was a unique Island. Mostly because it was the largest Coral Island on the first half of the Grand Line. Due to this it didn't have a magnetic signature.

However this was also the reason why it not only attracted pirates but also had a Marine Base, it's coral and artisan who created such fine works of art with the coral.

At the shore tow men who were harvesting coral looked at their haul.

"It looks like it's going to be a fine haul." Said one of them.

"I know right!" said the other.

That was when someone came from behind knocked out the two men, it was pirates.

The captain grabbed the coral and looked at it.

"So this is the famous Corallo Coral." Said the captain, "I'm sure I can fetch such a good price though."

"I would be putting that back if I were you." Came a voice.

They turned to see a 15 year old girl. She had very curly hair put into pigtail and was wearing a white sundress with yellow flowers on it.

The captain laughed.

"Who's going to stop me? You?" he asked.

"I am." Said the girl.

The captain stopped laughing.

"We mean business little girl." Said the captain, "And I can't have any witnesses."

The caption mentioned for his men to fire on the girl. When they she jumped into the air there was a bright flash of light.

She landed on her feet, however she was dressed in a completely different outfit.

She was now wearing a dress, it skirt was yellow with a black trim, the top was white, around her wait appear to be a dark grey bodice and around her neck was a yellow ribbon. She had grey socks with white stripes that went up to her thigh, as well as black and yellow boots. On her head was black hat, attached it was something white and fluffy (it was unknown was it was) and in her hair was a large golden hairpin that resembled a flower.

"So what you changed your outfit." Mocked the pirate captain.

The girl removed her hat and swiped in the air, when she did several muskets came out of her hat.

"So what… you just summoned muskets out of your hat…" mocked the pirate captain starting to sound unsure.

That was when she grabbed the gun and fired them. However every time she missed all of the pirates.

The pirates laughed.

"You're all show aren't you?" asked the captain, "However I think you might be worth more alive than dead capture her men!"

The pirates ran towards her… completely unaware from the bullet holes on the ground erupted ribbons that grabbed all but the captain.

"What the…" said captain.

The captain looked at the girl.

"You ate a Devil Fruit, didn't you?" asked the captain.

"Yes, the Ribbon Ribbon Fruit." Said the girl.

That was when suddenly the captain found himself being tied with ribbons as well, but this time it was a red one with a strange lock on it.

The girl pulled out something from her skirt, it was a lot of wanted posters. She began to go through them.

"Captain Tiger Tiberius bounty 25 Million." stated the girl, "You're not worth much, are you?"

"Who are you?" asked the captain.

"My name is Tomoe Mami, and I'm a bounty hunter." Said the girl.

The girl, named Mami, took the pirates to the marine base and met with the captain. He was a talk man with some muscle but not too much. He appeared to be a nice man with light green hair and no facial hair.

"Amazing Mami! Simply amazing." Said the captain of the base, one captain Buckley Abner, "Another job well done."

"It wasn't anything." Said Mami.

'After this I'm sure I can get HQ to bend the rules." Said Captain Buckley, "I know your young but your record, even after being here for only two months."

"You don't' have to." Said Mami.

"Think about it." Said Captain Buckley.

That was when Captain Buckley's assistant Amelia came into the room. She had short light brown hair and very nice.

"I have the new wanted posters." Said Amelia she looked at Mami, "Oh and I have some for you too."

Mami looked at the posters, she looked at them.

"I'm sure you heard the news about the Straw Hat pirates." Said Captain Buckley.

"The Impel Down Incident, of course." Said Mami.

"Well the world governed gave them either new bounties and for the members that didn't' have them added them." Explained Captain Buckley.

"I don't know if I can use this poster." Said Mami.

"Is because their pet is only 50 Berry?" asked Captain Buckley.

"No not that one." Said Mami, "I mean this one."

She showed him the picture for "Black Leg" Sanji.

"I don't think they got the best artist for this one…" said Mami.

Amelia started laughing hysterically, "I'm sorry… sorry… it's just that it looked like a guy my cousin dated once…"

"I think I can understand that." Said Captain Buckley, "Is there anything else you wanted to talk about."

