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Young Attraction

Chapter 5: Confused

~ (PurplishBlue Heiress) ~

He didn't know if it's just attraction or pure stupidity.

When he always thought of the Hyuuga girl, he just can't help but... want her. He didn't even know why. All he remembered was that, first... he's only interested in her eyes.

He'll just glance at her and then watch on how powerful her kekkei genkai. He will observe her from afar just to see what her eyes can do. And then after those moments, he just realized that he's been stalking her.

He didn't know why, either.

He knew... He fucking knew what he was doing. He even knew that stalking her is a bad idea.

But he just ignored it.

All his life, he's been thinking about revenge and plans to kill his brother. So now, what in the world he thought that stalking her is not a waste of time. Obviously, it's just a waste of time.

...But he can't stop it. He liked what he was doing.

The Hyuuga girl reminded him of his mother... It's one of the reasons why he's doing it anyway.

He even called it obsession, because the girl is getting suspicious on what he was doing. He, too, also gets suspicious on why he was doing it. But hearing the word Obsession, he can't believe it. He, an Uchiha, cannot be obsessed to a Hyuuga.

But then... He started believing, because he even did a thing which is impossible for him to do.

To tell the Hyuuga girl that she's his property, that she's only his.

Not just that, He even stalked her almost an entire day! He even watched her sleep.

And again... He didn't know why.

But still... there's one fact, even though he doesn't want to admit it, that he knew.

...He liked it.

He was walking through his compound in the streets of Konoha. The sun's gonna set after several minutes and the village will be live again.

He increased his pace. He doesn't want to hear the village get loud. It's annoying for him.

...And then he just realized that there's a girl who bumped at him.

Sasuke turned to a girl, who's currently picking up the books that fell. Sasuke glared at the girl as he watches her pick the books.

Once finished, the girl stood up and bowed apologetically. "I-I'm sorry... I-I didn't m-mean t-t-to hurt y-you." She looked up to see him glaring at her, which made her knees soften in fear.

Sasuke was quite surprised to see the lavender-tinted orb-like eyes of the girl, A Hyuuga. He never saw the eyes of a Hyuuga this proximity, but now he's staring at it.

The girl blinked, which made the boy realized that he's been staring at her for a while. The girl blushed as she shook her head and bowed again. "I-I'm sorry a-again." She said as she quickly walk passed him.

The boy just stood there and then turned his head to the direction where the girl headed. On that day, he became interested on those Orbs.

It was lunch time and he left the room.

He headed towards the roof and sat there. He was watching the sky, thinking of his brother once again. On why did he kill his clan and why he had left him alive, and then random thoughts of plans in killing his brother, reviving his clan and so on and so forth...

He turned his head to the side, where he saw the Hyuuga sitting and eating lunch alone.

That was odd.

He stood up and hid, observing the Hyuuga quietly eating her food.

She looks so peaceful, as if she's encountering no problems at all. All she did was eat there and stare to nowhere, where she will suddenly smile or something that Sasuke can't do.

She reminded him a lot of her mother. The way she act so gentle and quiet was also an attitude of her mother. Because of this, he started thinking. Is she also sane enough like her mother to not have such silly-freaking crush or horrible infatuation towards him?

Then he saw something, a rice ball shaped like Naruto?

It seemed like his question had answered.

And then he remembered. The girl was Hyuuga Hinata, who has a crush on that dobe.

The girl already closed her packed lunch and exits the roof. Sasuke showed up from his hiding place and tilted his head.

Besides her eyes, seems like the girl itself is also interesting.

It's been two weeks since team 7 was formed. He was pissed off as he heard the name of Sakura and Naruto in his team. The 2 most annoying people he'd ever met.

The worst part of it is that the Hyuuga girl in team 8. If the girl would have been in team 7, it will be a lot easier to observe her or let's just say 'stalk' her.

But the week hadn't been so bad because his Sharingan had been unlocked. It will bring his abilities a lot stronger now that he can use his kekkei genkai.

But the week is still a bad week because the boy is thinking that Hinata is getting suspicious on what he was doing and she's now avoiding him because of his infamous 'stalking'. But to think of it, it's not really famous at all.

Speaking of stalking, he comes up to an idea to stalk her... again. He didn't know why but he liked to stalk her that much.

Looking at the sky, it seemed like it was impossible for him to stalk her anymore. It's already dark. He can't just go to her compound and watch her behind her windows.

Oh, he can.

An evil smirk was formed to his lips as he vanished into a puff of smoke.

