Here go's the continuation of God of Ten path's in the Bleachverse!

Warning: Lemon and Mature stuff in this chapter

Chapter 5 - Bleachverse P2 and end of it

"Ano, Namikaze-kun you can take a seat now." Ochi-sensei said serenely ignoring the fact that a studen-delinquent was on the floor bleeding from his lip before a couple of his buddies knocked himself out of his stupor to help him up and head to the nurses office. Naruto sat down beside a smirking Ichiko with a look of satisfaction something the male classmates took not eof and mentally made sure not to piss off someone scarier and sadistic than Ichiko Kurosaki and Tatsuki Arisawa.

"Nice display there Naruto-kun." He turned his head slightly with an amused look at the innocent smile on Ichiko's face electing snickers from Chizuru, Ryo and a quiet one from Jessie. "I do try hard i guess..." Naruto mock sighed dramatically getting a giggle from Mahana, a gleam however shined in Chizuru's eyes and slowly wriggled her fingers pervertedly reaching towards his pants not seeing Tatsuki and Ichiko crack their knuckles with agitated veins on their foreheads.


Two fists impacted the back of the groper's head making her head impact the desk in a classical faceplant earning a raised eyebrow from Naruto at the annoyed looks on the two fighter's faces. "I take it she doesn't do this often?" They chucked sheepishly with a nod at his bemused quip, "Ano, hai Chizuru it seem's tends to grope those she see's as fine specimen's...thank kami she hasn't went for me..." Ichiko muttered the last part making him snicker inwardly knowing the girl would be embarrassed beyond all heaven above.

"Pay attention!" Naruto without looking moved his head to the side as a clipboard zoomed by with a sonic boom making him exclaim quietly, "Oro?" only to wince when he saw a guy get nailed dead on in the groin twisting his face into pain before crumpling like a sack of potatoes eyes rolled to the back of his head. "Shimata!" Naruto chuckled at Masato's startled expression as she ran to pick up the injured student to take to the nurse's office leaving the class the leisure to promptly begin chatting with one another, well Ichiko's female friends crowded around him and her.

"So..." Mahana smiled deviously at Ichiko who gained an exasperated look on her face, "Where did you find this cutie?" Chizuru nodded practically humping this new guy with her eyes alone.

"I just happen to move into the neighborhood so i'm merely just staying with the Kurosaki family till i finish school here, since at my previous school many kids didn't like the fact that i had a monstrously high IQ rather than being peanut brained like them." Naruto said dryly earning a smirk from Ichiko, a snigger from Tatsuki while the others giggled or chuckled.

"Do you plan on doing any kind of sports here?" Ryo Kuneida asked curiously being a track runner herself, she was a health nut from what Naruto could see which was fine with him.

"Well is there a Karate or Boxing club here, i see no problem in trying out for both?" Ichiko grinned ferally, "Doe's little Naru-kun think he has what it takes?" Naruto's eyebrows lowered in bemusement feeling Ichiko's bust bouncing on his head. "Yes I know I can Ichi-ojou-chan." The orangette's face reddened in embarrassment earning laughter from Tatsuki and Chizuru.

"Urusai baka!" She huffed in annoyance only to gain an eyebrow twitch seeing that planning smirk on his face making Aizen's look like an amateur.

"ICHIKOOOOOO!" Said orangette's eyes widened comically and dashed outside to the hallway to an open window only to see a familiar pineapple red haired woman dressed in hippy clothing accenting her bust.

"RENJA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Naruto watched this from beside her with a snigger watching as she practically raced down the stairs to the ground level of the school and charging towards the pineapple haired woman looking ready to commit murder only to skid to a stop when her new housemate appeared in front of her like a ghost with a suave smile, "Now now Ichi-hime there's others watching and you wouldn't want to explain to Yu-chan and Karin-chan at how their Onee-chan got put in prison for committing murder would you? " Ichiko practically squirmed at his deep husky tone looking about to melt into a puddle of goo and dropped her head in resignation, "Hai Naruto-kun I won't murder her…" She whined pouting with her arms folded not seeing the disbelieving eyes of Renja watching this. "Good Ichi-hime I'll make it up to you by taking you to the movies with Yu-chan and Karin-chan deal?" Ichiko's eyes lit up nodding enthusiastically.

"Ichiko who is this?" Renja would beat anyone who pointed out she was blushing red in the face over some guy into a death-like state. Ichiko detected the jealousy, smirking deviously she hugged her little demon god kohai's face into her bust with a smug smirk. "He's my family's new housemate and you can't have him~" Renja grinded her teeth creating sparks at her rival's arrogant jib growling ferally getting a wider mocking smirk in return. "Byaka-taicho and the other captains assigned me and the other lieutenants here to assist in protecting Karakura since some don't think you have what it takes to protect the city alone." The redhead smirked triumphantly at the sour look on Ichiko's face.

"Feh, my brother Ichigo would say otherwise." Renja flinched at the mention of Ichigo her brother and sweated knowing how violent and protective of his sisters the elder orange haired Kurosaki could be.

"Hm I'd like to meet your brother someday Ichi-hime." Naruto spoke up in interest getting a beaming smile squishing him more into her chest and whispered sultrily, "You can stay there if you want I want you to revel in my scent, Juubi-kun and know only my scent….." Those words made him nearly get a boner and his other mates/partners were not making his case any easier and retaliated by gnawing on Ichiko's erect shirt covered nipple earning a blush and low moan ignoring the wildly pink flush faced Renja watching this with growing arousal.

"Naru-kun~ don't gnaw on it like that…" Chizuru and the others watching from the window had flushed faces of arousal feeling their own nipples being erect. "Mou! Ichiko gets all the luck no fair!" The bisexual red haired pervert whined feeling her panties dampening trying to grind her thighs together to get rid of the itch in her mound. Orihime just looked at Naruto snuggling in Ichiko's chest with jealousy wanting him to be in her chest!

"I think I'll be the one to train him for the Karate club!" Tatsuki announced loud enough for Naruto to hear who merely gave her a thumbs up getting a giddy smile that hid mounting lust and want along with anticipation.

Naruto smelt Tatsuki's scent of arousal, need and want even from outside and shuddered feeling his demonic instincts acting up even more. 'Something tells me I'm not gonna remain a virgin at the age of 10.' Yami and the others grinned evilly and slowly pumped their yoki through his system targeting his instincts and saw the slow acting affects.

Naruto's head swam as he walked away from Renja and Ichiko arguing and entered the school again absently aware of his cock slowly hardening till the front of his pants bulged slightly and groaned feeling his balls swelling making his cool headed nature start to evaporate, 'Girls….what IN THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!' They sweated nervously hearing his booming pissed off tone.

"Um trying to get you laid, you're practically ageless so you can just adjust your looks and get practice." Chomei offered helpfully giving a glare to Shunka to shut up lest she make them his targets instead.

Naruto paused at this and growled with ire directed at no one, 'Fine you made a clear point Chomei but, know this one day I am going to make sure you get the same treatment to my body TENFOLD!" They suddenly paled; even Yami had a pale face of fear yet arousal.

"U-u-uh Naruto-sama there's no need to act so irrational right it was just a simple prank!" Isobi panicked fearfully.

"YEAH! There's no need to do something as drastic as that Naruto-sama!" Son Gokua spoke up with a rapid nod her ruby red lava like hair bobbing up and down only getting a mock thinking look and spoke with such evil it made the seal shudder itself.

'Nope? As a matter of a fact I think I'll do it right now and leave you hot and bothered till I graduate….yeah 7 years of no masturbating or lesbian sex with each other will be a good lesson!' He exclaimed with a mental grin , at that ultimatum Shunka actually collapsed with rolled up eyes foaming at the mouth along with Matatabi, Chomei, Isobi, Kokua, Kurami and Gyuka while Yami looked about to hyperventilate and screamed.

"NARUTO-SAMA GOMENASAI DON'T LEAVE US LIKE THIS!" The teasing Ten Tails practically begged and pleaded only fueling Naruto's sadistic nature gained from her.

'Nope after all think of it as training!' Yami and the others only had a few seconds to scream as their arousal and lust were amped up to ten times what a demonic being could bare till it waslike pleasurable torture till you broke.

"N-n-n-naruto-sama gomenasai oh kami!" Matatabi squealed creaming her panties from her fervent fingering of her cunt.

'Just to let you know masturbating only make's the heat boiling in your loins even worser, have fun girls I'll take care of that itch in 7 years hahahahahaha!' He laughed darkly and evilly mentally blocking the seal to avoid their cursing and pleads and blinked seeing he was nearing the cafeteria.

"Naruto-kun come on we're going to be late for Sex-ed!" Orihime shouted excitedly which got a weird look from him only to yelp when Tatsuki and Chizuru snatched him up dashing with the bubbly orangette heading towards a black pink framed door making his senses of dread blare like a fire alarm.

'Something tells me this is not part of the routine in this school for some reason.' He thought with increasing dread when he felt a dark goddess signature.

(Sex-ed 2 minutes later)

'This is so not cool….i cannot believe a goddess is trying to use her position as a sex ed teacher to get into my pants fuck!' Naruto cursed sitting in the back of the class staring at the goddess of the darkness realm, Yami wearing a skimpy black and white secretary outfit with the skirt nearly short enough to show her pantys, colored pink and white.

"Now then girls." Naruto stilled at that and discreetly eye'd the classroom only to swallow thickly seeing he was the only male in this class and sweated seeing her eyes zero in on him and lick her lips lustfully.

