Rainbow stared in awe as her long time best friend flew into the hooves of the guards pony. Not just any guards pony though. The guards pony who not only had a reputation in and around Equestria as being one of the most bad-flanked ponies to ever lived, but one who also turned down an in pony invitation to become leader of the current Wonderbolts, a position that was then given to the current leader, Spitfire. And Fluttershy, her best friend for, who knows how long, was hugging on the mare as if the two were-

"You two are related."

Sora's words resonated within the cyan Pegasus, her mind crashing hard to the point where she barely felt as if she was alive anymore. OMYGOSHOMYGOSHOMYGOSH! Fluttershy is related to 'the' Lightning Farron!

Lightning pulled away from the butter yellow mare, gently patting her pink head as she did so. "Seems some-mare grew up quite a bit since the last time I saw her. Gotta say, you really did fill out from that wiry frame you were before."

Fluttershy blushed deeply at her words, her gaze flicking towards her three friends, most in particular, Sora, who had a cheesy grin on his face as he watched the pair. She couldn't help but look down in embarrassment at his reaction. "L-Lightning! You're embarrassing me."

"Sorry, couldn't help it." Lightning apologized before looking between Fluttershy and her friends. "Just what are you doing here anyway? I was told that our key to this barrier was coming down here to help us, but I didn't expect to find you here of all ponies."

"Ahem," Rarity interjected with a gentle smile. "I do believe that you will find no better help then us in the matters of what may be going on around here." The white unicorn gave a small curtsy. "Allow me to first introduce myself proper however. I am Rarity Belle, or Lady Rarity if you prefer. It is a pleasure to meet you, miss…"

"Lightning." The guards mare finished for her. "Lightning Farron, Captain of the Forth Division Unit within the Equestrian Guard." Lightening answered. "It's nice to actually meet two of the Elements of Harmony in the flesh."

Rarity dipped her head in greeting. "Charmed I'm sure. The white unicorn mare motioned to the still gapping cyan pegasus beside her. "This charming mare our good and loyal friend, Rainbow Dash."

"Rainbow Dash, the up and coming star of Ponyville?"

Lightning's words seemed to revive the rainbow maned Pegasus, her hooves flying to her muzzle and a barely contained, cute squeals of joy escaping her. Only for her to cough and toss her head to the side, giving off a nonchalant air about her. "Yeah…No big deal really." And then she added, "Anypony would have done the same in my position."

"I don't doubt that." Lightning mused, her gaze soon falling on Sora.

Rarity moved beside the young stallion, wrapping a hoof around him as she did so, pulling him close to her. "And this gentlecolt is the one I do believe you were waiting for. The Hero of Light and wielder of the Keyblade, the Wonderful, the Strong, the Brave; Sora."

For his part, Sora's face looked like it was doing a really good job mimicking the color of a cherry tomato. He stuttered as he looked between the mare that was introducing him and the other that appraised him with a critical eye.

"I-I mean…I'm not all that…Sure I helped out here and there b-but…" Sora tried to explain as he gave Lightning an awkward smile. He stopped talking as the dark yellow mare raised a hoof, cutting off any form of conversation he was trying to build up.

"As far as first impressions go, you look like nothing I would have expected." Lightning responded.

Sora frowned. "And what's that supposed to mean, huh?"

The guard mare's gazed feel back to the stallion. "If I was told that some kid, barely older then Fluttershy, defeated a resurrected unicorn with an army of shadow creatures at his back that numbered in the thousands and the power of dark magic at his beck and call…Well…Forgive me for saying so, but I would properly get that pony's head checked for brain damage."

"Hey!" Rainbow called out, landing next to Sora. "We helped too! No way he would have won without yours truly having his back."

Lightning raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

Sora looked between Rainbow and Rarity before nodding. "Well…Yeah. My friends are my power after all. No way would I have won without them having my back."

Lightning stared for a moment longer before the corners of her lips twitched for a moment in a kind of smile. "As I said, as far as first impressions go, you're not somepony I would have expected at all. Or was it someone in your case?"

Sora froze up as he locked eyes with the guards' mare. "You…Ah…Know?"

Lightning nodded. "Me and Dream Drop were briefed by the Princesses before coming here." She started as she trotted back towards the makeshift camp nearby. The others followed close behind her, Fluttershy and Rarity opting to stay near Sora as Rainbow Flew above them all, just within earshot to listen. "From what I have heard, my cousin, her friends, and you have had quite a few adventures ever since you show up. Defeating shadow creatures and plant monsters to saving an entire Lost Kingdom."

