Kingdom Hearts of Harmony

by steel soul

Every Story has a Start (Edited)

Two years.

It had been two whole years since Sora had seen any of his friends proper.

Two years since he had failed that Keyblade exam. The very one, his best friend, Riku had passed.

He had congratulated him that day, and had meant every word of praise given to his longtime friend.

He was proud of him. He would always be proud of him. No matter what.

So...Why does it still hurt so much?

A hand combed through spiky brown hair in silent frustration, his baggy black and silver clothes gently laid in the caressing embrace of the sandy shore as the salty sea air gently rippled through the cloth. He could feel the cooling breeze of the night air whistle gently across his face as he closed his eyes.

Wait. Night air? It was night?

The boy arose from his comfortable spot, propping himself on one arm as he took stock of his surroundings, and more importantly, the sky. A groan escaped him as he noticed that it was indeed becoming more and more dark as the seconds gradually ticked by. The soft hue of the sun slowly began to dip behind the horizon just west of his position, taking with it its soothing warmth.

"Have I really been here all day?" He asked the question, though he already knew the answer. He had in fact been there all day. Just like he was yesterday. And the day before. He couldn't help but notice that he had been coming to their old island a lot lately.

Another sigh escaped the boy's lips as he lifted himself off the rapidly cooling sand, dusting the particles off his shorts and jacket. "Better question is… What else can I do but stay here and train?" He asked himself.

Sora turned his attention to a set of boats lying along the beach's edge, just out of reach of the water's embrace.

He had to get home.

He took a single step toward the landlocked boats, but then hesitated, looking up at the sky as he did so. A few stars began to sparkle in the encroaching twilight.

It was getting late.

The sea would be a little more dangerous at night. He found that out the hard way when he was oh so young. Shuddering at the long forgotten memory, he turned away and looked back inland, his mind already made up.

"I guess got no choice but to sleep here for the night then...Hope my mom won't be too mad."

He chuckled lightly as he shook his head, imagining the talking to he would get soon as he got home. It wasn't the first time he had to sleep on the island, having done it all the time when he was growing up with Riku, Kairi, and the others.

A sigh escaped Sora once again as he remembered his childhood friends, a wave different of emotions silently hitting him. He knew he didn't like the feelings he was getting each time he remembered his best friends, especially after all that the three of them had been through together.

Shaking the thoughts from his head, he turned his attention to a large tree, holding a simple house in between its branches. It wasn't anything spectacular, but to him and his friends, it was a home away from home.

The boy trekked slowly through the sand before finally making it to the rickety ladder that led to the floor of the one-room tree house. As he climbed up the ladder, his mind began to wander as it tends to do when he's alone.

I hope that everyone is doing okay? Donald and Goofy? Are they doing well? They better not be in any serious trouble helping out with King Mickey. I'm sure Axel is getting along with training? He laughed lightly. Hard to believe that he was a Keybearer just like him, and…


It had been some time since all of them been together in one place. In fact, the last time was a few days after Riku became a Keyblade Master.

His brow furrowed again.

He was proud of Riku. He really was. And still is. Nothing should ever change how he feels about his friends, no matter what.

But...Why was his heart hurting so much?

Before he knew it, he had reached the top of the ladder and was sitting comfortably against a wall, the elements of the night air barely affecting him as he leaned his head against the wall. As he closed his eyes, his mind began to wander once again. Riku was strong. Maybe even stronger than himself. Sora shook his head. "I had grown strong too. I even defeated Riku more times then I can count, even when he had all that dark power at his command. I defeated Ansem and his Heartless." He sighed softly. "I saved countless worlds and defeated most of Organization XIII." He furrows his brow. "I even sacrificed myself to release Kairi's heart…" A head shake. "I… should be happy I have my friends back… but…"

You have yet to understand your emotions...

Blue eyes shot open upon hearing the words echo around his being. It sounded so close, and yet… so far away.

Getting to his feet, he gave the room a quick scan before calling the voice out. "Who's there?"

Follow me...

Behind him?

He quickly turned to find… nothing. No one at all. Someone was playing with him, and he didn't like it. He jumped out the door leading to the now thoroughly cooled sandy beach below. As he did, the voice sounded again, this time far from where he was before, yet still so close.

Over here…

Sora shuddered a bit, rather it was from the cold air...or the excitement of something other then his normal routine happing he wasn't quite sure.

