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Kili's P.O.V

I looked over the fire and into the tree's for the second night in a row now I had seen bright blue eyes looking into camp from the darkness of the tree's. I had no idea what they belonged to but considering what ever creature it was hadn't attacked and always left after a few minutes I hadn't tried to shoot it. I was just about to start cleaning my knife when my brother elbowed me in the ribs.

"What was that..."

"Shut up" Fili told me quickly "Look" he added nodding to his right. I followed his gaze until I met a familiar pair of bright blue eyes for the second time tonight.

"What ever it is it usually only makes one visit" I mumbled not taking my eyes of the intelligent blue ones that where looking right back at me. "Do you think we should mention this to uncle when he wakes up?" I asked Fili seriously.

"And tell him what that where being watched by blue eyes?" Fili reposed "He'll want to know exactly what it is and since we don't know we wont be able to tell him" he added "Best wait till we know what we're dealing with"

"Do you think its a threat?" I asked.

"No, should have attacked the camp by now. Its probably just curious, if uncle knew about it he'd what you to shoot it so we could eat it" Fili smiled. Fili was right what ever creature those eyes belonged to if it had meat on it Thorin would want it killed for food. I had shot a lot of rabbit since setting off on this journey but those eyes did not belong to a rabbit or any other animal I has seen. I watched as a shape began to appear though the tree's I looked at Fili but he was all ready watching his hand gripping the handle of his sword. After a few seconds a white paw appeared soon after a light grey almost white wolf sneaked into the camp. It was the smallest and most beautiful wolf I had ever seen. I could see Fili was shocked, I was aware that none of us where moving not wanting to scare it. We both watched quietly holding our breaths and it slowly walked up to where we had left are things and sniffed our belonging. Without warning Bombur coughed in his sleep. The wolf's head shot up looking in his direction before darting back into the safety of the tree's.

"Normal wolves don't have blue eyes" I mumbled to my brother who turned his gaze away from where the wolf had just disappeared.

"They aren't usually white either" He told me "or that small"

"Maybe its only a baby" I suggested.

"If that where the case where the rest of its pack?" Fili asked me "I think its a lone wolf, might be smaller because it doesn't eat that much wolfs hunt in packs maybe because its by itself it doesn't catch as much food. Might have been rejected by its pack because it was small"

"Least we can tell uncle what it is now" I replied with a small smile "should be thankful its not a baby warg" I added.

"If we tell uncle he'll want it shot" Fili told me "Which would be a shame considering it's not done us any harm" Fili was right, uncle wouldn't want to take the risk with leaving it alive. It might not be big enough to kill us all but it was still big enough to steal our supplies. There was something strange about this wolf though and not just its white colour or its blue eyes. Those eyes seemed too intelligent to belong to a normal wolf.