[ EDIT - June 12th, 2016 ]: I am in the process of editing and rewriting this into Third POV instead of First POV. So you can imagine that is going to be awhile for me. So expect some chapters to have Third POV, then First POV.

Also please note that I made this story when the anime came out. It was before More Blood (I believed? Don't quote me, because I could be wrong about the date release XD), and Dark Fate came out with more information to the canon plot and characters. So many information is different from the canon information. So expect some AU stuff.

Please bear with me a little longer, and thank you all for the massive support you all have been giving me! Seriously, I still get messages, and comments from you guys about this, even though it's been a long time this story has update! Thank you guys!

[ Summary ]: Minori and her twin sister, Yui, are force to live in a mansion with six brothers. Not once have they given up on hope of escaping. However, each passing day they spend with these brothers. They learn more about them and themselves. Soon attractions overcome fear as well as jealousy erupts.

However, that's not all. Slowly something inside them become to unhinged. Something that could end humanity, or vampires all at once. Danger at every corner. Questions on who to trust, and what to believe in anymore. An ancient prophecy comes to light, making allies and foes come together to determine the fate of everything. Can these girls changed their cursed fates? Read to find out~

Rating: T - M


Sakamakis - Subaru/Minori(OC), Reiji/Minori(OC), Shu/Minori(OC), Ayato/Yui, Laito/Yui, Kanato/Yui

Mukamis - Ruki/Yui, Azusa/Yui, Kou/Minori (OC), Yuma/Minori(OC)

Tsukinamis - Carla/Yui, Shin/Minori(OC)

[ Story Contains ]: Bad Grammar/Spelling, First P.O.V, Anime/Game (Spoilers to those that are not far), Swearing, Romance, Drama, Angst, Harem, Love Triangles, Lemons, Strong Sexual Violence (Will warn when it comes), etc.

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ღ Diabolik Lovers: The Twin Brides ღ

- Chapter 1: House Of Horrors -




The road to their new home is taking a bit longer than they expected. It's been a few hours, since they arrived off the train destination, and been in this vehicle. They've been driving ever since. Of course boredom would come, but their curiosity kept them from suffering that. After all, they are no longer in town, but not on the outskirts of it.

She lean back in her seat, taking a break from staring out the window at the widespread of trees. She glance over at her twin sister sitting next to her, who continue to stare out her window. She seem to be more eager than she is for their new home. She can't say she is surprise.

Her name is Minori Komori. The girl next to her is her twin sister, Yui. You would think Minori is the oldest, due to her overprotective sibling nature, but in fact Yui is by a few minutes. So they were told by their father. It is truth they are twins, but they are far from identical when it comes to their personalities, likes.

Yui is kind, and gentle. She is the type to always help out others, and speak to them in a polite manner, regardless of how they treat her. That soothing nature draws many people around her, especially the church. Their father praise her for having so much kindness, even to those that don't deserve it.

While Minori on the other hand is a complete opposite of her sister. She is rebellious, and has a sarcastic nature. Always getting into trouble, and causing scenes at the church. She's the type that doesn't care what others think, and do what she believes is right. Regardless of one's opinion. Some say this attitude is due to her strong attachment to her sister. No one knows.

Their personalities are not the only thing that is different. Their appearances as well. Yes, they do have the same blonde hair color, and pink eyes. However, Yui's hair is long and curly, while Minori is short, and straight. Yui wears a flower accessory on the side for style. To add more charm to her feminine. She is the only one out of them that dresses as a female.

While Minori on the other is more of a cross-dresser type. She prefers the male clothing, due to feeling more comfortable. Though occasionally she do wear female clothes at times. Not to mention the fact she has a pink clip that holds most of her bangs out of her face.

"Yui..." Minori calls out to her sister, finally breaking the silence between the two of them."Do you have any idea why father want us to live with these people?"

She would ask the driver, but he isn't much of a talker. He's more of the silence types like most people back at the church they lived in.

Yui shakes her head. "No."

