The man bit his nails as he sat on the docks, clearly bored. He had been sat there for an hour and was beginning to wonder if the ship would ever arrive.

Caius Scipius was not happy. The boat was supposed to have arrived an hour ago.

Caius was going to Greece. Specifically, Athens.

"Hey, you! Where's my boat?" Caius shouted at the dock master while getting up.

"Well...um, the sea has been rough lately...maybe they didn't set sail as to not risk the danger?" The man seemed to be questioning himself instead of answering the question.

"Oh, Really?... you expect me to believe that?" Caius' hand brushed his concealed dagger in his robes.

The dock master saw the gesture:

"Uh... well, um, you can see that the ocean has been quite...rough...today..." The dock master cringed as he said those words.

Caius decided that the dock master was a moron and decide to settle back down onto the rock.

He stamped his foot onto the ground in frustration and pulled out his dagger; the dock master ran as he saw the weapon.

Caius knew he couldn't stay much longer on Roman land, unless he wanted to caught.

A horn blew behind Caius, he looked behind himself and his body relaxed immediately,

The ship had arrived.

"Are we still going to Greece sir?" The Captain asked Caius.

"Yes...we move now." Caius glared at the captain and the crew of the ship.

Caius lied down onto his bed, he listened as the boat left port and entered the Mediterranean.

Revenge would soon be in his grasp.

Thanks for reading this, this is my first story ever...so its probably shit.

Anyway see you soon. :)