"Some of you think having sex should be only during marriage, well in my book there's nothing wrong with a little bit of raunchy hot fucking in a secluded thrall of woods or an empty house." Yami exclaimed nonchalantly making some of the prudish girls blush pink and glance at Naruto who noticed this and started to pale somehow knowing what Yami was planning for him.

"Once you girls get past the pain of having your cherry popped it's quite….intense and pleasure inducing if your partner has the right size and girth to him and I'm sure you've noticed there's no male in here so I would like to ask you to turn eye's towards the back for our volunteer!" Every head turned automatically only to flush pink while others played with the buttons on their shirts and skirts (Chizuru, Mahana and Michiru and Kaida).

"U-uzumaki-kun is here!"

"Now that i look at him clearly, he doesn't look like a kid!" Mahana whispered with an intense measure of lust and desire that made him blush at that, not even a day into school and these girls are already developing feelings for him?! He felt like a fucking anime character in a hentai computer game for Kami's sake!

*I whistle innocently finding the paint on the walls interesting at the moment*

"Since i'm the teacher i'll have to show you all how to please a man especially someone so manly..." Yami's breath grew darker and huskier as she stalked toward him, voluptuous hips swinging from side to side that made him look on with laser like precision following their movement and raised an eyebrow when she pulled him up to his feet by his tie slowly pulling him towards a wide and large loveseat with pink and white hearts.

"Form a circle around the love sofa girls!" They did it in a heartbeat some looked like they were gonna enjoy watching the demonstration, others looked so shy with red faces but steeled themselves with pinpoint attention and Naruto himself felt his eyes slowly turning to an ominous wind pink (Lust) more and more as he felt his demonic mating instincts start to rampage in his body and it showed as his body started to bulk up a slight bit, his whisker marks became darker while his eye lids turned black and his hair spiked up and his fangs sharpened as the temperature rose and rose till everyone was sweating and took off their tops showing they either had skimpy bra's of different colors or sports bras or none at all.

(Lemon Orgy Warning - Get some tissues if you people happen to have nosebleeds)

"Let's see what figure you have Juubi-danna..." Yami licked his whisker marks from behind him getting a rumbling feral growl that made the lust addled girls almost cream their panties, others rubbed their tits, nipples or rubbed their own crotches as his demonic musk aura was permeating the room.

Yami pulled off his black and blue lined tie letting it float to the ground softly, she gazed up and down his clearly wiry yet muscular frame like that of a runner, fighter and wrestler all balanced perfectly and ripped the shirt off of him tugging it from his muscular arms with a fuck hungry growl showing his growing 8 pack on full display along with his biceps, hips, obliques all well muscled like he was sculpted by Kami herself. "Ara?" Chizuru's nose blew out steam as did Mahana and Mai.

"Oh sweet kami such rock hard muscles at such a young age i wonder if THAT is also healthy!" Chizuru roared lustfully diving at his pants Yami unbuckled and practically ripped them off and got an eyeful.

Every female even Ichiko was speechless as was Mizuira, Keiga and Kyoko, the normally stoic kind girl had glazed over eyes and drool coming from her mouth upon seeing the 14 in long and 3 in thick cock hanging between his legs twitching proudly up at attention and Naruto had a fanged mischievous smirk. "1-1-1-14 inches long...and a 3 inch girth..." Chizuru murmured loudly eyes locked onto that godlike piece meat hanging between her male fantasys legs and found her legs parting open as the pheromones flowing in the room made her lust and libido start to remove any self restraint the redhead perverted girl barely had.

Naruto licked his lips slowly eyes practically stripping Chizuru's soul bare before him and walked closer in front of the girl smirking inwardly sensing Yami's pouting, "N-naruto-kun?" The pervy girl squeaked half excitement and half looking for permission.

"You have my permission my little ero-hime (Perverted Princess) service me..." His eyes flashed a brighter pink not knowing he unlocked a new demonic ability.

Lust Manipulation and Control...

He had the innate knowledge of how the ability worked and could cause even the most cold hearted of women get on their knee's before him begging the demonic godly entity to fuck them like horny sluts and Chizuru's growing attraction made her more vulnerable to this particular dark ability.

"Hai Naruto-sama!" Chizuru's smooth hands barely fit over the bottom part of his shaft and began stroking at a slow pace earning an approving sigh which was her cue to get right into the action, sucking on the head she nearly came as his musky scent wafted up her nostrils and got the head into her mouth making lewd sucking noises while all girls had their eyes glued on with looks of envy and wanton lust as they watched the schools most perverted female suck on his cockhead. Feeling confident Chizuru slowly took in his dick down he throat earning a moan of pleasure from him, he flexed his muscles in surprise as the girl showed her blowjob skills by deepthroating him suddenly while fondling his nutsack slowly bobbing her head up and down as she listened to his restrained grunts of pleasure. "Oh kami above!" He grabbed her head and began thrusting his hips back and forth much to their shock at how dominant he became so suddenly.

"mmmmhhh" Was all Chizuru could do but vibrate her throat as the new very extremely powerful demonic ten tail hybrid fucked her throat and tightened it to a level like a virgin's cunt. "U-ugh so close already!" His eyebrows furrowed as sweat slowly glistened down his form, "Y-your throat feels so tight!" The redhead moaned fingering her slightly shaven cunt through her red lacy panties as he pounded her throat with his cock and flexed her throat muscles feeling his member twitch and throb.

"Oi! Yami-sensei it looks like Naruto-kun's about to cum!" Mahana announced somehow detecting their male classmate's coming release and watched lecherously as she took the face fuck with vigor and eagerness.

"Release it Juubi-kun this little slut looks like a swallower!" Yami purred lecherously and that broke the dam on his restraint, "CUMMING!" Chizuru's eyes fluttered feeling ropes of his thick hot semen splatter in her mouth before going down her gullet, "O-ohhhh!" He groaned feeling her give cute sexy sucks to his manhood drinking down the leftovers on his cock.

"He's still hard!"

"That's crazy i thought guys could only cum once from the porn i watched!?"

Naruto listened to their arguments with amusement and admitted he thought of filming himself screwing the ever living hell out of the arrogant Uchiha's mom and discreetly selling the video for a chance to see how the men would feel being inadequate in bed to a younger yet more virile and powerful demonic god.

'That's something to think about for the future hehe.' Naruto smirked to himself.

"Now that Naruto's all nice and slick it's time for the main event!" He heard Yami announce and could feel his demonic instincts roaring at him to deflower every girl in this classroom and from Yami's smirking he could tell she was egging him on even as she stripped out of her teaching outfit leaving her breasts on display and slowly turned around bent over pulling her pantys down looking him in eye while doing it, and he licked his lips seeing she had land strip of pitch black hair above her pussy and watched her walk to the loveseat spreading her legs with a lecherous look on her face.

"Ready when you are my mate..." Naruto didn't need to be told anymore and pounced on her rubbing his cock up and down her slit earning moans from the Dark goddess before spearing her cunt, "Oh sweet kami above you're going past my cervix already!" He growled pumping in and out of her pussy at a moderate pace holding her legs up in M formation and began slapping her ass, she screamed in pleasure feeling her hips moving on their own trying to match his ass shaking thrusts.

His eyes however drawn to the sight of a tubular bulge on Yami's stomach who managed to come out of Lala land barely and had an orgasm, "Oh kami my stomachs all swollen!" She squealed clenching down on him tighter near airtight as he pumped in and out of her cunt with more vigor determined to turn her brain into a pleasure filled mush.

"Oh wow is that what i should look like getting fucked like that?" A still dazed Chizuru asked managing to see what made their teacher orgasm so hard and quickly and definitely wanted Naruto to be the one to do it.

'Wow...he's such an animal...' Ichiko thought in growing arousal rubbing at her own pussy having a patch of orange hair above, her white pink thong off to the side and moaned as Orihime and Tatsuki took her nipples into their mouths while getting fingered by Mahana and Michiru.

Yami moaned feeling herself cum again under her fantasy's thrusts, "J-juubi-kun t-t-t-too much mmphh!" Naruto shut her whining up by locking lips with her while turning her on all fours and re-entered her leaking wet cunt now letting out short breaths of exertion as he felt himself twitching at the sucking sensation of the older goddess's pussy. Yami felt him twitching inside her and flexed her pussy muscles more, "Pound my cunt some more Juubi-kun i'm gonna cum again!" She cried out when he grabbed her hair in one hand twisting it in his hand and pulled using his other hand to smack her jiggling shaking ass cheeks rapidly making them red real fast while he fucked her cunt even harder, deeper and faster making the masturbating students cum and continued fingering themselves, making out and eating one another out.

Naruto felt himself about to release again and made a half ram sign not seeing Yami's pout knowing he used a demonic version of a Sterilization Jutsu which made even demon cum impotent but absolutely warm and filling!

"Get ready Yami-sama cuz here come's the jelly!" He said huskily into her ear making her cum in an instant from his words and barley a second after her orgasm did he slam once more into her with a roar.

"AIYANNNN!" She moaned feeling his shaft disperse streams of cum into her hungry womb, "Oh kami much..." Yami rubbed a hand over her slowly bulging stomach as Naruto came more and more for a while minute making her stomach look like a big beachball.

"To think a goddess yourself is so tired..." Naruto chuckled rubbing her ass cheeks teasingly making her whimper as cum leaked from her sore pussy feeling pleasure and pain making her have another mini-orgasm.