She lets out a scoff at her sister's answer. She should have know she didn't know either. "Figures... I guess the old man is tired of us finally. He probably couldn't bear to look at us any longer since he tells us we look more like mother each passing day."

They never knew their mother. They were told by their father that she died giving birth to them, and she loved them very dearly as he loved and misses her. Minori sometimes think this is one of the reasons why their father agreed so easily for them to leave the church.

He won't have to look at the faces of the monsters that killed his beloved.

Yui frown at her words. "I think father wanted us to get out of the church so we can experience the world." She replied. There was that reason as well. "And besides, you shouldn't say that. Father would never do that to us... no matter what you think."

"Whatever you want to believe in, Yui..." She look away from her, back towards her window. Yui always look at the bright side of things. Whereas she don't sometimes. She is often envious of her being so optimistic. She wish she can have that trait instead of this pessimistic attitude she gets sometimes. "I'm just glad we are out of that church..."

She feel Yui's hand on top of her, causing her to look back at her sister with a surprise look. "Father never hated us... He loved both of us, even you..." Yui commented with a small laughter. "You're his 'troublemaker' remember?"

How could she ever forget that. Minori laugh softly at the memories of her days back at the church. Those were some good times. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I was always the cause of ruckus at the church."

'Makes me almost misses it.'

"When we get to our new home, try not cause too much trouble for our caretakers." Yui said.

Minori smile at her, mirror the same look on her face. She's glad she has Yui.. She is the only one who truly understands her. Everyone else sees her as a waste of time, or a troublemaker. Not her sister. She can sees right through the tough barrier she puts around her.

Without her, Minori don't know what she'll do.

The tom-boy twin snaps out of her thoughts when she spots a building in her vision behind Yui. Yui turn around to look, and start to roll down her window to get a better view. Both of their mouths almost literally drop as they stare in amazement at the sight.

'It's a mansion!'

"Father never mention we're living a mansion. The Sakamakis must be rich." Yui said in awe.

"Way to go, father!" Minori exclaim with a big grin on her face. "For once you did something right!"

Yui shakes her head as they both continue to look at their new home. Once they pulled up at the gate, the twin girls hurried out of the car and grabbed their luggage with excitement. They both couldn't wait to enter inside their new home.

They open the gate, and walk up to the place. The girls scan around their surroundings to see what is all here. Not only is there one building, but a few nearby. They couldn't wait to go inside.

"Wow." Minori continue to grin as she look around their new home. You don't get this kind of luxury every day. To think they used to live in a church, and had to share one room together. Now they might have our own separate rooms for once.

Suddenly a rain drop landed on top of their heads. Making both of the girls look up to feel more of the rain on their faces. Not that Minori minded. She loves the rain, ever since she was child.

"It's raining?" Minori snorted at Yui's obvious comment.

"Duh Yui." She was going to say something back until suddenly lightning and sound of thunder rang above them. Both of the twins flinch at the same time and hurried towards the door. Yui is scared of thunderstorms, and Minori is not. However, that doesn't mean she is fond of getting struck by lightning.

Once they made it to the door, Yui grabbed the handle and hit the door twice. "Hello!" Yui called out.

No one answer back.

Minori sigh at the lack of response as Yui leans forward to grab the door handle. "I swear if no one home I'm going to-"

The door suddenly open.

"-Break in..."

Both of the girls gave each other questioningly looks, before deciding to enter inside the mansion. Once they were inside, they noticed no one in mere sight. Someone had to opened the door. They couldn't possibly ran away in time, once they enter. The room they are in is a grand hall, and it's an enormous to where it would take about two minutes to get to one room to the other.

"Excuse me, is anyone home?" Yui asks loudly, looking around for a person who opened the door for them.

"There has to be, since someone obviously opened the door for us." Minori jerks her luggage in. She jump back sharply when the door suddenly shuts the moment her suitcase entered inside. "... That's weird."

"Hmm... it could be that they weren't told we were coming today." Yui comment.

"Maybe... but either way, someone has to be. Let's go find them." She suggest as they both start to walk down the entryway. Minori looks around with an awe face. "This place is so huge."

