Bunny Tales

A/N: He'll kill me for the title. I know. But what else do you call a collection of Bunnymund/Sophie-centric drabbles? One word inspired drabble series dedicated to a couple I've become somewhat obsessed with. These all take place after "Paint My World" and are a continuation of the relationship between Bunnymund and Sophie – the ups, the downs, the doubts, the laughs, the tears…you name it. Open for suggestions if you have any!

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Rise of the Guardians and make no profit from the writing of this fic.


"We'll make this work."

He'd sounded so sure of himself when he'd said the words, his low voice filled with promise and conviction. He'd been holding her then. Now, he sat across from her at the tiny kitchen table, looking around nervously. He was too big for the chair.

The thought made her smile fondly. She'd been so young when she had first met him, but even now she knew that the little girl she once was had pictured the Easter Bunny as someone much smaller. Someone much less rough around the edges.

But he was big. And he was rough. And he was fully capable of kindness and compassion. He could fight a war against darkness, then turn around and coax a tiny girl too young to understand the wonder around her to paint eggs. He could restore the faith of that same girl years later when it was almost lost.

"So, would this make you my boyfriend," she asked, seeking to ease the tension. "Or would it be bunnyfriend?"

Aster grinned and relaxed. "It's somethin', love."

She felt his paw brush her hand under the table and took it, squeezing lightly. "Something new."

"Something new," he echoed softly.

Like he'd been to her all those years ago – something new and wonderful. Like he was to her now – something new and full of promise. Full of hope.