A Total War: SHOGUN 2 fanfic

Sengoku Warrior's: The Rise of Keiichi Uesugi

Chapter 8: The Dragon King of Echigo Meets The Demon King of The Sixth Heaven!

Nine months have past and Aika has gone and given birth to Keiichi's son, Kenji Uesugi

and Keiichi is in his throne room and Yukimura is talking with Keiichi about the plans to

Kyoto Shingen has "Lord Shingen is ready to fight Nobunaga and Ieyasu at Nagashiro, but

he needs your help with this attack." Then Keiichi says "I will lend support, but we must not

march yet until we are really ready to attack." Then Yukimura says "I know." Yukimura

walks to the doors and turns back and says "Shingen is counting on you." Then Yukimura

leaves and then Takahiro comes in walks to Keiichi and Aika while she is breast feeding

the baby and says "My lord, Nobunaga wish's to meet and speak with you." Aika's eyes

widen and asks "Why would Nobunaga want to meet Keiichi for?" Takahiro reply's "I don't

know, this might be a trap." Then Keiichi stands up and says "I'll go anyway." Aika gets

worried and asks "You'll go anyway?" Keiichi responds "Yes, I'd like to meet the demon

king in person." Aika's eyes open wide and yell's "Are you crazy Keiichi? He might want to

meet you just to set off a trap and get you killed!" Keiichi laughs and reply's "I'll be just

fine, I'm the dragon king of Echigo! No demon king of the sixth heaven will try anything on

the dragon! I head to Nagashiro tomorrow to see the man himself." Keiichi made this vary

clear to Aika and Takahiro, he's not going to change his mind, he's going to meet Nobunaga

in person. Then Aika gets very worried because not only is she going to lose her husband,

she's going to lose the father of their child. Aika thinks to herself "If Keiichi dies, Kenji

won't have a father." Then Takahiro turns to Aika and says "I'll try to talk him out of this

my lady don't worry." Aike looks at Kenji as he sleeps in her arms wrapped up in a baby

blanket and says "Please do what you can." The next day arrives and Keiichi has left his

castle, Takahiro has missed his chance to get Keiichi to reconsider. Aika is in the room

crying that Keiichi is risking his life over nothing then Takahiro says "I'll take a cavalry unit

and I'll follow him in case if things don't work out." With that said Takahiro ready's up his

best horsemen and they follow Keiichi to Nagashiro to back him up or to cover a retreat if

he makes it out alive. Days later Keiichi arrives at the Nagashiro castle and lets himself in

and the Oda-Tokugawa guards don't look in the mood for a fight and as she walks by a cute

girl comes out from the shadows and tug on his arm and says "Don't go to my brother! He's

a ruthless, heartless man he'll kill you without saying a word!" then Keiichi looks to her and

says "Are you that Oichi girl? Nobunaga's sister?" she says "I am, and he killed my

husband, Nagamasa Asai. He will kill you too if you go, don't go just turn back while you

still can please!" Keiichi then says "I fought Nobunaga once before and beat him, he can't

do anything to me." He walks by her and then she cries and runs and then the next room he

enters he is greeted by Nobunaga's wife Nohime and she says to Keiichi "It's an honor to

have a handsome young man here to see my lord." Keiichi then asks "Are you coming on to

me?" Nohime reply's "No, you are already married aren't you, to a beautiful ninja girl?"

Keiichi says "Yes and can you just please take me to your lord?" Nohime leads Keiichi into

the room where Nobunaga himself is and says "So, you must be Keiichi Uesugi, I've been

looking forward to meeting you." Keiichi reply's "You have huh, anyways I'd like to know

why I am here." Then Nobunaga says "I asked you to come here, so we could talk on

building a new land." Then Keiichi asks "Really? And what would this land of yours be?"

Nobunaga says "A land of peace, women, love and honor!" then Keiichi says "That's a good

land indeed, but the way you are going to create it is with fear and deaths, I have no

intentions of helping the demon king create such a land." Then Nobunaga states "Then you

have signed your own death warrant, troops kill the dragon king!".