Epilogue: And they all lived happily ever after

John Crichton sat in Talyn's command, with Marlin Crais in one arm and John Crais in the other and decided that he had to get Aeryn pregnant a.s.a.p. Aeyrn stood behind him, knowing what he was thinking and debating whether or not to tell him that he had already succeeded.

Talyn and Aali chatted happily, content in the knowledge that they and their occupants were happy and healthy.

Bialar and Carma Crais stood on Talyn's terrace, staring out at the stars, wound in each other's arms.

Raylani and Braca said quick goodbyes and disappeared off in Aeryn's borrowed prowler, not telling anyone where they were going.

All in all, John Crais decided, he had a pretty wonderful family.