I want Sammy, she cried...

Jasper's pov

"Okay. Shh, in minute okay, then we can get out of here, shh." I handed her back to Peter. "Which new born kidnapped my mate?" I asked.

"That would be Zoey swan" she pointed out the window to a newborn, who had her back turned.

I nodded, "Peter, keep her safe".

Major's pov

"Yes sir!" he replied. I walked out of the command cabin and walk to Zoey swan who immediately turned around. I smirk; they always thought they had a chance when they really didn't.

"I am Major Jasper Whitlock, I believe you took something of mine and now have to pay the price." the newborns froze when hear my name and I fed off from their fear, I unlike Jasper missed the fact I could strike fear in people just with my name.

"She cased my dad pain so I wanted revenge" the new born in front of me hissed.

I smirked knowing her revenge turned in to Maria trying to make her pain go away there was something about my mate that made you love her.

"I bet Maria made her cry until her last breath" Zoey laughed

My smirk did nothing but grow.

"Why don't you see what really see what happened to my mate when you turned her over to Maria, Peter, why don't you come out here?"

Peter walked out with a giggling Bella.

"Why is she laughing so hard" I asked already having an idea.

"I told her of the time you decided to try and fly and landed flat on you face" Maria spoke handing Bella another juice box.

The only revenge you got was the fact you kidnapped my mate I said to Zoey before ripping off her head and setting it alight

That's my sons...