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"Ok, dogs, go again!" Gustavo shouted from his little mixing station. The boys began singing their song again, but Carlos found himself in a coughing fit.

"Carlos! Stop!" Gustavo yelled.

"Sorry, sorry, just a little sore throat." Carlos croaked.

"Look, you've been coughing all day. Logan, go take care of him. Kendall, James, dance practice." Kelly demanded into the microphone.

"Sure, come on, Carlos." Logan waved Carlos along, grabbing the car keys from Kendall in the process.

"No, no really, I'm fine. I'm not sick." Carlos said, standing like a statue in the middle of the studio.

"No one said you were buddy." James piped up from beside the young boy. Carlos looked wearily between James and Logan.

"Yeah, we just want you to rest your voice, Carlos." Kendall knelt down slightly to be eye level with Carlos and smiled reassuringly.

"Come on, 'Los. We're just going home." Logan held out his hand, which Carlos reluctantly took. The two boys left the studio, dropping hands and heading for the boys shared car.

"We're just going home, right?" Carlos asked, hesitating to buckle his seat belt.

"Yup. Right after we stop and see Doc Hollywood." Logan nodded, starting the car.

"The doctor?" Carlos squeaked.

"Don't worry, Carlos. It's just to make sure its nothing serious." Logan looked over at the scared boy beside him. "Really. I promise, you'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" Carlos asked.

"Yes." Logan nodded and smiled.

"I don't like hospitals, Logie." Carlos tried to sink into his seat.

"I know, bud. I know. But I just want to be sure that it's not something serious." Logan sighed.

"What if it is? What if I have to get my throat removed and eat and breathe through tubes?" Carlos croaked, beginning to hyperventilate.

"Shh, shh, 'Litos, it's ok. That's not going to happen, I promise, ok?" Logan asked, pulling into the hospital parking lot.

"Ok." Carlos mumbled.

"Tell you what, after this, we'll go get some ice cream." Logan said, unbuckling his seat belt.

"Can it be chocolate with sprinkles?" Carlos asked, his eyes lighting up.

"Sure, Carlitos. Whatever you want." Logan laughed as the two of them climbed out of the car.

"Will I have to get a shot?" Carlos asked.

"No. You shouldn't have to." Logan shook his head. The two boys exchanged small talk about how the clouds looked like rabbits, a t-rex, and one was the shape of a mustache.

"We need to see Doc Hollywood. My friend here has a sore throat and I just want to be sure it's not anything serious." Logan explained to the woman at the reception desk.

"Take a seat. The doctor will see you as soon as he can." She rattled off, without even looking up from her computer.

"Right." Logan said, turning back to Carlos. No longer had the boys sat down that the doctor had emerged from his office door and called out next.

"That's us." Logan said, popping out of his chair while Carlos slowly rose to his feet.

"What seems to be the problem, boys?" Doc Hollywood asked, leading the boys to his exam room.

"Carlos has a sore throat and I want to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. Better safe than sorry." Logan explained as Carlos sat down on the patient table.

"Yes, I've heard that." Doc nodded as he pulled a tongue depressor out of his jacket pocket. "Hmm, hmm, yes." He nodded while examining Carlos's mouth.

"Well?" Logan asked.

"He has to get his tonsils removed. I'm surprised you haven't brought him in sooner, they don't look good at all."

"What?" Carlos asked, gripping the table so tight that his knuckles turned white.

"So, how serious is this? I mean, will he be able to sing? Or talk?" Logan asked as Carlos squeaked with fear.

"It's a fairly routine procedure, but we need to do it soon. I'll get him an appointment for a few days from now. Until then, vocal rest. No singing, minimal talking." Doc left the two boys alone as he went to make the appointment.

"Carlos, how long has your throat been hurting you?" Logan asked, putting his hands on his hips.

"A few weeks." Carlos mumbled.

"What? Why didn't you tell anyone?!"