Lightning paused as she turned to face the group once again. "Fluttershy and her friends I can understand, this is their home and, even though I wouldn't want them too if I could help it, I'm sure they would fight for it. But you…Someone that is not even part of this world; for you to help and expect nothing in return…I wanted to see for myself what the kind of being would look like."

Sora raised an eyebrow. "And?"

"Well…" Lightning looked away from Sora. "You're a lot plainer then I expected you too look."

Sora blinked before scrunching up his muzzle in both confusion and slight indignation. "Is that a…bad thing."

Lightning scoffed as she tried to hold back a bit of laughter. "I didn't say that was a bad thing, no." She reassured him. "But, getting a good look at you now, and hearing everything you did before, I think I can trust in you a little."

"Just a little?" Sora asked as he cupped the back of his head with the fetlock of his fore hooves. "Well, that's okay. I'll be sure to show you what I got when things gets started."

"I'll hold you to that." She parted the folds of a nearby tent. "Come inside, we have a lot to discuss, and little time to do it."

Lightning slipped past the threshold of the tent, followed by Sora and Rartiy. Just as Fluttershy was about to follow, she felt somepony turn her around and, without warning, a hoof flick her nose. She shy mare epped at the contact before staring up at the magenta eyes.

"R-Rainbow?" Fluttershy spoke up in confusion.

"That," Rainbow said as she landed next to her. "Was for not telling me that my best friend was related to one of the coolest pegasus in pegasi history."

Fluttershy tilted her head as she rubbed her nose. "You mean…Lightning?"

"Well duh! How come you didn't tell me that you were related to, like, one of the most coolest ponies in the world next to the Wonderbolts!"

Fluttershy looked away from Rainbow Dash and towards the tent the rest of the ponies had filed into. "W-Well…I never really knew that she was candidate for the Wonderbolts. She never talked about it with me before."

Rainbow squinted her eyes before sighing. "Fine, I believe you, but you and I are gonna talk about you getting me an autograph from her later." She said, giving the mare a playful shove.

Fluttershy giggled softly as she bumped her back. "You're my friend, Dashie" She mused as she gave the Cyan mare a little bump of her own, "So if it's for you I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I asked nicely. She was never really into seeking attention and all that."

Rainbow smiled broadly before turning around to head into the tent. Before she did so however, the cyan mare turned to look back at her friend. "Oh! And before I forget, good luck with the Hero."

Fluttershy's eye widened as her gaze locked on to the cyan mare. "I-I…What?"

"Please, Shy. I know I'm not the brightest but I think I know when my best friend has gots the hots for a stallion." Rainbow said with a smirk. "Could have did a lot worse is all I can say. I'll be rooting for ya."

Rainbow slipped smoothly into the tent, leaving a very much so stunned and blush blushing Fluttershy behind.

Spike was, to put it lightly, bored out of his bucking mind.

The young drake halfheartedly flipped though his comic book, a sigh escaping him as he did so. It was one of his newest issues he got on Twilight and his town outings. The heroes of the comic, the Power Ponies, where locked in a fierce battle with one of the fan favorite villains, Catrina the Witch.

Despite the well-drawn art and the action aplenty on every page, the young drake just couldn't get into it like he used to. The reason for his funk had to do with one pony, and one pony in particular. The hero pony who came from the stars to help Twilight and the others fight off the darkness, Sora…Ah…Sora...

Wait…Does Sora have a last name?

Spike felt that was something he should look into later. He shook his head, trying to get back to the matter at claw.

It only stood to reason that the young drake thought about everything he had went through in the past few weeks, Fighting alongside his friends within the Library of the Crystal Empire and fighting with Twilight, Rainbow and that other stallion, Riku, against the Crystal Giant, he couldn't help but feel incomplete as he laid within the basket of his and Twilight's room. Like, he was missing out on something important now that they were back in Ponyville.

Twilight had dismissed him after he had got done cleaning to work on the Elements of Laughter and Honesty, trying to figure out how Applejack and Pinkie Pie fused(?) with Sora. When Spike first saw it when Twilight asked the three to demonstrate the technique to her, Spike couldn't help but think that it was the coolest thing in the world.

