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Chapter Twenty-Three

Raphael's Point of View:

I put every bit of my strength inta keepin' Bishop away from my mate and twins, but I forgot that this enemy never played fair.

"Arrgh!" I shrieked as Bishop tasered me inta a twitchin' ball of pain.

"Raphael!" I heard Blue shout as Bishop hit me with another round of pain, "No!"

"Die turtle! One more hit of this and your heart explodes," Bishop cackled before gruntin' and goin' still, "What?"

I squinted through tha pain and saw a kunai buried inta Bishop's chest right where his heart would be. I twisted around and saw my mate with his hand still raised after havin' thrown tha kunai as he balanced our squallin' twins with one arm. Tha droids began ta drop one by one around us and I vaguely heard Donnie say that Bishop must have hooked tha androids directly inta his own nervous system ta control them.

"Get away from my mate, Asshole," Leo spat as he settled back ta grip our twins tighter in his arms, "I will never allow you to harm my family again. I have had enough of you terrorizing us. I will not weep for your passing."

"No," Bishop whispered as he stumbled towards my mate only ta gasp as another blade was thrust through his chest from behind.

"By my hands you die," Father calmly stated as Bishop trembled, "You tried to destroy my family. You tortured and harmed two of my children. You tried to harm my grandbabies. You have no honor. Die like the lowly scum you really are, Bishop. Your reign of terror is over."

I was not unhappy ta see Bishop collapse in a pool of his own blood with a look of disbelief on his face. I stood unsteadily and hurried ta my mate's side.

"Raph, are you hurt?" Leo demanded before I silenced him with a desperate kiss, "Lips are okay. What about the rest of you?"

"I'm good," I soothed before checkin' my snifflin' babies, "Imp One? Good. Come here ta Papa, Yoshi. Imp Two? Akane's bleedin'! There's blood on my baby girl!"

"That's not blood, its paint," Leo laughed as Donnie practically flew ta be by our side ta check over our daughter, "That last blast blew up the cans of paint that Mikey found the other day. The paint was red, Raph, calm down. I kept Akane and Yoshi safe"

"Are ya sure that's not blood?" I fretted before relaxin' when Donnie gave me a thumbs up as he handed Akane back ta Blue as Yoshi cuddled closer in my arms snifflin' and wantin' ta be reassured, "Thank ya, God, and thank ya, Leo. Ya saved my shell back there."

"Isn't that what a mate is for?" Leo asked as I pulled him closer so that I could cuddle my mate and twins in relief, "I love you, Raphael Hamato."

"I love ya too, Leonardo 'Blue' Hamato," I sighed as I reveled in feelin' tha three most precious individuals in my life snuggle against me, "What are we goin' ta do about tha lair?"

"Easy," Donnie laughed as he pulled out some type of remote and pushed a button that made a heavy concrete wall seal off tha lab, "I rigged this ages ago if we need to cut off access to any part of the lair. Let's all get inside. I'm going to flood the sewer tunnels in this area to flush out all of Bishop's androids and his dead body."

"Is he really dead?" Blue questioned as he shuddered in my arms.

"As a doornail," Casey stated coldly as he leaned up from checkin' Bishop's pulse and kicked tha corpse in disgust, "Good riddance."

"I'm sure the government will start looking for Bishop soon and they will find him far, far away from us," Donnie assured as I handed my mate our son back, "Everyone, inside."

I reached for Leonardo, but LH pushed me back.

"Allow me, Raphael," Leatherhead offered, "You need to be checked over. I am sure that you are fine, but your body took a lot of electricity from that taser."

I frowned when I saw Leo's face grow pale.

"I'm fine, Baby," I reassured as Blue and my twins were lifted by LH, "Donnie will check me out in tha lair so that ya know that for sure and I want ya checked as well since ya were forced ta move more than ya should have with tha healin' ya're goin' through."

"Hurry up and do whatever it is you are doing and check my mate over, Donnie," Leo ordered as Fearless showed himself once again, "Move, People!"

Mikey and I exchanged grins as we all hurried inta tha lair. Donnie did his floodin' thin' and soon I was on an examination table as LH and Donnie gave me a physical. I had insisted that my mate be checked over first and Leo hadn't done any internal damage, thank God. Blue watched me anxiously from his hospital bed as he patted a frettin' Yoshi on his shell. Akane had settled from tha battle without a lot of issues, but our son was still a bit rattled and clung ta Blue tightly.

"I'm fine," I sighed before frownin' as I watched Mikey givin' Akane a bath in a warm, shallow vat of water Father had set up, "Be gentler, Mikey. Ya're scrubbin' too hard. Akane is my delicate, little princess."

"She is also your stained, little princess," Mikey chuckled as he suds my daughter up as he tried ta get tha red paint off of Akane's plastron, "And she likes the water, don't ya, Baby Doll? Akane is enjoying her bathy with her Uncle Mimi and Rubber Ducky."

