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Beast Boy smiled at Mirage, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. She was back in her normal form now, and she was looking fine.

He eyed her breasts, fairly large and shapely, as he got down on top of her. The pale, creamy mounds of sensual woman-flesh rippled so subtly and beautifully as Mirage got down on her back, squealing and giggling as Beast Boy started enthusiastically nibbling at her collarbones. They were soft, incredibly so, and supple also beneath his grasping, probing fingers.

"Mmm, Beast Boy..." purred the shapeshifter, feeling the green-skinned changeling pass his hands up and down her luscious figure, exploring all the unique dips and rises of her body's womanly curvature. "You're so haaaaard..." she moaned a little, feeling his sizable erection prod so cruelly at her aching nether lips.

She wriggled her hips longingly, hungrily against Garfield's manhood, trying to finesse it inside of her. She was bucking and grinding lustfully, desire burning hot in her womb.

She was smiling slyly up at him, her eyes twinkling foxily.

"And you're so soft, babe," Beast Boy growled playfully, giving Mirage's hips a sharp swat. Her fairly generous posterior quivered visibly from the shock of the blow, and Mirage let out a husky, lust-filled squeal.

"Ohhh!" she moaned, gasping and feeling herself get that much more aroused from this stimulation. "Mmmmmm, so nice..." she mewled. Her smile curved a little more, eyes sparking a little brighter. "Be gentle, darling," she said teasingly.

Beast Boy let out a laugh.

"I won't make any promises," he answered, licking his lips as he cast his eyes appreciatively over Mirage's bountiful hills and valleys. "You look like you'll be an awesome fuck. I might lose control a little bit."

Mirage laughed huskily.

"Even better," was her reply. "But I think you will be more awesome." She winked playfully, raising her hips into the bestial attentions of Beast Boy's manhood, grinding her starved sex lewdly against his erection.

Beast Boy laughed.

"Hahaha! Yeah, I probably will," he said, as though conceding a point. "I'm just a pro like that," he bragged facetiously, waggling his eyebrows in an exaggerated manner.

Mirage giggled.

"Ooooh!" she squealed. "You're so manly!"

Beast Boy leaned forward to nip at one of Mirage's ears.

"And you're so wo-manly," he whispered huskily, fondling the girl's breasts with remarkable skill. He pinched one of her nipples, and licked the spot where he'd bit her, exhaling his hot breath onto the sensitive earlobe.

Mirage let out a moan, and her frame violently shuddered. She came, gushing out all over the fore of Beast Boy's manhood. Her eyes rolled wildly in their sockets, and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. She was panting heavily, skin flushed a bright scarlet red. Sweat glistened enticingly all over her voluptuous body.

"Oh, God...!" she gasped. "Oh, God!" she repeated. "Beast Boy! Beast Boy! I love it! This feels incredible...!" She bucked her hips, desperately seeking to get the changeling inside of her. This brief moment of release only intensified her desire.

Beast Boy grunted pleasantly, smiling darkly down at the squealing, squirming Mirage.

"It's nice..." he remarked, half to himself. "I'm getting so hard, just seeing you act like this. Seeing ALL of you act like this... hehe, it's like something out of a porno... you girls going so crazy over my thing..."

"But it is a marvelous thing," moaned Mirage. "Your manhood... your penis... it's perfect," she said warmly, adoringly. Her eyes were softly gleaming. "Just look at it. So large, and meaty, and hard... I love it! I love your cock! We all do!"

"What," said Beast Boy, "you girls only like me for my body? I'm hurt. I mean, I know I'm a complete stud and all, but that still hurts my feelings."

For what it was worth, though, he was smiling as he said this.

And he leaned his weight into Mirage's body, lowering his head to begin tracing hungry kisses along the line of her jaw, and then down her slender, pale neck. He pressed his groin into her, aligning their bodies to join together. Forcefully, hungrily, he thrust himself into Mirage's womanhood.

It was hot. And wet.