Here he was, outside the Hyuuga's room. He didn't know why the guards hadn't noticed him intrude their compound, which gave him some relief, but there's one thing he knew, he knew that he can't stalk Hinata at all. Sasuke activated his Sharingan at the thought. He got nearer at the window but still, he can't see her.

He heard that one of the abilities of a Hyuuga is to see through walls or anything. At this very moment he wished, just this night, to possess Byakugan.

He sighed hopelessly as he stared at the moon in the dark sky. He just stared for a moment, then he turned to the windows and suddenly, he smirked when the curtains of Hinata's windows swayed, causing him to see Hinata's back. Hmm, at least he can see her.

He just stared at her, and then he noticed that it's been 4 hours since he's watching her. He sighed silently as he exits the compound.

While walking through the Uchiha compound, he then realized that stalking Hinata is so not like him. Seriously? Uchiha Sasuke, The lady magnet, is stalking a girl that is not interested in him? And then he realized once again...

...that his interest in her eyes had changed and his true intention now is to stalk her because...

...He liked it.

The Uchiha's eyes widened in a fraction, as he can't help but feel like an idiot. What the heck is he thinking? Stalking her because he wanted to?

He wanted to stop, but he can't do it. And then he decided...

Speaking of reviving his clan, maybe he had chosen the one who can help him.

Now's his chance.

He just has to wait for her to wake up.

He was currently standing in front of the Hyuuga girl who's currently sleeping peacefully under a tree. The boy can't help but look at her features. He bangs was quite disarray, A blush was naturally attached in her face, her nose were equally pointed and her lips pinkish and looks so soft.

Sasuke shook his head once again as he can't help but admire her features. She sure reminded her of his mother, but he didn't know that she's that beautiful.

He stared intensely at her once again, and he saw her eyes suddenly open with fear and bowed her head. She seemed like she had a nightmare and didn't noticed him. She heaved several heavy breaths and she decided to look up, only to freeze at the sight of him.

The girl bit her lower lip. "W-what do you w-want?" Hearing this, the boy began to step closer and it pisses him off on how the girl desperately wants to get afar from him.

He kneeled in front of her, not too close yet not so far either. "Listen." He demanded, but it annoys him that the girl avoids the eye contact. He stared at her for a moment but he can't stand it as he forcefully held her chin to look at him. "You will always be mine." He blurted, which made the innocent girl's eyes extremely wide.

Sasuke didn't show it, but it surprised him as well.

He stood up and left her. The girl didn't notice that the boy suddenly bit his lip out of embarrassment. "Damn it." He mumbled.


"Oh, it's Sasuke-kun!"

"He's so cute~"

Damn this girls and their fucking infatuation. Sasuke thought as he restrained himself to just punch the fan girls of him to have a quiet day.

It's been few hours since she saw Hinata. Just thinking of what happened lately. He can't help but feel embarrassed. Geez, talking about his pride!

And talking about Hinata, He saw her look at him and then run away. He needs to apologize... even it affects his fucking pride!

He quickened his pace but the girls were so stubborn that his patience was drained off and his Sharingan suddenly activated. " .ALONE." This made the girls ran so fast because they saw how scary Sasuke looked like when he said those words.

He deactivated his kekkei genkai as he walked but speaking of time, he lost her.

He's still walking when he heard someone. "Oi! Sasuke-teme!" He turned abruptly, only to see Hinata turn as well and panic was seen in her eyes.

"What are you doing here, dobe?" He said and Hinata suddenly trembled. He turned his gaze at her and she turned to him exactly. "And Hinata." If Naruto would just leave them alone, he could have at least a good talk with her.

He saw her step back. "I-I really have t-to go, N-Naruto-kun!"


Then the girl suddenly ran. Naruto just scratched his head while Sasuke stared at the girl impassively.

Sasuke shook his head and ignored the blond who's currently shouting his name.

Sasuke was again behind the windows of Hyuuga Hinata. He kept thinking if he would really apologize or just leave her. This repeated a few times in his head resulting for his Sharingan to activate out of anger. He shook his head once again and deactivated it after a few minutes.

He noticed that it's been one hour that he's thinking if he'll apologize or not. This alarmed him. Idiot! Maybe Hinata is sleeping already! He sighed and knocked on her windows, loud enough for her to hear yet gentle enough so no other one will hear.

He repeated it several time but Hinata didn't open her windows. Maybe she's already asleep.

He sighed and goes out of the compound.

He tried everything.

He tried to talk to her.

He even stalks her a lot comparing before to get a chance to apologize.

He even stayed full night yesterday waiting for her to open the windows!

It's been a week! A hell week!

And she didn't give him a chance to apologize!

