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A/N: So, this is the first fanfic proper I have ever written for the Teen Titans cartoon, inspired by a binge on the series that I have been doing since I bought the complete box set on a whim a few days ago. Which is funny, and also kinda momentous, because Teen Titans was actually the series that really got me started in reading fanfiction, specifically on this here site. Before then, I had maybe read a couple of (pretty bad, in hindsight) Pokemon fanfics (ASH AND MISTY FOREVER UNLESS IT IS JUST SMUT IN WHICH CASE ANYTHING GOES) on small, independent archives.

God, some of the first fanfics I ever faithfully followed were for Teen Titans, and while many of them were probably actually terrible, I will always have the nostalgia, and I WILL NOT LET ANYONE TAKE THAT FROM ME.

Now, this fic. Beast Boy has always been my favorite character of the Titans, hands down, much like Sokka was pretty much always my favorite character in ATLA. I obviously really like funny, comic relief characters, y'know? And one thing I have always enjoyed, and probably always WILL enjoy, is pointless, silly, and most of all SMUTTY harem fics.

Thus, this, which is likely the 89 billionth fic on FFN with this title. (Also, an ongoing part of my apparent urge to collect stuff I've done in interactive stories on WDC and make them into their own fics – this one coming from a recently started one of my own, called Mating Season: Beast Boy in Heat, which should give you a pretty good idea of what this is gonna be like)

But, enough meaningless prelude that nobody will actually read: ON WITH THE SHOW!


WARNING: This fanfic depicts activities of an adult nature between characters who would be minors in the real world. The author of this fic does not endorse such things being done by minors in real life, and in fact strongly discourages minors from reading this, and also from participating in any and all such activities until they are at the age of majority/consent as defined in the laws or customs of their state or principality.

(also this shit is complete fucking crack)

Instinct is a powerful thing. For most creatures, it rules every aspect of their life, their existence. It is the driving force behind the circle of life. From the smallest, meanest single cell organism, to the largest, greatest beasts in the ocean, all life is governed by Instinct.

To each kind there are given certain specific, peculiar instincts, perhaps unique to them and them alone, but for all creatures there are also at least two fundamental, universal instincts. The need to sustain one's own life, and the urge to propagate further generations, howsoever that may be done – these are the two most fundamental and absolute of all instincts, the foundation upon which the entire circle of life is balanced.

Even humans are ruled by instinct. It is the impulse at the back of one's mind, the unthinking urge to do this or that, for no reason other than that you must.

The desire to feed, to sustain one's own life, is universal to all life forms. And so, too, is the desire to reproduce – to "mate", for those many organisms which replicate via the mixing of genes with other members of their species. Food and sex, two of the most fundamental forces in human history, and in the history of all animal life. These are both powerful.

But sex is the stronger. Salmon will push their bodies to the point of breaking down, simply to reach the waters where they were born, to spawn the next generation of their kind. Octopus males die after sex, and the females will starve themselves to death guarding their unhatched young. And for countless other kinds and species, also, to reproduce marks the end of their own lives, which they would otherwise preserve instinctively.

So powerful, thus, is the desire to propagate, to reproduce, to mate. This is, perhaps, the greatest and most terrible of all instincts, the single most formidable, fundamental driving force in life as we know it.


We have thus established the potency of the reproductive instinct, of the desire to mate, in all forms of life. No creature is there, known to science, save perhaps humans and pandas alone, which will deny the mating instinct, and even for humans this is considered a great effort of will, if not outright foolish or futile.

And so, now that we have established this, imagine, if you will, an individual, a life form in which the genetic potential of all life, on all worlds – past, present, or future – resides. A person in whom lies dormant the combined force of instinct of eons beyond counting of adaptation and evolution for all the innumerable forms of animal life in the universe, that have ever been, or ever will be. A young man with the ability to transform himself, instantaneously, into any creature he knows of, alive or dead, extant or extinct.

Such a grand, sobering thought, is it not? A living embodiment of all animal life, the human incarnation of evolution and the infinite possibilities of the genetic code which governs the existence of all comprehensible life. Such a magnificent, poetic notion, staggering in the sheer scale of its implications to science and philosophy, and the human understanding of the vast, yet unassuming power contained within the humble ribonucleotide.

Beast Boy snorted in his sleep, drooling onto his pillow.

"Oh yeah... baby..." he murmured unconsciously, perhaps giving voice to some unknowable dialogue within the subconscious world of dreams. "Lemme get a nice... snrkgrle... that booty..."

He groaned, burying his face into his pillow, which was by now rather soaked with his saliva. Still asleep, still dreaming, he began thrusting his hips against his bed, no doubt imagining doing... certain things... with some lovely lady or other.

"Mmm..." he moaned sleepily, drooling a little bit more as he grunted in his sleep, biting a little into his pillow. "So tight, baby... hrngph... like that, don'cha..." He snored a little bit, his sleep-talk briefly fading into the cacophonous, throaty rattling, before resuming one last time with the mumbled, scarcely audible utterance of one simple name.