Turning, the boy could see a pale glow escaping the small hole within the rocks leading to the Secret Place, a small cave that held a most peculiar door within. As quick as he feet would carry him, the boy ran straight for the opening in the side of the cliffs. He navigated the small crevice that was the opening for a few feet before coming to a moderately large cave. His eyes turned to the wall, eyeing childhood doodles he remembered drawing with his friends oh so long ago. His eyes softened a bit, seeing his two friends in so many of the markings.


The voice startled him once again, quickly making him remember the reason he was there. Steeling himself, he gave the room a quick scan, only to find two doors against either side of the wall. Visions of the first day he gained his Keyblade flooded his mind.

That door… and that man… They were the start of his adventures. How he had encountered so many wonderful worlds.

Sora paused.

Wait, two doors? There were never two doors before.

His gaze drifted toward the new portal, taking in its shape. It was wooden; that much he could tell, but instead of deep brown, the door glistened with pure white, almost as if the wood had been white to begin with. Beautifully crafted, the door stood at least six feet in height and upon its center was a symbol of a bright orange sun. It seemed to glow with its own natural light, drawing him to look closer. A sense of awe washed over his being as his bright blue eyes looked upon the bright white door.

Open it…

"What?" his eyes widened as he pulled away from the door a bit.

Please...Open it...

He gave the door an apprehensive look. Whoever or what ever was this voice was, he was sure it needed him. But why. Why him?

Sora bit his lower lip, his hand clenching tight as he got ready to summon his key-shaped weapon. "I...Should I?"


The boy's gaze drifted back towards the white door, a steely glint formed in the depths of his eyes. He knew what he was doing was stupid, especially since no one knows what he was about to do, but the need to heed this call was just too much for him to pass up, Master of the Keyblade or not.

"If you are going to do something stupid then do it without thinking."

The boy summoned his Keyblade, and pointed the tip at the door, a soft light emanating from the tip towards the new door. The was a soft click before the door shot opened violently, pure light illuminating the whole of the cave and engulfing Sora with its brilliance.

It lasted for only a second before fading out, leaving nothing but an empty room with one lone brown door left in its wake.

Equestira: Ponyville

SPIIIIIIIKE! Wheres that book!?

A lavender unicorn bounded from one book case to the other, quickly glancing over the binder of each within her collection as fast as her eyes would allow. A soft growl emanated from her as she turned to a pile of books on the floor. "I promise to Celestia, Spike, if you've burnt it like the last one...I...I...I don't Know what I will do but it won't be nice." she warned, several strands of her normally straight deep purple and pink mane coming out of place as she glared at the with a noticeable twitch in her eye.


Purple claws raised up high out of the book jumble. Within them lay an old thick tome. It wasn't too long before a purple aura enveloped the book completely, lifting both the book and what could only be described as a purple reptile with green spines and eyes high into the air. Both the creature and the book levitated toward the unicorn, the former being placed onto her back, while the latter went into an open pocket of her saddle bag.

"Thank goodness you found it, Spike, I was about to suspect the worst there for a second," the unicorn said with a relieved look, gaining a roll of the eyes from the purple dragon.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, Twilight. Can we just get going? We don't want to be late to the party, do we?"

"In a minute, Spike. First things first." A checklist appeared in front of her in a spark of purple energy, accompanied by a quill held within the same aura. "Right then, let me see... Book on nighttime constellations? Check. Plenty of paper on which to take notes? Check. Annoyed purple and green dragon?" She looked behind her towards said dragon, who, by the way, had an extremely unamused expression upon his face. "Annnnnnd Check! Alright, Spike, I do believe we are ready for the Star Gazing Celebration!"

"Finally!" the dragon sighed. "I can't believe that we're going to be the first ponies to see the first annual Star Gazing Celebration. We get to stay up late and watch as the stars dance in the night sky and everything! It's going to be so epic!"

"YEPYEPYEP! And I get to be the first to create a whole bunch of nighttime party games! Like Star Dance Revolution! Or Star Light Tennis! OH! OH! I Know! Constellation Shuffle! Isn't that going to be fun, Twilight! Huh!? Huh!? HUH!?"

Both the unicorn and the dragon were way too busy clasping a hoof/claw to their hearts to listen to the insane ramblings of the new pony that had randomly popped of another pile of books beside them.

"PINKIE!" Twilight yelled in a threatening tone, a hoof stomping on the floor as she addressed the pink pony .