All he just wanted is to apologize. His pride was now buried at the deepest part of the ground! And because of this, it angered him.

Now, he decided once again...

It's enough.

...Enough trying to apologize and just tell her that she's only his.

No matter what.

He was currently walking when he saw the girl open her eyes exactly the time he saw her. The girl yawned twice, and the boy quickly stood in front of her. Opening her eyes, it widened to see the Uchiha.

Sasuke was currently glaring at the girl. He felt his blood rise in anger just looking at her. He stepped closer and Hinata started to tremble and automatically stood up. "D-don't get n-n-near...!" She threatened as she kept her face calm, but failed. Sasuke was alarmed that Hinata suddenly aimed to escape but he suddenly pulled her.

"Ahh!" She shouted as the boy pinned her wrist against the tree she was leaning before. Sasuke looked livid, And Hinata can't help but to desperately wriggle to escape from his grip... unfortunately, she failed once again.

Sasuke leaned closer to her ear. His breath tickling her skin that it made her blush madly. "What do you think you're doing?" He finally asked. He can't help but say it because all he just wanted is to apologize. Too bad, it's too late.

When Sasuke didn't hear a word from Hinata, he continued. "You're avoiding me." He said.

"W-w-what d-do you w-want?" She asked quietly, which made the boy smirk for a reaction, thinking that the nervousness deserves the girl. "You can't escape." The boy leaned closer to her ear, his nose almost touching it. "You're mine."

His gripped tightened as she escaped a groan in pain. Sasuke smirked without noticing it by the girl. As the grip tightened, Sasuke spoke once again. "-and you will always be." The Uchiha loose hold and let go of her as he started leaving.

He can't help it, she pushed him away...

...So he'll take her by force.

"W-wha-who-what a-ar-are y-you-"

"It's already midnight, what are you doing here?" He asked even he knew the answer. He'll just test the Hyuuga if she's going to lie. "I-I w-w-was t-training?" Expecting her lie, he suddenly scowled.

The girl squeaked, which made the boy quite amused. "U-uh... I-I'm sorry... F-fresh a-a-air..." She said while trembling. The boy's face turned into a cold one once again. It seems like the girl knew that he's stalking her. "Go home." He demanded.

Hinata quickly obeyed as she ran, out of fear, leaving the boy standing behind.

Sasuke stared at the girl for a moment, before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

He saw himself outside Hinata's room. He opened the windows and surprisingly, it was open. He checked the inside of Hinata's room and he surely knew that Hinata wasn't there for it was so quiet. So quiet that he have to check if his ears were still working.

He entered without hesitation, sitting in the corner of her room and waiting for her arrival.

He then realized. Is he really that skillful that the guards residing the compound can't even sense him? Or they were just plain stupid?

Hearing the door slide open, he saw her enter the room. He was surprised to see Hinata shut the door tightly and shouted silently. This made the boy amused. Who would have thought that the girl is so much affected when it comes to him?

He saw her buried her body to her bed, which made him quite disappointed. She didn't even notice him! Oh, maybe he's wrong.

He felt her eyes widened when she saw her windows open. Time to make a move, then...

"I've been waiting for you."

Hinata instantly sat and turned to the source of the voice. She squeezed the blankets when she saw the boy on the corner, looking at her intensely. Sasuke's Sharingan suddenly activated, and he didn't know why.

"What are you doing here?!" Her sudden outburst made him quite surprised but he shook his head when he saw her clasped her hands onto her mouth. So... she blurted it?

The Uchiha's brows rose a bit. "Oh, you're complaining?" He said. He didn't know that the girl is capable of complaining?

Hinata frowned. "W-what's your intention for e-entering my room?" She said, not answering his question. Sasuke leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. "I'm bored." He said, not telling her that he intrude her room because he just wanted to.

"You're always bored." She blurted once again.

Sasuke fully turned his head at her and raised a brow. "So you really are complaining." He said. Did the girl just learned to defend herself?

Hinata flinched as she closed her eyes and sighed. Hinata started explaining when Sasuke's Sharingan deactivated and stepped closer to Hinata. He leaned closer to her face and exactly, her eyes opened and widened in surprise.

Sasuke frowned. "You're being rude on answering me. You're being sarcastic." He said and leaned more closely.

Hinata automatically moved back until she hit her back against the headboard. Sasuke saw Hinata clutch her chest. "W-w-what a-are you d-d-d-doing...?!" She said as Sasuke face has an inch distance from hers. "I'll just clean your mouth." He said, teasing her.

