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A/N: This takes place after Fresh Starts & Farewells.

Austin just sat on the bus strumming his guitar and staring off into space. He couldn't believe he was going to be gone for 94 days, without Ally. He just sat there strumming on his guitar, Trish and Dez were not sure what to do or say seeing him like this.

"Hey Austin, where is our first stop?" Trish asked.

Austin looked up at Trish "Huh?" He said.

"I said where is our first stop?" Trish repeated.

"Orlando. Trish you know that you're the tour manager." Austin replied.

"Austin are you gonna be like this the whole trip?" Trish asked.

"Like what?" Austin asked.

"Sitting there staring off into space, not saying anything, I mean we should be laughing, talking, even singing, you know just having a good time." Trish told him.

"Sorry Trish I'm not in the mood for that right now." Austin said.

"Look, Austin we are all gonna miss Ally, but she is recording her first record we have to be supportive of that." Trish told him.

"Trish I would rather not discuss Ally." Austin said. Then he put down the guitar and lay down on the couch and closed his eyes, not wanting to discuss Ally but missing her badly.

"Man he has it bad for Ally. Dez what are we gonna do?" Trish whispered to Dez.

"Ummm…yeah I got nothing." Dez told her.


Ally walked home, emotions swirling around inside of her. Austin was on tour, she was making a record with Ronnie Ramone. She was excited and deeply saddened over missing the tour a lot could happen in 94 days. Ally looked at the card again, the picture of the flowers and the caption underneath that read "Thinking of You".

As Ally walked home she knew how alone and upset Austin must feel, but how depressed he would be too. Ally could feel a lump in her throat, but held it together at least on the streets anyway.

Finally getting home, she got changed and ready for bed but before she did. She texted Trish.

Ally: Trish how is everyone's first night?

Trish: Ally, we miss you wish you were here and Austin is really taking it hard. How are you?

Ally: Sleepy and ready for bed, nervous and excited about tomorrow. I'm sorry Austin is upset over this.

Trish: I'll do my best to cheer him up. Keep in touch.

Ally: Will do.

Ally closed the phone and sat on her bed, she pulled up her legs and wrapped her arms around her legs and bowed her head against her legs. The first thing she thought was: "God did I make a mistake."

Ally thought about everything and quickly wiped tears out of her eyes, she had to be ready for her recording session in the morning. She was already missing, Trish and even Dez, but most of all she was missing Austin Monica Moon, the man she loved.

Ally stayed in that position for a while her thoughts were on Austin and how she was gonna get through the next 94 days, she was not gonna do well.

Ally didn't even here her dad come in; all of a sudden she just felt an arm around her. It scared her at first and then she looked up and saw her dad sitting there with her.

"Ally cat you O.K.?" Her dad asked sympathetically.

"No dad, I know I made the right decision but it hurts so much." Ally said her voice breaking.

"Ally sometimes doing the right thing, isn't easy and it's gonna hurt a lot, but you said your career was more important to you then Austin's. I know you wanted to go with him, but you did what you felt was right honey." her dad said.

"Daddy, I wanted to be with Austin so much, I…I love him. Why did we ever break up?" Ally asked.

"Aww my little girl has fallen in love. " Her dad said squeezing her shoulders.

"Yes and now that Austin is gone, it breaks my heart." Ally said laying her head on her father's shoulder.

"Ally, you got a big day of recording tomorrow, try to get some sleep and we will talk about this tomorrow." Her dad said. He kissed her forehead good night and left.

Ally looked at the card again. Tears ran down her cheeks, this was gonna be 94 days of hell, but still tried to tell herself that she had made the right choice. Little did she know that Austin was suffering as much as she was.