She cried out. In ecstasy, in agony. He couldn't quite pin it down, but he liked the sound either way.

"Oh, my God!" screamed Mirage. "Oh my fucking God! It's incredible! Your cock is incredible! It's the only one I could ever want!"

Beast Boy grinned animalistically, feeling himself get even harder hearing her talk like this. He was well into his stride, was getting firmly entrenched in the groove of things. He thrust powerfully into Mirage's pussy, hungrily tasting her soft, sweaty skin.

Idly, he recalled his previous session with Argent, his failed attempt at dirty talking with her.

He felt confidence swelling in his gut, a giddy warmth in his cheeks.

I think I can do that, he thought.

He pumped violently into Mirage's burning core, pulling his head back and grunting as he fucked her.

"Yeah," he muttered. "You... You're my bitch..." He grinned almost in spite of himself, feeling a rush of energy through his veins. "Yeah..." he continued, "You're a dirty fucking bitch!"

He said this louder, more forcefully. Mirage moaned.

"I'm a bitch," she managed to gasp out, breathing heavily. "I'm such a dirty bitch!" she screamed. "Fuck! Fuck me with that magnificent cock!"

Beast Boy laughed, feeling giddy and horny all at once.

"Yeah!" he shouted. "That's right. You're my bitch! I own you! I own all of you filthy sluts!" It was a little surreal, hearing himself talking like this, but it just seemed to fit somehow. It felt right.

And also so very wonderfully wrong.

"Yes!" wailed Mirage. Her eyes were bright, and she was sopping wet down below. "I'm a horny fucking bitch! I'm your slut! I belong to you! You own me!"

Beast Boy loved the way it felt, hearing those words come from Mirage's mouth. He could hear the other girls, the ones present who were still conscious, all moaning and whimpering as they watched this and listened. Prysm was masturbating, driving fingers greedily into her own cunt. Omen and Raven, along with Terra, were somewhere between making out and having full-on lesbian sex.

"What a slut," the verdant changeling grunted, fucking Mirage fast and hard and furious. He pumped deeply, viciously in and out of her grasping, weeping flower. "What a fucking shameless whore. You like this, don't you? Being talked down to, being insulted and treated like dirt."

"I do...!" gasped Mirage. "I love it! I love it!"

Beast Boy laughed. He smacked her on the hip, making her wail delightedly.

"Bitch, you're hopeless!" he jeered, his eyes gleaming with faux cruelty. "You like being owned. I'm owning this tight fucking body of yours like it's just a piece of furniture, and you're loving every second of it. Hahaha! What a slut!"

Feeling bold, he reared a hand back. Swiftly, violently, he struck Mirage twice on the chest. Her breasts roiled and rippled wildly from the sudden blows, reddening starkly where he had struck them. Mirage moaned lewdly, shamelessly, and she came unto him with a gusto, aroused by this treatment like nothing else in the world.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried out, going mad as her nerve endings erupted in an orgiastic, almost cataclysmic frenzy of sensations. Her womanhood clenched, clamping down tightly on Beast Boy's shaft.

He groaned, feeling his balls clench.

"Fuck...!" he grunted, his manhood going thluck thluck thluck inside Mirage's soaking wet pussy. "I'm coming!"

His vision exploded, for the umpteenth time today, in flashing stars and fireworks. He came in unto Mirage, dying the tiniest bit for just the briefest of moments. His head was spinning, and he heard his current partner's lustful lowing and rumbling with a kind of detached amusement.

Looking down at Mirage, like through glasses that were just unfogged, he saw her large breasts, and heard the way she was moaning.

He smiled.

"You sound like a cow..." he remarked. He did not even break his stride, continuing to thrust himself in and out of Mirage. His manhood did not soften in the slightest, and any weariness he may have otherwise felt had passed almost immediately after orgasm. He felt fresher than ever. "Seriously, you're totally going 'moo, moooo'."

Mirage may have blushed a little bit. It was hard to tell for sure.