When Hinata closed her eyes shut, Sasuke suddenly thought that he just doesn't want to tease her, he wants to do something more. He stared at her lips and suddenly, he felt like he wanted to...

He wanted to kiss her.

Sasuke stared at her face as he neared closer, his lips almost touching hers when he remembered... Why is he doing this? He knew he wanted her to be his partner when the revival of his clan's time had come but... what is this strange feeling? The funny feeling inside him and the desire to kiss her? Wait, he heard people say that a kiss signifies... Admiration, Attraction, Love. No, he shouldn't kiss her. He didn't even like nor admire her! The funny feeling inside him is just nothing.


With enough self control, even he didn't know why he's so eager on kissing her, he pulled back and sat at the edge of the bed. When the eyes of Hinata opened, He saw her face blush madly. The scene made the boy smirk in male pride. "You better watch out on what you are going to say, Hinata. As far as I know, you don't want me to do that 'warning' hmm?" He turned his face into a cold one. "Go to sleep." After that he jumped out of the window.

After jumping off the window, Sasuke ran until he's already lying in his bed. He bit his lower lip. What in the world he thinks that he desires kissing Hinata? He shook his head and drift off to sleep.

"Naruto, Hinata."

"Oi, Sasuke!"

Sasuke stared at them impassively but deep inside... He just wanted to rip Naruto into pieces.

It's also been a week since that night and Sasuke can't help but feel like he wants to get closer to Hinata. He didn't know why... Well maybe he knew, Attraction.

He's attracted to Hyuuga Hinata.

Sasuke saw Hinata fake a smile. "S-S-Sa-Sas-Sasuk-Sasuke-san." She stuttered badly.

"Hn." Was all he said but again... deep inside he was pissed off. Can't he just have a good conversation with her?

The hyper blond wrapped his arm around the boy's shoulder and Sasuke restrained the urge to shove Naruto and dig the ground using his head. "Hey, wanna walk with us all the way to-"

"AH! I forgot something in the compound! It's really important so you can go now!" Hinata suddenly ran.

When Hinata ran, Naruto stared at the girl. "Hmm... Hinata's kind of weird. She always ran away!" The blond shouted.

Sasuke just stared and again and again... deep inside... Oh fuck.

Sasuke was on a dark corner. He was just there... mad.

Until he saw Hinata enter the dark corner as well, not noticing his presence. She sat and leaned against a wall. He saw her clenched her chest tightly.

She stared at her watch to see that she gonna be late if she stays. Sasuke was alarmed that Hinata will leave sooner. She stood up and was about to go out of the corner when Sasuke suddenly pulled her and pinned her shoulders against the wall again. She groaned in pain and opened her eyes to see the Uchiha looking livid. "S-Sasuke-san!" She squeaked.

"You're avoiding me again." His grip on her shoulders tightens. "Are you scared?" He asked.

The girl flinched and Sasuke just growled. She stared at his eyes and he saw her frown. "W-what do you t-think? E-every person will be s-scared I-if y-y-you did t-that to them!" She shouted, pushing him away.

Sasuke stared at her in surprise. His eyes suddenly turned red. "You're being rude. Stop doing that." He growled.

Hinata clenched her fist as she stared at him angrily. "Why, is it bad?" She said without stuttering. Sasuke's patience drained as the boy stepped closer. "Of course it is! You shall follow and respect me, instead!" He shouted back. How dare she shout at him like that?!

"Why?!" She shouted once more.

"Because you're mi-" Before he could complete the sentence, the girl slapped him, Tears were threatening to fall that surprised him greatly. "I-I've never been yours! Y-you al-always tell me that I-I'm yours b-but I-I don't e-even know you well." She sniffed as the tears flowed down her cheeks. "I've had enough."

Sasuke didn't know what was happening, but he doesn't like what he's currently feeling.

He just felt his heart ache when he saw Hinata's eyes let the jewels of pain fall down her cheeks. He suddenly felt so guilty and sadness overwhelmed him.

He didn't know Hinata affects him so much.

He didn't want her to see how vulnerable he was now so he intends to leave her. "I'm sorry." He said as he heard her squeak before leaving her in a puff of smoke.


Hinata's crying reminds him of his mother again. He saw her mother cry in front of him, pleading Itachi not to kill her and the rest of the clan but still... he did.

Sasuke buried his head in his pillows. Hinata reminded him of his mother so much! So much that she looks like a replica of her! But still... there's a question in his mind that he can't answer.

Why is he so affected when it comes to Hinata?

Because she resemble her mother?

Or there's something 'deeper' than that?

Sasuke let out a silent groan.

He's so confused.

~ End of Chapter 5 ~

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