"I was also wondering if you knew anything about the Coral Pirates." Said Mami.

The Coral Pirates were a prate crew that was based in the area it was often that they world ransack the towns of the island but the Marines were always too late.

"No… no sighting yet." Said Captain Buckley.

"I see." Said Mami.

"I know you promised the islanders that you would catch them but give up already… no one can catch them." Said Captain Buckley.

Mami sighed and left not only the office but also the base.

With some of the money she earned, she decided to go shopping. She went to the food stalls.

"Oh hello Mami, what would like to buy?" asked the stall owner.

"Just some strawberries today." Said Mami.

"Of course." Said the stall owner.

He gave her some of the strawberries.

Mami then went to another stall to buy sugar, flour and eggs.

"Making one of your cakes again?" asked the woman who ran the stall.

"I am." Said Mami.

"If you ever need extra money why don't sell your cakes." Said the woman.

"No I just caught a pirate today so I'm good." Said Mami.

The woman laughed, "I'm still surprised someone so young could so powerful."

Mami headed home as she walked home she walked passed several little girls picking flowers.

"It's Mami!" said one of the girl.

Another little ran over to her, "I picked you some flowers." Said the little girl.

"Thank you." Responded Mami patting the little on the head and taking flowers.

She got to her house, which was a simple house on the outskirts of town, she got a vase and put water into it, then placed the flowers into it.

She then started baking a cake.

As she did she reflected on her life. The truth was, she wasn't from the island, she had only arrived there a few months ago, but it wasn't just that she wasn't from but rather the universe as well.


Tomoe Mami was a magical girl.

A magical girl was a young girl who made contract with a creature named Kyubey to fight horrible monsters called witches and their familiars in order to protect humans, in exchange they get one wish.

Most magical girls fight for their own gain BT Mami was unique. However it was a very lonely job.

But this… the was a very good day, she was training two other girls, Kaname Madoka and Miki Sayaka to become magical girls, and Madoka made the promise that after Mami killed this wish she herself would become a magical girl.

How it was not meant to be, in Mami's joy she got reckless. The witch also had an ability, it started off small, however she shot with a musket it suddenly grew into a giant monster clown worm.

Mami stood in fear it chomped down on her.

Mami knew nothing… until she felt herself being shaken.

She opened her eyes found herself on a beach, tow young boys were shaking her.

"You're awake." Said one of the boys.

"Where am I?" asked Mami.

She began to think back, she knew the witch ate her and now she's on a beach.

"Is this heaven?" She thought.

"You're on Corallo Island." Said the other boy.

"Corallo Island?" asked Mami.

"Were you in a ship wreck?" asked the first boy.

"No." said Mami.

"Then how did you get here?" asked the first boy.

"I don't know." Said Mami.

That was when she noticed she was in her school uniform, she looked at her middle finger.

"My Soul Gem is gone." She thought.

That was when they heard gunfire.

"Oh no pirates again!" yelled one of the boy.

"Pirates?" asked Mami.

"Don't you know about pirates?" asked the second boy.

"No." said Mami.

"Maybe she has amnesia and somehow doesn't remember pirates!" said the first boy.

"No that's impossible." Said the second, "How can she loose all of her memory of pirates!"

Mami decided to investigate.

She headed to the closest town and hide from behind a building however the boys followed her.

She watched as the pirates forced the people of the town to stand together as they were being tied up.

"All right! Let's raid this town before the marines get here!" said the captain.

"Oy!" yelled his crew.

Mami watched…

"I don't have my Soul Gem… will I be able to fight them?" she thought.

That was when she felt a gun pointed at her.

"Captain I found more!" yelled the pirate pointing the gun at her.

That was when instinctively Mami created ribbons to bind him.

Mami looked at her hand.

"I still have my powers." She thought.

The pirates all turned to her, with their guns drawn.

Mami closed her eyes, she felt it, even with out her soul gem she could transform.

"So you have the ability to change clothes." So what mocked the captain.

Mami curtsied, and a few muskets came out of her dress.

