I slide off the lounge and lay Rose down. I reach up and grab her bra cups down, revealing her breasts to me; my fingers attach themselves to her pretty pink erect nipples. I start with flicking and twisting at them knowing how much Rose likes a little pain. My hands squeeze her luscious tits before I lower my mouth and start kissing all around her right breast carefully avoiding the nipple.

Rose moans in approval, her head rolls back and her chest pushes further into my hands. I take her nipple into my mouth and let my tongue roll it around before flicking it. I repeat this a few times before taking her other bud into my mouth bitting and nibbling on it. I suck her hard before releasing her with a loud pop.

"Bella" Rose whines, lifting her head and grasping mine. She brings me to her eye level and kisses me roughly.

I pull back slightly and slow down the pace of the kiss – if she got to tease me I get to tease her- and brush my lips across her before nibbling on her lower lip. My tongue glides over her bottom lip, seeking entrance to her mouth which she grants willingly.

I fight her for dominance and eventually win; my tongue explores her mouth and massages her tongue. My hands travel down her body and find her small and soaking underwear, I rip and the sides and the fabric fall apart. A loud moan comes from Roses and I smile into her kiss.

My hands run up and down her legs, feeling the inside of her tights, I'm careful to avoid her sex. Her juices are seeping out and running down her thighs, so I break the kiss and shimmy down so I lay between her legs. I ground at the site before me.

Her bare pussy is sparkling with her juices and her clit stands at attention. I smile before lowering my head so I can place a kiss right on her pussy lips. Rose bucks into me.

"Oh fuck Bella!"

I pull back and my tongue flicks out to taste her juices on my lips, I moan happily at the taste. I lean back down and part her lips with my fingers and her whole clenches and unclenches. I run a finger up and down her slit, making sure it's nice and wet. Her moans are continues.

I pause her opening, swirling the finger around it but not entering.

"Fuck me Bella! Fuck me!" Rose screams and I give in.

I slide a finger inside of her, she clenches around me and I feel her wetness gushing out, I add a second finger. And then a third.

I lower my lips to her clit, sucking hard. Pumping my fingers in and out of her she tightens around me and I can tell she is close. I nibble on her clit a little and curl my fingers upward.

"So god, so close! Oh Fuck." Rose bucks her hips around.

I continue and just as she starts coming the door to her dressing room opens and I tear my face away from her pussy to see the manager of the club standing there staring at Rose and I.


~ Hidden Talents