"Now then i think it's time i give all of you your first step into womanhood..." The female students blushed and gaped when Naruto suddenly multiplied into several copies of himself some girls had two at a time, like Tatsuki, Orihime, Kyoko, Mai, Michiru and Chizuru.

Naruto had to do a doubletake when Chizuru's eyes lit up and pounced on the clones, "Cocks! Cocks! Cocks!" The pair of clones yelped when the girl impaled herself on a clone on the floor while pulling the other in front and began giving it another of her pleasuring blowjobs ignoring the pain for some reason. Turning to Ichiko he approached her seeing she was looking at him in clear lust and want evidenced by her pussy leaking lightly.

"Just barely knowing me and you're affected by my scent already Ichi-chan?" He asked curiously getting a giggle from the tough female shinigami daiko who merely smiled.

"I don't know if it's your scent, my rapidly developing feelings or a higher being wishing for me to have a soul mate stat i wouldn't believe it if not i was a badass dress wearing woman slaying evil spirits left and right!" She joked in a tone of lust and amusement, Naruto merely chuckled and stepped closer between her legs that hooked around his sides and to his surprise Ichiko grabbed his cock by the tip stroking her lips using the tip, she met his eyes biting her lip cutely not knowing how much that was turning him on and then positioned. "Go on Naruto-kun." She nodded with a tensing, he nodded entering Ichiko's wet sopping flower and held the urge to cum as he sunk his shaft in about a few inches making her head loll back with pinker cheeks and a tongue hanging out feeling him stretch her out.

He stopped upon pressing against her barrier, looking at her in the eyes Ichiko smiled giving up her virginity to a demonic entity she was attracted was very hot plus she got to throw it in Rukia and the others faces that she got laid before they did. Ichiko forgot Naruot was there until she felt the searing pain in her pussy and groaned in pain only shudder when he trailed kisses up and down her jaw, neck, lips and then flicking her rock hard nipples with his elongated tongue.

"Mu! Naruto-kun so ecchi!" He smirked playfully at her, "I am your ecchi-kun Ichi-hime now lay back and enjoy the sensation as i turn your brains into pleasure filled mush!" She only had time to brace herself as Naruto slowly sawed in and out of her pussy gradually picking up speed as he bottomed out inside her again and again with a rhythm. She gasped feeling her hips moving on their own meeting his thrusts wildly it felt so good that the female daiko wanted more of this pleasure, her skin started paling to a pale white with red crimson markings across her breasts before it flickered back to her normal peach tan but not without Naruto noticing raising an eyebrow when he felt her reiatsu go chaotic for a moment than flickered back.

'Interesting...' He shook that off and continued to reshape Ichiko's pussy for his cock and was really working the fiery orangette over good evidenced by her mouth drooling badly and the pink tint now turning darker and darker nearly encompassing both her cheeks, he went harder and harder pelvis's slappign against each other moaning and groaning with each impact sending pleasure beyond imagination into their bodies. "Fuck oh kami Naruto-kun go faster, deeper please!" He grabbed her tits as he pounded his cock into the pleasure delirious woman underneath him, if he looked back he would have seen Yami and the other girls masturbating like crazy to the sight of Naruto and Ichiko fucking like rabbits.

"O-oh k-kami i'm gonna cum Naruto-kun i'm gonna cum!" She yelled as he stood Ichiko up sideways setting her leg on his shoulder and resumed jackhammering her dripping cunt with veins of exertion on his arms continuing his cunt pounding and felt her pussy muscles clamp down on his slick cock, he resisted the urge to cum despite the building up pressure in his cock throbbing wildly more than before and it actually hurt.

"Juubi-kun release it's only going to make it hurt more the longer you hold it back!" Yami shouted sensing the younger god was trying to prolong his release.

Naruto grunted slamming into Ichiko with a blur and groaned with one final slam releasing the pent up cum in his cock flooding her pussy but not her womb as he didn't want to be a father yet till he got ready to leave Konoha.

"O-oh sweet kami it's so much, my belly feels so warm your thick dicksauce is filling me up so much!" Her eyes glassed over in delirious ecstasy breathing heavily as she was laid down on the desk.

"Now then..." The girls jumped upon feeling his demeanor turn more dominant and he turned his head slowly showing his eyes were an even darker pink and stalked toward them.

"I still have a lot of stamina left and it's going to take a very extreme amount of effort to even tire me out a bit." He felt hands roaming over his chest from behind and glanced to see it was Orihime while Tatsuki went for his limp cock stroking it eagerly as the pheromones were twisting their persona's to a darker version of their own.

"Then allow us to service you master that much pent up cum is bad for your health right Tatsuki-chan, Chizuru-chan?" The mentioned girls nodded rapidly before descending upon him.

If anyone were to pass by they would have heard the constant sounds of skin slapping on skin wetly, lewd moans and groans of pleasure and squealing.

(Lemon Orgy End - Excuse me while i wipe my nose of blood thank you)

The door opened and Naruto stumbled out with his pants, shoes back on while his shirt was ripped open and ruffled along with his muscle shirt ripped in a few places and his hair extremely spiky and messy followed by Ichiko who had a very healthy afterglow and her on track pants and jacket to hide her still leaking pussy.

"School is over Naruto-kun don't be a stranger and head on home!" Yami who was tired and exhausted as was Orihime and the other female students getting dressed and discreetly went back to her realm to rest quicker.

Ichiko looked outside and saw the sun was just vanishing behind the horizon and night was just settling in, "Naruto-kun we'd better get home it's getting dark and dad will complain if we're late." Ichiko walked off with a good limp somethign Naruto grinned at and waved at Tatsuki and the others before sprinting after the fiery orangette.

"Excuse me girls i need to go home and take a hot bath to get rid of the pleasant ache in my groin later!" Tatsuki grinned running off leaving snickering classmates who went their separate ways making a note to not mention this to their parents or siblings.

(Kurosaki Household)

"Welcome home Onee-san, N-naruto-san!" Yuzu who was in the kitchen cooking yelped upon see Naruto's ruffled state of address and blushed seeing it made him look more handsome to her.

Karin swallowed feeling the same as her seeing his muscular arms and chest beyond the ripped up muscle shirt. "Oi Yuzu, Karin who is this?" A fiery orange haired teen asked from the steps looking like a male copy of Ichiko staring at Naruto who stared back quietly.

Ichiko's hairs stood up on end as she felt the staring contest between the two males like lightning sparking, "So you're our new housemate huh?" Ichigo questioned skeptically with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto smirked making Ichigo's eyebrow twitch as that smirk reminded of him a familiar brown haired smug asshole, "Yes, you know your sister Yuzu will make whoever she marries happy one day ya know not to be insulting Miss Yuzu." He smiled charmingly getting a dangerous twitch from Ichigo, a grin from Ichiko, snort from Karin while Yuzu's cheeks glowed pinkish red with a bashful expression.

"Awawawa such bold words coming from you Naruto-san, but please don't call me Miss i'm not old enough to be called that." She put her hands on her cheeks feeling her heart beating quicker than normal. "Ah! gomen Lady Yuzu being called Miss would be an insult to your charm no?" Their guest nodded to himself inwardly smiling at how increasingly flustered Yuzu was getting.

"Are you flirting with my sisters brat?" Ichigo asked jokingly but was inwardly glaring steel hot blades at this cheeky brat making his sisters blush like that.

"Moi! surely you jest Kurosaki-san i'm merely just complimenting how beautiful your sisters were, Karin has a tough yet confident beauty." Karin blushed pink hiding her face.

"Ichiko-hime is that innate kindness yet she's a protector down to the core something to be proud of." Ichiko smiled with a faint blush at the compliment, Ichigo nodded at the younger kid's words.

"Yuzu on the other hand has that aura of peace and forgiveness to her and she's really kind to take care of the family in her own way right Yuzu-hime?" Yuzu nodded mutely secretly her heart was thundering in her chest with glazed over eyes.

'He's so perfect...'

'No mistaking it this guys a one of a kind!'

Karin and Yuzu's thoughts made their cheeks flush darker and pinker, "Hmmm you've got guts to say that in front of their big brother but know this if i get any inkling of you hurting them i will find you and let's just say special gifts won't save you." Ichigo smirked cheekily and sat down at the table not seeing Naruto's surprised look before he grinned ferally.

'Oho? this guy actually sensed my power and to think i was suppressing nearly 100% of'll be interesting to fight Shinigami-Fullbring hybrid.' Ichigo sensing a rise in bloodlust looked at Naruto and smirked with a flash of black yellow pupils before they turned back to their fierce brown ones.

"NARUTOOOOOOOO!" Isshin Kurosaki bellowed attempting a sneaky flying kick at the back of Naruto's head only to blink when the boy reached up grasping his ankle before slamming him on the floor up and down like a mallet before tossing him like a used up gum wrapper making him look like a heap of twitching flesh before sitting at the table. "Ooops my hand must've slipped Isshin-jiji?" Naruto drawled sarcastically with a smirk getting a snigger from Ichigo and Karin and a pout from Yuzu.

"Mou! Tou-sen must you always do this!" Yuzu complained angrily and with a scolding tone getting anime tears from said eccentric elder Kurosaki.

"But it's standard initiation in the Kurosaki household!" Isshin complained weakly getting a smoldering look from Ichigo, "Standard initiation my damn ass old man do you even know how much money it costs to repair the broken bed in my room everytime you try sneak attacking me and Ichiko in our rooms and end up shattering the damn bedpost!" Naruto's eyebrow raised up past his hairline at that hearing it from another person was an entirely different kettle of fish.

