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Nine-year-old Bel blinked sleepily as he woke to the feeling of hands on his body. He pushed himself up on his elbow and covered his mouth as he yawned; it was late, and he wondered why his brother was awake now of all times as the older twin usually slept like the dead.

"S-siel...?" Bel didn't resist as his brother pushed him back down onto the bed, trusting the older twin to not hurt him. "What are you doing?"

"Shh..." Rasiel leant down to whisper into his brother's ear with a smirk on his face. "Don't wake mum or dad, okay? I want to play a game."

Bel whined and tried to push Rasiel away, too sleepy to want to play. "It's night..."

"It's a fun game," Rasiel promised. "You'll like it. It feels good."

Bel let out a whimper of fright as a hand ghosted over his crotch, uncomfortable with the feeling; it didn't feel right to him, and he didn't want to Rasiel's hand there. "S-stop... That's a bad place to touch me..."

"It's okay; just don't tell anyone," the older twin coaxed. "It will feel good for you."

Bel, who was still groggy with sleep, didn't notice when a hand slipped beneath the waistband of his pants until it grabbed his flaccid, untouched member in a rough grip. He whimpered louder as his hips bucked and the unfamiliar touch sent a jolt of pleasure down his spine – something he had never known could ever feel so good. He continued to pull away, not liking how uncomfortable the situation made him; his gut feeling was telling him that this was wrong, that it had to stop – that no matter how good it felt, it was bad.

"P-please, s-s-stop, Siel…" Bel whimpered. "I-I don't…"

"It's okay, Bel," Rasiel comforted. "Maestro(1) does this to me all the time. It's good. Don't be scared, Bel. Big brother would never hurt you."

Bel blinked sleepily at these words, knowing his brother was right; Rasiel would never hurt him; they loved each other too much. But right now, he wasn't enjoying what the older twin wanted to do with him.

"Siel…" Bel's pleading was cut off by his brother's mouth crashing against his, silencing his protests. His eyes widened as a tongue invaded his mouth but, against his instincts telling him to do so – to get the unwelcome intrusion out of his mouth – he refused to bite down on Rasiel's tongue.

When they broke apart for air, Rasiel continued to ignore all forms of objection from the younger, focusing on bringing Bel the pleasure he always got from his teacher.

By the time the older twin had managed to work Bel into a crying, exhausted orgasm, Rasiel knew his brother wouldn't resist anymore – not when the smaller shaft was hardening once more without his ministrations.



Bel awoke with a start as he felt someone grab his shoulder and shake him awake. He hadn't realised he had been crying in his sleep until he felt someone's soft hands wipe away his tears. He looked up and came face-to-face with Mukuro and an unfamiliar man standing behind him.

"You must be Fran's boyfriend…" the blond standing in the doorway uttered quietly with confusion and anxiety in his voice.

"This is Dino," Mukuro explained as he reached past his friend to wake Fran up next. "He is Fran's teacher. He was concerned and came out to see how he is doing."

Bel didn't reply; he just watched as Fran's peaceful expression twisted into a pained one as he struggled weakly to get away from the hands that were disturbing his sleep.

"Wake up, little one…" the blue-haired man said softly, trying not to bring pain to the boy. "Dino wants to talk to you. Wake up..."

Emerald eyes cracked open weakly before Fran rolled onto his other side and snuggled in against Bel's chest as he looked questioningly up at his father-figure.

"Mu…ku…ro…?" Fran's voice was nothing but a scratchy whisper as his unfocused eyes wandered around the room. His frail hands reached up to clench the striped purple shirt his lover was wearing tightly in stress.

"Dino wants to say hi," Mukuro explained before he stepped back and gestured for the teacher to take his place.

Fran blinked as he stared at Dino. His mind was too foggy to remember who this man was or why he was here – did he even know the man? "…"

"Hello, Fran." Dino smiled as he sat on the edge of the bed, careful to leave space between he and the other blond; the way the male he had been told was named Belphegor looked made his heart clench; had Belphegor been attacked as well…?

"…" Fran yawned silently. He buried his face in Bel's chest, not wanting to deal with someone he wasn't sure he knew or not. Bel's large hands rubbed his back soothingly, the only thing that stopped him from crying.

"I bought something for you, Fran…" Dino slipped a hand into the pocket of his cargo pants and resurfaced with a handful of candy. He placed it on the bed beside Bel as he tried to keep his smile up; if he had known the boyfriend was suffering as well, he'd have brought more for the other blond. "I'm not sure if you'll want to eat all of it or not, so you can share it with Belphegor."

"Bel…" Said man mumbled as he buried his nose in teal hair, trying to separate the unhygienic smell from the natural mint scent of Fran's hair.

"Sorry?" Dino turned his attention to the smaller male, fearing he had offended him – seeing Belphegor in this state, that was the last thing he wanted to do.

"Bel…" the younger blond repeated. "My name is Bel…"

"He does not like being called Belphegor," Mukuro elucidated. "He would rather you call him Bel."

"My apologies, Bel," Dino said softly. "I hope for your swift recovery along with Fran's."

Bel just nodded, not knowing how to reply; why would someone he had just met two minutes ago care for his wellbeing…? Especially when Fran was on the bed next to him, traumatised and in more pain than he could handle?

Dino turned back to Fran and continued to speak. He wanted to pull both of the damaged males into his arms and hold them tight, but after hearing about what had happened, he knew better – it would only cause more undo stress. "Tsuna asks about you all the time, Fran. I'll be sure to tell him I saw you today. He and his friends have wanted to visit you, but they're worried they'll upset you. Would you like for them to visit you?"

I don't… even… remember… someone named… Tsuna… Fran moaned softly as the dull throb in his rear pulsated suddenly. He shook his head as his eyes slipped closed. "…D… Don't… re-re…remember…"

Dino wasn't stupid; he understood what his student was trying to tell him. In silence, he nodded as he reached out and pushed a lock of teal hair from the boy's eyes. "I see… I should get going… I hope to see you in classes again soon, Fran… It was nice meeting you, too, Bel…"

Bel nodded again as Fran pressed closer to his body. He listened to Mukuro whisper to the blond as they left the room together, something that sounded suspiciously like, "I am going to pull Fran out of school soon if he does not recover in the following weeks; I do not think he will want to go back…"

Bel sighed as he closed his eyes again, hugging Fran close to him. Tomorrow, he'd have to go back to his home and face the wrath of Rasiel as to where he'd been all night – but for now, he could rest peacefully with Fran.

Hearing the way the younger boy's breathing evened out, Bel smiled, glad to know Fran was able to relax in his hold; he was terrified things would be irreparable, but he knew, deep down, no matter what happened in the future, here and now he could pretend everything was fine, and that was exactly what he did.

1 – Maestro is what I vaguely remember being taught means the masculine form of 'Teacher' for primary school in Italian. However, that was almost five, six years ago when I studied it in school for about two years before dropping it. If anyone has a better knowledge of the Italian language and can clarify this for me, I will much appreciate it.

I know Bel and Rasiel's country of origin was never clarified, so they're Italian in this fic.

Also, there will be about two or three chapters left.