What is to Come?

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Reluctantly, he pressed the button and waited for the clown's face on the screen.

''Kakkerot what is has you so wound up that you would not let me enjoy my little vacation?'' Vegeta mocked but as he took in the other Saiyan's unusually serious face, he immediatiy understood that he meant business.

''Vegeta, we have a problem..''

''Spit it our already third-class, I have much more important things to do than to listen to your senseless blabbling.'' Goku, as always let the insult slide and continued. ''King Kai told me this morning that these androids will be here much sooner than the kid from the future told us.''

Vegeta's stoic face of course did not show anything of his inner turmoil when the younger Saiyan mentioned his son from the future. He associated mostly negative feelings like regret with the one from the destroyed timeline. So instead of dwelling in the unpleasant memories he interrogated Kakkerot with an eyebrow raised in suspicion.

''How would he know and why would he tell us in the first place?'' It was just too odd. How much have I truly messed with this timeline?

Scratching the back of his head, the young father thought for a moment about Vegeta's question. Why would King Kai tell him that? Vegeta was right. The Kai had never told them about some villian attacking before.. After a few more seconds, Goku just shrugged the issue off. ''I don't know Vegeta but King Kai does what he thinks is right and I trust him. So if he tells us we should thank him and prepare I guess.'' With his last sentence his Features darkened once again of the prospect of having much less time to train than expected.

Sighing, the prince accepted that, for the moment Kakkerot was probably right. As long as they had an advantega it did not matter why and how they got it. ''When will they arrive, Kakkerot?'' He asked, already getting tired of these countless surprises. When had everthing started to chage so dramatically? He truly did not know. Even though it did not matter now and he assumingly wouldn't have been able to prevent any of this from happening.. oh boy.. too tired to think propperly.. Snap out of it Vegeta! Concerntrate for Vey's sake!


''WHAT?!'' This was ridiculous. Not more than half a month left to learn Instant Transmission?! This was insane! The fool had not been able to learn it within six months! As rage began to take over slowly the Saiyan warrior inhaled depply and counted to ten before answering a second time.

''It does not matter Kakkerot.'' He stated in a reassuring manner as if Goku had been paniking. ''I will be there, do not fret. The woman will not arrive with me though, Go now and train, clown. '' With the he cut off their connection and went to his all too merry way to accomplish the imppossibe.

''Yes indeed. The two have quite a history together.'' The celebrety expert told the show master. '''That's why none of our crewmembers could figure out why these two will fight in less than an hour to death. Both Queen Tauriel and our beloved Empress have been friends before the destruction of Vegeta. Our only assumption that revenge is teh thing thriving the Queen of the Fallen Saiyans to this challenge, though both of them tried, together, to prevent the planet's unfortunate fate.''

Bulma turned the TV off. She was sick of all these arguments that gave her no answers. She couldn't figure out this whole fight and she wasn't in the mood to think about the consequences either. They were too severe. Her own fate was influenced by it and she didn't have any say in this. She was pregnant with the child of the heir of the Saiyan race after all. The blue-haired human had never thougt of the responsibilities that would come with such a relation but until recently there hadn't been any. The Saiyans had been, and still were by most of the universe, almost an extinct race. Vegeta and Goku the only ones left of pure blood. She could not picture herself ruling an empire of galactic magnitudes some day if Tauriel was to win this battle. Even though she was CEO of Capsule Corp., ruling people ultimately was something totally different Bulma thought. But when it came down to it she had to admit that it was kind of simliar at some point. This made her life so much more complicated. What had the mother of Vegeta been thinking going out and challenging her long time friend? The heiress did not understand.

The only thing she wasnted was a happy life with all the people she considered family, blood or no. But it seemed this would not be possible after tomorrow. Whatever the winner of this fight between the queens would be...

They had just had their last meal together. The last meal ever for one of the two royals. It was time to face the music. It was time to face death. It was time to face a new part of life wich direction would be decided by this battle. For one of them, there would be glory, for the other destruction. For one of them this day would mean freedom, for the other a new tie and somehow a new and old life. Silence had dominated during these last thirty minutes. Tauriel had seen Akena smile for the first and only time since she had landed on this forsaken planet when she had promised to release her friend of her painful life.

