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Mikoto watched as her eight-year-old son cuddled the newborn girl to his chest while Sasuke clambered over his knee trying to reach for their new baby sister. She let out a sigh, her dark eyes utterly unreadable as she observed her three children.

"A girl, is it?"

She expected the deep voice, so she didn't jump in surprise or anything of the sort and she glanced back, spotting her husband leaning against the door, "You're back from your mission already, dear?" She asked in a low voice so as not to disturb the trio of children.

Fugaku nodded, "I was unable to make it back in time for the birth," That was as close to an apology she was going to get from the Uchiha leader, "I did not expect a girl."

"I cannot pick out the genders of our children, dear," Mikoto shrugged, her dark eyes growing guarded as her husband crossed his arms over his green Jounin vest, "Besides, the Uchiha clan is in desperate need of females with the Sharingan bloodline."

"I do not mind a girl," Fugaku stated, hearing and seeing the defensive tone of his wife's words and bodily actions, "I assume that you will be the one to oversee her training?"

"If you would let me," Mikoto's smile was strained, "I'm quite sure that you're much too busy with Itachi already." Her words were falsely light.

"I heard from the head of the hospital that... Kagome has a unique feature," He clearly emphasized the name she had picked out without his approval and Mikoto twitched, frowning deeply, "The first Uchiha born with blue eyes?"

"What are you asking, dear?" Mikoto tightened her lips, moving to the next room so they wouldn't disturb her dear children.

Fugaku let a dry emotionless smirk to spread across his normally stoic face, "I am the head of the Military Police," He stated and Mikoto glared at him with dark eyes, "Do you think I do not know?" He watched as her Sharingan activated unconsciously with his next words.

"That you were having an affair with the Yondaime Hokage?"