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"How does it feel captain?"

"Frustrating, but I became Captain of the Guard to find her and I will find her."

"No, Captain. Being engaged! Congradulotions!"


Fiyero and Glinda.


Tears pricked Elphaba's eyes, but she blinked them away.

Well, what had she expected? Why did she even care? She didn't care.

But she did.

Oz, why did she care? Had she thought that either if them would even remember her? She was a wicked witch, and she'd do well to remember that.

Still, a cold-fingered hand wound slowly around her heart.

Snap out of it, Elphaba, she told herself sternly. You're not that girl. They deserve each other.

Glinda's soft soprano filled her ears.

They were perfect together, she knew. He was perfect. She was perfect. And so they were perfect together.

Later that night, Elphaba pulled the Grimmerie roughly from her stack of books in her small home and began leafing through it. Hands trembling, she let the pages settle.

Through a veil of tears she wished she could stop from flowing onto her cheeks, she cast the spell.

Unlike other spells she'd cast before, it felt wrong. It felt like a mistake, yet she couldn't stop.

Her throat closed up as she tried to keep the tears back, and her vice broke as she finished the spell.

She was rather queasy afterward, but other than that she was fine, though, in hindsight, she should not have cast the spell so rashly.

Yet her tears did not slow.

She wanted them to stop. She wanted to be free of the emotions building up to suffocate. She didn't want to care. She didn't. But she did.

She didn't want to know love, if it would only cause her pain.

She didn't want it anymore.

The words of the spell once again drifted between her lips, resonating in the chilled silence.

Seconds passed. Then minutes. An hour. She sat in silence, pain gripping her heart.

And then the spell took hold.