"We're going to run through three jumps tonight," Phil said as he snapped a buckle around his waist. He looked up at his team as they secured their gear and checked their parachutes. It had been a while since he had been on a jump, let alone a night jump, but he wasn't going to let that faint nervous feeling get to him. Jumping was one of his least favorite things to do, that's one of the reasons he switched from a field agent to a handler.

"Any surprises on the ground, Sir?" Agent Dorchester asked, tying her blonde hair back to keep it out of her face.

Phil nodded. "I've set up a different scenario each time we land. I picked this team because I believe you're the best for job," he said leaning up against the wall of the plane. "Don't make me second guess myself," he glanced at Ward and then back to the others.

There was a squawk over Coulson's earpiece, and he put his hand over his ear so he could hear over the roar of the engines. "Go ahead."

"Sir, we're just about in range. ETA five minutes." A woman's voice called over the earpiece.

"Thanks Agent May," Phil replied, running his hand over the black standard issued SHIELD uniform. He couldn't even remember when the last time he wore one of these was. He turned around to pick up his duffle bag and there was a bright flash behind him almost immediately. "Barton, did you just take a picture of me?" he asked arching his eyebrow at the agent.

"Um, nope," Barton smirked, putting his phone back into his pocket. Natasha rolled her eyes and kicked Clint's boot with hers. Phil shifted his eyes from Clint to Natasha and shook his head slightly. Somehow he had a feeling that the picture of him in a tight black uniform was going to end up being sent to his girlfriend.

"I'll jump first, Sir." Ward stepped up to the door and looked Phil straight in the eyes. "I was just on a night jump not too long ago. I can lead off."

Phil nodded. "Alright. Jumping order will go Ward, Romanov, Dorchester, Barton, then myself. Stay in contact with each other. Once you land get to the rendezvous point. We'll group up there and move through the drill I've set up. Get back to the plane as fast as possible, and we'll run through it again. I'm looking for speed and accuracy. When we get into Bagalia we won't have a lot of time before they figure out we've breached their boarders."

"We're in range, Agent Coulson," Agent May's voice called over the earpiece. "Happy landings."

"Ward, you're up." Phil said as he pressed the door release button. There was loud 'whoosh' and the roar of the wind filled the cabin.

"See you on the ground, Sir," he said sliding his night-goggles over his eyes, and without any hesitation he jumped out of the plane and began his decent to the ground.

After Natasha and Dorchester jumped, Clint made his way up to the edge of the plane to take his turn. "Barton." Phil's hand clamped down on the agent's shoulder. Clint stopped and started to open his mouth to speak, but when he saw Phil's expression he closed it immediately. "If you're not going to take this mission seriously then I'm not sure I want you on it. I don't need any goofing off. I need you on this mission," Phil said, his tone rather icily.

Clint nodded. "Sorry," he apologized quickly and Phil let go of his shoulder. "Have a good jump, Sir." Clint straightened the strap on his suit, pulled his goggles over his eyes and disappeared into the inky black night sky.

Phil held on the railing as he watched Clint's faint dark shape get smaller and smaller until it could no longer be seen by the naked eye. He took a deep breath and took a step forward.

"Just like the old days, Phil." May's voice called from the cockpit entrance. "The plane's on autopilot, hovering. I just wanted to witness this," she said with a faint smile playing on her lips.

Phil chuckled. "It's been at least fifteen years since I've done this, Melinda."

"Eighteen actually. The winter of '95-"

"That's right. You, me, and Sitwell jumping into Chechnya in the dead of night. Air so cold our asses were like ice blocks," he chuckled, shaking his head. "We were a lot younger then."

"Don't start questioning why you're leading this team." Melinda crossed her arms and gave him a stern look.

"I'd be a lot happier if you were coming."

"You know I don't do combat missions any more, Phil. You're lucky I agreed to step away from my office job to fly you there." Melinda tipped her head to the side. "So you going to jump or what?"

Phil had asked Melinda repeatedly if she would think about coming out from her desk job to join the mission. She flat out told him 'no' every time. He even thought about making it an order instead of a request, but decided against it. She was an excellent agent, though and her expertise would have really benefited the team a lot. He gave her a slight smile, sliding his goggles over his eyes. "See you soon." And with that he stepped over the edge of the plane.

