She'd always known this day would come, but she had no idea that it would be by Walt's hand that she would lose her husband. For most of her adult life her entire world had been built upon the fact that she was Hank Schraeder's wife. He'd been there for her when at times she couldn't even take care of herself. This was happening all too fast for Marie to even begin to process.

Skylar had offered for Marie to spend the night, but all Marie wanted to do was to get as far away from any reminder of Walter White as possible. Walt. Mild-mannered, smart, strong- and her husband's murderer. It was just too much for her to take.

Falling to the ground, having only made it two blocks from the White household, the tears flooded her face as it hit her that Hank was gone and he was never coming back. He'd called her to say that he'd arrested Walt, and that was more than likely the last call of his life.

"Aunt Mare?"

She didn't want to look up. Marie kept looking at the ground, almost willing it to swallow her whole, so that she didn't have to face anyone.

But this was Flynn, Walt Jr., her own nephew. Trying to catch her breath, she wiped her face, to no avail, and stared off in the distance.

"Aunt Marie...I didn't want you to be alone right now. My mom would be here but she has to wait for him to bring Holly back."

She said nothing. Instead she found herself fiddling with her wedding ring, which did not go unnoticed by her nephew.

"I wish..." he took a deep breath. "I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better."

What could he say? What could anyone say to make up for the fact that her sister's husband murdered Hank?" She didn't say anything; instead she just nodded, acknowledging Flynn's words.

"Do you hate me?"

Finally she looked up at him and shook her head. "I could never hate you. You're my nephew and I love you and Holly more than anything."

"I wish he weren't my dad! I hate him. He's a...he's a monster and I hope his cancer kills him.," Flynn cried out.

"I don't know what I can say. I know I'm supposed to be the grown up but I don't have any answers. The man we welcomed into our home, the man who was the best man at our wedding took my husband away from me! Nothing that bastard can ever do or say can make this all right. Nothing!"

Flynn nodded. "It's my fault."

Now for the first time since she'd heard the news, Marie stopped crying and looked curiously at her nephew."What do you mean?"

Now it was Flynn's turn to tear up. "I should have known. I should have seen this coming. If I'd have known then maybe I could have made him stop. Maybe he wouldn't have done what he did if only I were brave. If only..."

"Oh, Flynn. This isn't your fault. There is only one person who is to blame for this. I'll spend the rest of my life making sure that that monster can't hurt you or my sister or anyone else," Marie vowed.

"Do you want to come back to my house?"

She shook her head. "I can't. I just can't. You go on. Your mom has enough to worry about without not knowing where you are at."

"Aunt Marie..."

She looked up at him.

"Would it be okay...would you mind if I sat here with you for a few minutes?"

She nodded, and so for the next half hour it was just the two of them, wondering how in the world they would pick up the pieces of the lives that Walter White had shattered.