Chapter six

After eating I found myself walking about the gardens. The sun had long gone down but my eyes had adjusted rather quickly even in human form. I had no idea where the dwarves were at the moment in time but I had a funny feeling that someone would come looking for me soon enough. Unless they planned on leaving me behind when they left, no someone would come and tell me. The sound of laughter caught my attention causing me to look up. A orange glow from a fire was coming from a balcony above me. Smiling I looked at the fastest way up. I crouched low and jumped, my fingers caught hold of the stone balcony and I pulled myself up quickly swinging my legs over almost knocking poor Ori over in the process who let out a small yell and fell backwards on his bum. I quickly dashed over to him to help him to his feet.

"Sorry Ori" I apologized pulling him up. Bofur looked over the balcony and back towards me, shocked.

"How the hell did you get up here lass?" he questioned.

"How do you think?" I smiled at him jumping back up on the balcony ledge and using it as a seat. "I jumped, am agile doesn't matter what form I'm in" I told everyone. I looked around the group, there where three faces missing. "Where's, Thorin, Balin and Bilbo?"

"With Gandalf and Elrond" Fili replied "There going to read the map" he added.

"So lass" Bofur smiled at me "Is the wolf gone now, is the beautiful woman in front of me going to be our new companion?" he asked. I looked down at the floor, would Thorin want me on the quest now that I was no longer the wolf. Some of the dwarfs all ready thought I would be a distraction and I didn't want that to be true.

"I don't know if I'm coming with you" I admitted, perhaps staying with the elf's would be a better idea, I knew they would accept me here.

"What!" Kili almost yelled "You cant leave now, your part of the group" he told me as I looked up at him.

"She can leave if she wants brother" Fili said meeting my eyes "She's free to choose her own path"

"I don't want to leave the group" I admitted "But I don't want to be the pet wolf either, I want to stay in this form for a while and I don't know if Thorin will allow that" I explained.

"What's my uncle going to do?" Fili smiled "Tie you to a tree to stop you following us, your a free spirit you can go where you please, if that's with us so be it"

"Lets talk about later, lets get some food first. Its hard to think on an empty belly" Bofur added as everyone settled down round a fire that I noticed they had destroyed a chair to burn. It really was a good job the elves where patient or at least Elrond's people where. "You hungry lass?"

"No, I've all ready eaten" I told them as they began to cook sausages and everything else they could find. I walked through the group and took a seat between Kili and Fili, I always felt calm and safe when I was near them, I wasn't sure why. I day dreamed as the dwarves talked amongst them selves. How far I'd come, not long ago I was a wolf struggling to make my way in the world and now I was sitting between two royal dwarves. It was just that I liked them but they liked me to, they spoke to me and looked after me and I wanted to do the same for them for as long as I could. Maybe it was fate that brought us together but I could sense there was a reason for me being here. Maybe it was to protect them. I snapped back to reality as Kili arm touched mine, I turned to look at him and he just gave me a small smile.

"Bombur" Bofur shouted, throwing a sausage at him which he caught easily. The bench he was sitting on creaked and then snapped sending Bombur crashing to the floor. Everyone burst out laughing but Bofur was literally rolling around on the floor. I held in my laughter but couldn't help but smile.

"Your tired" Kili commented looking at me. I nodded my head. "You can sleep, I'll look after you"

"I don't doubt you" I mumbled leaning my head against his shoulder. I stiffened as his arm came around my waist but his fingers stroked my skin and my muscles relaxed as I closed my eyes. My eyes snapped open a few hours later when I heard footsteps approaching, I quickly stood up moving away from Kili and his brother.

"We have to leave now" Thorin told the company. No one questioned it they just began to quickly pack there belonging. I looked down at myself, still in the dress. I had to find Arwen and ask her for more suitable clothing but Thorin obviously wanted to leave unseen, he didn't want the elf's knowing he was gone. I still needed better clothing though, I turned to the brothers.

"I cant leave just yet" I told them "I'll pick up your sent and follow you as soon as I'm able" I added honestly.

"I'll try and slow the company down as much as I can so you can catch us" Fili replied, I shook my head.

"That wont be necessary, you'll be surprised how fast I can run in this form, I have great stamina" I smiled at him "see you soon" I said walking over to the balcony and jumping over it. I softly landed on the grass and began to use my nose to pick up the sent of Arwen. It didn't take long to find her, she was inside in a room full of books, she was reading quietly. She looked up as I walked it. "Arwen am going to need those cloths now" I smiled at her.

"There all ready in your room, I had a feeling you would need them sooner rather than later" she smiled back.

"Thanks" I said quickly running out the room and back to my room as quick as I could. I quickly stripped out my dress and put the other cloths on. Arwen had even left a bow and a knife by it. She obviously wanted me to be able to protect myself in this form.

It didn't take long to get on the right track and find which way the dwarfs had went. I was nervous being on my own again and nervous about catching up with the group now that Thorin knew I would be in this form. I doubt he would be pleased and with no Gandalf with us to back me up I was relaying on the brothers, would they go against there uncle? I kept thinking about the argument about me being a distraction. If the worse came to the worse I guess I could shift back into the world but I didn't want, I wanted to talk to everyone. Learn more about the group of dwarfs that I was beginning to think of as friends, well some of them anyway. Some had made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with me. I looked at the track going up the side of the mountain, if I ran I would catch up with them before they reached the mountain.

Sorry its been so long and sorry it seems short and rushed but am seriously running out of juice for this story, think I need to watch the films again and swoon over the brothers a bit. Any idea let me know, again am sorry about spelling and grammar.