Logan woke up to the sounds of screaming. He sat up quickly and looked over at Kendall, who was trying to shake James awake. James was kicking and screaming under the covers.

"James. James, wake up, bud." Kendall said, James rolled off of the bed and hit the floor. He quickly pushed himself up and looked down at the floor in shock.

"Hey, are you alright?" Kendall asked, getting down beside him.

"I-I had a dream that Gustavo was trying to eat us. And Kelly was his prisoner. And you had bunny ears. And Logan had a tail. And Carlos was a mouse. And we were all in this dungeon thing. And Gustavo was trying to jab me with a fork and he started chasing me and-"

"Ok, shh, you just had a messed up dream." Kendall said, silencing his best friend.

"Really messed up." James sighed, pulling his blanket tighter around himself.

"Are you alright? You hit the floor kind of hard." Logan asked, rubbing his eye.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Does my face look alright?" James asked, looking between Logan and Kendall.

"Just fine, Jamie." Kendall laughed, pinching James's cheek for a second before standing up.

"What time is it?" Logan asked, looking over at the night stand.

"8:30." Kendall yawned.

"Sorry I woke you guys up." James said from the floor.

"It's fine." Kendall said, sitting back down on his bed.

"I'm going to go take a shower. I feel all sweaty and gross now." James said, getting up and dragging his blanket out the door behind him.

"You alright there?" Kendall asked, looking over at Logan who was sitting in his bed rubbing his eyes.

"'m sleepy." Logan said softly.

"I can see that." Kendall chuckled. "Do you want me to leave you alone then?" He turned to shut the blinds when Logan reached out.

"Come lay with me." Logan muttered.

"You must be really tired." Kendall smiled. He climbed into the bed with Logan and covered them both up. Logan curled up against his older brother and sighed.

"I miss home." Logan mumbled.

"Is that what this is all about?" Kendall asked softly.

"I talked to my mommy last night."

"Oh, I see. You miss your mom." Kendall nodded with understanding.

"It's harder out here without her." Logan sighed again.

"I know, Bud. But it'll get easier. And we can go back and visit everyone when Carlos is better." Kendall said quietly, hugging Logan tightly. They stayed like that for a few minutes until Kendall's phone began to buzz on the night stand. Kendall reached behind him and answered it.

"Hello?" Kendall asked. Logan listed carefully and could hear Katie on the other line.

"She is driving me nuts!" Katie yelled.

"Calm down, Kate. What's going on now?" Kendall asked, noticing Logan trying to listen and putting the phone on speaker.

"Mom! She's making me go crazy!" Katie yelled again.


"We're still stuck at the airport. Our flights have been snowed in since Wednesday! They've been nice enough to give us a room. Mom is in the shower. I've been checking to see if the snow stops every few minutes. She's so worried that Carlos is going to die in the hospital and you three clowns will catch some rare tropical disease from being at the hospital so much." Katie ranted.

"Ok, calm down, Sis. It's too early for you to be yelling at me. Tell her Carlos is coming home today and the only sick person is Logan. He's homesick." Kendall explained. He received a very weak punch to his abdomen and small whine.

"If our plane doesn't leave soon, I'm walking back to LA. I can't deal with mom anymore." Katie sighed.

"Hang in there baby sis. Mom will only be crazy for a little while longer."

"Is that Kendall?! Let me talk to him!" Kendall could hear his mother in the back ground.

"Alright. I'm handing you off, Big Bro. Love you, tell the guys I said hi." Katie said.

"Hi, Baby. How is everyone? Is everyone healthy? Are you guys eating right? Are you making sure James takes his vitamins? And Logan is getting enough sleep? Are you ok, Honey? Are you and Jo still using protection-"

"Mom! I told you I didn't want to talk about that with you anymore. I-I, I told you the first time it happened, and that was that. Too personal, Mom. And James hasn't thought about himself at all. He's crushed without Carlos here. And Logan is getting plenty of sleep, Mom." Kendall explained, groaning at his mother's worry.

"I just want to make sure my Baby is ok." He could hear his mom start to cry on the other end.

"Oh, Mom, don't cry."

"I'm stuck in this snowy prison while you boys are all scared and alone!" Jennifer wailed.

"Mom, mom, we're fine. We're not alone, we have each other. Don't worry about us." Kendall said, rolling his eyes and looking down at Logan.

"Oh, the snow is slowing down. I'm going to go check the weather. Call me if you need anything, Baby. I love you."

"Love you too mom." Kendall hung up the phone and ran a hand through his hair before getting up.

"I didn't know Mama Knight knew." Logan mumbled.

"Knew what?" Kendall asked.

"About you and Jo."

"Well I had to tell her the first time it happened because she found Jo's bra under my bed. It's difficult to explain why a bra is in her son's room." Kendall sighed. "Come on, we should get to the kitchen before James eats all the microwave French toast." Kendall grabbed Logan's hand and pulled him to his feet. The two of them walked to the kitchen and saw James sitting at the counter, staring at the empty plate beside him.

"It's a habit. I got out four plates." James sighed.

"Come on, Buddy. Cheer up. Carlos is going to be home today." Kendall said, putting one plate back in the cabinet.

James nodded and took a bite of his breakfast.

"Hopefully he's doing better today. I don't think I could stand leaving him there any longer." Logan said.

"I don't know how were going to stand having him here. He's going to be needier than ever." Kendall said, looking between the two other boys.

"Do we take shifts? 7 to 3 me, 3 to 11 Kendall, 11 to 7 James." Logan suggested.

"Why do I get the night shift?"

"You're his roommate. It makes more sense."

"I need my beauty sleep. Carlos is going to keep me up all night."

"You get up when he does anyways. No sense in two people suffering." Logan shrugged.

"Then we can take turns sleeping in my room-"

"If we switch shifts, someone's going to end up with two shifts in a row and get burnt out."

"Then I'll switch you rooms. You can sleep in my room with Carlos, I'll stay with Kendall." James said.

"Guys, let's figure the shifts out later. Let's just go get him from the hospital before we figure out what to do." Kendall said with finality.

Sorry for the long wait guys. I had finals and holiday shopping and stuff. But tada! Next installment of Talk To Me. Hope you guys enjoyed it.