AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Sickness and Sweetness

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: NarutoXSasuke

STATUS: Oneshot: Completed


WARNING: Um, relationship between two males, I guess? Otherwise it's clean.

~Music is the soul of sound~


Being sick was the world's way of completely ruining your week. Either that, or god had a sick sense of humor in watching humans suffer while he and his angels were immune to such trivial things like illness.

Well, Sasuke was beginning to think the fever was making him delirious. That might be a better explanation as to why he was wrapped in a blanket to ward off the rest of the world and get a chance to rest. Despite the intermittent changing of being freezing to feeling as if his entire body was on fire every half an hour, he never moved from beneath the blanket.

"You look like shit, teme." A voice thundered through the once silent room, the pounding in Sasuke's head intensified. Sasuke groaned indolently, burying his face against the pillow he had been practically glued to the entire day. He didn't have the energy to muster a glare towards Naruto, even when said blonde snickered in amusement. Maybe he would get lucky and Naruto had only come back to retrieve something and he would then leave again.

Sasuke felt the bed sink beside him. No such luck.

Naruto laid his hand over Sasuke's forehead, humming disapprovingly. "You're still pretty warm… Have you taken any medicine?" At the shake of Sasuke's head Naruto huffed in incredulous impatience. "Sasuke, how do you expect to get any better if you don't take medicine?!" Sasuke rolled over as if hoping it would make it easier to ignore his bothersome boyfriend. He'd gotten better every other time he'd been sick, and he hadn't taken medicine then either.

Naruto rummaged through one of the cabinets in the bathroom, muttering under his breath about organization and the need for someone to make ramen-flavored medicine. Honestly, did manufacturers even taste the medicine they sent out for people?! If they did they obviously didn't know what a cherry tasted like.

He found the bottle of flu-syrup he'd been searching for, pumping his fist in victory. Sasuke had tried to fall asleep while Naruto was busy tearing up the bathroom, though he was once again rudely pulled away from slumber when Naruto told him to sit up. Onyx eyes blinked, unfocused, at the small clear cup that Naruto was pouring some of the medicine into. He glared with odium at the red liquid as Naruto handed the cup to him. "I'm not taking this, there's no point in it." Sasuke said, refusing to hold the little cup.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, sighing in that overdramatic way that Sasuke knew meant he was getting ready to argue. "You'll get better quicker! Just take it!" Naruto swore, Sasuke could act ten years older than the seventeen he actually was sometimes; and then there were times he was as stubborn and picky as a freaking cat.

Sasuke pursed his lips, not going to back down to the idiot. "No." As far as Sasuke was concerned, whatever was in that bottle was nothing but a disgusting lie. Naruto put one hand on his hip and stared down at Sasuke with an "oh really?" expression on his face.

"If you don't drink this in the next ten seconds I'm shoving it down your throat." Sasuke didn't take kindly to being threatened. He pursed his lips and looked up at Naruto with the same challenging expression, fully expecting Naruto to turn around and storm back into the bathroom. Unexpectedly, however, Naruto did the exact opposite. He quickly straddled Sasuke's waist and grabbed his jaw, forcing Sasuke to open his mouth, and when he did Naruto dumped the medicine into his mouth.

All over in about the course of five seconds Sasuke had little time to react, he swallowed out of reflex before even thinking of spitting it back into Naruto's stupid smirking face. "What the hell is the matter with you!" Sasuke managed to rasp as he coughed, the sour taste remaining in his mouth. Naruto hummed as he walked back to the bathroom to replace the bottle of syrup and its cup, smugly glancing back at Sasuke, who was trying to muster a menacing glare.

"Hey, I warned ya once!" Naruto snickered. Sasuke mumbled something that would probably make an old woman slap him; he buried back under the covers, sniffing irritably. Sasuke didn't react when Naruto got into bed beside him, wrapping an arm around his waist to pull Sasuke against his chest.

Sasuke stubbornly kept his eyes closed in refusal to acknowledge his boyfriend, though he shivered as Naruto's hand slowly rubbed his back. "I hope you feel better soon, teme. You're no fun when you're all quiet." Naruto chuckled, Sasuke merely grunted in reply. He wasn't going to forgive the little medicine trick, he'd get payback for that, Naruto could count on it.

Sasuke felt the corners of his mouth pull up in a soft smile as warm lips pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. "I love you, Sasuke." Naruto murmured, the steady beat of his heart lulling Sasuke into a peaceful sleep.

"I love you too…dobe."


I'm sick as a motherfucker and since I have nothing else to do but lie in bed and hoard cough drops I decided to write a fluffy oneshot. Also partially because I've been doing some violent writing and roleplaying lately I craved something sweet.

I know it's really short, but drabbles are only one hundred words so we can't call it that. It's just a short, pointless ficlet. I hope it's enjoyable nonetheless!

I've been wanting to expand my writing to new characters or even new fandoms, but decided to stick with my comfort zone tonight. Psh, two-thirty in the morning as an awesome time to write.

And fuck you I literally wanted to drown in fluff and cliché with this story.