Beast Boy smirked. "Well, I guess it fits, doesn't it?" he added a moment later. "I mean, just look at those tits. They're so big and fat and fuckable."

Paizuriffic, a certain dorkier part of his mind intoned with a distinctly perverted snigger.

Mirage moaned weakly.

Beast Boy laughed.

"You really are a cow," he decided. "Just look at those babies. I bet if I squeezed 'em, milk would totally come out. Those jugs look they have to be at least a gallon apiece."

Mirage writhed lewdly beneath him, mewling and whimpering as he continued to fuck her.

"You'll be great at just giving milk to the babies," Beast Boy commented wryly. "You could probably feed a whole nursery with those things, couldn't you? I bet the kids'll just love to suck on those puppies all day and night. I know I would."

And he bent over to punctuate his statement, biting softly, teasingly down on one of Mirage's puffy, swollen nipples.

"Beast Boy!" she gasped, screaming and shuddering as she came. Her pussy squeezed BB's dick tight, too, milking it for seed.

"Fuck!" groaned Gar, feeling himself come inside the girl again. "Mirage, you... so fucking tight!"

Semen poured into her womb.

"Oh... yessss...! Yessssss..." Mirage sighed in one last orgasm, before finally going limp. Her shoulders went slack, eyes drooping shut as she faded out of consciousness.

She was completely drained, now. Beast Boy had fucked her senseless, and now Mirage was completely silent.

Smiling, the horny shapeshifter now turned his attention on Prysm. He pulled out of Mirage, letting her lie down on the floor in a puddle of post-coital bliss. He stepped gingerly over her body and walked up to Prysm.

"That's a sweet body, dude," he remarked, glancing interestedly at the colorful, shining surface of the heroine's figure. "What is it, again? Glass?"

Prysm gave him a small smile, her body flushed a fluorescent pink.

"Something like that," she said wryly, panting a little in the heat of arousal. She gave him a wink, before adding, "But it's soft in all the right places."

"Is it?" said Beast Boy, his forest green eyes shining with laughter. He cast a lustful gaze up and down Prysm's body. "I think I might wanna test that..." He chuckled a little, before faintly frowning, concerned. "...but you won't, like, break on me, right...? I wouldn't want to get pieces of glass stuck in my..."

"Don't worry, I'm tougher than that," replied Prysm, the faintest hint of pride in her voice. "You couldn't break me if you tried."

"I sure hope so," said Beast Boy conversationally. Smiling, he gave her a hard smack on the ass. "Because I'm sure gonna be pushing it."

"OH!" Prysm squealed, jumping a little at the sudden contact. She felt a stinging pain in her buttocks, and in spite of herself she found it most intriguing.

Beast Boy noted the way her cheeks danced and rippled from the shock of the blow. Like Prysm had said, she WAS surprisingly soft down there.

"You sure you ain't made of jello, babe?" he said wryly, winking at Prysm. "Just look at that booty shake."

He gave her ass another playful swat, and again it jiggled quite generously. She blushed at this, and smiled a little more lustfully.

"Mmm, I'll be made of whatever you want," purred the prismatic superheroine, laughter in her voice as she pressed herself close to the handsome changeling.

Beast Boy grinned, and he reached a hand up to gently fondle one of Prysm's breasts. She didn't have monster tits like Mirage or Supergirl, but still her endowments were FAR from meager. The mound of glass-like pseudo flesh squished nicely in his hand, fat-like silicate tissue swelling up naturally between fingers as he squeezed.

Despite the exotic construction of her body, Prysm nonetheless seemed to be very much like any other sexy, bodacious babe. And certainly she reacted to his ministrations the same way any of the other girls he'd been with would have, moaning lewdly and squirming delightedly under his ever-increasingly skillful touch.

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They fucked. It was hot and heavy, steamy and intense. But they fucked, and Beast Boy came, and Prysm came. They both came, screaming each other's names.


"Beast Boy!"

...well, okay. It wasn't their names so much as their handles, but who cares? They had sex, and it was hot.

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