Darcy yawned as she unlocked the door to Phil's apartment. She had debated whether she would go to her apartment or his, her answer came quickly when she remembered that Lenny, the landlord's son, was there visiting. Lenny was 350 pound Italian party boy, who lacked any sense of manners, and his way with women sucked. His first words to Darcy were 'Baby, your pants must be made of mirrors because I can see myself in them.' Not exactly the way to win her over. So anytime she knew he was coming, she made sure she could hole up at Phil's place until he left. Of course, Phil thought Lenny's crush on her was hilarious and he teased her about it all the time.

She flipped on the light and tossed her bag in the corner of the room. It was after midnight and she was now just getting home from work. Jane had worked her all night long, it wasn't bad though. Surprisingly, Jane was actually kind of fun to work with. Aside, from her weird babbling and her spastic outbursts, she was funny and smart as hell. Darcy was learning all about wormholes and intergalactic stuff. Stuff she didn't even know existed until tonight. In fact, the reason SHIELD hired Jane to work for them was help with charting a wormhole that sporadically keeps opening and closing in different quadrants of the star system. Jane didn't go into full detail what SHIELD wanted with this wormhole, but Darcy guessed it had something to do with aliens or some crazy shit like that.

After grabbing a glass of wine from the kitchen, Darcy plopped down on the couch and checked her phone from any messages. It was unlikely that Phil would have texted her tonight, but she still hoped for it. She wasn't one of those crazy girls who needed their man to check in all the time, but it was still nice when she got one of those 'hey, sweetie' texts. Those seemed to be few and far now that they were back from Shady Oaks. Darcy took a sip of wine and scrolled down to her unread messages. She smirked when she saw one with 'Dat Ass' in the subject line. It was a picture message and she was almost afraid to open it. She prayed it wasn't another selfie of Clint's bare ass. It was funny the first time – a second not so much.

Her heart beat skipped when she opened it and saw Phil dressed in combat gear. He was standing with his back to the camera, the tight black uniform accentuating his muscular form, Darcy could hardly breathe. She had seen him naked lots of times, she had seen him in slim fitting suit pants, and even in jeans occasionally, but never in the standard SHIELD uniform. "Mmm ..." she mumbled, zooming in on his ass. She was close to making it her phone wallpaper but knew that it probably wasn't the best idea. She was definitely saving it in her photo album, though. Suddenly, an image of Phil taking her in that uniform popped into her head.

New Fantasy.

She could feel her face flush as she allowed the fantasy to start taking shape in her head. Oh god, she was starting to get uncomfortable now. It was almost one a.m, Phil said he wasn't going to be home until really early in the morning, if he came home at all. Which meant she couldn't wait on him to relieve her discomfort – She'd have to do it herself. Phil had watched her get off before, so if he just happened to walk in on her while she was in the middle of happy time it wouldn't bother her. He would probably find it incredibly hot and jump in on the action. Which would be totally fine with her.

Most women needed to think of some wild fantasy with some hot actor or musician to have a successful masturbation session. It used to be like that with Darcy too. She could never just get off while thinking of her boyfriend – that was, until Phil came along. One of her favorite things to do was to wear one of his unwashed button up shirts while she pleasured herself. The mix of the day old cologne and his natural scent that laced the shirt was enough to get her going. With the his scent close and the feeling of the soft cotton of the shirt against her bare skin, she could make herself come almost immediately. Darcy bit her lip and glanced at the clock again. She really should be going to sleep, but no way in hell could she sleep in this state. She was too hot and bothered for anything to stop her now. Quickly, she got up and headed into the bedroom to find one of his shirts. She stripped down and slipped the shirt on, buttoning only a single button that was right at her breasts. She ruffled her hair in the mirror and checked herself out. Too bad Phil was away tonight, he thought she was sexy as hell in his clothing.

She got comfy on the bed, propping herself on a few pillows, and grabbed her phone and flipped through a few candid photos of him she had taken. Ones that if he knew she had on there, he'd make her delete immediately. She settled on the one of his silhouette in the shower. It was her favorite because it was just steamy enough to blur him through the glass door, but not enough where she couldn't make out his muscular shape. Darcy closed her eyes and tilted her head, inhaling the scent of his cologne on the collar of the shirt. "Mmmm ..." she moaned quietly, sliding her hand slowly over her knee, down the top her leg until she reached her inner thighs. She had been wet since seeing Phil in that tight uniform, but now she was soaked. Fuck, this was going to be so good tonight.