The purple little dragon couldn't help but move to place his hoof on one of the keyblades Sora held within his grasp, much to the dismay of Twilight of course, though when Sora assured her nothing bad would happen, Twilight begrudgingly forgave him.

Still, just thinking about it did little to lift Spike's boredom. He needed something better to do. With Twilight held up within her basement and Rarity off with Sora, Shy and Dash to fight more heartless, Spike was left to his own devices, which meant he was left to be bored on his own.

Spike frowned as he sat up from his bed. Looking left and right, he gave a smirk before nodding to himself once. The little drake stood up from his bed-basket, jumping from it to the floor. He allowed his mind to race as he imagined seeing many of those Heartlesses surrounding him.

"So…You think you can take me on huh?" The little drake spoke out with a smirk. Spoke whipped out his claw to the side, imagining a keyblade of his very own appearing within said claw. He held it, in what he believed was the coolest way, the handle held in a reverse grip. With war cry, Spike dashed fast and hard into the make believe bad guys, the claw that held the blade whipping in a downwards ark, dispatching a heartless with ease. Twisting around, he let the blade whip in front of him, destroying three more heartless that had decided to pounce on him while he had his back turned.

"Too easy. You jerks are gonna have to do better than that!" Spike taunted as he twirled his blade behind him. And just like that, he imagined the heartless doing just that. Many of them coming straight for him in one go. The little drake was not deterred however, leaping into the fray of darkness with no fear what-so-ever.

Spike's "keyblade" whipped back and forth, front and back, side to side; each slash, each stab, each counter, finding their mark as Spike effortlessly cleared the room of the dark entities that would try to harm his friends.

Soon it was down to just him and one other. The master mind behind it all. Xemnas himself. Spike pointed his "keyblade" towards cloaked figure, a look of determination fixed upon his brow. "Your evil terror ends now. Cause your opponent is none other then-"

Before Spike could finish his remark to the dastardly villain he was cut off by an explosion that shook the very foundations of the tree home. He was knocked to his rump as the library shook, sent Into a daze for a few seconds.

"Ugh…what the hey was…Wait…Twilight!"

Spike sprinted down the steps and towards the basement door, kicking it open and releasing a building smoke cloud from its trapped space. As fast as he could, the drake ventured down into the depths, his gaze washing over devastated appearance of the room. Books, papers, and the like were scattered about the area, and standing in the center of it all, was a black furred version of Twilight, eyes wide and fur singed. It would have been a hilarious sight if Spike wasn't so worried.

"What the hey happened down here Twi?" Spike asked as he made his way to his magical friend, an eyebrow raised.

"What I thought would happen when one tries to use Dark magic with one of the Elements touched by the keyblade," Twilight responded without missing a beat, a hoof raising to press against the side of her head.

Spike's other eyebrow joined it's partner. "Say what?!"

Twilight's horn glowed, enveloping her with her own magic. Within seconds the mare was free of singed fur. "I was testing Dark Magic on the Elements touched by the keyblade." Twilight answered.

"Okay, no…I heard that part." Spike shot back. "I was implying why would you do something like that?"

"Because I was testing the effects the elements had on it." Twilight answered. "And do you want to know what I found?"

"That your insane?"

"No, Spike." Twilight moved towards the two glowing elements that Pinkie Pie and Applejack wore respectively. "I've found that we may just have a way to defend ourselves against the Heartless."

"I thought they already did that." The little drake told her as he followed after her.

"They never did it by themselves Spike." Twilight said as she smiled down at him. "But ever since Sora's, Applejack's, and Pinkie's little fuse ability, the elements of Laughter and Honesty have been emitting the same kind of magic signature that Sora's keyblade produces. Its faint right now, but I can guarantee that they are doing so."

Spike contemplated the mare's words for a moment before realization hit him like Applejack bucks an apple tree. "Wait! Does that mean that…that…you guys are going to get your own keyblades?!"

"I'm…not sure…There's still a lot I don't know about the Keyblades and what they do. And there's still a lot more I need to test, but right now, I think I'm one step ahead in the right direction."

Spike nodded as he looked towards the slowly dimming Elements of Honesty and Laughter. "It would be cool if we all could get a keyblade."

Twilight giggled softly as she patted the little drake's head. "How about we go get something to eat. I haven't had a bite since this morning. We can clean this place up after."

"Sure." Spike said as he made his way towards the stares. "But let's go to a place where gems are being sold. I could really use a sapphire right about now."