A Total War: SHOGUN 2 fanfic

Sengoku Warrior's: The Rise of Keiichi Uesugi

Chapter 1: Birth of an heir and marriage of Keiichi.

May 19th, 1561 Echigo, Japan. Famed warlord Kenshin Uesugi returns to Echigo after defeating his rival Shingen Takeda at the 4th battle of kawanakajima.

Kenshin's wife Mami just has givin birth to their son and heir his name is Keiichi Uesugi. As soon as Keiichi was born he cried alot in a cute baby way. Keiichis

older sister Aiko Uesugi stands on her tip toes at her baby brothers crib and says "My brother you cute thing, you will one day lead our clan to greatness." Aiko

said to Keiichi in happiness. At age 9 Keiichi began training with his father to be a samurai warrior at an early age. This would be Keiichi's best strength to be

the clans best samurai at birth. He learned to master the sword, spear, bow and at age 13 he also learned to fire off a matchlock gun after doing so he would

later on field matchlock gunmen in his army. At age 15 Keiichi is now an infantry commander and is not yet ready to taste battle just yet. He is out of the castle

going into town to get some air and to clear his mind from training. "Training to be a clan leader is a killer to the mind." Said Keiichi in a tone that sounds tiring,

"I hope things get clear to me soon, I can't stand the training at all.". "Can't stand what training Keiichi?" Keiichi turns around and sees his best friend Aika

Ota is right behind him in her kimono, "Did you follow me here Aika?" Asked Keiichi in a wondering way, Aika smiled at him in a cute way as possible

because she's had a crush on him for as long as she can remember, "I didn't follow you silly I was already here.". Keiichi looks shocked thinking how she even

found him, "How did you find me?" Keiichi asked with concern, "I'm a ninja remember? I'm gonna know where you are at all times." Aika answered, "Oh

really?" Asked Keiichi. "Last time I was here you never found me." Keiichi added then Aika looks down at her feet blushing bright red as if blood was flowing

to her face, "Keiichi, we have known each other for 12 years and I..." Keiichi covers her mouth trying to think about what she is saying, "let me guess you

wanna be my ninja companion?" Aika nods her head no blushing more, "You wanna be the Uesugi ninja?" Aika again nods no and thinking to herself, "I

want to be your wife you idiot!" Aika starts to get mad at Keiichi for not knowing how much she really loves him. "Well Koishi I got to head home now ill see

you around again ok?" Keiichi walks away and Aika is ready to cry but her father is about to marry her to one of Kenshin's sons and Keiichi might be the one

she will marry. After Aika got home she talked her mom and dad into marring her to Keiichi, they agreed with Aika's wish and took her to the castle and

Kenshin goes to Keiichi, "Get ready son, your bride is here!" Kenshin yells to Keiichi's room, "I'm coming father!" Keiichi yells back and finish's getting ready. 7

mins later Keiichi comes down ready to meet his bride, and the Ota clan leader brings her in and Keiichi's eyes open wide in shock in who it is, "A-Aika!?" Aika

smiled at him, "Yes I'm the one.", Keiichi don't know what to say "Why you? I mean my own best friend?" Keiichi asked, "I wanna be with you Keiichi, I love you

and your the one I wanna be with forever!" Aika cries out, Kenshin steps in, "My boy, how long have you known Aika for now?" Kenshin asked Keiichi, "Ever

since we were kids." Said Keiichi, "Then why not marry her?" Asked Kenshin, "Yea Keiichi why not marry me?" Aika asked angrily. "We were friends for a long

time Koishi! And I just don't wanna mess it up between us..." Keiichi yells, "Mess up? Wouldn't marriage boost up our relationship?" Asked Koishi hoping to talk

sense into Keiichi, "Yes it would..." Then Keiichi realizes how much he loves her back, "Ok... Ill marry you, Aika." Said Keiichi then Aika jumps on him and pins

him to the floor and then kisses him deeply in happiness. "I look forward to being your ninja wife Keiichi." Aika smiles at Keiichi, "Yea, can't wait..." Says Keiichi

while Aika still has him pinned. "Ummm Aika, you can get off me now." Said Keiichi, "Nah, I want to stay like this for a little more." Said Aika smiling.