Her phone chimed just as she moved her fingers into her center. "Fuck," she muttered, not wanting to break her concentration or open her eyes to see who the message was from. When it chimed again a second later, her eyes snapped open, and she grabbed the phone. She swore to god if this was some stupid text from Clint she was going to be pissed. It was Clint but there wasn't a stupid text attached to his name this time:

{{Got in an accident. At the HQ medbay now}}

Darcy's heart pounded in her chest as she typed a reply back to Clint.

{{What kind of accident? Is Phil OK?}}

After waiting for a few minutes with no reply, she jumped off the bed threw on her jeans and slip-on shoes. She grabbed a black sweater and her keys and ran out the door.

The entire drive to the headquarters was a blur. She didn't know if she was driving the speed limit or not. She didn't get pulled over so it really didn't matter in the end. The words 'got in an accident' kept repeating over and over in her head. Her phone never chimed again so that caused her heart to feel like it was either going to burst out of her chest or stop beating altogether. Both were not were not comforting feelings.

By the time she got to the SHIELD security check station, she wanted to throw up. She drummed her fingers on the dash as she impatiently waited for the car ahead of her to move. "What the fuck is taking so long?" she muttered, looking down at her phone just to make she didn't miss a message. When she looked up out the windshield again, a SHIELD officer waved her to pull up.

"Good morning," the officer grumbled as he held out a scanner. Darcy nodded her head and held out her badge, which he scanned. "All clear, Agent Lewis." Darcy didn't even bother saying anything she just pulled away quickly and headed down the road to the medical facility.

"Can I help you?" a nurse asked soon as Darcy pushed open the doors to the medbay and walked up to the desk.

"Um ... I heard Agent Barton got injured. I'm here to check on him. Is he okay?" Darcy said in a rushed breath.

The nurse sighed and looked down at her paperwork. "Agent Barton is-" The phone rang and she picked it up. "Nurse Watson. What can I do for you?"

Darcy rolled her eyes and drummed her fingers on the desk. She gave the nurse the 'excuse me, you were helping me first' look. All she wanted to know is if Clint and the others were okay. Her mind went back to how hard it was when she tried to find out how Phil was doing from his werewolf scratches. These SHIELD nurses really needed a course in bedside manners. Or just people skills.

"Agent Lewis?" A voice called to her from across the hallway.

Darcy looked up and wanted to roll her eyes again. "Agent Ward." She said with a slight nod.

"What are you in here for?" Ward asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

Well, aren't you Mr. Nosey? Darcy was about to turn back to the nurse when she noticed that Ward was dressed in a combat uniform. Maybe he was with Phil and the others? "I heard Agent Barton was brought in tonight. I wanted to-"

"We're back here," Ward said tilting his head towards a room.

Darcy grabbed her keys off the desk and hurried back to the room where Ward and the others were. The first thing she noticed when she walked into the room was Clint laying on a cot with his arm slung gently over his body. Natasha was at his side talking quietly to him. A cute blonde haired woman was sitting on a chair drinking a bottle of water. In the corner of the room Phil stood while a gorgeous looking Asian woman tended to scrape across his cheek. She could feel her heart begin to return to it's normal pace. "What happened?" Darcy asked looking up at Ward.

"Barton came down hard on his arm and broke it," he said and then took another sip of his coffee. "In several places. He'll be getting wrapped up in a few minutes. Guess, I'll be taking his spot on the mission."

Damn it, Clint. "Is everyone else okay? What happened to ... Agent Coulson?" she asked, shifting her eyes back to Phil. That woman was still touching his face, and she was grinning slightly at him ... and he was smiling back at her. Darcy could feel the jealously bubble up inside her.

"Agent Coulson just suffered a minor injury during one of the drills. Can I get you some coffee or something?" Ward asked.

"Depends," Darcy said with a smirk.

Ward furrowed his eyebrows. "On what?"

"Whether you're going to spill it on me as payback from earlier today," Darcy's smirk grew wider.

"Actually, that was yesterday," he said matter-of-factly.

"You know what I meant."

"Did I? Because there is a difference-"

"Oh my god! Are you even a real person? Are you a SHIELD robot?" Darcy said with a shake of her head.

"What is that-"

"Agent Ward, can you come here please?" a nurse asked. Ward narrowed his eyes at Darcy and gave her just the slightest smirk as he walked away.

What an ass. She thought walking over to Clint and Natasha. Phil hadn't noticed she was in the room yet. He still looked really preoccupied with Mulan. "Hey," she said softly walking over to Clint. "So Ward just told me you broke your dick." She fought back a smile when his eyes bugged out.

