Percy POV

Greek Mythology wasn't too bad. Thalia and I just ignored each other all class, I didn't apologize to her because I really did nothing wrong. We're not dating and I mean it was only one day, she'll be okay. I did realize that I remember her from when I went here though, she wasn't popular but she was definitely more popular than I was. I remember her blue eyes, sky blue, and the bluest eyes you'll ever see. We never talked which is probably why she didn't recognize me before. Back to Greek Mythology, the teacher Mr. Brunner was pretty cool, I have a feeling that will be my favorite class this year. The day seemed to be going good until we got to lunch. Lunch, the best period of the day. Lunch, on my first day back at Goode High, changed my life. I walked into lunch and spotted Jason and Nico sitting at a table filled with people. I recognized them Piper, Annabeth, Thalia, Reyna, Hazel, Frank, Grover, Juniper, Connor and Travis, Katie, Clarisse, Chris, Leo, Beckendorf, and Silena. Pretty packed lunch table if you ask me, but oh well. Anyway, I walked over to the table and sat next to Hazel, Frank, and Reyna. I wanted to catch up with them and they weren't by Thalia. We were talking and I was telling them how fun being on tour was, it was amazing. Then I heard some laughing in the cafeteria, and since I used to be bullied I knew what was happening. I got up and saw that it was this adorable little red head, she was obviously a freshman. Some asshole decided to throw water all over her, she was about to cry. I couldn't let that happen, besides this girl looked familiar. I got up and I walked over to the guy and the lunch room became quiet when I grabbed him by his shirt. I looked him straight in the eyes and growled, "If you ever, ever do something like that to her again, or anyone for that matter I will take my guitar and I will slam it over your head. Got it?" He looked terrified, I smirked and pushed him. I turned back to the girl and that's when I recognized her. Ella, she was best friends with my little brother Tyson. Ty, I miss him so much. "P-Percy?" she asked in shock, confusion, and shyness interrupting m thoughts of my little brother.
"Hey, Ella." I smiled forcefully and a little sheepishly. "How are you?"
"I-I've been better since, you know." She looked down. Then it happened, I couldn't stop it. I just brought my hands to my head, shaking my head muttering no as I was brought into my flashback.
Me, Tyson, and my ex step father Gabe were home alone while my mom was at work. Gabe was drinking as usual. I was 10 at the time and Tyson was 6. Gabe went over to the stove to light his cigarette and as he was lighting it he spilled his alcohol into the flame and it kind of blew up. Tyson was scared so he ran to hide while the house was burning. I was looking for him, yelling his name and crying looking through the house when the firemen came. They grabbed and pulled me out while I was coughing, and fighting trying to go find my little brother. When they finally got me out I was sitting there crying waiting to see Tyson. They finally came out with him, but it was too late. He was dead. My little brother was dead. I cried and cried and I couldn't sleep at night for months. My mom and I grieved with Ella, she was so upset I knew they liked each other and I always knew they would end up together but I guess fate had different plans.
~End Flashback~
I stood up shakily, with tears in my eyes and I saw Ella had tears in her eyes as well as she was bent over me. I must've been muttering something. If she was in high school then Tyson would be too. I looked around and saw everyone looking at me, I glanced at my table and saw my friends rushing over to me. To my surprise Thalia was the first person running to me. I just shook my head and ran out of the lunch room and into the music room. I needed to do something and music is my savior.

Thalia POV

What just happened? I saw when Percy went over to help the freshman girl, what's her name Emily, Elle, Ellie? NO! Ella. That's it, I saw him help Ella which was so sweet but then he just put his head in his hands and just like dropped to the floor. Then we all rushed over there he stood up shook his head at us and ran out of the cafeteria. I went over to Ella to see what happened and I saw that she had tears in her eyes. "Ella, are you okay?" I asked trying to sound soothing. She looked at me and she nodded. So I asked the next question, "What happened?" She answered but if I wasn't paying attention I wouldn't have heard her, it was almost a whisper, "Tyson." With that she ran off. I looked back at my brother and Nico they looked confused as if they have never seen Percy act like that. "Jase, Nico do you guys know about a Tyson?" They shook their heads but I saw Grover tense up. I looked at him and he flinched a little. "Grover, explain. Now."

Third POV

Grover looked at the group of them and said, "Maybe we should head to the library for this, it's somewhat of a long story." The group of students nodded and they all went into the library. They went into the corner of the library and took up about 3 tables, Grover standing so he could tell them the story. Grover looked at the ground nervously, not used to being at the center of attention. Nico looked around and asked the question they all have been waiting to hear, "Grover," Grover looked up, "Who's Tyson?"
Grover sighed, "Tyson is Percy's younger brother. Well, was younger brother."
"What do you mean was?" Annabeth questioned.
"He d-died. Like 7 years ago, you remember hearing about that huge fire in an apartment back then with one survivor?" The students who've been in New York nodded reluctantly. "Well, Percy and Tyson were home with Percy's ex step dad, Gabe. Gabe was kind of reckless, not really ever caring about Percy or Tyson or even Sally, Percy's mom. Sally was at work, something happened, I forget and Gabe ended up blowing the stove up accidentally. Tyson was a 6 year old kid who was always scared, so hearing the noise he ran and hid. Percy was running through the burning house looking for Tyson and by the time the fire department came he still hadn't found him. The firemen dragged Percy out and he sat there and waited for them to come out with his baby brother and when they finally did, it was too late. Tyson was dead." He finished the story crying. Everyone else either had tears in their eyes or they were just looking sad in general after hearing the story. Jason looked at Nico, both of them teary eyed for their brother and whispered, "He never told us, I wish he did. It's clear he never coped with his brother's death."
Thalia was crying, with a shaky voice she asked, "What does this have to do with Ella?"
"Ella was Tyson's best friend." Grover answered. She nodded.
"So Percy had a flashback of that day is what happened, correct?" Reyna asked.
"I-I think so. It would make sense." Grover replied. "But, don't worry about Percy. He doesn't want you to worry about him, he'll be okay." No one answered him.

Meanwhile in the Music Room
Percy was thinking back on his life since he left Goode last year and reflecting on the person he became. Asking himself questions like 'Would Tyson have wanted me to do this?'Or, 'Would I let Tyson look up to someone like me?' And the main question, 'Would my little brother be proud of who I've become?' The answer was no for all three of those questions. At that moment he knew that he had to change something about himself and he knew just where to start.