So back in September 19, 2012 I wrote a horrid Mary Sue fic. It's been over a year since that's been published and well . . . I just had a compulsive feeling to write another one. Just to bash Mary Sues everywhere . . . Hell yeah. Lets get this thing started. This time it'll be about the Tallest . . . Cuz I love them to death . . . I'm kind of abusing the ellipses right now aren't I? I'm such a punctuation whore . . . Huh! What?

So OK, here da story. One upon a day in da big, pink, space ship thingy, it's called the Massive, we're 2 aliens. One was purple eyed. His name was Purple. The other was red eyed. His name were Red. (A/N: dey r nameded after their colors.) Dey both liked eating food and doing stuffs. Den one day a beautiful lady camed to dem. she were pretty. Her name were Nathan. (A/N: I know dat a boys name but I tink it a pretty girl name. :)

"Hi! My name Nathan! I'm gonna Mary both of u!" She screamed prettily. Red took out his potato gun and fired it at Purple. Da other tallest fell down hurtled by the force of da mighty potato.

"No! U shall only marry meh!" Red singed, swaying his hips back and forth voluptuously. "I twerk for thee now!" Red started shaking hims bootay lyke it weren't nobodies business. Purple gotted up from da floor. His wounds were a splinter from the sharp potato.

"Red got ass, but Pur got swagger!" Purple proclaimed. "Mary meh, silly head, Nathan woman!"

"Nuuuuuu! I shall Marry the 1 wiv da best rap! Begin!" Red begunned.

"Eminem said he were da real Slim Shady but he forking lie to you! He needs to sit down! I'm Slim Shady, I'm not just imitating. Cuz I'm coming in like a wrecking ball. And I can blame that on the a-a-alcohol baby. And oo baby it's raining, raining, and I'm standing under my own umbrella-ella-ella. But just like a tattoo I'll always have you. And I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more to take you to the candy shop. I'll let you lick the lollipop. Then we can tip toe through the tulips as we welcome ourselves to the new age. To the new age." Red sayed.

"So many pop culture references! Guh!" Purple exploded but not really. "I just say I R-E-S-P-E-C-T you and I want your babies." He said to Nathan.

"Dat beaituil, Pur! I marry u!" Purple fist pumped.

"Yah! I get all da bitches!" And they married and did da bow chicka wow, wow. Now they vomit smeets every night and Red goes to da gay bar cuz he can't get no women. But it OK, he make good money being a lap dancer.