Kitten, the pretty, blonde, but bratty daughter of small time supervillain Killer Moth was wailing delightedly as the man she had secretly adored for so long, after whom she had shamefully lusted even before she made Robin go with her to the prom, had his way with her and dominated her.

She wiggled her hips, mewling lewdly, delightedly as the godly stud mounted her, shoved his enormous cock deep into her pussy. "Oh!" she cried, "Oh! Yes!" she moaned again and again, eyes rolling up into the back of her head, tongue lolling out of her mouth, cheeks flushing bright scarlet, as her beloved drove his manhood into her again and again, making her wail and scream in the ecstasy of orgasm with every earthshaking thrust.

"Oh god!" she shrieked, arching her back even as he drove her modest, perky breasts deeper and harder into the mattress with every loud smack of his pelvis against her booty, slapping her soft, round buttocks with the flat of his hand to punctuate every thrust into her. "You're incredible! You're a god!" she cried time and again as he fucked her.

Kitten sang his praises without end as he fucked her, going for what felt like hours without stopping, without breaking rhythm. His manhood kissed her womb so many times, filled up her with his seed over and over again, yet still she begged ever for more, for harder, for faster, for deeper. She needed him inside her, needed to feel his manhood melding into her blossom. This was the only time she felt alive, the only time she felt like she had a purpose in life.

She existed to be fucked by him, she was certain, to bear his children again and again until she could simply bear him no more. And what would happen after that, she did not care, so long as she had the here and the now of being fucked by him.

"Beast Boy!" she screamed. "Oh, Beast Boy!" she shouted, panting and moaning as she came again and again just from the feeling of his penis inside her, just from the touch of his hands on her body. "I love you!" she declared boldly, without shame or hesitation. "I need you inside me! Please! Fuck me! Rape me! Mount me and pound me and use me for your pleasure!" she begged him. "I want to have your babies! Your beautiful, green, shapeshifting babies!"

Beast Boy, tall, broad-shouldered, with long, powerful arms, a bulging, muscular chest, and a dick that could bat a grand slam, simply smirked the tiniest bit, waggling his eyebrows in a way that drove all the ladies wild.

"Oh yeah, baby," he said suavely, suggestively, his voice smooth as velvet and rich as Swiss chocolate, "Lemme get a nice, long look at that fine, tight booty."

Kitten moaned delightedly, gasping for air as he fucked her even harder, beating her arms up and down for some way to express the unimaginable ecstasy going through her body as he drilled her cunt.

"Mmm," purred Beast Boy, causing Kitten to melt beneath him. "So tight, baby," he groaned, spanking her sharply as he thrust again into her pussy. Kitten let out a lewd, piteous mewl, and Beast Boy smirked. "Oh yeah," he said. "You like that, don'cha, Kitten?"

He came inside her, one last time, the most powerful ejaculation yet, and everything went white. Stars burst in Beast Boy's vision, burning themselves directly into his brain. Then everything went black.

Beast Boy opened his eyes with a start, feeling the wet, sticky warmth in his pajamas.

He resisted the urge to facepalm.

"Ohhh..." he muttered sadly. "It was just a dream? Darn it."

That was when he heard the knocking coming from his bedroom door. Beast Boy cursed under his breath when he noticed it, as well as the quite obvious stain in his pajamas and the tented bulge of morning wood. This was certainly not the way he would have preferred to greet the day.

"Just a minute!" he called out to his visitor, hastily throwing off his covers and leaping to his feet.

Beast Boy quickly stripped out of his pajamas and boxers, grabbing a relatively fresh pair of underwear from the hamper in the corner of his room, along with a set of his accustomed black and purple spandex. All the while, as he did all of this, his aching erection bobbed and swayed ever so subtly with his movements, twitching and throbbing and damnably refusing to go down no matter how hard he tried to think unsexy thoughts.

Beast Boy did not have the time to rub one out, either, partly because his...unique... biology made him surprisingly, annoyingly resilient in that respect. He would just have to answer the door without actually opening it all the way, and keep his lower body out of sight... and seriously hope that nobody would need him for the next, oh, half hour or so.

Throwing on a clean-enough pair of boxers and a sufficiently non-funky jumpsuit, as well as pulling on his usual pair of gloves, Beast Boy finally went to the door, the knocking having persisted for the entirety of the time he had spent getting dressed. In fact, it only got faster and harder with every passing second, by now sounding rather more like a really loud drumroll than anything else.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" he said irritably, impatiently. "Sheesh! Can't a guy even get some beauty sleep around here?" he muttered, before finally going up to the door and cracking it open, self-consciously keeping his lower half well hidden as he prepared to berate his unwanted visitor.

He was greeted by the brightly beaming face of Starfire, the Tameranian (Tamaranean? Timorenian? Beast Boy had no idea how you were supposed to spell it) princess. She had a white, toothy, ear-to-ear grin that managed to be completely one hundred percent innocent in spite of how utterly terrifying the girl could be in battle.