"Then nobody will object if i sleep on the couch right?" Naruto flashed a charming smile at Karin, Ichiko and Yuzu making them stutter Yes with red cheeks, Ichigo's forehead gained a protruding vein at the blatant flirting.

"Stop staring at me so intensely Ichigo-san your sisters might take it the wrong way." Naruto deadpanned making Ichigo sputter in indignation only to feel scared at the dark hooded glares aimed at him.

"Yes we might take it the wrong way Ichi-nii..." Karin grinned with an eye smile but her aura made Ichigo shudder and pale at the amount of rage wafting off of her and smiled nervously, "O-o-of course not Karin-chan." He stuttered not seeing Naruto's wide grin with another thought in his head, 'Oh Ichigo-san i am going to enjoy teasing and pranking you dude, well pranking your weird ass father of course, hmmm what's this a crush and possible love interest in hmm...his boss!...well they do say opposites attract i suppose' He shrugged before watching Yuzu curiously wondering how good her cooking skills were and wondered if he'd be able to show her more recipes.

"Ichiko why was Tatsuki and Jenny walking home funny? When i passed by the school?" Ichigo quirked an eyebrow suddenly not seeing Ichiko nearly choke on her rice neither Naruto's wide grin behind his cup of tea, Karin and Yuzu gazed at him from the corner of their eye only to get a wink in return making their eyes widen and faces burn red at the implications.

"U-um Naruto got a little too carried away in Karate and Boxing class." Ichiko grinned sheepishly at the lie causing Ichigo to smirk in interest turning his head to Naruto who had an eye smile. "Pretty good squirt for an amateur that is..." Naruto who expected praise gave Ichigo a deadpan look, "Call me squirt one more time and i will literally dye your hair hot neon pink in your sleep and distribute pictures to every single one of your buddies." Ichigo laughed his butt off at the threat only to not hear the others except Isshin laughing and saw the cautious frightened looks and felt his blood chill like ice cold water.

Naruto's toothy blood chilling grin and a very...sinister glint in his eyes

"Y-you're not joking a-are you." Ichigo stuttered suddenly feeling as if he just dared a Devil only getting a nonchalant shrug, "I might have switched the coffee my village's leader drinks with prune juice spiked with laxatives and fiber supplement and his bodyguards with no witness's along with spraying pheromones over the clubs, houses and restaurants in a timespan of 15 minutes." Naruto said innocently with a sip of his tea not seeing Karin do a spit take with Ichiko, Ichigo and Yuzu.

"A-a-animal pheromones?!" Naruto smiled darkly at Ichigo's fearful whimper.

"Why yes i couldn't let some sleazy peeping perverted book porn writer think he can spy on my okaa-chan and nee-san's bathing could i after all i must protect them at...all" His grin stretched into one you'd see from a psychopathic murderer/serial killer that's never been caught!

'I take back what i thought of Naruto now he is fucking scary!' Ichigo and Ichiko inwardly whimpered.

"Bwahahahahahaha like i believe any of that!" Both siblings paled and sweated upon seeing Naruto's grin grow wider.

"Oh don't worry'll see the results in the morning of course..." The Kurosaki siblings chilled at the predatory grin now and turned in for tonight with their dad.

Naruto changed into a pair of knee length tight biker shorts and a simple white muscle shirt and was simply drinking a glass of water when suddenly he heard the pitter patter of feet and on reflex grabbed a knife spinning around to face the enemy only to stop with widened eyes seeing it was Yuzu wearing...a revealing...nightgown?

"I-i'm sorry Yuzu-san, reflexes i thought you were someone breaking in the house." He placed the knife carefully on the kitchen counter.

Yuzu smiled shakily, "I-it's alright Naruto-kun i surprised you there's no need to apologize...ah..." She blinked feeling liquid on her hands and lifted her hand off her neck to see she had a slight paper cut dripping drops of blood slowly, she thought of grabbing her towel to keep the blood from spilling only for Naruto's hand to grip her wrist firmly yet tightly and she dared look into his eyes, that were suddenly an alluring shade of pink mixed with a bit blue in the irises, his breathing seemed to get heavier and heavier and she stuttered feeling a warmth in her heart and core suddenly.

"N-n-naruto-kun?" She backed up as the demonic shinobi in training pressed closer to her with that same look in his eye, she wore only a pair of white pink pinstripe panties under the nightgown with a small bra for her CC-cup breasts. Yuzu felt hot and when his hips pressed against hers, she gulped feeling the long appendage hidden by his shorts and wondered if that would fit in her at all, it was inhuman for her to think about.

"Yuzu-chan..." He croned softly into her neck while his hands ran up her soft smooth yet toned legs to her plump butt not realizing he was unconsciously touching the pleasure points in the butt cheeks.

"N-naruto-kun~" Yuzu moaned when his tongue started licking the cut on her neck followed by rocking his hips back and forth grinding his length against her front. Yuzu moaned feeling the bulge and reached her hand into his shorts and grabbed it shocked and a bit aroused at his length and what he'll look like older and stroked it curiously only for his eyes to flash back to the silver wolflike color and stopped her.

"Y-yuzu-chan wait!"

"B-but big..." She bit her lip feeling her damp panties wondering what would have happened if they went further but blushed red at that.

"I need to take a walk to clear my head i'll be back ok?" He gave her a kiss on the healing cut making her shiver and whimper with want and growing lust before he snapped his fingers now wearing a pair of baggy black pants and a form fitting combat top (Kaneki's aogiri suit) and a pair of blue ninja sandals before running and jumping through the open window, Yuzu rushed just in time to see Naruto let out his wings and flew off into the night like some bird from the heavens.

"So beautiful..."

(With Naruto)

"W-what the hell was going on with me, i thought my lust was sated with Ichiko and the others are my instincts getting more wild the more i age?" Naruto floated high above Karakura but not beyond cloud level standing on the air with his wings and tails out twitching in the nights cold air.

He always did this when he needed to think and cool his head due to Hiruzen secretly working shinobi mobs up into a frenzy to attack him or Jiraiya and Kakashi trying to convince his mother to allow the Hokage to teach him the will of fire to be loyal to the tree. Naruto scoffed bitterly as the mere mentioning of the Will Of Fire made his stomach curl in disgust as it reminded him of how much of a damned naive stupid fool his father Minato was. Did the idiot ever think of the consequences of how the foolish ningen would react upon hearing of his son being a container.

'Why okaa-chan married that naive stupid bitch Minato-teme i will never understand or want to even think about!' He scowled inwardly his Uzumaki temper causing his eyes to become a hooded glare befitting a pissed off demon. He stopped upon feeling the reiatsu of Ichiko's brother Ichigo only to raise an eyebrow at the sight of him running for his life from a huge behemoth wearing a dirty green poncho and a large mask and it felt just like an arrancar except severely weaker.

'Hmm it seems this Aizen guy can make weaker Arrancar in the bulk, the high level ones must be rarely found in his territory...what the fucking hell that's not Ichigo the damn pheromones wafting off of him is disgusting is that the perverted ass mod-soul Ichiko mentioned on the way home?!' His eyes narrowed dangerously upon this realization and his wings flicked up before he dived down like a missile.

"DIE! ICHIGO KUROSAKI!" The massive behemoth Grand Fisher bellowed only to stop as a blurring figure impacted the ground with a crash throwing up dust and smoke.

"You know i was enjoying some peace and quiet during this time and night and now you two weaklings have ruined it with your loudness." The smoke was blown away with the flap of something revealing Naruto with a very cold annoyed glare.

"H-hey who the hell are you kid!?" Kon demanded bravely only to get a cold glance, "Shut up and keep your mouth shut mod-soul you're in enough trouble with me already for daring to perv on my mate Ichiko." Kon got confused at that but got a red face at this gaki daring to call his orange haired goddess and ahem wet dream material his mate!

"I guarantee you Mod-soul if you attempt to assert your pathetic dominance i will rip your candy form from Ichigo-san's body and immolate you in the fires of Amaterasu...are we clear...?" Naruto said slowly with an inferno pitch black aura and his eyes glowing a demonic red earning a fearful stutter from the perverted mod-soul feeling suffocating fiery reiatsu from this demon.

'There's no way in hell this kid is human, no human i've encountered before has had such's like a neverending abyss.' He shuddered at the oppressive feeling from the pitch black spiritual energy before it faded away before turning his attention to Grand Fisher with narrowed eyes, "So you are the reason Ichiko has had nightmares of loss..." Grand Fisher scowled at the mention fo the little bitch that nearly killed him. "So what i killed the brats mother big deal i was hungry and i needed something to eat and that reiatsu of yours is the reason i'm gonna eat your scrawny ass as-AHHHHHH!" Grand Fisher let out a bellow of pain and rage when his hand was cut off from the forearm up, Naruto had Yamato in his right hand clicked open slightly with his thumb showing he had used his untraceable speed to slice the things hand off with a good portion of his forearm.

"That was disappointing how can this be a good fight if you could barely see my lowest form of speed using Laido feh that Zero Esparda Yammy put up more of a better fight than you." Naruto scoffed derisively turning around to walk towards Kon who shivered.

"YOU LITTLE SON OF A WHORE I'LL FUCKING MAKE SURE TO DEVOUR YOU IN FRONT OF THAT QUINCY ABOMINATION SPAWN RIGHT NOW!" Pissed off and enraged Grand Fisher charged while unsheathing the massive giant blade on his back aiming to bring it down on Naruto and Kon to kill them in one fell swoop. "Oh god we're gonna die!" Kon did not see Naruto's eyes shadow and whisper.


