Author's note: This takes place after the ep 2x09 and then goes AU. Hope y'all enjoy!

Thanks to the amazing MonkeyLovr for her idea for this story!

Chapter 1: One More Mission

The faint outline of the town, partially shrouded in the thick afternoon fog, grew closer and closer with each passing second. With each beat of his heart, he was that much closer to his revenge. To finally skinning himself a crocodile.

His long time ally turned momentary adversary turned ally yet again stood calmly and motionlessly beside him, her hands limply at her sides, her gaze fixed upon the buildings seemingly growing before them. She had on her face what he'd long dubbed her serious face, the face that all should fear.

Pulling out his old spyglass, the smooth metal worn by years of use, he held it up to his eye, examining the place before him. He trusted his ship beyond a shadow of a doubt, having traveled to many worlds together, but there was always the chance that the Jolly Roger had sailed to the wrong place. He looked around, turning his head from side to side, until his eye spied something bright and red that caused a grin to grow on his face. Storybrooke Cannery.

What the bloody hell was a cannery? He wondered vaguely. But that didn't matter. The word Storybrooke caught his eye again. They'd done it.

Upon seeing his wide grin, Cora turned her head and fixed her stern gaze on his face. "See something you like, Captain?" Her low voice hummed.

"Storybrooke." Hook gestured with his spyglass. "We've made it."

Standing in the chilly afternoon, the wind ruffling his hair, he took a deep breath, instantly feeling refreshed. Finally, he was going to get what he came for. He snuck a look at the dark tattoo etched on his arm and gently brushed over it. Finally, Milah would be avenged.

Before long, the ship was docked. To ensure that no one came across it, Cora waved her hand and a ripple shot through the air, encompassing the ship. Hook poked at the air above his head with his hook, starting as the hook made contact with something invisible yet very much solid.

"A shield, I presume?"

"To hide the ship." Cora answered.

"Of course." Hook said.

For a moment, both are lost in the simple outline of the town. The town that held the key to their respective missions.

The glint of his hook in the light brought reality back as it brought back the painful memories of the day he first placed the sharp metal instrument onto his stump of an arm.

The day he lost Milah.

"If you'll excuse me, I believe I have a crocodile to skin." Hook growled as he began to make his way to the stairs. "I do wish you the best of luck with your daughter."

"Not so fast." Cora said, and seconds later Hook felt something around his waist, restraining him. He clawed at his waist, but his hands only met air. Of course. Magic.

"I'm afraid I don't see what the problem is." Hook protested. "I've done my duty. I've brought you to Storybrooke. To your daughter. I don't see how killing Rumplestilskin should bother you."

"I'm not quite done with you yet." Cora waved her hands in the air, and he suddenly found himself turning to face her.

"What more do you want? Sweet talking women is a particular talent of mine, I'll admit, but I'm afraid Regina won't take kindly to my appearance."

"I have one more mission for you." Cora answered.

Hook had to bite on his tongue to keep from groaning. "And what will that be?"

"I need you to keep Emma Swan and her nosy parents busy." Cora said simply.

"What exactly does that have to do with reuniting with your dear daughter?"

"Why, my dear captain, everything. You see, Regina thinks I'm dead. But by now, Emma and Snow would've undoubtedly told everyone about my existence. The moment I show up in town, they'll be suspicious, to say the least. The last thing I need are people trying to stop me."

"You have magic." Hook pointed out.

"Ah, but so does Emma." Cora frowned. "Maybe even stronger than mine. And that is exactly why I need you as a distraction." She leaned in real close, her face inches from his. "Make her fall in love with you." Her voice was low and dangerous, and he could see the intensity in her eyes.

"How exactly am I supposed to kill Rumplestilskin while trying to woo Swan?" Hook wrinkled his nose.

"You'll figure it out. I have complete faith in you." A grin crept across Cora's features. "You said so yourself "Sweet talking is a particular talent of yours." She said sweetly.

"And what if I refuse?"

"Then you die." Cora said simply. And with that, she disappeared in a puff of purple smoke, leaving Hook in a confused muddle of thoughts.

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