"Yes, Twilight~?" replied said pink mare innocently, her eyelids fluttering at her lavender friend.

Though Twilight tried her best to give her silly friend a stare hard enough to cut though diamonds, all she received was an unrelenting smile. Sighing deeply in defeat, Twilight turned away from the happy-go-lucky pink mare and made her way to the door. "Okay...Sure. Let's just get going."

It took Twilight, Pinkie and Spike little to no time to find the set meeting place to gaze at the sky. Upon doing so, they were greeted by two other ponies; one a pure pure and pristine white unicorn, her soft curly locks bouncing every so often as she was conversing with another pony, a butter-yellow pegasus gently sipping her hot coco, being careful not to get her long soft pink mane in the way. Both ponies would smiled as they turned to face the encroaching trio.

The white unicorn waved a hoof as they neared, doing so with lady like grace. "Yoo-Hoo! Over here, Twilight, Pinkie, Spikey-Wikey!" Her voice, while difficult to pinpoint in accent, was very eloquent and posh. "We saved seats for just for you darlings!"

Spike, hopping off the lavender mare's back, plopped himself right next to the white unicorn, doing (and maybe failing) his best to not steal glances toward her every time he believed she was not looking. Twilight set her bag down and sat down beside of the yellow pegasus. Pinkie was too excited to just sit still and opted to bounce around in a circle around the pile of ponies.

"Can you believe it?" the pink mare began. "I know I can't! We get to attend the Bar Hazing Collaboration!"

"Star Gazing Celebration, Pinkie! How in Equestria-?"

The lavender unicorn was cut off as Pinkie continued her rant, unfazed. "I can't believe we're gonna be one of the first of hundreds of ponies to see the dancing of the stars! They're gonna be all bright and shiny and sparkly, and Twilighty!" Pinkie Gasped as a new relization seemingly dawned upon her. "Hey! Oh my gosh! I totally get your name now, Twilight!" She giggled. "Twilight Sparkle! Twilight Sparkle! Twi-mumph!"

A hoof forcefully stuffed an apple fritter into the pink pony's mouth, semi-ceasing her ranting. "Ah think they get it, sugarcube," said the culprit, an orange wingless and hornless pony said with a country girl accent. Turning her head to the others the dirty blond mare tipped her stetson in greeting. "Howdy, Twi. Howdy, Rarity. Spike. Fluttershy." She let everypony (and dragon) greet her in turn before speaking again, addressing the butter yellow pegasus. "Hey Fluttershy, have ya seen Rainbow anywhere? Ah can't find her for the life of me."

Fluttershy nodded shyly as she set her cup down upon the blanket. "W-well… yes. That is… I did see her. Not too long ago in fact. She said she would be here shortly. She had to clear some clouds in the northeastern part of Ponyville so the ponies could have a clear view of the show."

Applejack facehoofed. "Wasn't she supposed to do that this morning? Ah swear, that pegasus is lazier than a sack o' potatoes."

"Hey! I resent that!"

All heads turned to find a cyan pegasus hovering a few feet away, her rainbow mane flowing behind her and a small smug smile on her face. Applejack jumped to the forefront glaring at her her pegasus. She was fully prepared to give her the full force of a verble beatdown on how one should do the work that was given to them in a timely matter, but, to her dismay, the pegasus dashed past her, plopping herself on the other side of Rarity and comfortably resting her back against a tree.

Giveing up, Applejack rolled her eyes as the farm mare sat beside Twilight. "So Twi, what's all that there paper for?"

"Well," Twilight began, beaming brightly. "I'm going to take notes on the various dance formations of the stars. I'm hoping that with said data I can ascertain the perc-"

"Oh geeze Twilight, you're the only pony I know that would take their homework to a party." The glare Twilight gave Rainbow could cut steel.

"Come now, Rainbow dear. How Twilight chooses to spend the celebration is up to her," Rarity proclaimed with conviction.

Twilight smiled at Rarity in thanks as Rainbow eye rolled.

"Oh! Oh! Look! It's starting!"

Everypony turned their gazes skyward as the pink pony pointed a hoof upward towards the starlit sky. The beautiful bright lights slowly began to flicker at various degrees. As they did so, they steadily began to sway ever so slightly looking as if the sky itself was dancing to its own beat. Soon, the stars changed color. Some red. Others blue. Green as well. Almost every color imaginable burned in the dark sky, creating a cascade of rainbow color.