(Bleach OST - Phenomena)

"WHAT!?" Grand Fisher roared in pain as he was surrounded by a swirling orb of purplish black distorting around him and then suddenly it dropped but the arrancar dropped to his knees with a crash sweating heavily.

'M-my energy felt like it was shaved down to a mere fraction by that orb!' He glared venomously at the black haired demon shinobi who's face was still shadowed.

"It is pigs like you who make exterminating pests with your same big mouth spouting things that earns a death sentence from me...220 civilians i had to kill...150 Genin...95 Chuunin...55 Jounin and 3 Hunter-nin and ANBU squads trying to either subjugate, kill me or try to rape my mother, sisters and my fiances..." Grand Fisher started to sweat and shake and slowly pale as the reiatsu that felt so evil reappeared as Naruto turned around slowly and fell backwards feeling his muscles clench up in fear.

Naruto's eyes were now an ominous shade of amber yellow with silver red irises belaying a molten deadly calculating rage.

"W-what the hell are you!?" Naruto's monotone expression shifted into an amused dark smile, "I am a Juubi Ookami/Phoenix hybrid...and also..." His wings came out this time in pairs of five on both sides along with his ten wolf tails and their eyes widened feeling his power skyrocket even higher with the visage of a horned wolf and phoenix above the demon shinobi. "Your death...come on i'll even give you a free shot..." Grand Fisher snarled gripping the blade and hesitated upon the next few words. "However if you miss dickshit...i will make you regret ever living..."

"Tch!" With a snarl he swung down aiming to destroy the entire street not seeing the annoyed look on Naruto's face.



"Huh? WHAT THE HELL!" Grand Fisher roared clutching his sword that was now broken down to the base of the blade. "That attack was so freaking slow i'd be done with a 25 minute nap just now you weakling!" Naruto's demonic growl grew more feral and his wings lit up more intensely and before Grand Fisher could react his arms were suddenly snapped up behind his back. "Bakudo-One: Sai..." Flicking his finger Naruto's special kido modification ensnared the mildly powerful hollow and watched him fall with a loud crash but he made sure barriers were placed around the area where he could deal with this scum quietly.

"Where was all that hot stuff were popping off at the mouth now gillian? not so nice is it to be helpless before someone higher on the food chain now is it!" Grand Fisher snarled venomously at mocking demonic words and froze suddenly.

"Ichiko, Ichigo, Isshin, Yoruichi-dono, Kisuke-san what are you doing here?" Naruto turned his head gazing at the oldest of the Kurosaki family standing there all wearing soul reaper attire, Isshin wore a white captains haori around his shoulder, Ichigo had a black bodysuit covered in white armor with a stripe across his cheeks (Fullbring armor) and Ichiko was in her Tensa Zangetsu form all glaring heavily at Grand Fisher.

"We all felt the reiatsu of Grand Fisher...but imagine out surprise when Kon was out here as were you." Naruto nodded at the reasoning only to frown deeply upon seeing two people hiding behind Ichiko and Ichigo and sighed, "Yuzu-chan, Karin-chan you're soul reapers as well?" Said girls eeped and stepped out wearing soul reaper attire with a sheepish looks.

"H-hai Naruto-kun i don't know why but my reiatsu must have reacted to you and well..." Yuzu trailed off with a blush remembering what would have happened in the kitchen. Karin looked at Yuzu with jealousy and a pout knowing what they were about to do in the kitchen 'me and Yuzu-nee need to have a little chat with Ichiko-onee-san.'

"The Kurosaki family wants revenge on this piece of shit Naruto thats why we came out here, to get closure." Ichigo practically growled with black yellow eyes of a hollow glaring at a paling Grand Fisher.

Naruto rubbed his chin thoughtfully looking at Grand Fisher with a calculative look in his eyes, "Well then how about i strip away his ability to use reiatsu or his hollow abilitys while making him heal constantly which will allow you to torture him however much you want then? That's one of the things within my power." Isshin looked wide eye'd at that, "Don't kid us on that gaki not even a Shinigami has that kind of ability." Yoruichi scoffed only to freeze at the blood chilling chuckle and gazed at Naruto who's eyes shadowed as he turned toward a whimpering Grand Fisher and snapped his fingers and much to her jaw dropping shock he started to shrink down to human size being slightly above Ichigo's height.

"Y-you bastard!" Naruto raised an eyebrow seeing Grand Fisher jump up and rush at slightly above average running speed, "Naruto-kun move!" Ichiko shouted taking a step forward only or her breath to hitch in her throat.



(End Song)

"Baka did you really think you ever had a chance against me...?" Naruto's cold hearted chilling voice froze them and they nearly yelled in shock when he turned and held in his hand was...

Grand Fishers Head!

"N-n-n-n-na-ni..." Grand Fisher's head choked out watching his body still standing upright twitching as the feeling of its head being removed starting to catch up to it.

"S-so f-fast!" The Flash Goddess stammered in downright shock and fear, never before had she seen someone's head removed with such speed and physical strength!

"Oh well i get to regenerate your head anyway." Smirking Naruto clenched the skull crushing it with a wet pop getting a flinch from an afro wearing shinigami who discreetly pulled out a cellphone and began speaking quietly not seeing a blond haired guy with large teeth looking at Naruto with suspicion

"T-those movements...are like that of an Assassin..." Kisuke murmured low enough to where Ichiko and the others heard him.

"Of course...did you expect someone like me to be some kind hearted Samaritan for kicks? I do love Ichiko and those close to me Urahara-san." Kisuke's eyes widened considerably feeling Naruto behind him yet he was in front with a hand over a glowing Grand Fisher's stump of a neck.

"Like i said when i meant that was my lowest form of speed i meant it i'd appreciate it..." THe Naruto behind Kisuke spoke in a voice that sounded very very annoyed.

"If you didn't underestimate me because of me being a child physically..." The original finished after grand Fisher's head regenerated before Naruto pinched a nerve in his neck knocking him out and picked the heavy muscular arrancar up with a simple tug and tossed him at Ichigo who caught him witha raised eyebrow.

"It seems we have a snooper for Seireitei..." Naruto's shadowed eyes turned as his head did towards a rooftop looking dead at Zennosuke who gulped stammering rapidly on the cell before Naruto appeared in front of him in one second with the cell in his hand.

"May i ask who is on at the moment?"

'W-what how did you get this phone little boy!' Naruto raised an eyebrow at oily arrogant tone and from Ichiko's blood where he gained the memories he could tell this was Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

"I found one of Seireitei's little patrol dogs snooping in my business that nosy people should know when to butt out. I am only letting him live and leave with his head intact because Ichiko-hime wouldn't want some innocent afro wearing freak weakling dead."

"Hah as if a child like you can handle someone like Zennosuke!" Naruto's eyes narrowed hearing the arrogance go up and clenched the phone.

"Do not tempt me you disgusting genocidal freak i know about your hand in the near extermination of the Quincy's i may kill but the loss of innocent life is is sickening just because they were different...however i will deal with that later, be sure to tell your fellow Captains the Kurosaki family is under my protection and i will crush threats against them permanently!" He snarled demonically before ending the call and tossing it under his foot before crushing it and glared at Zennosuke.

"Get the fuck out of my sight before i decide to take my anger out on you dickshit!" Zennosuke scrambled to get away through a set of glowing japanese doors to get away from the 'Monster' that was stronger than any hollow he ever faced.

Naruto faced the moon with a cheshire half smirk, "Tomorrow guarantee's to be fun..." His eyes turned towards another direction gazing at the same blond haired guy watching from before and grinned giving him the one finger salute before vanishing with the Kurosaki's and their new toy.

'Hiyori and the guys are not gonna like this...' The man Shinji Hirako sighed inwardly pulling out a cellphone in resignation knowing he's gonna get yelled at.

(Tomorrow at Karakura High)

Everyone was looking weirdly at a group of...not so discreet people, the leader seemed to look like a little kid with white hair.

"I can't believe i can't carry Hozukimaru with me!" The female with dark red hair known as Ikkaumi complained with a growl pressing her hands down on the skirt that was being restrictive around her legs and hip!

"Come off it Ikka-chan this human outfit is quite stunning actually." A long haired girl with a red feather from the top and a yellow one from the side of her left, she sported a DD-cup bust and a haughty smirk.

"Hey Yumi doe's this outfit make me look big?"

"This skirt is too damn tight on me, even putting this wooden sword through the belt loop is discomforting!"

"Alright everyone just shut up this should be the c-classroom!" The girl Toshira stammered with a wild blush and glazed over eyes getting curious looks seeing as they were at some kind of pink door.

"R-ruto-kun n-not so fast i'm still tender from yesterday's lesson plus there's voyeurs watching." Rangiku and the others immediately poked their heads in only to blush pink upon seeing Ichiko getting her pussy reamed like there's no tomorrow sitting in a black haired guys lap bouncing up and down.

"Oh? these must be your friends Ichiko-hime." Naruto said not stopping his thrusts and sucked her nipples more while looking at the aroused women in the eye.

"Hmm the white haired one looks like a kid yet she feels more like a mature woman." Toshira blushed at the compliment and accurate knowing look in this boys eyes.

"W-well she did mention briefly that her *Moans* power is hard to use in her body!" She shuddered feeling him drop another load into her hot snatch.

Naruto stared at Toshira calculatingly, "Hmm i think i have something that can help, i think she died as a child so her soul kept her physical and soul body in a child state." He slipped out of a whining Ichiko fixing his clothes to walk towards them.