Blue and I exchanged smiles as we watched Akane wigglin' her fingers and toes in tha water and followin' tha floatin', yellow duck with her eyes. Our daughter did seem ta be enjoyin' her bath.

"Aren't you just the cutest baby girl ever," April gushed as she stroked Akane's scalp, "Hurry, Mikey. You don't want Akanie-chan getting cold.

"Akanie-chan?" Blue repeated, "I like that. April you just gave your goddaughter a very lovely nickname."

I grinned as April beamed happily before gruntin' when Donnie smacked me hard on tha back of my shell.

"Everything looks good, Raph," Donnie declared as I nodded and saw that everyone seemed relieved, especially my mate, "Hearts a bit fast, but that is normal after an electrical shock like that. I'm going to keep you hooked up to the heart monitor for the next twenty-four hours just to be on the safe side. Hope you don't mind sharing that bed of yours, Leo?"

Leonardo's Point of View:

"Not with my mate, I don't," I grinned out as Raph stood and crawled up next to me fussing with the wire that hooked him to the heart monitor, "I'm so glad that you are okay."

"Told ya I was fine," Raph snorted as he kissed my temple before reaching and taking our son who had finely calmed from all the Bishop mess, "There's my brave boy. Oh! Blue, someone has caught up ta his sister."

I looked and saw Yoshi regarding the two of us with a happy smile on his face. Raph and I both flinched at a sudden flash of light and looked up to see April beaming at us as she lowered my mate's camera.

"I captured the first smile of my godson," April giggled as Raph and I grinned happily at our friend, "Yoshi is one handsome turtle when he smiles."

"Course he is," Raph cooed as he bounced Yoshi "Took right after my mate. Blue is gorgeous and so is our son."

I blushed crimson as I spluttered at my mate's words. Raph cackled while I rolled my eyes before I took a duckling from out of Mikey's arms.

"Thanks, Mikey. Who got Akane a duck towel?" I chuckled as my daughter snuggled against me wrapped in a little, yellow towel with a duck hood, beak and all, on her tiny head, "I gave birth to a turtle and not a ducky."

"But she is such a cute ducky," Raph cooed as he leaned down and kissed all over Akane's face as she smiled brightly at him before he looked up at me, "Can't we keep her?"

"I suppose," I sighed jokingly as I peeled the towel back to check my daughter's plastron, "No more red paint, Akane. You did such a good job at getting your bath. What a good girl you are."

"I got that duck towel for my niece and Yoshi has a kitty towel," Mikey admitted as I shook my head in amusement, "Want me to do the diapering?"

"No. I'll do it," I smiled out as Mikey handed me a fresh diaper and I quickly got my baby diapered and wrapped in a fresh blanket before she could squall at being cold, "That's my good girl."

"How did ya do that?" Raph questioned as I settled Akane against my shoulder while Mikey took the damp towel from me.

"Do what?" I asked as Akane snuggled sleepily against me.

"Dude, your daughter screams blue-bloody murder every time her diaper is changed no matter who is doing the diapering," Mikey explained as I blinked, "I think she doesn't like a cold tail. She didn't make a peep with you."

I looked down and regarded my napping daughter before looking back up at Raph with a grin.

"I'm not the 'Cuddly Daddy' for nothing," I joked as Raph smiled down at me, "Yoshi's out too. Could someone get the twins'…."

"Got it," Casey interrupted in a whisper as he wheeled the traveling cradle into the lab, "I could tell by those eyes that my godchildren were gettin' sleepy."

Father and Casey worked together and set up sunlamps around the cradle to keep the Imps warm before settling Akane and Yoshi into a nest of blankets. I watched everything avidly before yawning myself.

"Everyone, out," Raph ordered softly, "My twins and my mate need some sleep. Thanks for everythin' from all of ya. I wouldn't have Blue and tha Imps still here without ya."

"Yes. Thank all of you from the very bottom of my heart," I offered as the lab slowly emptied, "You will sleep with me, Raph?"

"Mmhm," Raph hummed as he lowered the hospital bed so we could lay down, "I'm a bit tired, ya?"

"Really tired," I breathed as I cuddled against my mate, "It's finally over, Raph. Bishop can't hurt us anymore."

"Damn straight," Raph huffed, "Wish I could have finished off that Bastard."

"Don't use that language near the twins," I chided as Raph grumbled.

"Ya called Bishop an Asshole durin' tha battle," Raph whined as I chuckled softly, "Not fair, Blue. Why do I get in trouble when ya used that language?"

"I said that in the heat of the moment when I thought he was about to kill you," I defended as the thought of what nearly happened made me tense up, "I was scared for the life of my mate."