Yui nod in agreement. She look forwards towards the stairs which leads to the upper floor. Could someone be up there? "Hello?"

No answer.

"Don't bother calling out. They ain't answering us, obviously." Minori sets her suitcase down by a pillar near her. "We have no choice, but to start looking around here for them."

The twins didn't have to go too far when Yui spots a person, well a boy in fact, laying on a sofa near the stairway. They both walk over to him. Up close the girls got a better look at him. The boy look about their age, 17 years old. He has messy reddish-brown hair, with a lighter blondish color to the tips.

He is wearing white shirt that has brown bordering the top and bottom of the shirt with a black leather jacket. He also wearing a red scarf around his neck and black jeans with a belt attached to both sides of his pants. One of his pants legs is pulled up almost halfways. Judging by his looks he either must be lazy or doesn't even care how he looks.

The boy appeared to be sleeping. Not even aware that there is two girls here.

"Hey." Minori call out to him.

No response.

Yui leans down towards him. "Um, excuse me." She touches his hand that is laying on his chest. She flinch and pulled her hand away quickly, making Minori raise an eyebrow at her for doing that. "You're cold! Are you okay?"

She watch Yui lays her head on his chest suddenly. She didn't think her sister would be bold to do that. "Yui, what are you doing?" She asks as she accidentally brush her hand against his leg and pulled away at the cold contact. "Damn! He's cold!"

'How can someone be that cold? Wait, is Yui checking his heart rate-'

Yui gasp. "He has no pulse! Oh no!" Yui looks at Minori. "Call the ambulance."

Minori didn't need to be told again. She quickly grabs Yui's phone out of her bag, since hers is still in the luggage by the pillar near the doorway. She was about to dial the number, until suddenly it was taken out of her grasp. The girls both looked at the boy is now awake with surprise, and bewilderment.

'How is he? Yui said he had no pulse.'

He held the cell phone in his hands tightly. "Damn, both of you are so noisy..." He said harshly as he sits up, and turned to glared at them with piercing green eyes. "This isn't your house, so both of you be quiet."

Minori frown at him. "Harsh..."

"Y-You're alive?" Yui said in disbelief.

The boy was hardly surprise. "Why wouldn't I be alive? What do you think I am?"

"You had no pulse." Minori points out

"Y-Yeah, your heart was stopped." Yui was about to get up from the ground, but suddenly is pulled by the boy onto the sofa. He grins as he slowly leans down to her.

"Hey!" Minori roughly grabs his arm to stop him from doing anything to her sister. "What do you think you're doing!"

The boy frowned at her. "What do you think I am doing? Unless you're planning to stop me, boy."

"Like hell you're going to do anything to my sister!" She shove him off of Yui, and pulls her sister before her as she stood in front of her in a protective stance she always did when they were little. The boy stood in front of them as he eyed Minori with a dangerous look.

"You're going to pay for that, you little brat!" He nearly shouts.

"Ayato, what's with all the commotion?"

The boy frowns behind them. "Not you, Reiji." .

They look behind to see another boy who looked about couple years older than them. The boy has shoulder length hair that looks neatly combed. His hair color is a shade of purple-black with a lighter purple-grey gradients. His eyes are red behind his glasses, unlike the other boy's. He looks very formal with the outfit he is wearing, almost like a butler. He is wearing a black uniform jacket buttoned up with a perfect tie, along with black pants and black dress shoes.

Reiji glance an annoyed look towards Ayato. "This is the entrance hall. This is meant to be used as a place to greet our guests. Take your activities to your private room." He replied calmly.

Ayato lets out a scoff. "Pft! Lame.."

The girls rush by Reiji's side. "Please help us!"

"Yeah, that pervert over there almost assaulted my sister!" Minori points over at Ayato.

Reiji looks down at the two of with a bored expression, completely ignoring what they just said to him. "And you two are?"

"I'm Minori Komori, and she's Yui, my sister." Minori answered his question. "Our father said we were both supposed to live here."

"I heard nothing of the sort." Reiji turns his attention toward to the other boy. "Ayato, explain this to me."