"W-who are you?!" Toshira tensed with a cold tone she had on reflex and Naruto smiled charmingly making the ice queen blush.

"my name is Juubi otherwise known as the Ten Tailed Beast in the shinobi dimension, you're wondering why im telling you i am from another dimension will let's just say i find you to be logical instead of moronic and illogical like the pale faced fucker i threatened last night." He smirked earning a snort from Ikkaumi and Yumi (I removed Chika since Yumi is more easier to pronounce and more girlish) while Rangiku giggled and Toshira grinned seeing the insult to the psychopathic squad captain and scientist. "Yamamoto-soutaicho would always scold one of us for saying such crass language yet i sense you wouldn't give a shit would you Juubi-san.

"We are also here since Soul Society thinks that a simple Shinigami Daiko isn't enough to protect Karakura Town, i told him that trying to alienate you is foolish and unneeded when we have Aizen and his army to deal with but nobody would listen to the childs words." The young captain said bitterly getting a frown from Naruto inwardly he decided to cut his girls some slack.

"A-ah *moans* N-n-naruto-k-kun th-thanks for that wow!" He chuckled hearing Matatabi barely breathing from being under the constant orgasm of youki overload and checked on the others.

"Now then girls what have we learned?" He asked them mentally with a quirked eyebrow getting huffs and grumbles.

"Don't mess with the master or there will be consequences..." Saya growled under her breath getting a cheeky condescending smile and a mental pat on the head causing the Nine Tails to redden in the face while the others laugh at her.

"Girls i need your help..." Naruto explained all that happened and then the conversation and feeling with Toshira about her body.

They were quiet and contemplating, "Naruto-sama this can be easily done thanks to your training in Soul Manipulation you can cause her soul to grow and her body to match her power plus i have a feeling she'll look like a bombshell..." Naruto rolled his eyes with a chuckle at Yami's pervy leer.

"Ok Toshira-chan i do have an ability that can speed up the growth of your soul and force your body to match the size of your spiritual energy...but in return you have to go on a date with me." Toshira's face pinked at that, "W-w-why would you want to go out with someone like me and besides we just met baka!" She hmphed turning her head not seeing Rangiku and Ichiko grin.

"That's what the date is for, to get to know each other also i didn't exactly say we would go on the date in this body." He used his control over gravity to shut the doors and lock them while putting up a silencing seal making them jump.

"I'm a guy of many skills ladies." He grinned sexily at them getting a cherry red blush, Toshira grumbled going over his offer and hesitantly under protest decided to accept, Very well what do you have to do for the Soul Manipulation technique of yours..." She grumbled only to hear Ichiko giggle mischievously making her nervous.

"Like this..." Was all Toshira heard before she found her lips invaded as Naruto tilted her back in a classic romantic fashion locking lips with her, automatically her body responded lifting her leg up feeling the tingle before he exploded with a black red tinged aura and Toshira an ice blue white one that began to expand slowly shaking the room.

"Oh wow!" Rangiku exclaimed watching as Toshira slowly grew into a very mature looking female with butt length white spiky hair, plump backside, slim toned hips, arms and thighs, her eyes fluttered open showing they were so aroused, confused yet happy, she was now 5'9 clutching Naruto's shirt tightly as she deepened the kiss and suddenly the aura's discharged a loud shockwave that the others had to duck from being hit.

Slowly he and Toshira's lips departed with a string of saliva and heavy panting, "Wow...i invigorated and warm..." Toshira's voice went from cute and blunt to alluring and oozing uber sex appeal making Naruto hardpressed not to take the squad captain on the floor right now.

"So do i Koori-joo (Ice Queen) except your chill is very...invigorating as well..." He grinned exhaling cold air from his mouth while Toshira smiled with a blush showing her temperature was above her natural cold one and she liked it.

"I think we're going to be very close Juubi-kun..."

She had no idea!

(Timeskip - 2 years later)

Within the following months many things had happened, Naruto had a vision on how the events of this dimension would have gone without him and was determined to prevent the terrible fates of many.

Toshira was curious about Naruto and took time to hang out with Ichiko and him joined by Rangiku, Renja, Ikkaumi, Yumi joined by a black haired girl Rukia.

Rukia's attitude made both him and her butt heads, although Naruto's sarcastic cold remarks and taunts pissed the brunette off she tried everytime to beat him in the spars but she just couldn't even with her combat experience he barely did anything to beat her and each defeat made her try harder and harder much to Naruto's annoyance and amusement at how the girl tried to defeat him, he also subtlely increased her arousal and sexual frustration everytime she came into contact with his aura to the point she was looking at him with carnal lust and need. After days of patrolling the Sexta Esparda followed by several of her Fraccion entered Karakura.

Naruto and the others slaughtered the fraccion with ease, He captured the Sexta Esparda and used Kotoamatsukami to twist her mind into a willing sex slave, something he chalked up to his demonic heritage getting stronger.

Naruto kept lookout when Toshira when the others couldn't with Renja and the other mod souls, well the female one Ririn had a deep seated carnal interest in Naruto, he could tell she was interested in him and did nothing to discourage it, instead he was going to initiate the sexual contact but got interrupted by three rouge Arrancars, let's just say Naruto did not enjoy getting cockblocked and ripped the french looking Arrancar a new one and pissed on his ashes before ripping the other two's heads off and was in a pissy mood for weeks.

Naruto knew Aizen wouldn't like that he lost one of his tools, but the Ten Tails didn't care since he was enjoying taking the now submissive cat arrancar to his bed in her ressureccion form every night in his Kamui dimension. One day when Naruto was screwing Orihime's brains out, the new Deimos and Sexta esparda's Luppi Antenor and Cirucci Sanderwicci joined by a weird blond girl with purple eyes called Wonderweiss and Ulquiorria.

Naruto was severely annoyed again at being cockblocked by this arrogant stick up the ass bitch declaring that she was gonna turn him into every female Esparda's and Arrancar fuck toy and Saya got pissed at that arrogant exclamation and roared at him to turn the bitch out with her friend Cirucci who only had time to blink before he had them dragged by their hair into Orihime's home before he began banging their arrogant brains out so bad they joined the same condition as Grimmi.

(I don't know which order the filler arcs went in during the Arrancar arc but i'll do my best)

One day everyone's memories were gone except for Rukia, Ichiko, Ichigo, Yuzu, Karin, and Naruto, He searched for the reason but had to be discreet since he now had the Omitsukido Forces after him, Ichigo, Ichiko, Yuzu and Karin later on he found out it was because of two beings Homura and Shizuku that Rukia saved long ago from a hollow possessing a shinigami with powers that allowed it to reap memories and restore them. The siblings later forced their hollows into submission and decided to reap Rukia's memories causing everyone to forget about her with the one exception.


He tracked them down to the abandoned Rukongai district and found out the two were female, Shizuku just looked like a boy because of her wearing concealing outfits and bandages around her chest area, The two tried to reap his memories memories but he beat them back and was joined by Ichiko who happened to be passing by the rocky area. Homura and Shizuku tried engaging him replying that they were the only ones Rukia needed, when both were unable to even put a scratch on him they both forcefully merged with Rukia creating Dark Rukia which surprised him a bit before he showed them why he was the new Ten Tails by causing the fusion to end but instead of Rukia, Shizuku and Homura separating, Dark Rukia still stood standing looking at Naruto lustfully and fanatically. Homura and Shizuku became cowed when Naruto tore strips out their ass's for their foolish stupid actions, Rukia suggested they serve Naruto as his guards and lovers and further explained what he was and Homura was grinning perversely soon joined by Shizuku while Naruto wondered if Rukia did this as a form of payback.

Unfortunately Ichiko was called but then he was pissed at the demand that she bring him with her.

The meeting had not gone so well.

(Flashback Start)

"May i ask why i'm here with chains on my ankles and wrists Shinigami?" Naruto said boredly fiddling with the weak restraints idly not seeing the frowns on everyone's faces.

"We want to know why you are interfering in Shinigami affairs boy!" A pale faced man sneered only to get a deadpan look in return.

"Are you fucking with me asswipe? Not my fault you can't get any pussy because you look like a fucking ghoul." Naruto insulted while not looking at Mayuri who's face purpled while several of the others broke out in sniggers, Soifon smirked with Unohana.

"Quiet!" Yamamoto banged his cane getting everyone to quite except Kyoraku who chuckled a bit. "You have multiple energy sources within you young one, despite having reiatsu and a zanpakuto you aren't dead we are here to find that out by any means necessary understand?" Naruto met the elder Captain Commander unflinchingly with a nod, "Well met Soutaicho-san however next make sure your captain." He thumbed at Soifon who stiffened suddenly getting everyone's attention, "Doe's not come by when me, Ichiko and Orihime were going at it, going nonstop for 6 hours is not something to interrupt ya know!" Naruto said with irritation and smirked inwardly smelling the arousal from Soifon and Unohana.

"As for the energy sources i just happen to be trained by different masters." He was no way going to tell these close minded fools especially the pale faced fucker he had demon spirits sealed inside him Naruto heard of his habits and his crimes from Urya, he had to resist the urge to fucking kill the dickshit right here and now.

"That's a lie and you know it boy!" Naruto turned his head with narrowed eyes at Mayuri, "I suggest you keep your fucking mouth shut before i rip your spine out your ass dickshit Soutaicho-san is the one asking the questions not you!" He said coldly crackling with black lightning all over his body, Mayuri scoffed, "You wouldn't even scratch me boy so what could a little abomination like you do to a captain of my caliber!"