It was an honour and a curse at the same time. Tauriel knew that this would haunt her for the rest of her life- if she did keep her promise or not. Either way she would loose the only true companion she had ever had. This feeling, this memory would never go away. It would be burned in her heart and mind for the rest of her life. The Queen of Saiyans had always been a strong character but now she felt like crying in front of Akena and all the royal guards in the dining room. Why was there no otehr possibility? Maybe there had been one, she mused but since Akena wanted to broadcast the battle so everyone would accept the queen as new empress there was only this way left. Might and wealth had never brought her true happiness and Tauriel knew tis would not change. She had her family (at least part of it) back, what for did she neew half the universe to rule over? Never had she been afraid of not being popular or famous, only of being lonely. Now that she had a person, actually two that had been close and dear to her, she would lose both in some way, she knew. Akena would be dead by the end of the day by her hand and Vegeta had a mate and soon a family on his own. She would rule until her time to die would come, in solitude. The mother of Vegeta would not press his son to stay with her on wichever planet she proclaimed new capitol. His mate had a home and a family and friends. She could not bring herself to take away the very thing she had lost. Bulma, his son's wonderuf and brilliant mate deserved to have something she had not been given the last years. The empress to be knew this life very well and despised it with every fiber of her being.

Although, looking at Akena's relaxed features across the table, Tauriel knew she did the right thing even if her own heart would break.

On a lonely little planet in the middle of literally nowhere, a Kaioshin sat in his car. Riding on the only street there was at his little home, he mused about the fate of the universe. Things had been quite difficult with Vegeta eliminating a part of this timeline to redeem himself. He was a silent observer, never acting on his own. Sometimes he wished it would be different, but even a Kai had his rules. The chibby blue man was only to interfere if the universe itself was at risk. Unfortunately exactly this was the case. Prince Vegeta had not changed much since he and the others had been on planet Namek. But having found his mother had changed everything. The finding of the other Saiyans had been coincidence but without his mother in the equation almost everything would have fallen back to place. King Kai knew what had happened in the erased part of this timeline and even though he was not pleased about everything that had occured, the last happenings now weren't too pleasant either. He had had no choice but to inform Goku of the early arrival of the Androids, as well as the Trunks of the other timeline so he would be there in time to help.

Even he himself did not know how strong, or how many androids would appear or if there would be a Cell or not. But he knew that the upcoming fight on Earth would decide the existance of the entire universe. Now the only thing to do was to hope that everything would turn out alright.

Again, Bulma found herself sitting in Pickal's restaurant with other Saiyans in disguise, watching the TV screen intendly. Nothing could be heard in the spacious diner as everyone waited for the battle to start. It would decide the fate of all of them. Wether the Saiyans could live as free people again, without disgusises and fear of their cover being blown op or if their situation would remain as it was now. Of course there was still Prince Vegtea to rule over them but where would they go? If Queen Tauriel did not win this fight over the universe itself, there was no planet they could proclaim theirs. There were intergalactic rules after all. He would not be able to fight the Empress if his mother lost. The Saiyan race would stay homeless. Maybe some of them would return to Earth, the planet his mate came from but the population seemed physicall too weak to be able to live beside Saiyans. Especially if there was every month a full moon. The third-class population never learned how to control their Ozaaru state and Pickal doubted anyone would give up their tale just to live somewhere near a ruler that would not rule. Well, Pickal did not know for sure that the prince would not lead his people to a new home, but it seemed not as realistic somehow. When he had been given to Frieza to ensure the planet's safety the boy had been, well just a boy. He had leaned everything essential by then but he had never actually ruled somebody and it appeared that Vegeta did not want to rule over anybody. Not because he was too lazy or lacked responsibility but it simply was not something he was accustomed to. If he would be in the prince's position, Pickal mused, he would not claim his birthright out of fear. Fear of not being a worthy ruler of his people.

Suddenly, the screens turned themselves on and behind the screen one could see two figures standing opposite from each other.

He was not getting anywhere. He had sat there for far too long to actually know what time it was but he knew it had been very long since he had last eaten something. This did not matter to Vegeta though. It was still his first day of training and already he was frustrated with himself for not having accompllished something, anything. Usually the young warrior would have told himself that nothing meaningful had ever been completed in one day. Not an empire, not a family, not the Super Saiyan transformation. Usually, Vegeta would have accepted this and tried again later. This time there was no later. If he would not accomplish his task there would be nothing to try later. Of course the woman would not go with him to Earth but where would they return? What if all her friends died once again because he had not been able to make it in time to help them out? Maybe she would be grateful to have somebody left but there still would linger something unspoken between them for the rest of their lives if she were to forgive him.

''It is enough for now, warrior.''

''What do you know about it priest? I have to lean this technique, fast!'' Frowned Vegeta as he tried to hold his temper in check.

''I do know what is at risk, young one but you have done enough for today. There is still some time left. I am astouned that you have been so long at your task as it is. We have food prepared for you. Now come.''

And again the old Yadrat turned around and left without checking if the prince was following.