Ayato stares at him bewildered. "Huh? How should I know?" He looks over at the two girls. "You two never said anything about that, Pancake and Girly Boy."

"That's because you attacked me out of nowhere." Yui replied back angrily. "Wait, did you call us Pancake and Girly Boy? Are you talking about us?"

"Girly Boy?" Minori never heard that one before.

"Of course I'm talking about you two, stupid. You're flat as a pancake while your brother looks almost like a girl."

"That is strange." Reiji place his hand underneath his chin, thinking deeply in his thoughts about all of this. "I wasn't informed of this..."

"Umm... just who are you people-"

"We shouldn't talk here. Come with me." He said as he starts walking away. "See to their luggage."

Both of the girls turned around to see a middle-age man holding their luggage, and disappearing into the shadows with them. "Creepy..."

They both look at Ayato who looks very annoyed right now. Not another second to delay, they follow after Reiji. 'This day just went from awesome... to weird.'

The girls sat down on the sofa as Ayato who followed them sits in the chair next to the sofa. He kept staring at them, well kept staring at Yui. While Minori glares at him.

Reiji spoke up to kill the silence. "Now, in the interest of formality, let us begin by having you two tell us about yourselves and how you both enter in this house."

"Um, right." Yui looks at Minori, before looking back at Reiji. "We-"

Suddenly a laugh echo in the room. "What have we here?" The girls look up the stairs in this room to see another boy. He almost looks like Ayato. Could he be his twin? Or sibling?

He is wearing a white dress shirt with a skinny black tie, along with a jacket that has fur bordering the hood. He is also wearing black pants that go nice with the hat he is wearing. He has the same color eyes as Ayato, except the only thing is his hair. His hair is shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, with a lighter blondish color to the tips.

Overall, he look like a player type. Which made Minori more worried about him instead of Ayato.

"Is it true? Are there really a cute little human girl and her brother here?" The boy smirks, and suddenly he disappear. Minori hear Yui gasp, turns around to see him sitting beside her. "Mmm, you smell so nice and sweet. Makes me almost curious if your brother does too."

"I'll be the judge of that." Suddenly she feel her right cheek be licked, making Minori jump in her spot.

"Ahh! What the hell!" She touch her cheek as she pull away, and turn to look at a boy looked younger than her.

The boy has purple hair with white tips at the end. His hair color matches his eyes, purple. Though he'll look adorable by his childlike appearance, but there are bags under his eyes as if he lacks sleep. He is wearing a maroon vest with a red string tie and a white shirt with a ruffled Victorian collar. A jacket over his vest with a dark brown belt right above his waist line, along with black pants that go to slightly below his knees. He is also wearing short knee-socks and brown dress shoes. In his arms is a teddy bear, which he holding close to his chest. Which undoubtedly always go everywhere with him, judging by the way he's holding it.

The boy smile, "He does taste sweet as you say."

"Bastard..." Minori hiss underneath her breath.

"Now you two, don't you think that behavior is a little impolite to towards a lady and gentleman you have only just met?" Reiji comment.

The boy with the hat sigh. "What? But doesn't everyone want to taste something that looks yummy?" He looks back at the purple haired boy. "Don't you agree, Kanato-kun?"

Kanato nods his head. "Yes."

"Knock it off, you guys!" Ayato said as those two look at him. "Yours Truly saw her first. You can have Girly Boy for all I care, but Pancake is off-limits. Yours Truly is going to be her first everything."

"Like hell you are!" Ayato was going to say something back to Minori, until another voice popped in.

"Lame... I'm so sick of you calling yourself Yours Truly."

Ayato gets up from his seat, and looks around in the room. "Screw you! I know that's you, Subaru. Show yourself!"

"Over here."

Everyone looks over by the wall to see another boy standing there. Where are all these boys coming from?

This boy look same age or younger than the girls to say at least. He has white hair and red eyes similar to Reiji except this boy has darker red eyes than he do. He is wearing a jacket unbuttoned with a vest over a white end shredded shirt along with black pants. He is also wearing white heel boots with it. He appears to be wearing a wrist band on his arm along with a necklace around his neck.