"Kurotsuchi-taicho sheathe your weapon this instant!" Yamamoto boomed glaring blades at the arrogant scientist who scowled, "This boy is hiding crucial information, for all accounts he could be a spy for Aizen Sosuke!"

"I am the one asking the questions you arrogant fool get back in line and keep quiet." Kurotsuchi and Yamamoto glared at one another unleashing their own spiritual pressure.

Naruto sighed at this looking at his shackles with annoyance thinking 'Kamui...' His form turned intangible much to Toshira's shock seeing the wrist shackles slip off his wrists, he caught them spinning them on one end using a finger slowly gaining speed till they looked like a spinning yo-yo before launching it. The captains who saw this watched as it ricocheted everywhere at different angles before it sped toward Mayuri like a torpedo.


Mayuri's form stumbled and swayed like a stone before hitting the ground with a thud, eyes rolled to the back of the head, "That's for calling me boy dipshit!" The guys shivered at the malicious grin Naruto sported, Soifon, and Unohana looked at Ichiko and a knowing Toshira for confirmation and got nods.

Looks like more will be joining Naruto's flock

(Flashback End)

Yamamoto later on saw the potential Naruto had and knew he wasn't a spy as the boy clearly hated Aizen just as much, the old man got a kick out of Naruto discussing his plan to slowly drive the arrogant manipulative S.O.B insane and then only will he be allowed to die. He helped Naruto refine his sword skill and technique, the spars they had destroyed many training grounds much to Central 46's dismay.

He had fun talking to the other guys, sparring with Kenpachi was fun as hell he just kept coming at him despite the wounds it made his demonic blood sing in delight at a good fight.

Suddenly Naruto was attacked by some caped people, he was already annoyed since he couldnt find Toshira for their date and literally hacked the grunts to pieces and subdued the girls Yin and Yang along with the leader Kousaki and placed them in his Kamui dimension.

Next there was this girl Senna who was a soul reaper but was acting so carefree she was like a rebellious teenager, sort of like him he further discovered she had a bunch of mismatched inconsistent memories, she was frightened when the Kido corp, Omitskido, Renja and the captains were going to detain her in the Soul Society, Naruto absorbed her into his Kamui dimension where she would be safe and just in time as they were suddenly attacked by Blanks along with several other combatants that killed most of the shinigami while the Captains held them off. Ukitaki confirmed they were remnants of the Ryodoji family, the arrogant white haired one proclaimed that they were the Dark Ones and that they wanted Senna to collapse the Valley Of Screams taking the Human World and Soul Society and Hueco Mundo with it in the collapse and that pissed Naruto off at such stupid idiotic plans.

To Naruto it only took just half of a minute to kill Ganryu and his male bodyguards but he kept the female Benin alive for another addition to his slaves and brought Senna back out who proceeded to kiss him and thank him happily. He had a very calm and good time at the Fair with Ichiko and the others, later on after another week Naruto snuck into Soul Society feeling something was amiss and found himself attacked by several beings that he suddenly identified as zanpakuto spirits the ones he confronted were Sode No Shiraiyuki, Tobiume, Haineko, Senbonzakura, Ashogi Jizo, Suzumebachi, Gonryumaru and Wabisuke.

He asked curiously as to why they were attacking him and Tobiume explained that their leader Muramasa see's him as mate material and wants him subdued and brought before her.

(Flashback Start)

Naruto looked amused, "And do you really think all of you can subdue me? i may look like a teenager but underestimating me...' He smirked showing his fangs causing some of them to tense, "Can be quite willing to stake ya life on that assumption that i'll be easy pickings? besides i won't need to move from this spot to knock all of you out." Tobiume and Haineko narrowed their eyes at his proclamation gripping their swords.

"Don't get too cocky Naruto-chama my small frame gives me an advantage over you!" Suzumebachi's figure gained an appreciative glance at her busty loli like body, he smirked when he saw her flush at his attention.

"Hahahaha! please don't tell me Masa-chan is under the assumption that i'm a shinigami..." His eyes burned crimson and suddenly his aura flared black slamming down on all of them in an instant making them black out into unconsciousness.

"Seriously? that was just a brief flare!" Naruto whined in disappointment.

(Flashback End)

He found out also that Muramasa released zanpakuto's from the other top soul reaper lieutenants, Seated Officers and Captains. Ichiko and Ichigo got theirs back due to their bond in combat, Naruto's girls didn't get released because their Bijuu Zanpakuto's making them several times more stronger, resilient and bonded on a deeper level.

Naruto went after Muramasa after she challenged him to a duel, if he lost she would keep him as her mate and only hers, if he won she would become his mate and loyal zanpakuto. He and Muramasa fought for over an hour, where she had the ability to use invisible wires along with master swordsmanship, Naruto had more options of attack and skill along with experience plus he had more stamina and better senses and reflexes to find out her weakness's. Muramasa and him combated while Yamamoto and the others took the fight to the rouge zanpakuto spirits, his Laido and Battoujutsu combined with his Dark Slayer Kenjutsu prevailed over the powerful zanpakuto and subdued her, after Soul Society got buildings rebuilt, repaired and the chaos under control, the female zanpakuto spirits however let a bit of themselves with their owners and moved in with him at the Kurosaki household and eventually went to school with him as well pissing the boys off even more which Naruto enjoyed doing all the time although a rouge zanpakuto tried to possess Kyoko

Months later Naruto heard from Yamamoto about a new captain being picked for squad 3 when the former Gini Ichimaru defected with Aizen and Tousi, it was some guy named Shusuke Amagai, frankly Naruto's instincts were on full alert. He observed Amagai when he detected a change in demeanor when suddenly the Kasumioji family was visiting Soul Society and the heiress Rurichiyo Kasmioji was requesting Naruto to be there personally.

Boy he was stunned at the fact he was so well known already but he fumed when Yamamoto and Kyoraku mischievously informed him that they accidentally let slip about the real him and he was soon in the Top Desirable Men above even Kyoraku Shunsui.

(Flashback Start)

Naruto grunted in irritation amidst the laughter of his close friends in this dimension, "Hey gaki gonna get ya some tonight again!" Ganju Shiba teased lecherously sounding drunk getting an irritated look from the demonic being.

"Atleast i'm getting more pussy than you shrimp." Ganju wailed comically at Naruto doing that low blow again, "Oi! that's not fair how can i fucking compare with a demonic god being dammit!" Kenpachi laughed his ass off spraying sake from his nose in hysterics, "Y-you*Snorts* not supposed to Shiba hahaha!" Ganju sulked at getting shot at like that, it was so not fair in Ganju Shiba's opinion it was the Shiba men that got the ladys and chicks not the snot nosed brats!

"Excuse me are you Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze?" Naruto raised an eyebrow feeling a pair of what felt like perky D-cups pressing into his back and set his sake jug down and turned around only to lock lips with someone.

A blond haired girl with her hair pulled to the back wearing a floral pink, blue and white kimono, her green eyes wide in shock and arousal due to Naruto's energy subconsciously stimulating their hormones and pleasure centers just by being in physical contact with him.

'N-naruto-sama is kissing me...ohhhh his tongue is squirming around in my mouth and kami why am i feeling so wet and hot!' Yes Rurichiyo Kasmioji is a diehard pervert for Naruto after hearing about all of his exploits and even has many pictures of him in her bedroom where she go's to urm do her daily...rituals at not getting the real thing.

'She tastes like honey and jasmine tea..such a flowery succulent scent..." His eyes and her lidded halfway and began to deepen the kiss trading tongue, little bites, nibbling even sucking one each others tongues before Rurichiyo pushed forward knocking them over on the table causing the table to flip with the sake landing on Byaka Kuchiki, Hisana Kuchiki, Soifon, Rangiku, Yoruichi and Unohana who suddenly gained auras of black malice.

"GANJUUUUU!" A pissed Kukaku roared panning her vision searching for her paling brother who made a break for it only for his sister to dash after him and soon everyone except a making out Naruto and Rurichiyo who was humping his erect cock hidden under his hakama letting out lewd moans.

"where is Naruto-kun Zaraki-san?" Kenpachi looked anywhere but Unohana's demon smiling face, "Don't know Unohana he's probably making out with the heiress considering she proclaimed she was gonna marry him after seeing him in our magazines." The Mad Dog Of The Gotei 13 smirked but went tense seeing her smile wider almost splitting her face.

"Yoruichi-chan and the others have no problem with sharing." Unohana informed cheekily leaving a stumped Kenpachi to drink his spilled sake with his mind nearly numb from that revelation.

'Lucky bastard Naruto!' The man grouched

(Flashback End)

Naruto and Rurichiyo had to be separated when the two looked like they were going to go at it on the floor regardless of the audience, her fiance wasn't happy in the slightest and tried threatening the demonic being with the Kasumioji family assassins by his side and well let's just say that didn't go so well for the kid who was found the next day tied up with tears of humiliation and his bare red ass cheeks out for the world to see showing Naruto gave his hide a spanking to remember. While everyone was distracted Naruto snuck into Amagai's quarters where the suspicious man was sleeping after drinking too much sake and used Kotoamatsukami after reading his memories, plans and goals and rewrote him replacing his revenge with the need to live his life. He had to save Rurichiyo from a group of hollows after he snuck off with her to Karakura using Jigoku Neko, but to his surpirise he meets the Vizards who have been trying to recruit Ichiko and even him, he wondered why they chose now to approach but got irritated with the blond haired girl Hiyori's bitchy demanding attitude that he immediately slapped back right in her face and he left with the heiress before they could think of reacting to the verbal beatdown he gave Hiyori to the Urahara Shouten.

