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He still couldn't believe what had happened. Now everything was over. Now everything was trivial but her. It was too late now. He was the strongest in the universe- even stronger than this stupid third class fool and yet he was powerless. She was out of reach, for good.

Kakkerot, walked down the aisle. He stopped for a second to look into Vegeta's eyes and as he recieved a nodd, he began.

''I also want to say a few words. Many people have said it already themselves, but I'm repeating it nonetheless. Bulma was my best friend. She was my guardian and the one who brought us all together. Through every crises, and every enemy and fight, she helped where she could and without her, we would have probably lost more than once. She was so intelligent, she even build a spaceship to save our timeline. She was, like she often said- a genius. She had been a good companion and an even better friend. Of course, Bulma had her bad sides but she had a pure heart.'' He turned to the glass coffin on his right. ''Bulma, I will always cherish our friendship. Farewell.'' The last words were only mumbled as the strong warrior broke out in tears and regardless walked back to his seat with his head held high, his tears rolling down his cheek like a leak water-tap.

A few seconds passed by before all the people stood up and walked to the coffin to throw roses and mudd on his dead woman. He hadn't said anything the whole ceremony but watched and listened closely what the about ten people had to say about Bulma. Some told stories how they met or how she had interacted with others. The scar-faced weakling had with huge distance the most heart wracking speech that lastet full fiftheen minutes. Even he had almost let a tear slip as he listened to the warrior, almost. He had to give him credit for that.

Again, guilt kicked in. He had never known her the way the others did and yet he knew a side none of them- except maybe Yamcha- did know. But it did not feel like it was enough. He told himself it was in his nature but he knew deep down it wasn't and he had only been rude to her because he didn't want to open up. She would have deserved so much more. But he had refused to give her the one thing she had needed the most after Trunks death- him being there for her.

Vegeta had chosen the cowardly way and flew away for at least a month. When he came back, she had not been angry but a total wrack. Because he had failed his responsibilities as mate and father, Bulma had to suffer and grieve alone. He had failed completely in every sense possbile. Truth to be told, the prince had not known how to approach his wife after he had abandoned her. You could have at least tried something, you fool! Now it was too late for such thoughts, though.

He couldn't even bring her back with the Dragonballs because she had chosen to end her life herself. At the moment he had found her, lying in the bath tub, the water too cold for her human body, lips blue. She didn't move at all. Instantly it was clear to him that she was dead. Like a love sick fool he had started screaming and demanding her to wake up while silent tears had made their way down his cheeks. That was how Kakkerot had found him. The Prince of all Saiyans, clutching to his dead woman, crying in all his new-found Super Saiyan 3 glory.

It had not mattered to him. Bulma had shown him that it was not wrong or weak to show his emotions. Even though it was too late for her to see, he had not bottled up everything in that moment but let it go.

Now he had to let go agian. Dammit, he was not ready to let her leave! He sighed heavily. But she has already.Vegeta reminded himself.

After the ceremony was over and all guests that had been invited to Capsule Corp. were gone, Dr. Briefs knocked at the door of the room, he and Bulma had been sharing for the last two years. The scientist didn't wait for a 'come in', he knew he wouldn't recieve one anyway, so he stepped in.

The widower turned his head to let his father-in-law know he couldn speak. Dr. Briefs sighed and looked down on Vegeta who was lying on the bed, arms crossed over his head.

''I won't pretend to know how you feel, son. I came here to tell you, that if you think you are not welcomed anymore or you don't belong here, you're totally wrong. Me and Bunny want you to stay. Do not think anything else.'' As he recieved a slight nod, the doctor sighed again and went out of the room, shutting the door silently behind him.

As he left, Vegeta turned his mate's beloved and his despised radio on. She had always listened to this horrbile thing while she would take a shower or think about new inventions. He did not like human music at all, but the song that her favourite station played, reminded him somehow of his situation.

I am the mess you chose
The closet you can not close
The devil in you, I suppose
'Cause the wounds never heal

In some way, Vegeta was relieved after he had heard these words. It was true, he had thought about leaving for good. But he had nowhere to go and dead or not, here were his mate and son. He would not abandon them again. So he was secretly glad that her parents didn't blame him for what had happened. He knew better, though.

Sometimes the things I say
In moments of disarray
Succumbing to the games we play
To make sure that it's real

Instead of rescuing them, when the androids attacked her air-car, he had ignored them as he had seen his son from the future fliying to the burning vehicle. He had been able to save Bulma and this fat ninja, but his little son had died from the injuries he had recieved. Vegeta had felt his energy draining before he even hit the ground. The only thing he thanked Kami was that he had been instantly gone. As he captured his baby son in his arms in mid-flight, he had been already dead. How Bulma had survived unharmed was a miracle and mystery to everyone.

But everything changes if I could
Turn back the years if you could
Learn to forgive me
Then I could learn how to feel

After that incident, everything had changed. All his power and pride hadn't helped him one bit. He was far from being stupid but he wasn't able to create a time mashine to go back in time and prevent his son's death. To fly to Namek was in vain, too. There, also she could not be revived. But he wanted to do something. He had changed a lot in these last months, for the worst, sadly.

Then we could stay here together
And we could conquer the world
If we could say that forever
Is more than just a word

Even though she was dead now, he wanted to show her how much he.. yes, loved her. He still wasn't able to say it out loud but, he at leats admitted it. Hell! He had made so many mistakes with her and the brat, he wanted to make it better. She deserved so much more than he had given her. He wanted to tell her all about his past she wanted to know, he wanted to hold his child at least once. If he only had the chance, he would show her how he really felt, how he cherished every second she was near him, instead of fighting or ignoring her. But there was no second chance in his case.

As the song's last chord was played, an idea stuck his mind, that awoke the one thing he had never dared to feel. Hope.

Maybe there is a way..