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Winter solstice*

''Stop cheating on me''

''Hermes likes me more''

''No,Hermes likes me more''

''Shut you two''

''Men disgusting pigs''

''We know you love us''


Then a bright flash with 9 demigods and three gods appeared.

As usual Zeus arrogance was passed to surprised then shocked.

''We''ll introduce ourselves''said the man with a godly radiance.

''I am Perseus, God of Heroes, Loyalty and Night, as well as the former twelfth Olympian and the banished and betrayed youngest son of Zeus and Leto''

The gods gasped.

''I am Zoe Nightshade,hunter of Artemis,also allowed girlfriend of Perseus''

More shocked silence..

''I am Atlantis,Goddess of Heroes,loyalty and Day,as well as the former thirteenth Olympian and banished and betrayed youngest daughter of Zeus and Leto,also twin to Perseus.''

Awkward silence...

''I am Achilles Angelo , son of Nyx , boyfriend of Atlantis''

When they finished saying their titles a book appear along with a note.

Athena picked up the book and the title was the Twins of the night.