Sherlock Girl

She first met Moriarty on a school trip to London for a competition. It had been decided that they were old enough to look after themselves, so they had been allowed to explore in small groups. As the group of friends wandered around shopping they met a man asking riddles, looking for answers. Most people just walked past, but the interested group of girls made an attempt.

The group answered all of the riddles correctly, after which he started asking what school the group of friends went to. He said that it had to be a good one if they could answer those riddles, claiming many others had failed to do so. They had told him and walked away and completely forgetting about it, until he turned up at the school a week later.

He came offering them a trip to London to see the city properly. Most declined, they had party plans for the weekend. The headmistress told them the school would pay for it so one girl accepted. Not invited to the party her friends had planned, also giving her an excuse to escape her father for the weekend.

When she got to London one of the first stops was a building that had been all over the news over a year ago.

The one which had cost Sherlock his life.

She started to panic then. He had figured out who she was, what she could do. She worked out what was coming.

She casually took a look around and saw Dr Watson standing outside the building opposite. He looked dazed, like he was remembering something. As she was pulled closer to the building he came out of his daze, his eyes narrowing with hatred as he saw Moriarty. His eyes widened as he saw the young girl.

Then he worked out what was about to happen.
As she was pushed through the side door of the building she noticed him moving. The sound of footsteps climbing rapidly up the stairs drowned out the sound of the doctor picking the lock on the back door.

She turned to ask Moriarty why they were here, then she saw the gun he was pointing at her.
"I think you know what happens next." he said. He was perfectly calm, that was not a good sign.
"I can make a pretty good guess." she replied, backing away from him as far as she could. Right to the edge of the building.

She started to panic, it didn't go unnoticed either. He smiled, turning it into a dark chuckle.
"Looking for a saviour." he stood confident, watching as she desperately scanned the edge of the building.
She gave him a smug smile in return, trying to mask her fear.
"What makes you think I need one." she replied as confidently as she could, hoping her voice didn't give it away.

She cursed herself as she realised who she was speaking to.
"Your body language. You keep running your thumb along the palm of your hand, as if there should be something there. Several rings judging by the faint impressions they left. A nervous habit, you were doing it in the taxi too." Moriarty stood looking triumphant and her panic returned.

He waved the gun nonchalantly in her direction, nodding towards the edge of the building. She took another step away from him, realising her mistake a moment too late.

Then she was falling.

She tried to grab a window ledge or brick that was sticking out, anything to stop her falling. Her fingers just ran over the bricks until she got to a window two floors from the ground. A hand caught hers and she hit the side of the building. She didn't have time to register the pain coming from her shoulder as she was pulled in through the window.

She sank to the floor once she was safely inside the building, trying to stop shaking.

Once she had stopped shaking she looked up to see Dr Watson watching her closely.
"I wondered where you went. I looked for you when I got onto the roof but you'd vanished." she muttered. He sat down on the floor beside her, realising she wasn't going to move any time soon. She pretended not to notice the doctor's hiss of pain.
"I guessed what he was about to do so I let myself in where he wouldn't see me. Then I waited for you to fall."
"How did you.." The young girl trailed off, remembering that he would be able to deduce too. She turned with a sheepish grin on her face.
"Moriarty that predictable huh." she muttered. He nodded.

"Who are you?" he asked, his eyes revealing his curiosity.
"I'm not a Holmes, but you already deduced that."
He shrugged his shoulders. "You don't stand as confident as a Holmes does. Besides, you don't seem to have the feline eye colour or height that runs in the Holmes family." She glared at him, so he continued. "Bringing me to my next question, why are you even here?"

She sighed, John couldn't tell whether she was irritated by the question or not.
"Me and my friends answered some riddles for him when we came on a school trip to London. He followed me to my school and invited me and my friends on a fully paid sightseeing holiday in London. My friends had a party planned so they declined, I was free so I came." She paused briefly, wondering what they were doing now...
"When we got here I realised who he was and why I was here." she looked momentarily sheepish, before the calm mask was back in place. "I had already worked out who he was, I worked that out after he first offered the trip. Part of me just didn't believe it."

The doctor shook his head, not really believing it himself. He had seen Moriarty himself, lying stone cold dead. His logic told him that if Moriarty had survived then so could Sherlock, but he knew Sherlock was dead.

It didn't stop him wanting his logic to be right though, it didn't stop hope forming inside him.

The young girl tried to stand up, failing as her arm buckled under the strain. John had noticed and she knew it, so she didn't complain and held her arm out for inspection.

The doctor smiled, shaking his head. He already knew what damage had been done, her arm would be broken. She had hit the building hard when he caught her, probably hard enough to damage a few ribs too. She was lucky that her arm hadn't come out of its socket.

Her eyebrows raised critically, he gave her a knowing look, confirming her theory.
"How am I going to explain this to everyone on Tuesday?" she muttered to herself.
"By getting there without being killed by Moriarty." John answered, making her smile.

"How am I supposed to do that? Everything was arranged by the school, he'll know about the hotel I'm staying in." her smile had vanished, replaced by panic.
"We'll see about that in a minute. Is your luggage already there?" She nodded. "We'll go to the hotel then, I think I know where you'll be safe for the next few days."

John pulled the girl to her feet and walked down the stairs, her shoes clicking on the stairs behind him.