Any complaints that might have been waiting on his tongue died instantly at the sight of the beautiful, buxom young alien woman, smiling so brightly at him.

Even if the girl was technically in a committed relationship with Robin, that did not stop Beast Boy from enjoying the view he was getting, when he could get it. Star had a gecklorf of a body, and Tameranians clearly did not have the same standards as humans of what constituted "decent apparel", much to the delight of just about every other horny male within a ten mile radius of Jump City. And Beast Boy was no exception to this rule.

His little problem only got harder at the way Starfire's breasts appeared to continue moving for several seconds after the rest of her had stopped.

"Uh. Hey, Star," he said lamely, cheeks feeling warm as he inched himself a little further behind his door. "How's it hangin'?"

She beamed at him.

...metaphorically, that is. With most people, that distinction would not need to be made. But Starfire, eye-beams, et cetera, et cetera. You know the drill.

"Well you are hanging quite well, according to Raven," chirped the solar powered princess. "But I am also in a most delightful mood, today, friend Beast Boy!"

She bounced up and down on her toes, looking to be filled with a bubbling, girlish vitality. She was brimming with energy, and her skin looked especially soft and radiant today. Her eyes also seemed to have a deeper, richer light to them, and her hair appeared unusually soft and silky.

She smelled incredible, too, and if Beast Boy didn't know better, he'd say that her breasts even looked fuller, and perkier than they normally did, this fine morning.

...not that he made a habit of looking at Starfire's chest. No, most certainly not.

Beast Boy frowned, though, after a moment of thought.

"...Wait, Raven said I hang well?" he said, furrowing his brow. Knowing the empath and her somewhat morbid disposition, this was a kind of an unnerving thing to hear. He rubbed his throat nervously, imagining himself being strung from the gallows by an angry mob.


That mental image certainly did absolutely nothing to quell the raging boner in his jumpsuit. Which was kind of worrying in its own way, but the shapeshifter had more pressing matters to consider. the way Starfire's jubblies jiggled most pleasingly as she hopped up and down, clapping her hands together happily.

"Oh, yes!" she chirped. "Friend Raven says you are doing most well at being hung! Like one of your earth horses, I believe is how she described it."

Beast Boy blinked.

"Wait, people hang horses?" he said. "Since when?"

"I do not know," replied Starfire with a completely unassuming smile on her face. "But that is not all, friend Beast Boy! I understand that today is a most joyous occasion, for you!"

Beast Boy blinked.


"Huh?" he said intelligently. "But my birthday's not for another three months, and I joined the Titans same time you did. I don't think there's really anything else, is there?" He paused thoughtfully. "...Not unless..."

His eyes widened, and he grinned brightly, exclaiming:

"You guys got me a moped?!" with an almost adorable level of simple glee in his voice and his eyes, and all over his face.

"No!" said Starfire, still quite cheerful. "It is even better than the moped! According to friend Cyborg, you have begun the season of sneeglash-rakorfka!"

Beast Boy blinked.

"The who in the what now?"

"Sneeglash-rakorfka!" Starfire repeated, as though by doing so she could make Beast Boy understand what she meant. "It is what my people call the time when a young Tameranian goes into the... how you say... heat?"

"Eh?" said Beast Boy. "Goes into...?"

His eyes widened.

"Wait. In heat? Do you even say that for guys?!" he exclaimed, seeming to completely miss the point.

"I do not know!" declared Starfire most cheerfully, "But I have been sent here by friend Cyborg to inform you that you are to be put into the 'quarantine' until your sneeglash-rakorfka has passed!"

"What?! Why?" exclaimed Beast Boy, before frowning and more loudly yet asking, "...And how does he even know whether or not I'm gonna be going into heat?!"

"He has been doing the testing of blood from our monthly checking of the ups," replied the Tameranian beauty, seeming quite oblivious to the way she mangled the language. "And he noticed that yours had an unusually high concentration of the sexual hormones."

"Okay," said Beast Boy, stroking his imaginary beard and nodding slowly. "Sciencey-sounding mumbo jumbo. Got it." He then frowned. "But why do I have to go into quarantine?"

Starfire's eyes twinkled.

"Friend Cyborg says that because of your animal DNA, you are having a much stronger instinct than other humans!" she answered cheerfully. "And also that you are likely to be producing very potent 'pheromones', which he says would be very bad to be exposing the public to!"

Beast Boy scowled, not understanding even half of what Starfire was saying, but still getting the general idea. He crossed his arms over his chest huffing irritably.

"Great," he muttered. "So I'm gonna super horny for who knows how long, and Cy's putting me in quarantine."

He sighed.

"Please tell me he at least unblocked the good porn sites."

Starfire shook her head, still smiling quite cheerfully.

Beast Boy swore.

"I hate my life."

"Ah!" said Starfire. "But do not worry, friend Beast Boy!" she chirped. "You shall not be the only one in the quarantine!"

Beast Boy blinked.


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