Raph tilted my head back and gave me a deep kiss that left me breathless.

"It's all over now," my mate assured me as stroked my cheek, "No more battles for a long, long time and especially not with tha twins so near."

"Agreed," I sighed as I snuggled close, "No more language like that near the Imps. Remind Casey of that, okay?"

"Absolutely," Raph chuckled before both of our heads snapped up at a small noise from our twins' cradle to see that Yoshi was curling around his sister, "Chip off that Fearless block, huh?"

"I don't know," I grinned out, "Yoshi may have gotten some of those protective instincts from his papa. I'm here today because of you, Raph. Despite how this all started, I have never been so happy and content in my life. Thank you for being my mate and loving this stubborn, know-it-all, protective turtle."

"Well, thank you for being that stubborn, know-it-all, protective turtle," Raph offered with a gentle smile, "I love ya, Blue. Ya are tha best thin' that has ever happened ta me. Thank ya for givin' us a chance, Baby, I know that I can be stubborn, unreasonable, and hotheaded, but I'll always be there for ya and tha twins."

"I know," I agreed as I was pulled closer to my mate, "I love you, Raphael. I love our twins and I love our mating, but…stop calling me 'Baby' for crying out loud."

I had to shove a fist in my mouth to keep from laughing aloud as Raph rolled and snickered silently so not to wake our imps since I had hit his funny bone. My mate smiled and placed his forehead to mine as we stared into one another's eyes. We were at peace within ourselves and life was good. I sighed as I was pulled to cuddle against Raph as we both drifted off to sleep together.


"And they're off, Folks," Mikey called in an announcer voice, "And Akane is coming up from behind, but look at this, Yoshi is keeping his lead. Look at that Folks, Akane is gaining ground. Yoshi better watch out, but there he goes a step ahead."

I smiled as I watched my six month old twins crawl-chasing one another around the coffee table as they giggled happily while Raph cheered them on. Each was wearing some footie pajamas that April had sewn for them to help keep my babies warm since we were in the middle of winter now and the twins were not yet used to climate changes. Donnie and Raph had installed soft carpeting in the living room so that the twins could crawl around without having to touch raw concrete. The Imps spotted me in the doorway and took off to see who could reach me first with happy smiles on their faces as they chirped at me. I answered their chirps with a clicking noise that the twins had always responded to and associated with love and safety. I have no idea where the idea came from to click my tongue to my babies, but it always felt natural and the twins responded to me with their sweet chirps almost from birth.

"There's my babies," I grinned out as Yoshi beat his sister to reach me and I sat on the floor for my son to crawl into my lap soon to be followed by Akane, "You two are getting so fast."

"How'd tha physical therapy go with Father and Donnie, Blue?" Raph asked as he came to sit beside me while I kissed all over my happily cooing babies.

"Good," I answered as Yoshi lunged at his Papa to be caught up in emerald arms, "Plastron has complete flexibility and the scar tissue is really loosening up. Donnie feels that I can begin my training again in a week or two."

I smiled as Raph nodded happily before gently tossing Yoshi into the air as our son squealed. Akane shrieked unhappily at being left out and I traded babies with Raph so that our daughter could have her turn to be tossed.

"Jealous, little Imp," Raph laughed as he cuddled our daughter after her turn, "Ya don't see Yoshi gettin' all demandin,' do ya?"

Akane babbled happily and Yoshi answered with his own string of nonsense.

"I swear they are speaking a secret language," I laughed as Donnie and Father entered the room to watch.

"I thought that many times when you four were babies," Sensei admitted as Mikey bounced over.

"Watch what I've been teaching the Imps," Mikey chirped as he reached and took Akane and Yoshi from my mate and I while pointing at me, "Okay, Imps, who is that?"

"Mikey, babies at this age are only babbling," Donnie huffed as Mikey rolled his eyes, "The twins do not have the mental faculty to equate words with people or objects at this age yet."

"You're talking about human babies," Mikey snorted as he sat on the ground with the twins in his arms, "Just watch. Akane and Yoshi, who is that?"

I watched as my babies glanced at me and smiled brightly.

"Dada!" Yoshi cooed as he waved at me while Akane echoed her brother in saying my title before they started chirping like they usually did to get my attention.

"Did they…the Imps know me by name," I gushed as Raph grinned wide.

"Who is that?" Mikey asked as he pointed at Raph.

"Da!" Akane declared throwing herself at Raph as my mate caught her up with a look of happiness on his face, "Da!"

"Da!" Yoshi called as he bounced in Mikey's arms.

"Did ya hear that, Blue?" Raph nearly squealed, "I'm 'Da.'"

"So you trained the twins," Donnie huffed, "That still doesn't mean that they actually know that those words represent their parents."

"Ha!" Mikey chortled and pointed back at me, "Da? Is that Da?"