Unlike all the other boys they've met. This one look rather piss or very angry. Not to mention he look like he is ready to hit something... or someone.

"I thought it smelled like human in here. So, it was you two." Subaru glares at the two girls. "How dare you interrupt my precious sleep."

"Where... did you come from?" Minori asked.

'How did he even came in here without anyone noticing?'

That wasn't the answer he was apparently looking for when he suddenly hit the wall next to him left a big crack bigger than his hand. "My question first!"

Both of the girls stare at him in fear. If he can do that imagine what he can do to them.

Reiji pushes up his glasses. "Has anyone been told anything about these two who has come here to live with us?"

No one answered his question. The girls looked at each other, before getting up and walk towards Reiji. "Sorry! I think this is some kind of misunderstanding, so we'll be on our way!" Minori grabs Yui's hand and quickly walk away from these people.

"Just a moment." Reiji said suddenly, stopping the girls in their tracks. "I am attempting to verify the truth of this matter. Wouldn't it be rather impolite to leave now?"

"B..But..." Yui stuttered.

Minori holds Yui's hand tightly, slowly stood in front of her in a protective stance. "Look, this has got to be a mistake alright-"

"Are you two the sisters he mentioned?" Another voice said.

Ayato looks at Minori in surprise. "You're a girl!" .

"Duh!" She responded, but didn't say anything else as they look over to the boy who said that across the room. He is laying on a sofa. He appears to look the oldest out of all of these boys.

The boy has curly, blonde hair. She couldn't tell what color his eyes since they are close. He has what appears to be a mp3 player attached to a wire/string that wraps around his neck which also has the earphones as well. He is wearing a white dress shirt and a beige sweater along with the black jacket draped on his shoulders. He is also wearing his black pants along with brown dress shoes.

"Shu, do you know something about these two girls?" Reiji ask.


"Don't "maybe" me. I would like an explanation." Kanato said in an irritated voice.

"That guy... contacted me the other day." Shu said as he starts explaining everything to them. "He said, 'We have guests arriving from the church, so treat the two sisters with respect.'"


"Are you telling me that Pancake and Girly Boy here are the 'prospective brides'?"

The girls look at Ayato confused. "What?"

"Oh, is that all?"

"More like sacrifices than brides."

Shu open eyes which are blue to their surprise. "Oh, right... and he also mentioned not to kill them."

"Really? That means we're going to have a verrry long relationship with these two."

Reiji turn to look at the girls. "It appears there is no misunderstanding after all, so allow us to introduce ourselves." He starts naming them all off. "That is the eldest son, Shu." Shu didn't answer, but close his eyes and continue to listen to his music. He points to himself. "I am the second son, Reiji. This is the third, Ayato."

Ayato smirk. "You two won't get away next time."


Kanato smile and tilt his head to the side. "Please let me sample you again sometime, or maybe the both of you..." Minori shuddered when he said that. A very creepy boy he is.


The boy with the hat smile, and wink at them. "Pleased to meet you, Little Bitch and Transvestite."

"And the last son, Subaru."

Subaru scoff and looks away. "What a waste of time."

'So they're all... brothers? He didn't say Laito or Kanato as the fourth and fifth son. Could they and Ayato be triplets? Perhaps Ayato and Laito could be twins, but... I don't know... This all seem... a bit...'

"This has to be a mistake." Minori said as she looks at each, and every one of them. "No one told us anything about brides."

"Yeah and... and besides, you're all... kind of weird." Yui comments. None of them said anything, but stare at tnem. Like they're waiting for the girls to do something. The look they are giving them is kind of creeping both of them out. "I... I-I need to contact our father."

Yui pats around her body to find her phone.

Ayato pulls out the very thing she is looking for. "My cell phone!"

"Give it back!" Minori shouted.

Ayato smile. "Should I?"

The girls rush over to him. "Give it back! Please!" Yui said as they both tried to take it away from him. Then suddenly Subaru grabs the phone away from Ayato.

"What are you doing?" Minori asks him.