She smiled again as he pulled the door closed behind them and hailed a taxi. One pulled up immediately and he opened the door for her. She climbed in and he followed, ignoring her flinch as he sat beside her.
"Where's this safe place then?" she asked once she had told the taxi driver their destination. John considered for a moment before answering, the devious grin on his face quickly covered.
"You'll see." he replied.

The rest of the journey was filled with idle chatter, random deductions they made about the people on the busy streets of London. The pick-pocket who had been so busy taking someone's wallet that he hadn't noticed someone taking his own had made the young girl giggle for several minutes. John muttered something about the scene "showing that crime doesn't pay".

There were police cars outside when they got to the hotel, John forced himself to suppress a groan. The girl climbed out of the taxi and asked him to wait, telling him they'd be back in a moment. The driver took pity on her and nodded. She thanked him and walked into the hotel, pulling a card key out of her coat pocket.

She ignored the masses of policemen milling about in the lobby and went straight for the elevator, John close behind. The door opened and she entered, pressing the button for the third floor.

She hit her hand against her head as the doors opened on the third floor. All of the officers were surrounding one room.
"That's yours isn't it?" John asked. She could only nod in reply.
She walked towards the room and tried to enter, only stopped by Lestrade.
"What do you want to get in here for young lady?" he asked her, being very patronising. She opened her mouth to answer when John shook Lestrade's hand.

"What are you doing here? I thought you'd left London." the detective asked, stunned.
"I couldn't if I wanted to Greg. Baker Street has kept whatever sanity I have intact, even if it is a bit emptier now." John replied, watching as Lestrade nodded in understanding. "What are you doing here anyway?"
"We're here because Moriarty was sighted here." Donovan answered for Lestrade.

The girl by John's side went pale.
"I didn't believe it when the call came through, so we came to check it out." Lestrade said, looking from John's face to the young girl's.
"What are you doing here anyway? Don't tell me you're involved." Donovan asked, noticing the colour of the girl's face.
"He just tried to kill me." the girl mumbled, making Lestrade's eyes widen.
"How?" Donovan asked, sounding very suspicious.
"By pushing her off the roof of St. Bart's, where he killed Sherlock over a year ago." John answered. "I was walking past when they pulled up in a taxi, I realised what was he was going to do and I followed them, stopping high enough up to catch her without being noticed." John said, asking the question Sally was about to ask.

Donovan just stood there, processing the information she had just been given. She focused her gaze on the girl standing beside John. She was about to ask a question when Lestrade stopped her, shaking his head before turning to John again.
"So why are you here?"
"This is the room the school booked her for the weekend, she was supposed to be on a sightseeing tour of London, Moriarty as her guide." John replied.
"I just wanted my stuff back. I knew I couldn't stay here without him trying to kill me again." the girl spoke up, drawing Lestrade's attention.
"Where else would you stay?" he asked her, already knowing the answer. The girl shrugged her shoulders, but he noticed a small smile as she looked in John's direction. He turned his attention back to the doctor and he had his answer, John quickly nodding to confirm it.

"I'll get your bags then and we'll send you off. I know how to get in touch." Lestrade turned around and moved from the doorway.

He grabbed the small case lying on the bed and placed the contents back inside it, which forensics team had emptied all over the bed. There was no reason, they just wanted to make a mess as usual. He checked he had everything and zipped it up again. He walked back to the door and handed it to the girl. She nodded and took it, smiling as she unzipped it slightly and saw the stuffed toy close to the top.
"Thanks" she said, turning her face to him fully.
"You're welcome." he replied, feeling a smile spread across his own face.

She cast her eyes wearily over Donovan, who was still processing information. Then she turned and walked back towards the elevator, convinced Sally wasn't going to move any time soon. He put a hand on John's shoulder as he turned to follow her.
"Keep an eye on her, we'll be at Baker Street later to talk."
"I know you will. I never expected anything different." John replied. He pushed Lestrade's hand off his shoulder and walked towards the elevator.

Back in the taxi several minutes later John turned to girl beside him.
"You didn't answer my question earlier"
"What do you mean?" she asked, looking up at him from her case on the floor of the taxi.
"You never told me who you were, you just gave me cryptic answer."
"Oh. I'm Sophia Midnight." she replied.

John couldn't hide his laugh for long.
"Why are you laughing?" she asked.
"Because he was right. You were like him. He saw you in the science competition talking to the judges." John heard his signature giggle return. Sherlock had taken one look at her, listened to five words of the conversation and he knew.

He heard a loud squeak from beside him and found Sophia laughing too, emitting a loud squeak every time she breathed in.
"That was so fun." she managed to say before laughing again.

She remembered the science competition she had been in over a year ago, she had been in several since, but this was the most memorable. She had revealed her ability to deduce at that competition, revealing the judges for the slime balls they were. She remembered her exact words. "Are you going mark me down just because I won't sleep with you!" she had screamed, loud enough for everyone to hear. As a crowd formed she had begun, rattling off her many deductions she had noticed over the day. She had pretended not to see the tall detective pause and listen to the conversation before continuing on his way, the good doctor in tow.

Ten minutes later the taxi pulled up outside 221B Baker street. Sophia got out first, paying the taxi driver before grabbing her case.

John opened the door as the taxi sped off, motioning for Sophia to stop as he heard slow shuffling footsteps. Mrs Hudson appeared seconds later, her eyebrows rising as she saw Sophia.