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Young Attraction

Chapter 1: Obsession

~ (PurplishBlue Heiress) ~

It was disgusting.

It was creepy.

It was scary.

It was unlikable.

These thoughts had crossed the young girl's mind in team 8; the sticky stares, the observation on her, everything coming from him. Despite his Godly face and advance abilities, he's still a creep to her. He was like a stalker that obviously watching her every move, like a vicious wolf ready to eat his dinner at night. And that dinner was her. Everywhere he was following her. He was at the Training grounds, rooftop, classroom, heck even in her home! She was not stupid enough to not know that the Uchiha prodigy is doing something weird to her.

She doesn't know why the boy is doing such act to her. She sometimes told herself that maybe the boy is interested in her eyes. But no, this was proven because Sasuke Uchiha is a straight forward person, he'll ask what he wants to know. Sometimes when she had a free time, she's thinking of the reasons why this weird boy kept on disturbing her privacy. And oh, she doesn't also have a free time because Uchiha Sasuke is also watching her during that time.

She first noticed it when the Uchiha started glancing at her and looks away every time she looks back. She thought it was only normal, but she felt that he's looking at her again. She'd look back then same reaction, he'd look away again. She ignored it, but day by day the Uchiha started to stalk her either. Hinata Hyuuga wasn't an assuming girl; her kekkai genkai can detect him.

The Hyuuga shuddered the first time she felt Sasuke's presence in her home. She can feel his chakra and heck, he's near her room! She just ignored it and shut her eyes close even though she can feel the eyes of the Uchiha boring into her.

That night Hinata Hyuuga didn't sleep well. Her teammates had noticed it and let her sleep. Opening her eyes after a good sleep under a tree, she almost screamed seeing Sasuke standing in front of her, looking intensely at her eyes. He whispered something that made the girl open her eyes wide. That time the boy started leaving her, which made the girl feel a little relieved. Just little because she knew he's going to continue his 'hobby' later on.

"You will always be mine."

This thought made the girl decide that she better get away from him. She was nervous on what the boy can do. When she saw him looking at her from afar, she'll start running away; when he was stalking her, she'll start running away; when he's watching her, she'll start running away! Hinata thought this daily routine will make it better, but it had worsened in fact.

The boy was stalking at her more often, also staying full night in her home. Hinata can't take this anymore; this is so disgusting for her. That night had been a bad night once again. Her teammates let her sleep. She thought that it will be a good thing.

She thought.

The girl opened her eyes once again to see a livid Uchiha standing in front of her. She straightened her posture automatically, scared by the eyes of it. The Uchiha took his first step forward, and the girl suddenly stood up. As the boy kept on stepping forward, the girl trembled as she tried to escape only to be pulled by the boy.

Sasuke pinned her wrist against a tree, looking livid as usual. The girl kept wriggling to escape from his grip, but failed miserably. The Uchiha leaned closer as Hinata felt his breath on her ear, making her blush madly.

"You can't escape. You're mine." The boy tightened his grip, only to receive a silent groan coming from Hinata.

"-And you will always be."

Sasuke's hold loosened and left. The girl trembled as she felt her tears uncontrollably flow on her cheeks.

She really can't escape.

~ End of Chapter 1 ~

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