A/N This is AU where the Vongola with the exception of Mukuro are their present ages (13-16). Mukuro is TYL as is Fran and the rest of the Varia. Pairings include RasielXBel BelXFran RasielXFranXBel and various side-pairings.

"Mmm… Rasiel…" Belphagor moaned as his hand stroked along his hardened member, his eyes scrunched shut as he thought about his twin brother. He whimpered as he squeezed himself, pretending it was the older blond's hand touching him. "Mmm… S-siel…!"

Bel bite his lip as he felt his orgasm hit him, soft pants escaping past young lips. He was young, barely twelve-years-old, and he knew everything about his relationship with Rasiel was wrong. They were young and they were more closely related than most siblings, but neither of them cared; they loved each other and did their best to hide their relationship from others – especially their parents who would have disapproved of it for many reasons.

Bel wasn't sure where Rasiel had disappeared off to, but he was quite content to lie in his bed under the covers, hiding from the cold that was slowly seeping into his room through the open window. The blond had been too lazy to close it from when the maid had been in here cleaning earlier.

The blond sighed happily as he curled into a ball, his eyes closing as he prepared himself for sleep.

The young boy had only managed to reach the second stage of sleep before someone knocked on his bedroom door, startling him back into waking consciousness.

"Mmm?" Bel blinked as he sat up, knowing it would be his father – his mother didn't bother with her children very much and no one but Rasiel dared enter his room when he was in there.

"Bel?" Yeah; that was definitely said boy's father. "Bel, I've got some bad news."

Bel didn't care much for whatever the man had to tell him. He watched as the door opened slowly until his father was revealed, standing tall in the doorway. His blond hair fell down the middle of his back while his eyebrows creased together, observing Bel where he lay.

"Whatever you have to say, I really don't care for it," Bel said bluntly. "I want to sleep."

"Bel, this is important," the man said. "It involves Siel."

Closed eyes opened immediately as Bel sat back up, eyes hidden behind long bangs shining in concern. "…?"

"…There was an accident earlier… There was a hold up on the bus Siel was travelling on. …The driver crashed and the bus caught on fire…"

"I don't care about this!" Bel snapped. "I want to hear about Siel!"

The man sighed. "…Siel's body wasn't recovered from the wreckage, so no one knows what's happened to him… The police whom I was talking to about it doesn't think there was much chance of survival…"

Bel felt numb as he absorbed this information and, for the first time in his life, he cried. His brother, his best friend – his lover… The reality hit harder than ever at this acknowledgement and the younger twin felt as if a piece of himself had been torn from him, never to be found again.

That was the day Bel's already-fragile mental state of mind broke completely.

~~Time skip~~

It had taken days before Bel had bothered to go back to school. The fact that he would no longer have his brother by his side broke his heart, but he was sick of the way his parents were fighting constantly because no one knew if Rasiel was alive or dead. He didn't even know what they fought about; just that it involved the older twin.

News had spread around the school like wildfire, and Bel wasn't stupid enough to miss the way people smirked triumphantly as they passed him in the halls; Bel's family was the richest one in town, its wealth enough for people to have ill feelings towards the twins.

Bel continued to walk to his classroom, his mind too busy registering how lonely it was without Rasiel by his side. He felt sick, as if he were going to throw up.

When at last the blond reached his classroom, he opened the door and stepped in, ignoring the glance of pity the teacher shot towards him. He instead threw his bag to the ground as he took his seat next to the only person in the school he could consider a friend.

"Sympathies," the smooth voice said as heterochromatic eyes scanned the textbook in front of him.

Bel just nodded, knowing the other well enough to know that Mukuro Rokudo was not one to dwell on tragedies and misfortunes.

"What are we doing today?" Bel asked as he pulled a pencil out from his pocket. He twirled it in his fingers as he examined his desk, hidden eyes full of pain. As hard as he was trying to hide it, he was finding it difficult to cope without his twin.

"Watching a movie, I think." Mukuro ran a hand through blue hair as he sighed. "I might just sleep instead."

Bel could see the appeal in sleeping; it had been his only escape from the pain that was overwhelming. With a shrug, he shut his own eyes as he slumped over his desk, hoping for solace from the agony he was drowning in.