"I'm sorry, don't yell at me!" Carlos cried, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry, buddy. I didn't mean to yell. But why were you hiding it?" Logan asked, watching his best friend with sympathy.

"Because I thought it would go away, and I didn't want to go to the hospital." Carlos whimpered.

"Ok, ok, it'll be alright." Logan said, trying to reassure Carlos.

"So, will I have to get a shot?" Carlos asked, cringing at the thought of a needle.

"Oh, gosh, Ok, 'Los, this is going to be surgery." Logan explained softly.

"No. No, I don't want to." Carlos frantically shook his head.

"Carlos, you have to. If you want to sing or talk again, it has to be done." Logan sighed.

"It's gonna hurt." Carlos whined.

"No, they'll give you medicine so that it doesn't hurt." Logan explained, sitting on the rolling chair across from the scared boy.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm positive. Let's just go home and rest." Logan suggested, pulling Carlos out the door by his wrist.

"In two days, at 3, We'll give Carlos his tonsillectomy." Doc Hollywood said as he handed Logan a business card.

"Thanks, Doc." Logan waved as he pulled Carlos out to the parking lot.

"Can we go get ice cream now, Logie?" Carlos asked, his lower lip jutting out.

"Sure, 'Litos." Logan smiled as he opened the car door for Carlos. He made his way to the other side and climbed in the car.

"Logie?" Carlos asked softly.

"What is it, Buddy?" Logan asked. He felt so bad for Carlos that if the small Latino asked for a puppy right now, Logan would buy him one without a second thought.

"If I get my tonsils out, will I still be able to sing?" Carlos asked, his voice filled with worry.

"Yeah, after a few weeks, you'll be able to sing as much as you want." Logan pat Carlos' knee.

Logan focused on the road in front of him while his mind wandered. Carlos had never been this sick before. Normally Logan would make him some soup and keep him on bed rest and he would be fine in a few days. But this time it couldn't be Doctor Logan to the rescue. Logan couldn't help him this time. He just had to sit back and watch someone else take Carlos' pain away, and that made him uncomfortable.

The two of them stopped at the nearest ice cream place, got what Carlos wanted, and headed back to the apartment.

"Thank you for getting me ice cream, Logie." Carlos mumbled.

"Shh, vocal rest. Talking could hurt you more." Logan said, and Carlos whimpered. "Come here, you have chocolate on your face." Logan pulled the napkins out of his pocket and wiped the sticky ice cream off of his friend's face. "There. Now why don't you go watch some tv. I'll go get you some soup." Logan said, heading for the kitchen.

It only took a few minutes to make Carlos' favorite chicken noodle soup, but the ever impatient Carlos was watching Logan with pleading eyes.

"Carlos, a watched pot never boils. Stop watching me and it won't take as long." Logan sighed. Carlos immediately turned to face the television, which was playing some random cartoon.

Once the soup was done, Logan took a bowl of it over to the couch and placed it in Carlos's hands. He sipped it hastily, then whimpered and stuck his tongue out.

"You have to blow on it, 'Litos. It's hot." Logan said softly, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. Carlos looked up at Logan with big, sad eyes and his lower lip jutting out. Logan sighed, went and grabbed an ice cube out of the freezer, then dropped it in the bowl of soup. Carlos smiled and watched it melt in the hot broth. As soon as it was gone, Carlos took another spoonful happily.

"Ok, I promised Camille I would meet her down at the pool after rehearsal. If you need me, just text me." Logan said, reaching for his sandals. Before he was even out the door, his phone buzzed in his pocket.

Can you go get me a blanket?

"Carlos, you have legs." Logan said, turning around to look at the boy on the couch. Carlos looked back down at his phone and typed.

Please, Logie? I just want to take a nap.

Logan sighed. He went to Carlos's and James's shared room, grabbed the blanket off of Carlos's bed, and pulled it back out to the living room. Carlos grabbed it and layed down on the couch.

"Sleep tight, Bud." Logan pat his friends shoulder and continued out the door.

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