Subaru frown,. "I'm doing this." He crushes the phone to pieces in his bare hands!


"How could you!"

Subaru walks away from us. "Get lost."

'How dare that white son of bitch did-'

"There, there, you two." Minori feels a hand on her right shoulder. She look up to see it was Laito's. She pushes his hand away as he still has his other one on Yui. "You're both about to become very good friends with us, so you don't need your silly old cell phone. Right?"

She feel another hand on her shoulder. This time its Kanato's. "I've actually been feeling kind of pekkish."

"Tell me about it." Laito leans down towards Yui's ear. "You both smell so very delicious, Little Bitch."

Minori pushes Kanato's hand away and pulls Yui away from Laito just in time before he could bite her ear. "Bastard! Let's get out of here!" The girls start running away from them until Yui fell down and scrape her knee. "Yui!"

She rush by her sister's side as Yui mumble about her knee. "Oww..." She put her hand on her knee which is now bleeding. 'Of all times, you have to be clumsy now Yui.'

They both look up to see each and every one of them staring at Yui like food. Their teeth showing out of their open mouth that are hungrily waiting to eat her. As if she was piece of meal. Minori's eyes widen in shock at the sight of fangs they have.


Yui pulls out her cross necklace. She holds it in front of them like a shield. "Take this!"

Nothing happened, except Shu laugh at her fail attempt to stop them. The girls stare at them in shock. Wasn't that suppose to do something to monsters like them? Don't holy objects stop vampires?

"Honestly." Reiji sits down in a chair and folds his arms across his chest. "Did you really believe those fairy tales written by mortals claiming that vampires are vulnerable to garlic, holy crosses and sunshine? This just goes to show how foolish and arrogant mortals are. That makes me furious."

Minori grabs Yui's hand, and pulls her out of the room. 'Get away. We need to get away from these monsters!'

The girls stop to look around to see which way to go. "This way!" Yui pulls Minori with her down the direction she pointed at. They kept running until their visions spot tables with sweets and candy on top of them.

Kanato is standing by them, smiling. Like he was taunting the girls or something. "I'll break you both..."

The girls didn't stop, they ran pass him. Not stopping no matter what. They both don't know what these monsters are capable of, and they're not going to spend any more minute in this mansion with them.

"There's a phone!" They rush over there and pick it up only to find it cut.

"I told you both that you wouldn't be needing a phone during your time here." They hear Laito say. Minori looks around them to find that vampire. "Now, where has my Little Bitch, and Transvestite run off to."

Minori turns around to see Laito behind Yui.

"Take a guess." He whispers into her ear.

Minori pulls Yui away, they both start running from him. Soon they found themselves towards the entrance. Minori couldn't help but smile, finally they can leave this horrible place. Though sadly her smile disappear once they found out it wouldn't open.

Both of them start banging on the door and try to open it. "Please open!"

Suddenly a hand press on the side of the door, and they turned to see Ayato. "Where are you two trying to go?"

Yui push him away as the girls head towards the upper floor. Ayato laugh behind them. His laugh slowly crushing their hopes to leave this place.

They kept on running and running until they stumble upon a door with a broken lock laying in front of it. "Yui, we gotta keep running." Minori told her, but she didn't listen and enter inside. "Damnit, Yui."

She enter inside to find the room that seem like a storage. Furniture are covered with white sheets, books on the shelves, and there jewels in a chest. For a storage, there's many valuable items in here. Yui walks over to the chest, glancing at the items by it.

Minori frown at her sister for having to stop running. "Yui, this isn't the time to be messing around." She said as they both suddenly look over at a window and spot a woman outside. "Huh?"

They both walk over to the window where the balcony is. The woman was standing there had a beautiful long purple hair, but they couldn't see her face. She slowly turn around and they could see the side of her face as a small smile appear on it.

Suddenly aching pain appear where their heart is. Minori grips her chest, and tries to breathe as the pain intensified. Not only was she experiencing it, so was Yui.

"Yui..." She close my eyes as she kneel on the ground.

"It... It hurts..."

