Chapter edited April 18th 2016.

Peace was a feeling that was hard for Belphegor to come by, and it seemed that he was only ever able to find solace in his twin; without the other, it felt as if he would just shut down, unable to function until his brother would be back at his side. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that their parents were never there for them and instead neglected their children. Maybe it was because they constantly felt as if they were alone and had no one but themselves.

Belphegor didn't know the exact reason as to why life all of a sudden seemed ridiculously exhausting the second his brother was out of sight, but he didn't care; he loved his brother, and his brother loved him; that was all there was to it.

In fact, one could say they loved each other a little too much, because the things they did together were not something twelve-year-old twins were supposed to be doing together, after all. They both knew how wrong their relationship together was, but neither of them cared; all that mattered to them was that they could share their ecstasy with each other through loving touches and the squeaking of their mattress beneath their sweaty, naked bodies.

As of the current moment in time, Bel was once again in that state where it felt as if he didn't even have the energy to so much as twitch his fingers; Rasiel had gone into town earlier, something about something Bel hadn't listened to as he had been half asleep by the time the older twin had left. He was still curled up in his bed, not quite asleep, but yet not exactly consciously aware, either; he was somewhere in between, and even as his bedroom door opened and the shadow of his father fell over him, he still wasn't quite able to snap back to reality properly; why would he want to break out of such a surreal feeling for someone who tended to abuse him when his mother wasn't around?

"Belphegor, get up, you lazy little prick. Your brother's dead."

Bel didn't know if it were what he had just been told that did it, or if it were the way his father sounded as if he couldn't have cared less about Rasiel, but either way, he swore he felt as if his whole world had just come crashing down around him.

That was the day Belphegor cracked.

~~Time skip~~

It had taken days before Bel had been able to go back to school. News had spread around the school like wildfire, and while some people showed genuine sympathy towards him, others went out of their way to rub his loss in face for reasons he was still too young to comprehend completely.

It wasn't until the boy walked through the hallways to his classroom did he realise just how truly lonely he was without his brother by his side; he was so used to talking to Rasiel that the silence surrounding him was almost deafening. There was no second set of footsteps to match his stride, or someone whose laugh was an almost perfect imitation of his own. There was no hand to hold his and reassure him that he was safe.

Bel was… alone, in every sense of the word, and he felt sick over it.

When at last the blond reached his classroom, he hesitated to open the door and step in. Already he could feel the looks the other students and the teacher gave him, but he didn't dare pay any attention; he instead went straight to his seat and tried to pretend that the desk sitting next to his own wasn't empty.


The boy looked to the student who sat on his other side. He nodded in response to the other's words, but he didn't reply; he knew there was no need to. The other male, a blue-haired student who was as alone as Bel had become, was someone the blond had been able to tolerate. It was almost comforting, in a twisted way, to know that there was someone who could understand how lonely he felt.

As soon as Bel felt that he wasn't going to start crying if he were to speak, he pulled his pencil out of his pocket and asked, "What are we doing today…?"

"I believe we are watching a move first." The student, who Bel knew as Mukuro, ran his hand through his hair. "Would you like to join me for lunch today, Belphegor?"

As hard as he had tried to keep his tears at bay, they soon came racing down Bel's cheeks as he nodded; Rasiel was gone, and if only to feel some sort of peace from the storm he was trapped within, he would take up the offer.