And then… Black. Only the soft glow of the moon was shining on Ponyville and other cities and towns.

"Hey! Is that it?" A voice called out somewhere nearby.

The answer came as the night sky exploded with stars; some glowing like a rainbow, others darting across the sky. All looking like fireworks in motion.

"Wow…" Applejack whistled. "Just… wow."

Rainbow was equally as impressed as the others, their eyes never leaving the night sky.

Twilight alternated between watching the spectacle and taking notes on every detail of the dance. "It seems Luna has been recovering nicely. It looks like she hasn't even been gone for over a thousand years at all." She leaned over to pick up a cupcake when something strange caught her eye.

A star, or what looked like a star, was steadily growing bigger, edging closer to the ground. Her eyebrow cocked and her head tilted at the strange sight. It wasn't long before she realized that the star was in fact heading for the ground, and if her calculations were correct…

She turned to call to the others, but they had their eyes glued to the sky, the sounds of star burst drowning out the unicorn's voice.

Cursing inwardly, she turned her head back to the falling star just in time for it to silently hit the ground.

That didn't sound right.

She squinted her eyes. Where was the boom? There had to be at least a rumble. She rose, watching the light slowly flicker and then dim until it disappeared altogether.

She looked back at her friends, before looking back at the point of impact. Something… urged her to take a step forward. And then another.


Twilight bit her lip. If she was going to do something stupid, she had best do it right.

It wasn't long before the mare was in full gallop, not knowing what awaited her in her destination.

Sora slowly started to come to, his senses returning to him.

And he fervently wished they hadn't.

His whole body burned, as though it was on fire. He could feel every aspect of his being alight with internal flame that he couldn't escape. His eyes closed tightly as he bent over, gripping his stomach in an attempt to pacify the pain. Needless to say, it was all in vain.

He cursed the door.

He cursed himself.

He cursed his weakness.

If it was Riku that was in his position, then...

"Hello? Is anypony out there?"

A voice?

A voice!

Someone was close by!

He tried to call out, his voice catching in his throat. A fit of coughing and a fresh wave of pain erupted all over him. His strength began to fail him little by little, and he slowly began to slip into unconsciousness. With one last desperate heave, he raised his arm and called at the top of his lungs.

"Help! P-Please!"

As the darkness of fatigue began to overtake him, the boy's gaze would shift towards a purple object quickly making its way towards him.

"Is that...A horse?" was all he could say before nothing but darkness filled his vision.

Equestira: Canterlot Castle

The summer night sky died down to its normal twinkles, ending the first annual Star Gazing Celebration. A deep blue pony, one of majesty and grace, panted heavily as her horn began to slowly dim before dying down completely. Sweat trickled down her brow, adding an undignified look to her normally regal form. Even her usually flowing mane and tail hung limply behind her in her tired state, alongside her limp wings. The sound of hoofsteps from behind her caused her ears to perk and her head to turn slightly to her right, knowing all too well who was behind her.

"I do believe… you overdid it, Luna."

The pony named Luna turned to see a slightly taller white unicorn with wings, much like her. Her mane, an ever-flowing green, blue and pink, gave her just as much, if not more, of an exotic feel.

"Thou said, Celestia, to make sure they did not see him coming," Luna spat out, though not too maliciously. "I was only doing as thou told me, dear sister."

"Be that as it may," Celestia began. "You overextended too much power, leaving me to make sure the night lasts." She pouted a little. "I rather began to enjoy my extra sleep, Lulu."

"Cry thyself a river, Tia," Luna scoffed before she looked in the direction of Ponyville. A look of concern began to play across her features. "Art thou sure he can do it, sister? He seems so much younger than I expected a 'Hero of Light' to be."

"And so is Twilight." She slowly trotted up to Luna, draping a wing over her. "My dearest sister, we have to believe. He has been recommended, and I trust my friend's judgment."

Luna scoffed. "Yes well... I have yet to trust the same pony you won't even let me talk to."

"One day, Luna, I'll show you, but for now..." A yawn from Luna caused Celestia to smirk lightly. "Off to bed with you. Come on."

Luna grumbled slightly at being treated like a child, though she relented nonetheless. As both sisters made their way inside, Celestia hesitated, turning her eyes to the night sky.

"I just hope we can help him before he is lost as well… and pray that it's not too late to keep this world safe."