Yui stumble back against the shelve to knock books over, which cause the pain disappear quickly before they could pass out. Minori clutch my chest as her heartbeat and breath slowly return back to normal. It felt like she was dying.

She looks back over to the balcony to see that woman gone. 'Was it my imagination? No, Yui saw her too.'

"Minori, come look at this." Minori walks over and kneel by her. Yui is holding a diary and a picture in her hands. She hold the picture to the tom-boy twin to see.

Her eyes widen in shock at it. It's a picture of the church they grew up in. In front of the church is their father. He is holding both of the girls when they were just infants.

"That's... us..." Minori takes the picture away from Yui to look more at it.

"This must be Father's diary then... But how?" Yui points to the diary in her hand as she starts reading it. "'Yui and Minori gives me happiness. The fact they are not actually my children means nothing to me now. I am only grateful for this great blessing every day I live.'... What does this mean?"

She couldn't believe what she just heard. All of their life they believed he was their father, but this diary is saying he's not."He's not our father..." Minori shakes her head, refusing to believe this. "No! That cannot be! This diary cannot be our father's!"

"Minori, calm down." Yui touch her sister's shoulder, calming Minori in the process. She always does. "Even if it his, why is it here?"

"Of all the rooms, you two had to pick this one to enter." The girls turned around to see all the brothers in this room with them. Reiji spoke again as he pushes up his glasses. "This is a room that we have sealed off so no-one may enter. I will have to fit it with a new lock."

"That's for sure. How did you get in here, Little Bitch and Transvestite?"

"Please stay put; you're both are my prey."

"Like hell we're your preys!" Minori yells at Kanato.

Yui nod, "Yeah... We're nobody's prey."

"Enough excuses." Subaru said angrily as books above them fell off the shelves.

"Oh, you. Not again, Subaru." Laito comments.

"Shut up!"

Yui is trembling uncontrollably, but Minori don't blame. She's scared, hell so is she. She is not going to show it, because she needs to be the stronger one right now. She needs to protect Yui. Most of all, get her away from these blood-suckers.

Minori glares at Subaru, since he is the one who last spoke. "How about you freaks just let us go!"

Subaru growled. "You dare to make me angry little girl!" He suddenly appear in front of her, grabbing the collar of her sweater. She glare up at those piercing red eyes. Even though they're looking through her soul, telling her they're going to eat me. Her anger subdue her fear and so did her stubbornness.

"I can do whatever I want! You people don't have any right to keep us here!" She responded with a shout.

Subaru's grip tighten. "Why you little-"

"That's the look that gets my juice flowing."

"Perhaps I'll partake as well."

"I want a taste too."

Minori turns around to see Kanato, Ayato, and Laito on Yui. "Yui!" She pushes Subaru away only to be grabbed by him again. "Let me go!"

"Shut up! It's your fault you made me angry! You deserve this for being a brat!" He grips her neck tightly, making the tom-boy twin start to struggle in his hold. She needs to get to her sister.

"There is only one fact the you both must fully comprehend. The fact that you two can never escape from us." Reiji said.

Subaru scoff as his grip tighten around her neck to point where it's starting to get hard to breathe. "Oh, get straight to the point! Just tell them that if they both try to escape, they're dead!"

Minori's eyes widen as she watch the three boys lick Yui. "Stop it!" Suddenly something shattered. Everyone stops what they are doing as they look to the side to see a painting shatter where Shu was.

"My bad, I knocked it over." Shu said as he leaves the room.

"Hey, Pancake... Are you ready?"

Minori look back over to see Yui laying on the ground and Ayato on top of her. She was about to rush over to her when suddenly Subaru spun her around and slams her up against the wall where he leaning above her. The impact and pain knock the wind out of her, making her cry out in pain.

"Oh, Subaru don't be so rough with her. I also would like to taste Transvestite too."

Subaru ignored him and was glaring down at her. "You cause this girl." He said harshly as he bare his fangs at her. For first time in Minori's life she is truly afraid more than anything. No longer being the hero, or the one that dives head first into danger. For once she finally begs for someone for help.

'Please, god!'