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Chapter 7: No Longer Alone.

Mami had just finished taking a shower, after all it was a hectic day. She hadn't taken one since the day before with all the fights she had and jumping into the ocean she needed one.

She found Amelia was wafting at her table drinking some tea and eating leftover cake.

"There's going to be a party tonight." Said Amelia.

"I know." Said Mami.

Mami took a seat across from her.

"There's a lot we need to talk about." Said Amelia, "First my report will not mention the Straw Hats involvement."

"Thank you." Said Mami.

"I heard about the suicide attempt." Said Amelia, "I'm sorry it's all my fault."

Mami looked at Amelia and sighed.

"You should know the truth about me." Said Mami.

She began to explained her story to her.

"If you had told me that when we first met I wouldn't be have believed it." Said Amelia.

"I'm not the first one to arrive here." Said Mami, "Robin showed me a book about the subject."

"I see." said Amelia.

There was a silence in the room.

"Mami, I'm sure after what happened I will placed in charge of this base." Said Amelia, "And I want you to be my right hand woman."

Mami's eyes winded.

"What's wrong?" asked Amelia.

"Luffy also offered me a place in his crew and… I'm considering taking it." Said Mami.

"I see." said Amelia, "Think about it."

"What?" asked Mami.

"Each position has pros and cons." Said Amelia, "There are Marines just as corrupted as Abner. Maybe even more… Not to mention the World Government itself. On the others hand you will evenly be given a bounty, and a pretty high one."

Mami remained silent.

"Either way it's your choice." Said Amelia, "And I won't hate you either way. I honestly respect Luffy… he might be a pirates but he's one of the extraordinarily rare good ones."

Mami nodded.

"Besides... either way you're going to be called Corkscrew head." Said Amelia.

"What?" asked Mami.

"Oh yeah… some of the men are talking about how your pig tails look like Cork Screws…"

Mami sighed while Amelia giggled.

As the sun the party got underway. Any and all cooks made as much food as they could. There are a large bon fire and fire works graced the sky.

Mami was enjoying her self, while getting many thanks from the town's people.

"Well you're certainly popular tonight." Said Robin approaching her from behind.

"I've always been popular." Said Mami.

"I see." Said Robin.

"Thank you… for earlier." Said Mami.

"You have to stop freezing up when something surprises you." Said robin.

Mami sighed when she said that.

Robin smiled.

"And you're welcome." Said Robin with a smile.

Before Mami could say anything, she heard Luffy yell, "Hey Corkscrew head!"

"Looks like Luffy wants to talk to you." Said Robin.

Mami walked over to Luffy to find he was very fat.

"Are you okay?" asked Mami.

'I'm fine! I just remembered did you make up your mind yet?" asked Luffy.

"I haven't. "said Mami.

"Okay." Said Luffy, "Make up your mind soon! Okay!"

"Yeah…" said Mami.

"Mami!" called out Sanji holding dishes, he ran over to her, "I've looking all over for you Mami!"

Luffy reached out for the food, but Sanji kicked his hand away.

"This was specially made for Mami!" said Sanji.

"But it looks good!" yelled Luffy.

"You don't even know what it is." Said Sanji.

Mami stared at what was going on end started laughing.

"I'm sorry…" she apologized.

"Why are you apologizing?" asked Luffy.

"No reason." Said Mami.

Sanji gave Mami the plate which had many little cakes on it.

"The other cooks told cake was your favorite food…" said Sanji, "SO I made a few for you."

"Can I have one?" asked Luffy.

Sanji kicked him in the face.

"I told you it's for Mami!" yelled Sanji.

"Thank you so much." Said Mami.

Mami smiled at Sanji who partly turned into a puddle of goo.

And so the party lasted for 2 days…

When it was all over the town became quiet, either sleeping or nursing hangovers. Mami who managed to sleep while the party wound down looked over her house. She was thinking what she should do.

Each ones had pros and cons.

While she did care for Amelia there was always the chance she would get transferred elsewhere.

She decided to go into the bedroom, she laid on her bed and looked at the ceiling.

She began to think about her time on this island, she had invited people over, and she did spend time but the only one she was close to was Amelia but she hadn't know the Straw Hats as long.

Then she thought back to Madoka.

She only knew Madoka a few days but the two of them devolved a strong friendship. So much that Madoka had promised that she would have to be alone never be alone again…

That was when she made her decision.

On the coast the ship was at the town's dock, the town's people didn't cater anymore since they did help save the island.

Luffy was pouting. He has been wafting for hours.

"When will she get here?" he asked.

"I don't think she's coming." Said Usopp.

"She's going to come." Muttered Luffy. "Why wouldn't she come."

"For one thing you keep calling her corkscrew head after we became friends." Pointed out Nami.

"But her name is only one letter off from your name!" said Luffy.

"I know that, but at least you could have through of a better nickname." Said Nami.

"But her pigtails!" said Luffy.

"Excuse me!"

Everyone looked, they saw Mami standing there, on her back a backpack.

"Permission to come aboard?" asked Mami.

"Permission granted!" said Luffy.

Mami jumped on board like it was nothing.

"All right!" yelled Luffy, "Set sail!"

The crew cheered they're newest member as they began to sail away from Corallo Island.

Amelia watched the Straw Hats leave.

"Good Luck Mami!" she whispered to herself.

"Ma'am!" said a marine showing up, "We need your final report."

"Oh right." She said, "I have to explain why Mami won't be able to join us."

"Oh… so she did…" said the Marine.

"She joined them after all." Said Amelia, "I'm planning to put down that she decided to leave the island to search for herself after discovering Abner's dealings…"

The marine smiled.

"A good pirate… thought they only existed in stories." Said the marines.

"Well they do exist." Said Amelia.

On the Thousand Sunny, Mami watched the island slowly disappeared.

"You're going to miss it?" asked Robin.

"I am." Said Mami, "But I never truly felt at home."

"I'm sure it's hard when you're from another universe." Said Robin.

"Hey! Cork Screw Head!" yelled Luffy.

That was when Sanji kicked Luffy.

"What was that for!" yelled Luffy.

"Look, I understand you giving her that nickname when we were fighting her… but she is now a member of our crew…" said Sanji.

"But I don't want to get confused." Said Luffy.

"Then come up with a less insulting nickname." Said Sanji.

Luffy began to think.

"How about alternate universe girl!" said Luffy.

"What?" asked Sanji.

"Long story…" said Mami.

"How about Ribbon…" suggested Chopper, "Those are her powers."

"I think that's a good one." Said Robin, "What do you think?"

"Now it's too close to Robin." Said Luffy.

"We don't need to come up with a nickname for now…" said Mami.

"But Sanji's just going to keep kicking me." Said Luffy, "And it's annoying."

"Sanji." Said Mami, "Please don't kick Luffy."

"Okay!" said Sanji as hearts came from him.

Mami sighed, she then looked back at the island.

It has been her home for the past few months… sure she had gotten to know some of the people but they won't close…

She knew Luffy had that effect on people, the same that Madoka had. That no matter how long you spent with them, you would become their friend.

Something told her that no matter what was going to happen Luffy and the crew would be by her side… she was no longer alone and that was the thing she wanted most.

The End… For Now…

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