"Well that's unexpected." Said one of the pirates.

Mami fired at the pirates but missed every time.

"Was that supposed to do something?" asked captain.

From all nearby bullet whole ribbons appeared and formed a net around the pirates. She then created more ribbons to bind the pirates further.

The town's people watched and cheered. The two little boys ran over to their parents as they all celebrated.

That was when the marines appeared.

"Who are you?" asked one of the marines.

Before Mami could answer, the marine captain stopped him.

"She's the one who stopped the pirates, so she should be treated like a guest." Said the marine captain.

The captain took Mami to his office and began to ask question. Mami knew she would have to lie or at least omit parts of her story.

"So you don't know how you got here." Said the captain.

"No…" said Mami.

"Well considering your Devil Fruit powers, it wasn't a ship wreck." Said the captain.

"Devil Fruit?" asked Mami.

"You don't trembling eating a devil fruit either, that's strange. I mean with your abilities…"

Mami reminded silent.

"How old are you?" asked the captain.

"15." Answered Mami.

"That's a shame." Said the captain, "The age become a marine without starting out as a shore boy is 17."

That was when his assistant came in with a brief case.

"I have the money." Said his assistant.

The assistant gave the believe case to Mami who was confused.

"What's this for?" asked Mami.

"That pirate you caught as it turns has a 50 million berry bounty." Said the captain.

Mami was suspired, that was when the captain had a look on his face.

"Wait… you want to fight pirates, right?" asked the captain.

Mami nodded.

"Why don't you become a bounty hunter until your old enough to join the marines." Said the captain.

"I don't know." Said Mami.

"Think about it." Said the captain.

With the money from the bounty, she bought a house on the island along with future and a new wardrobe, after all she couldn't wear her old school uniform all the time.

After thinking about she decided to become a bounty hunter.

She also was properly introduced to the Marine Captain (Captain Buckley) and his assistant Amelia.

She also noticed when she transformed while hairpin was the same, it lacked the soul gem. She didn't know what it meant but it still did worry her.

She also got to knew the people of the island, and learned the island's plight. The marines were unable to catch the Coral Pirates. And she made it her goal to find them and bring them to justice.

However her perception of what was really going on was when she was invited to a beach party that some of the marines were holding.

"Are you sure you can go swimming Mami?" asked Amelia, "I mean your devil fruit powers."

"I keep telling you, they're no devil fruit powers." Sid Mami.

She jumped into the water from a small dock that was used often for jumping into the water to swim.

However she sank into the surprisingly deep water and passed out.

However when she passed out she had visions. Visions of what happened after she was eaten by the witch.

Madoka was too saddened to make a wish and become a magical girl. Sayaka on the other hand, who once asked if was possible to wish for someone else, became a magical girl to heal a boy's hand.

Not only did Kyoko, a magical girl who was once Mami's partner show up to claim Mami's territory get into fights with Sayaka, but also Soul Gems were the souls of magical girls and their bodies were just empty husks but also witnessed Sayaka turning into a witch.

Kyoko, who after finding out about the whole Soul Gem thing began to become friends with Sayaka died killing Sayaka's witch form so she wouldn't have to die alone.

Not only that but it turned out Homura, a magical girl Mami wasn't getting along with made a wish to protect Madoka in another time line… she was a time traveler and would rewind time anytime Madoka died.

What was worse was the most powerful witch in the world. Madoka couldn't let Homura fight for her anymore.

Madoka made the ultimate wish, to kill every signal witch before they were ever born in the past, present and future.

After these visions Mami found herself in her old apartment with Madoka. The tow talked about her wish then Kyoko showed up

After reassuring Madoka it would be fine, her apartment disappeared and alls but herself and Kyoko remain in a black void.

"Well that was interesting." Said Kyoko who was girl with long hair put into a ponytail, "So when you died were you sent to another city with you're powers turned into the ability to fight hollows?"

"Hollows?" asked Mami.

"Seriously?" asked Kyoko, "You're not fighting Hollows? Then what's going on with you?"