Akane and Yoshi looked over at me and then back to Raph.

"Da!" they declared looking at Raph before looking back to me and chirping for a moment before yelling, "Dada!"

"Okay," Donnie chuckled, "Mikey's right. Akane and Yoshi certainly have figured out which parent is which. How'd you teach them, Mikey?"

"Just been going along with their babbling and pointing to Leo whenever they said 'dada' and pointing to Raph whenever they said 'da,'" Mikey admitted as Yoshi reached for me and I took him back in my arms as he murmured another heart-melting "Dada," "They haven't responded to 'Mimi,' 'Don-Don,' 'Ojiichan,' 'April,' or 'Casey' yet."

"You four seemed much more aware of your surroundings at a very early age compared to a human infant," Father announced, "Regular, newly hatched turtles have to be independent from the moment they come into the world so Yoshi and Akane may develop a little more quickly due to their leftover, animal instincts."

"Ji-Ji!" Akane blurted suddenly as she pointed at Father.

We all blinked in surprise as Akane giggled happily.

"Ji-Ji!" Akane called once again as she reached her hands out for her grandfather as Yoshi echoed the same name again and again while Master Splinter bent to pick up his granddaughter.

"Ji-Ji's here, my darlings," Father murmured with tears in his eyes as he nuzzled first Akane and then leaned over to nuzzle Yoshi, "My grandbabies have given me an endearment. I am Ji-Ji."

"It would seem that way," I agreed as Yoshi began to fuss in a tone that I knew well, "And it would also seem that someone is getting hungry."

"Allow me to feed the twins their afternoon snack," Sensei offered as he scooped Yoshi up in his other arm and walked into the kitchen with both of my babies.

My twins had given Raph and I another gift today. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with my children. I couldn't imagine life without them anymore.

"Ya look happy," Raph smirked out as I nodded, "Good. Ya deserve some happiness."

"I have never been happier," I sighed before raising an eye ridge as loud banging arose from the kitchen, "What in the world?"

"I regret to inform you, that Akane and Yoshi have decided to neglect their training to become ninjas," Master Splinter drily stated with his ears flattened to his skull as he peeked out of the kitchen door, "Instead they are forming a rock band."

We all laughed and walked to the doorway to see the Imps banging their hands on their highchair trays and warbling loudly.

"I got ta get this recorded," Raph gleefully stated as he pulled out his shell-cell and began to video record our twins in action, "This is hilarious. Casey and April will want ta see this."

I watched my babies playing in fondness as my mate recorded every detail. Mikey and Donnie soon joined in on the action and began to pound on the table along with Akane and Yoshi as they sang some silly song that the twins enjoyed from a television show for infants. This was my family and I loved all of them dearly.

"What are you thinking, my son?" Father asked as he walked up beside me while I watched my giggling babies.

"That life has a funny way of working itself out in just the right way," I grinned out, "I'll let this rock band thing last for right now, but the Imps will not be allowed to neglect our clan's craft when they are old enough to train."

"Good," Master Splinter grunted, "Because I don't think my ears can take much more of this."

"I don't think mine can either," I sighed as I reached for the warm, baby cereal that Father had made for the twins, "Who wants some yummies?"

Akane and Yoshi turned to me and squealed happily when they saw their food. Raph reached for one of the bowls and began to spoon feed our son as I fed our demanding daughter who was giving me the universal sign for "gimme."

"Are you happy, Baby Girl?" I cooed as Akane clapped her hands as she ate, "I'm so glad."

"Me too," Raph agreed as Yoshi pulled on his papa's hand to feed him faster, "I'm goin' as fast as I can, Yoshi. Don't choke, ya Chow-Hound.

"I bet you the twins say Uncle Mimi before they say Uncle Don-Don," Mikey chortled as Donnie began to squabble with irritation at our little brother while Father tried to break up the argument.

"Happy, Blue?" Raph whispered as I regarded him with a grin.

"More than happy," I breathed, "There is no word for what I'm feeling. My whole world had changed in only the best ways and I have you to thank for all of it."

Raph reached over and took my hand in his as we shared our little moment before returning to feeding our sweet babies. I looked over and saw Sensei looking exasperated as he refereed between my younger brothers before I glanced and saw Raph pretending to eat Yoshi's fingers as our son giggled. Akane smiled brightly at me as I fed her another spoonful of her cereal. I returned my daughter's grin as I sighed feeling complete. This was happiness.

The end.

This has been fun. To tell you the truth, I have never been a huge mpreg fan myself, but Yoshi and Akane wanted to be known and kicked and squabbled in my head for ages. I am in the process of writing a sequel to "Blue." I can't promise when I'll be posting the story, but I will try to begin doing so in March or April. Thanks for reading and reviewing! All of you are awesome.


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