DATE WRITTEN: 10/18/13

TITLE: Afraid of what, dobe?

WARNINGS: Fluffy side of Sasuke.


Like a bullet shot, lighting cracked against the earth in an enraged display. Naruto's blue eyes caught the glint off of the flash of lightning as he glanced out of the window, his entire body shivering as the crash of thunder reverberated through the room.

"Damn storm." He muttered, his arms folded tightly across his chest as he glowered at the ground. The hotel bed he was sitting on was already mussed from when he flopped onto it earlier, when he first entered the room. Can you blame him? After nearly a week of being on this mission this hotel room was straight out of heaven! Even if it was just a modest, one-bed room.

He smirked, recalling the earlier argument he'd had with Sasuke upon walking inside the room when the pissy Uchiha had tried to tell Naruto to sleep on the floor. Like hell he would! They would be home tomorrow and he would have other work to attend to, he was making every second of this bed count. Sasuke could sleep on the stupid floor. Or outside, for all Naruto cared!


Naruto gasped when a destructive echo burst through the land, realizing that the lightning must have struck a tree or something else. His heart began to race with adrenaline, his mind irrationally taking the storm as a threat.

He'd hated storms his entire life, ever since he could remember. When he was little he would hide somewhere in the home, since no one was around to tell him the storm wasn't dangerous. Storms reminded Naruto of a villain chasing someone down, the thunder was a warning and the lightning was the weapon. You had to seek cover immediately.

Naruto's hands clenched as another crack of lightning lit up the sky, sending more adrenaline coursing through his veins. Damn it, it's just a storm! Nothing to panic over, you're safe inside!

Naruto sighed. Well, he supposed he was thankful it didn't storm until they finished their mission! But he would've been much more thankful had it not stormed at all. He tilted his head up when he heard the shower in the bathroom shut off.

Maybe Sasuke would be less of a jerk now that he'd showered and cooled off. Fat chance, but hey, miracles happen! Naruto pursed his lips when rain began pounding against the window. Each drop was like some little monster begging to be let inside. Stupid cold rain, stupid loud thunder, stupid storm!

The door to the bathroom creaked open; steam from the bathroom filled the small room momentarily. Sasuke shook his dark, damp hair out of his eyes as he exited the bathroom. He wasn't wearing anything except a pair of sweatpants, leaving his chest exposed. Naruto scoffed, as if anyone wanted to see that.

Sasuke glanced at Naruto with a disdainful look in his narrowed eyes, sighing. Obviously unless he shoved Naruto onto the ground, the blonde was stubbornly glued to the bed. Sasuke sighed, deciding to leave it alone since arguing with Naruto was about as useful as arguing with a rock.

The raven picked up his bag, placing his day clothes back into it and glancing over the scroll they had retrieved from Sunagakure. He didn't bat an eye when a rumble of thunder practically shook the walls; some storm they were caught in.

He hoped it wouldn't hinder their progress tomorrow. He noticed Naruto jump slightly on the bed, flicking his dark gaze towards the blonde. He raised a brow when Naruto pressed farther back against the wall, as if attempting to melt through it.

Naruto didn't feel Sasuke's piercing gaze, his attention was occupied with the violent crashes of thunder. Why was karma doing this, was he being punished for that time he tricked Kiba into eating that spicy ramen?!

Sasuke set the scroll down, turning back to Naruto with a calculative gaze. "Oi, dobe. What's wrong?" Naruto jerked his head to face Sasuke, his eyes widened as if he were caught doing something he knew better than to do.

"Don't call me that, teme!" Naruto huffed as he realized the name Sasuke had used. Uptight bastard, where did he get off calling Naruto all these insulting little nicknames all of the time! "And nothing's wrong!" Naruto said matter-of-factly.

Strictly to contradict his statement, lightning crashed to the earth and a booming echo shook the ground, causing Naruto to flinch. Damn it, it didn't have to be so loud! It was as if it was reminding Naruto that the storm was raging outside.

Sasuke smirked, much to Naruto's chagrin, walking closer to the bed. "Are you scared of a little thunder?" Sasuke's words lilted with mocking pity, earning a baleful glare from Naruto. Said blonde was sorely tempted to stand up and knock the smirk from Sasuke's pretty little face.

"No! It's just loud." Naruto muttered lamely in a poor excuse, biting his lip when lightning lit up their entire room, illuminating both boys with its intensity. Couldn't Sasuke just…go somewhere else for a while?! The Uchiha was the last person Naruto wanted to know about his little anxieties with storms. Yeah, karma was definitely abusing him at this point.

Sasuke's eyes softened slightly when Naruto bit his lip. Maybe he was being a bit cruel to Naruto, though he couldn't help teasing the blonde. It always got such an amusing reaction from him. Sasuke sat on the bed, his voice was dry of the earlier amusement. "It's okay to be afraid, you know." Sasuke said calmly, shifting so he was in the middle of the sizable bed.

Naruto's eyes flicked to Sasuke, prepared to tell him off for making fun of him, but Sasuke's expression was empathetic, making Naruto blink in surprise at the unusual display of emotion from the normally derisive Uchiha. What the hell, did he hit his head on the mission?

Naruto scoffed at the statement, pulling his knees to his chest. "Right." Naruto muttered sarcastically, leaning back against the wall. It wasn't like he even had an excuse to be nervous of the thunder, it was just...he didn't like it. Just like people didn't like spiders!

He was startled when a clap of thunder brought him out of his daydream, being caught off guard led to a surprised gasp leaving him. Sasuke rolled his eyes at Naruto's resolute pride, leaning forward and wrapping an arm around Naruto to pull the blonde against his chest.

That act startled Naruto more than the freaking thunder had! His blue eyes widened in surprise as his face rested against Sasuke's bare chest. Naruto was a little unsure if the heat was from Sasuke, or if he was blushing… "Everyone is afraid of something. Just relax, the storm will be over soon if you don't focus on it." Sasuke said, relaxing into the bed with his arm still around Naruto's waist.

The blonde tilted his head up slightly, smirking at the rare show of affection. He pecked Sasuke on the lips before settling back down, leaving the raven teenager wide eyed in surprise. Sneaky little fox, wasn't he? Sasuke pressed his lips together, sighing in contentment as the warmth spread through him, lulling him into the first peaceful sleep either of them could get in a while.

Naruto smiled lightly, his attention focused on the steady beating of Sasuke's heart. A much more soothing rhythm than the thunder outside, which was dwindling down, as if realizing it couldn't torture Naruto anymore.

You know, for a jerk, he's pretty softhearted.


I bet Sasuke would punch Naruto if he heard him say that.

I've toyed with this idea. I absolutely adore storms; rain, thunder, lightning, the whole deal. Yet I like stories where a character has a fear and their partner comforts them, and I've had a couple roleplays where Naruto disliked thunder. I have plans to do another oneshot later with Sasuke's fear.

If you have a oneshot idea for these two you'd like to see, leave a review. But keep in mind these are all fairly short, so…

I forgot to mention that their ages in this are always at least above sixteen. Because rereading this I realized it could come off as them being younger, but they're sixteen. Well… According to Narutopedia, Sasuke is currently seventeen… They literally changed the ages on everyone, including the information from part one, and it annoys me.