He showed Rurichiyo what kind of games, technology and other items the human world offered and the sheltered girl was amazed she wanted to go to the park immediately after Naruto got her some summer clothes while keeping an eye on the Kasumioji assassins spying on them. As the sun went down and night approached they went back to Urahara's shop to call it a day only to find Ichiko, Rukia and the others inside informing him and Rurichiyo about the Kasumioji family's dirty secrets Urahara got from Naruto's pawn Shusuke and Naruto was disturbed at the lengths people would go for power that resided in the Bakkoto before he could offer his own input he sensed the presence of the assassins.

He and Ichiko exited outside only to find a pink haired man in an assassins outfit with a few other assassins by him Genga, Douko, and Ryu Kuzu. Ichiko suggested that everyone take them on separately but Naruto stopped that notion immediately since he learned from his mother and sisters about letting threats have the time to get stronger and used the information gained from Shusuke and several other assassins he encountered when Shu confronted him about the head assassin commander's Bakkoto Saiga. He wasn't about to let Ichiko and Ichigo experience a nightmare of their mother blaming them for her death, fortunately he took her soul that was surprisingly not digested within Grand Fisher's body and brought her back to life with a new body but instead brought back the adult Masaki and the hormonal teenage Masaki who called him master and was barely able to break it to Isshin and the Kurosaki siblings, the goat chin Kurosaki reluctantly and tearfully let his former wife go since he had no grudge against Naruto knowing he had no control over that aspect but threatened to castrate him if he mistreated either of them which honestly scared Naruto a bit but felt like laughing when he put on a false facade of fear. Using his speed and skill he cut down Genga with a decapitating strike, Douko by slicing him in two at the waist, Ryu was pierced by Naruto's reishi bow which he got along with the regular quincy abilities after absorbing a bit of Urya and Ichiko's blood from the spars they had, he was shot in the head and before Hanza could even comprehend how his men were defeated so easily Naruto was easily able to rip the information and secrets of the Kasumioji family from his mind turning him into a brain dead moron he let drop to the earth killing him from the fall.

Naruto and the others used the information gained to lead an assault on the Kasumioji palace easily bypassing the Bakkoto using guards easily despite Kenpachi attacking Naruto for another fight, Kumoi managed to sneak away with Ruruichiyo attempting to make a heir with the young girl only to get cut down by Naruto and eviscerated violently as Naruto despised rapists to the core for trying to take a girl's innocence by force, the times with Lupi and Cirucci was an animalistic thing both them and Grimmi even confirmed it.

Soul Society thanked them for their efforts and got another round of partying and more of Naruto getting some this time from Rurichiyo who like him looked older than their age suggested, Shockingly their activities were joined by Lisa Yadomaru, Hiyori Sarugaki, Mashiro Kuna and the Kotetsu sisters. All walked home with Naruto bearing a visible limp.

A group of beings called Sinner's tried to escape from hell and would have succeeded in capturing Yuzu and Karin to use Ichigo's and Ichiko's vasto lorde berserker forms to break their chains if not for Naruto using his Kamui to find it and sealing it using a Demonic Spiritual Fuuinjutsu called Universal Demon Lock he developed this Fuuinjutsu in mind to deal with demonic and spiritual gates which also couldn't be broken unless someone knew how to bypass the seal's defenses, the correct strokes to release the locks and the correct energy output to break it.

Feh say what you want about his family's Fuuinjutsu being OP don't hate on them because Uzumaki's have skill and you don't!

Naruto soon decided to take the fight to Aizen when he had Orihime (Who was playing along afterall Naruto trained her and the others) kidnapped to heal his forces so Naruto, Ichiko, Ichigo, Rukia, Renja, the Vaizards, Yoruichi, Soifon, Urya, Jenny, Tatsuki and Masaki invaded Hueco Mundo thanks to Kisuke having an artificial garganta. They made way through the various tunnel, even meeting a lost red haired girl Ashida who decided to join Naruto's posse since she felt drawn to him for no reason not that he was complaining along the way they met a green haired childish looking girl being guarded by two elder hollows when suddenly she morphed into a busty green haired babe and former Tres esparda who was fucking horny she dragged him into the Menos Forest and screwed each other and came back out with a healthy glow. We didn't need to use Bawabawa to get across the desert as everyone had their own speed technique (I don't get why Pesches and Donchakka couldn't use Sonido despite being hollows) and ran on a rampage throughout Las Noches slaughtering hollow after hollow, arrancar after arrancar, Rukia and Reaper (Dark Rukia's name) took on Aaroneiro Arruruerie demolishing him even when he used the image of Kaien Shiba and resurreccion Glutonoria using Shirafune and Witch Hunt (Yes she'll have Maka Albarn's scythe techniques), Renja took on another female esparda Szayeli Aporro Granz who cut quite the seductive evil figure, fortunately Urya and Renja subdued her upon seeing her Resurreccion's ability and kept her detained before escaping from Mayuri who was being abusive to Nemu who was secretly his spy and servant in the Gotei 13.

As Naruto and the others rampaged through Hueco Mundo, a clone of him went about placing barrier seals negating the enemy from using garganta's to escape.

Naruto passed by all of them while the other arrancars aided him in reaching Aizen who had recently gone insane and proceeded to mind fuck the ever living hell out of him turning his own zanpakuto against him who was a very vindictive nasty bitch that he liked before slowly carving a glasglow smile on his face joined by Ichiko and Ichigo taking turns torturing the asshole while the Hougyoku took the form of a teal haired woman proclaiming Naruto as her new master. After they were done fucking Aizen's face up he was turned to ashes by Naruto's Complete Susanoo using one of its katana's to destroy Las Noches for good, he allowed the army of arrancar and hollows a new enviroment in his Las Noches replica and Hueco Mundo replica inside his kamui dimension they could leave at anytime but he could track them easily.

When Naruto and the gang returned to Karakura a madman named Inaba Kageroza or Yushimi set loose a proverbial army of reigai shinigami's who were all supposed to be superior to their originals and held an innocent mod soul Nozomi Kujo who was fighting him off using Arazome Shigure but was losing badly till Naruto himself who was tired as hell and wanted to sleep sent out a massive Genjutsu Sharingan pulse killing all of the minds of the reigais while the female counterparts were enslaved to his will and Yushimi he decided to add her as his maid. As they celebrated another annoyance came from a group of people trying to destroy Soul Society called Xcution and he nipped this in the bud by seducing Jackie, Yukiora and Riruka while he killed the thug wannabe Shishigawara Moe, Kugo Ginjo after taking his blade and Fullbring and finally Tsukushima who abused the use of his Fullbring too much and killed the asshole after hearing of their future plans for Ichiko. Then Naruto had another thing to deal with for the 11th month was the mysterious Wandereich knocking on his and Soul Society's door declaring all out war on, He found himself hesitant to commit genocide but what the old emperor Ywhach had in mind for the universe deserved nothing short of extermination to not have another major threat, Naruto switched into his killer persona and mercilessly and emotionlessly killed every single Wandereich Quincy that he crossed, the females were spared and inducted into his services while the others were dealt with, Ywhach tried putting up a fight with his strongest Sternritters but they stood no chance and like Aizen they were obliterated from existence.

He got close to each of the girls he mated or had feelings with him, peace was restored and Mayuri finally got his with Nemu getting the satisfaction of killing the fucker for his cruel abuse of her.

Now Naruto and the others who finally finished school now were ready to leave with their mate and lover. Naruto now wore a pair of black jeans, black and white lined sneakers, a red t-shirt under a black hoodie with white symbols with a red phoenix with five pairs of wings on either side and a black wolf with ten tails roaring to the sky on the back (Quincy Ichigo's outfit), his silver wolf eyes crackling with newfound power, skill, experience and knowledge.

"Everyone ready to go?" He asked getting nods after giving tearful goodbyes to everyone of their friends in Soul Society and the human world, Naruto snapped his fingers activating Kamui and they all vanished in a swirl leaving the grassy plains of the forest in the Rukongai District.

(Konoha Academy)

"Hey dobe fight me already!" Sasuke Uchiha shouted arrogantly at Naruto's clone for the hundreth time already much to the energy clones annoyance and exasperation mentally pleading for his boss to hurry the fuck up! It's head perked up when a swirl opened up in the yard and suddenly Naruto stepped out followed by many groups of women following him with various state of clothing or in some case hanging off Naruto like he was their king and master.

"Sup bitches i'm back!" Naruto lifted his head dispelling the clone with that same confident proud smirk on his face locking eyes with Kiba and Sasgay and their posse.

"Onore!" Kiba roared using Gatsuuga attempting to injure Naruto who merely bitchslapped the spinning drill sending the smelly dog boy careening intot the wall crashing through it and several more. "Ore? i might have hit the little punk too hard..." His mutter got giggles from Mashiro and Ichiko and Tobiume.

"Soichi-kun you're back from your exploration trip!" Naruto found his head mashed into the massive bosom of Kushina who squealed and he gave smug smirks towards the jealous looking guys giving them the finger, earning screams of rage and threats of bodily harm.

Oh yeah he definitely missed his favorite place to torment the fuck out of people hahahaha!

These next 6 years in the shinobi dimension are gonna be fun!


NEXT TIME ON GOD OF TEN PATH'S - Graduation, Devils, Peerages, Yokai, Gods and Factions...Dragons?!