"I'm on an island on a planet that's not earth…" said Mami, "and I fight pirates."

'Seriously?" asked Kyoko, "I guess magical girls aren't sent to the same universe every time."

"What?" asked Mami.

That was when Madoka's voice came from nowhere and said.

"Don't worry, I won't tear you from your new lives. All magical girls who died without becoming witch's won' lose their lives because of my wish."

And that was there was a bright flash of light and Mami found herself in an infirmary.

"Good your awake." Said the doctor.

That was when also saw Amelia.

"You lied Mami! You did eat a devil fruit." Said Amelia, "Don't ever go swimming again! You hear me!"

Mami sighed…

In the next few days she entered a depression, most people thought was because of the fact that Mami either A. Remember how she got to the island or B. Finally found out about that she did indeed a devil fruit but didn't when or why.

However they didn't know the truth, Mami had realized thanks to Madoka's wish everyone she ever knew was dead. Her wish literally destroyed and created an entirely new universe.

Well not everyone, Kyoko was apparently still alive in a similar situation as her but had more information about what was going on.

But everyone else… they were all gone forever. She was one of the last people from her entire universe.

Well Madoka was also "alive" but she was just a concept… something physically didn't exist.

However she snapped out of it thanks to she realized she had a new life, a new goal and new friends.

She realized there was a reason why Madoka let her keep her new life and not merged with her new self from the new universe.

Her was stopping all pirates and one day she would be able to bring the coral Pirates to justice.

(End of Flashback)

Mami was preparing tea when there was a knock on the door. She opened it and found the two men she saved earlier.

"Mami we wanted to thank you for stopping those pirates." Said one of the men.

"It wasn't a problem." Said Mami.

"Is there anything to repair you?" asked the second man.

"No… no it's fine." Said Mami, "Though if you want I'm baking a cake if you want to come to have tea."

Both men laughed.

"You're probably the only bounty hunter to ever invite people for cake." joked the second man.

Mami laughed along with them.

She loved her new life there…

Not to far away from the island, a pirate ship sailed.

From the crow's nest the one who was acting as look out saw the island.

"Hey!" called out the look out, "There's and island."

The navigator checked it her log pose.

"That's odd." Said the navigator, "It's not pointing there."

Another woman on the crew approached her.

"That's Corallo Island." Explained the woman, "It's a coral island, so it's not made from the type of rock that make up the grand line."

"So it had no magnetic signature." Said the navigator.

"No…" answered the woman.

"OH WOW!" yelled the crew captain, "Can we go to the island"

The crew's captain was very childish.

"I don't know." Answered the navigator.

"We should go." Said the crew's cook who grabbed his thumb at the captain, "Even with the new fridge, he still eats a lot."

"Fine we'll go." Muttered the navigator, "But only if I find a suitable hidden place to dock."

"All right!" cheered the captain.

The Jolly Roger flapped in the wind, it was a simple skull and crossbones with a straw hat.

They were the Straw Hat Pirates, the pirate crew that had a hand in destroying Enies Lobby.

"Straw Hat "Luffy was the captain with a bounty of 300 Million.

The navigator was "Cat Burglar" Nami, with a bounty of 15 Million

The cook was "Black Leg" Sanji and despite having that horrible poster (that did look nothing like him), he had a bounty of 77 Million.

The woman was "Devil Child" Robin, with a bounty of 80 Million and was the crew's archeologist.

Also on the crew was "Pirate Hunter" Zoro with a bounty of 120 million who was the crew's swordsman

The crew's sniper, Usopp who due a falling out he had during the Enies Lobby incident (and had since patched things up) went by the alias Sogeking and with his Sogeking persona had a bounty of 30 Million.

The crew's doctor "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper had the piddling bounty of 50 Berries (due to the fact that marines thought he was their pet)

And the newest member "Cyborg" Franky the ship's new shipwright who had a bounty of 44 Million.

And with them heading to Corallo Island Mami would get the fight of her life…

Next Time: Captain Buckley asks Mami to fight the Straw Hats, will she be able to win or will she lack certain information? Find out next time!

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