"He what?!" Clint said a little louder than he probably should have.

Darcy snorted. "No, she laughed, shaking her head. "He said that you broke your arm. That sucks man. How are you feeling?"

"Felt like shit, but the painkillers are kicking in, so pretty fan-fucking-tasic right now. I tried to text you-"

"Yeah, thanks for not answering my texts! I thought the worst all the way here. I thought that the plane went down or someone's parachute didn't open." Darcy put her hands on her hips and glared.

"We're all fine, Agent Lewis," Natasha said with a little nod of her head. "Except for Barton." She placed her hand on his knee and gave it a small squeeze.

"Fucking Ward looks pleased with himself," Clint scowled looking over at the dark haired agent as he talked with a nurse. "Guess, he'll be taking my place on the mission unless my arm somehow miraculously heals before then. Phil's pissed."

Darcy glanced over at Phil and the other woman, and rolled her eyes. "He doesn't look pissed," she frowned. "Who's that woman?"

"Agent Melinda May," Natasha answered. "She used to be a field agent now she's pushing papers down in the administrative office. Damn shame too, she's an excellent agent. She agreed to fly us into Bagalia, but I know Phil wanted her on the mission as an operative."

Darcy watched Melinda wipe the blood off Phil's face. She said something to him and he chuckled which made her stomach tighten up. "Are they close or something?" she asked.

Clint looked down at his lap and said nothing, but Natasha answered. "They were together a long time ago, I guess. Friends now. I think there might still be something there between-"

Clint cleared his throat loudly. "Nat can you get me a bottle of water?"

"Sure," she nodded and wandered off. "Be right back."

Clint watched Natasha walk away and then looked over at Darcy. "There's nothing between Phil and Melinda anymore," he whispered. "He's with you now and I've never seen him happier. He's-" His eyes glanced down at her chest and he smirked.

"What?" Darcy glared.

"Nice shirt," he looked up and raised his eyebrows quickly at her.

"Oh shit," she said quietly, pulling her black sweater tighter around her. She had run out of the apartment so quickly that she forgot to change ... and put on a bra. "I ... was in such a rush to get here I just grabbed the first thing I could find-"

"You sit around in his clothes a lot don't you?"

Well, I don't know about just sitting around in them. Darcy shrugged. "When he's away sometimes I get lonely."

"Aww that's- Ow FUCK!" he yelled, grabbing his broken arm with his other hand. The entire room fell silent and a nurse rushed over to him.

"Mr. Barton we're going to take you in now. The doctor is ready for you," she said helping him get up.

"Have fun," Darcy gave Clint a sympathetic look as he walked off with the nurse. She glanced over at Phil and he was staring intently at her. Melinda was over talking to Natasha and the blonde agent. He was giving her an inquisitive look, probably wondering why she was here. She gave him a quick smile and walked over to him. "Barton sent me a message saying that there was an accident. I was worried about him ... and I didn't know if there were any other people injured, Sir."

Phil nodded. "Just Barton, unfortunately." His eyes told her that he wanted to say more but couldn't.

"Are you okay," she asked quietly looking at the scrape on his cheek.

"I'm fine. Just a very minor wound," he said looking intently into her eyes. Darcy knew that he had to keep up the Agent to Agent act, but there was something about his tone that was just very icy and cold. He had never sounded like that before, not even before their undercover mission to Shady Oaks.

"Are you sure, you're-"

"I said I'm fine," he said rather curtly. His eyes flicked down to her clothing and then back up to her face. "I think you missed a couple of buttons, Agent Lewis," he said quietly.

Darcy pulled her sweater around her more to cover up the shirt entirely, but she couldn't help but smile. "...I was missing you," she said so quietly that she wondered if Phil even heard her. "Like, really missing you."

She expected him to give her a tiny smile or a little lustful look with his eyes, but there was nothing. Just a cold icy blank stare that sent a chill up her spine. He was going this aggressive side effect thing, she understood that. Tomorrow he'd be getting his treatment and his hormones would balance back out and he'd return to normal. He was just acting so weird all of the sudden. "Well, if you'll excuse me, Agent," he said with a slight nod and then he walked off over to May and the others.

"Yeah ... sure," Darcy said quietly. She stood there for a moment and watched him talk to the other agents before she decided that she wasn't needed or welcome here anymore. She walked quickly past Phil and out the doors of the medbay. She didn't let the tears fall from her eyes until she was safely in her car driving back to her apartment.